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Chapter 418: Evil Black Dragon

Evil Black Dragon

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Editor: Allenwa

The lighting in the space in front of Ling Chen was no longer dark. There was a circular pillar that was about 10 metres in diameter that extended to the top of this space. Ling Chen didn’t know what material the pillar was made of, but it released a faint light which enabled him to barely see what was in front him.

In front of this massive pillar was a massive shadow that was lying on the ground.

Its entire body was black, and seemed to have a metallic tint that reflected the dim light. Its head was facing Ling Chen, who could see its lizard-like mouth. At the front of its mouth were 2 incredibly sharp teeth sticking out, both of which were about half a metre long. On its head was a black horn that was about 2 metres long, and on its back there were 2 black, bat-like wings that were hanging down naturally. Similarly, its abdominal area was also jet black. Its claws, which were half-covered by its body, had nails that looked like steel hooks, and behind it, there was a conical tail that was at least 10 metres long. At the moment, it seemed to be sleeping, but its powerful snores were almost deafening.

What… was this thing?

Although it was asleep, it gave off a pressure that made it difficult for Ling Chen to breathe. To be able to emit a pressure like that while only sleeping… This monster was definitely incredibly powerful.

Ling Chen held his breath, and directed Xiao Hui to look at its information. Xiao Hui’s horn flashed, and some incomplete information about this gigantic creature appeared in Ling Chen’s mind.

[Evil Black Dragon]: Type: Ancient Beast, Grade: Mysterious God, Level: ????, One of the 10 Ancient Beasts of the East Ocean Continent. It is incredibly powerful and loves to kill, and created countless catastrophes in the East Ocean Continent. It was gravely injured by the Moon God Clan, and only submitted out of fear of death. It was ordered by the Cherry Blossom God Representative to become the Guardian Beast of Sunrise City, and to stay and protect Sunrise City’s City Lifeline.

Passive Abilities: ???? Attack Skills: ???? Ultimate Skill: ???? Weaknesses: ????

Goddamn, an Ancient Beast!

Ling Chen gulped… this massive creature in front of him was a super Boss of the same grade as Tao Tie! A Main City’s Guardian Beast! An existence that was inferior only to Saint Destroyer creatures! No wonder why it could release such a pressure even while it was sleeping.

However, to force a vicious beast to become a Guardian Beast, did they not fear it turning on them one day? Or was the Moon God Clan really that powerful?

Now that he knew more about this gigantic black creature, Ling Chen became even more cautious, and did not dare to breathe loudly.

But wait… protect the Sunrise City’s City Lifeline? City Lifeline?

Ling Chen looked up towards the gigantic pillar behind the Evil Black Dragon.

Could it be that that pillar was the Sunrise City’s City Lifeline? This was where it was held?

City Lifelines were things that determined the existence of Main Cities. In Mystic Moon, the Elemental Essence was quite dense, and was at least 10 times denser than on earth. The density and high activity of the Elemental Essence in Mystic Moon resulted in creatures in Mystic Moon being far more powerful than creatures on earth, and had a much longer lifespan.

However, there were downsides to this- such as frequent natural disasters like cyclones, floods, bushfires, tornados, thunderstorms, earthquakes… no matter if it was the frequency or severity, they were 10 times worse than on earth as well. Humans simply couldn’t resist nature, and because of how important Main Cities and Royal Cities were, humans simply couldn’t allow them to be continuously destroyed. As such, every sizeable city had a City Lifeline, whether it was Main Cities or Royal Cities. City Lifelines stabilised the Elemental Essence around a city… more directly, they absorbed the excess Elemental Essence in order to prevent natural disasters from occurring.

Nevertheless, not only could it absorb Elemental Essence, but could not dispose of it. That meant that if the Elemental Essence stored in the City Lifeline suddenly exploded out, the city would be completely and utterly destroyed. As such, a city had to have a City Lifeline, and the City Lifeline had to be so powerful that it could not be destroyed. In the Mystic Moon world, all of the Main Cities and Royal Cities’ City Lifelines were imbued with the Moon Gods’ power, making them almost indestructible. At the same time, there would always be powerful Guards protecting the City Lifeline. Some were human, some were beasts, and some Moon God Representatives personally watched over it.

City Lifelines would also be hidden in extremely secretive places with powerful defence mechanisms, and no creatures would be allowed near them.

Ling Chen never thought that the place he had entered out of curiosity actually contained the Sunrise City’s City Lifeline.

Looking at the massive pillar behind the Evil Black Dragon, a wicked expression appeared on Ling Chen’s face. The Sunrise City had probably been around for a long time, so the amount of Elemental Essence absorbed within it was probably quite terrifying. If he could destroy this City Lifeline… that would be simply glorious.

