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Chapter 415: The Might of Moon Grief

The Might of Moon Grief

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

That’s right, it was once again Ling Tian’s voice… this proved that he was still alive! Those 2,000 players who were just killed had all become utter jokes.

Hearing Ling Tian’s voice, Yamamoto Michio’s entire body trembled. He abruptly whipped around, but couldn’t see Ling Tian… this time, Ling Tian hadn’t used Moon Flare when he appeared. Rather, he activated Vanishing Shadow, so everyone could hear him, yet could not see him.

Concealment? Could it be that they couldn’t find him because of his concealment skill?

Impossible!! How was this possible?! How could a concealment skill last for such a long period of time? This would be impossible even for a top assassin!

The first time Ling Tian appeared, they had been furious; the second time, they had gone berserk; the third time, they had lost all sense of reason… the fourth time, the Japanese players, who had been toyed around with until they wished they were dead, all felt fear course throughout their bodies. Even the dumbest person among them realised that they had been led by the nose by Ling Tian the entire time…

This time, none of the Japanese players randomly attacked. Yamamoto Michio looked around, and tried to find where Ling Chen was, while shouting, “Ling Tian! Come out if you’re a man!”

Just as Yamamoto Michio yelled out, Ling Tian appeared 10 metres away from him. He looked at Yamamoto Michio and did not even try to hide the condescension in his voice, “Heheh, alright, I’m here now. What are you going to do, though? Oh right, even though your 3rd ranked expert was scared into pissing himself and ran off like a dog, and your top ranked expert willingly acted like a sheep in order to become a pet, you still have a 2nd ranked player. I wonder whether that person will be as much of a joke as those other two.”


Yamamoto Michio was so angry that it felt as if he was going to suffer internal injuries. He pointed at Ling Chen as he hoarsely roared, “Everyone attack! Kill him!! Whoever kills him will receive 10 million gold!!”

Holy crap, 10 million gold! Hearing the reward for killing Ling Chen, some players almost fainted. Let alone anyone else, even Ling Chen felt like stabbing himself.

No one could resist this sort of temptation. The Unsetting Sun players, as well as all of the other surviving players, cast away the fear they felt towards Ling Chen, and sprinted towards him with the prospect of riches…


A silver light swept out, but it was not the nightmarish light of the Moon Flare. It was only a single ray of light, and pierced through Yamamoto Michio’s body. Ling Chen, who was originally standing in front of Yamamoto Michio, now stood behind him.

Yamamoto Michio’s eyes widened, and he fell to the ground. He remembered that even the powerful Blade Emperor had been taken down by this attack in a single blow. Now, he realised how Yamazaki Jinichi had been killed by Ling Tian so effortlessly. The attacks from Ling Tian were like a streak of lightning, and could not be avoided using human reflexes! Let alone Yamazaki Jinichi, even the legendary player Eve might not be able to avoid such an attack.

Yamamoto Michio’s body quickly disappeared, then reappeared at the revival point nearby. His face darkened as he yelled, “Don’t worry about me! Destroy Ling Tian at all costs!!”

After suffering so much, Ling Tian had finally shown himself. How could they let this opportunity go? Right now, they could only pray that the nightmarish light would not appear.

After insta-killing Yamamoto Michio, Ling Chen stood his ground with the Great Ravager pointed to the left and the Twilight Spear pointed to the right. He looked completely relaxed, as if he was waiting for the Japanese players to come near. There were so many Japanese players present that describing the scene as an ocean of people would be an understatement. They all locked on to where Ling Chen was, and charged over with their weapons in hand. As they closed in, Ling Chen’s expression slightly changed, and the Lunar Scourge burst out with a faint silver light. It was so faint that it almost wasn’t visible, but it instantly enveloped an area of 60 metres around Ling Chen.

In the back, many Archers and Magicians had stepped into attack range. They stopped walking and lifted up their bows or staffs… however, not a single arrow was released, or spell cast. All of the Archers’ and Magicians’ eyes widened in complete confusion.

“Bastards!! Did you all die?! Hurry up and attack! If everyone attacks even once, it’ll be enough to make Ling Tian die hundreds of times over!!”

Against Ling Tian, Archers and Magicians were the best options. According to their information, Ling Tian was much too powerful in melee battles, so the melee players were only cannon fodder to him- they didn’t even qualify to be meat shields in front of Ling Chen. However, after the Unsetting Sun’s elite Archers and Magicians got into position, all of them stood there without releasing a single attack.

