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Chapter 416: Collapse


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Under the effects of Moon Grief, the Japanese players within 60 metres of Ling Chen all became unable to attack. The melee professions couldn’t get close to him and the ranged professions couldn’t even break through his Defence with their normal attacks. Even the Magicians that could pressure him became as useless as blocks of wood. Without any pressure of being attacked, Ling Chen quickly moved around and casually attacked. Wherever he went, he would leave tens of corpses splayed all around. Not a single player could withstand even a single hit from him.

As everyone saw it, even if Ling Tian was incredibly powerful, he should be instantly killed by so many Japanese players… however, 1 second… 2 seconds… 3 seconds… 5 seconds… 10 seconds… every second that passed, more and more Japanese players’ corpses fell to the ground. His attacks were simply too powerful and had too far of a range- the players simply couldn’t believe their eyes. The Japanese players were gathered into a black mass, and their numbers stretched on as far as the eye could see. And yet, even though he was surrounded by such an army, Ling Tian had not fallen, but had instead left behind more and more corpses with each passing second. The scene became more and more shocking to those who were watching. He charged around, left and right, forwards and backwards, doing things that seemed absolutely impossible.

Before, Ling Chen had used some sort of incredibly perverse skill to toy around with the Japanese players. However, back then, he had used some sort of ‘trickery’- apart from Ling Chen himself, no one knew what had happened. However, this time, Ling Chen had used his own power to directly fight against this incredible army of Japanese players.

“Ling Tian’s skills are way too overpowered! He has such a large attack radius, and they don’t have any cooldown times! How can such skills exist!” A player from the south shouted out. In actuality, though the max level Ling Tian Burst was powerful, but it wasn’t that overpowered. However, because Ling Chen could use 2 weapons, as well as use this skill through both weapons, the situation became vastly different. To be able to repeatedly attack in front of and behind him with a skill that should have a long cooldown time but didn’t, Ling Chen’s attacks were simply terrifying.

“My god, a spear and a double-handed sword- this is way too inconceivable. Who would have thought that the east had such a powerful profession.”

“This is China’s Ling Tian? Holy crap, this guy’s even scarier than what the legends said! He… He’s probably at the same level as Eve!”

“He’s actually taking on an entire country by himself!! My heart’s beating so quickly from watching this incredible scene.”

“So it turns out that apart from Eve, the east has such a powerful player! China’s Ling Tian, I don’t think I’ll be able to forget his name. Because of him, China’s position in the world has completely changed!”

“My god, this guy’s a superhuman like Eve. Has another legend-level player who can contend with Eve appeared?”

Just as Xiao Qiu Feng had expected, when Ling Chen didn’t fall despite being in such a hopeless situation, he completely shocked the entire world. Players all over the world firmly remembered the name ‘Ling Tian’ in their minds.

However, only Ling Chen knew why he had not fallen despite being surrounded by such a multitude of enemy players… that was because of the lunar skill that made his enemies forget their skills- Moon Grief. Moon Shadow, Moon Flare, Moon Grief: every lunar skill of the Lunar Scourge was incredibly powerful, even miraculous.

“You bastards!! Trash!! Did you all die?! Why aren’t you attacking? Hurry up and attack!! Use your goddamn skills!!”

The Magicians all stood there in a daze, and the Archers were all using their normal attacks. If it wasn’t because Yamamoto Michio had a fairly strong heart, he would have coughed up a hundred mouthfuls of blood. He didn’t know what was going on, but what he saw completely infuriated him. It wasn’t that Ling Tian was too overpowered, but that his people were going easy on him! Every single one of them!!

10 seconds passed, and Moon Grief’s effects ended, which meant that Ling Chen could no longer continue to attack so recklessly. No matter how much HP and Defence he had, he wouldn’t be able to take a multitude of long ranged attacks. Vanishing Shadow had a 100 seconds cooldown time, and there was still about 60 seconds until he could use it again. However, he didn’t panic. Since he decided to come out and fight with them in the open, he definitely had a plan… if he wanted to get out of this situation alive, he would have to use all of his skills and ingenuity.

“Broken Shadow!!”