Of course, all he could do was think about it. If the City Lifeline could be destroyed so easily, it would have been impossible for all of the Main Cities and Royal Cities to remain standing for so long. Even if he hit the pillar for 100 years, he might not be able to damage it in the slightest. And this was without taking into account an Ancient Beast that was just as powerful and terrifying as Tao Tie!

Xiao Hui stood there, unwilling to move forwards. Evidently, the sense of danger that came from the Evil Black Dragon was far too great. His horn continued to shine, and began to shine even brighter. This meant that Xiao Hui was currently less than 50 metres away from the treasure.

Ling Chen looked around, and apart from the Evil Black Dragon and the pillar, there was nothing else. Where was the treasure that Xiao Hui had detected? Could it be behind the Evil Black Dragon or some place that he couldn’t see?

Just as Ling Chen was about to walk forwards, Qi Yue suddenly spoke, “Little master, where are we?”

“Underneath the Sunrise City. In front of us is the City Lifeline, as well as its Guardian Beast, the Evil Black Dragon,” Ling Chen quickly replied. Hearing Qi Yue’s voice, she probably just woke up, and didn’t know what was happening.

“City Lifeline?” Qi Yue asked in shock, before softly saying, “Could it be that you’ve found the place where Su’Er said an orb would be?”

“Not yet.” Ling Chen replied, surprised that Qi Yue had asked such a thing.

“You haven’t? But I can feel that there’s an orb here… and it’s very close by! If I’m not wrong, it should be the strongest one of the 12 orbs!”

“… What?!” Ling Chen stood in shock for a moment, and almost yelled out.

There was… a God Orb here

“I’m certain that it’s a God Orb, and it’s so strong that it’s close to being a Saint Orb.”


Ling Chen enthusiastically replied, and held his breath, calming himself down. Gemini Orb, Sagittarius Orb, Cancer Orb, Pisces Orb, Virgo Orb- all of them were extremely overpowered and had greatly increased his power. And now, Qi Yue had said that the strongest God Orb was nearby… it was even stronger than the ones he had obtained so far!

What sort of amazing stats would it have?!

“Xiao Hui, hurry and find it!”

The treasure that Xiao Hui detected was definitely the strongest God Orb. After receiving Ling Chen’s orders, Xiao Hui bravely started to softly walk forwards. Evidently, he knew the consequences of being too loud.

Ling Chen carefully followed behind Xiao Hui, and scanned the area around him while walking incredibly softly. His ability to control his footsteps and aura was peerless, and after 10 or so steps, he and Xiao Hui had arrived in front of the Evil Black Dragon, about 5 metres away from its head. After stopping for a few moments, Xiao Hui continued to walk around the Evil Black Dragon’s body, then stopped next to its left claw. His gem-like eyes fixedly stared at its left claw.

The strongest God Orb was under the Evil Black Dragon’s claw!

The Evil Black Dragon’s left claw was not flat against the ground, but instead in a half-gripping state. From the gaps between the claws, Ling Chen could see an orb shining with a silver light! Its size and the light it emanated, as well as the reaction from the Lunar Scourge, confirmed that it was definitely a God Orb.

It seemed that some things could not be found no matter how hard one looked, and could only be found by chance. It was inconceivable that he would find a God Orb here!

Ling Chen’s heart thumped excitedly, but he was immediately faced with a problem. From how the Evil Black Dragon’s claw was resting, it didn’t seem like it was pressing down on the orb. Taking it out wouldn’t be too difficult. Because its claw was so large, Ling Chen could stretch his arm between a gap. However, no matter how careful he was, he would probably awaken this Evil Black Dragon, this terrifying Ancient Beast.

Ling Chen thought in silence for a while before making up his mind… there was simply no other way apart from using his hand to pull it out. No matter what, he needed to obtain this God Orb!

Ling Chen called back Xiao Hui and lay on his belly, his head right next to its claw. He slowly stretched out his left arm through the gap… the instant his hand came into contact with the orb, the Lunar Scourge on his right hand shone with silver light… Moon Shadow activated, and froze everything apart from Ling Chen and the orb.

Ling Chen acted incredibly quickly. As expected, it didn’t require him to exert any strength to pull it out… if the orb was being pressed down on by the Evil Black Dragon, with how heavy its body was, Ling Chen wouldn’t have been able to pull it out even if he was twice as strong.

Obtaining the God Orb so easily simply didn’t feel real. Ling Chen didn’t have time to look at its stats, and he quickly threw it into his bag as he took out a Spatial Orb. He had to quickly leave here, otherwise when Moon Shadow’s effects ended, the Evil Black Dragon would probably wake up. If he was locked on to by it, things would get out of hand.

“Ding… you are in a sealed region, Spatial Orb’s energy cannot be used.”

Ling Chen: “……”