By now, countless players of the melee professions had arrived in front of Ling Chen. And yet, Ling Chen did not use Moon Flare… the instant Ling Chen disappeared into the crowd, the Chinese players all cried out in shock.

Anyone would be completely buried in such a crowd, and it would be impossible to even resist. The Chinese players were all incredibly worried, but suddenly looked at each other in surprise…

The countless melee profession players raised their weapons, and prepared to strike at Ling Chen. There were swords, knives, daggers, axes, and heavy weapons… however, the players were not able to do anything else apart from raise their weapons. After quite a while, not a single weapon descended, which caused all of the Japanese players to look around in bewilderment.

It almost looked like a scene from a movie where a person was about to attack someone, but suddenly stopped because they realised that that person was a long-lost parent!

The players who were spectating were absolutely confused, and Yamamoto Michio almost exploded from anger. Only the players who were affected knew what was going on. The reason they did not attack was very simple, but very strange… it was as if they had forgotten how to use the skills that they were incredibly familiar with. No matter if it was the Archers, Magicians, or melee professions, all of them held their weapons in the air, yet none of them could remember how to cast their skills!

Ling Chen laughed. The effects of this ‘Moon Grief’ far surpassed what he had expected. Seeing the bloodthirsty Japanese players unable to even attack, and looking utterly flabbergasted, he simply couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Of course, he was not affected by Moon Grief.


From the middle of the ocean of players came miserable cries. Under Ling Chen’s Four Corners Star Formation, all of the players around him were blasted through the air. The max level Four Corners Star Formation had a range of 15 metres, and was extremely powerful. In just 1 hit, more than 130 players had been blown away. With the players gathered so densely, insta-killing these 130 or so players was not the end. As they flew, they would also crash into the players behind them who were charging forwards which threw the Japanese players into chaos. Players stepped on and fell over each other, and crashed to the ground. The Japanese players, who were already in shock from not being able to use their skills, began to panic even more. Once again, the scene descended into complete and utter chaos.

As soon as he attacked, the morale of the Japanese players was completely crushed. Ling Chen coldly laughed and charged towards the players in front of him. Moon Grief’s effects lasted 10 seconds, which was double that of Moon Shadow’s and Moon Flare’s. Within those 10 seconds, the players within 60 metres of him couldn’t use any skills. This made it as if their hands and feet were tied together, and even though there were many of them, they couldn’t harm Ling Chen in the slightest. After charging into the crowd of players, the Great Ravager and Twilight Spear continuously danced around, and decimated the players around Ling Chen.

Bang! Bang!!

The sounds from Ling Chen’s weapons were not those of normal clangs, but deafening bangs and booms. 2 Ling Tian Bursts insta-killed and sent more than 20 Japanese players flying. Ling Chen was as fast as lightning, and before the players around them could respond, he had already charged even further into the crowd, sweeping out with Ling Tian Bursts. The max level Ling Tian Burst could now clear out all of the players in a 7 metre area, and with 2 weapons, this resulted in there always being a 14 metre space around Ling Chen devoid of enemies. Every time he attacked, he would hit 20-30 targets. With attacks that could even insta-kill Japan’s top player, there was no one who could survive even a single attack from him.

On the other hand, Ling Chen didn’t even bother to look at the Japanese players who attacked him. From when he started to attack with the Great Ravager and Twilight Spear, there was not a single melee profession player who could get close enough to even attack. With his weapons in both hands continuously cutting down enemies, there had always been a large area of free space around him. Whenever this area was half-filled, it would once again be cleared out. The waves of red damaged figures caused the surrounding players to inhale sharply, and some even forgot to attack in their shock. In the distance, the Archers and Magicians stood dumbly, and tried to cast their skills and spells. In the end, they gave up, and decided to use normal attacks. However, the incredibly weak arrows that glanced Ling Chen’s body only brought about more fear and despair:

-1, -1, MISS, MISS…

Putting aside all of his other equipment, Ling Chen’s entire body was covered by the Celestial grade armour that he had obtained from the Mountain Giant, Titan’s Embrace. With this piece of armour, he had 420 Defence, which simply couldn’t be broken through by most players’ normal attacks.