As soon as Broken Shadow was activated, Ling Chen’s Movement Speed and Evasion increased by 9 times. He smirked and rushed forwards…


There was only a gust of wind, and suddenly Ling Tian disappeared from everyone’s vision.

The players who were closest to him looked around in shock, and players all over the world gasped in surprise. The feed of the screen moved around, and looked for Ling Tian. When it finally found him, all they saw was a blur that was fast as lightning.

The Japanese players were once again sent into mass confusion.

Fast, too fast. The speed at which he was travelling was something that people couldn’t even imagine. Within the Feng Chen Technique, Ling Chen already had extremely high Movement Speed. Now that it had been increased by 9 times, his Movement Speed broke past 1,500, a number that could scare most players to death.

The densely gathered crowd could do nothing to stop Ling Chen from flashing about. Wherever he went, he would leave behind a massive gust of wind, as well as many corpses.

The feed of the screen zoomed out continuously. The incredibly fast blur that was charging around within the dense crowd was particularly striking. On the screen, it looked like Ling Tian was an incredibly fast flying sword that pierced through groups of Japanese players, none of whom could stop him. Normally, with such a massive crowd, no matter how fast one moved, they would be stopped by the sheer numbers of the players. However, Ling Chen’s speed didn’t seem to be affected in the slightest, and he did not pause at all. He was like an extremely nimble and slippery loach!

The Japanese players’ ranks were in complete disarray, and screams filled the air. In such a short period of time, the number of players who had died under Ling Tian’s hands exceeded 500. Ling Tian’s speed first shocked them, then caused them to cower in fear, and ultimately caused them to give up in despair. In this state, no matter how many people they had, they wouldn’t be able to stop him. All they could do was pray that the effects would quickly end.

Of course, powerful skills always had their limits. Currently, Ling Tian could only use Broken Shadow 3 times per day, for 20 seconds each time. After 20 seconds passed, Ling Chen used his second Broken Shadow of the day. He continued to rush around within the crowd, killing the Japanese players as they helplessly wailed. After screaming and yelling from afar, Yamamoto Michio’s voice had already become hoarse. However, no matter how much he yelled, there was simply no one who could stop Ling Chen.

By now, he, and most of the Japanese players, only had regret in their hearts… they completely regretted angering this Ling Tian! They would much rather believe that China’s number 1 player wasn’t a player… but a demon!

After the second Broken Shadow expired, Ling Chen didn’t hesitate to use his third, and final, one. Everything was tipped in his favour, but he clearly knew that once he was surrounded by Japanese players without any way to escape, it would be incredibly dangerous for him. His attacks were simple: Ling Tian Burst after Ling Tian Burst. Every time he would kill at least 10 people, sometimes up to even 30. This was because the players were all standing together quite closely.

Finally, the Japanese players became completely terrified of him… even an incredibly powerful Boss wouldn’t make them feel so powerless, and yet this Ling Tian… they were dying in droves, but they couldn’t even touch his clothes. It was as if they were there just to be killed. The players who respawned at the Revival Point stood there, unwilling to go back into the fight. With their morale crushed the Japanese players all began to retreat and lower their weapons. They fearfully looked around, worried that Ling tian would suddenly appear before them and destroy them.

After the third Broken Shadow ended, Vanishing Shadow’s cooldown time had expired. Ling Chen stopped attacking, and before the Japanese players realised what was happening, the piercing light that they were extremely familiar with and deeply feared shone out from Ling Tian’s body.

“Retreat!! Everyone retreat!!”

Yamamoto Michio squeezed his eyes closed and roared out the order to retreat. When the silver light that struck fear into all of their hearts appeared again, Yamamoto Michio’s last bit of hope was extinguished, and he lost his will to fight this terrifying and undefeatable enemy. Seeing him flee, the rest of the Japanese players had no reason to stay and continue to fight, and also fled in terror… all they wanted was to run as far away as possible.

After Moon Flare disappeared, Ling Chen stood all by himself in the centre of the Sunrise City Central Square. There was not a single Japanese player near him.

This was the central position in the East Ocean Continent’s Sunrise City. And yet, only a Chinese player stood there, with countless Japanese players desperately fleeing from him.

This scene caused countless players around the world to clearly hear the sound of their hearts thumping.