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Chapter 424: Cherry Blossom, Snowy, Gully

Cherry Blossom, Snowy, Gully

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Ling Chen silently aimed the camera towards the woman without any shaking or wobbling. With his hands as steady as rocks, the photos taken were crystal clear. He also changed the settings here and there in between taking photos.

Two words- marvellously professional!

Goddamn… Ling Chen couldn’t believe he was actually secretly taking photos of the East Ocean Continent’s Moon God Representative! Not only that, but she was wet and completely naked, and the photos were high definition and uncensored! If this was spread, Ling Chen would be hunted down by the Cherry Blossom God Representative to the ends of the earth, as well as become Japan’s public enemy… of course, he would be secretly admired and envied by them as well. After all, this guy had peeped on the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s celestial body with his own eyes!

Taking a bath was one of the situations in which women were the most relaxed. Adding on the protection from the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation, which people normally couldn’t pass through undetected, the Cherry Blossom God Representative had completely let down her guard as she relaxed in the water. He bent down as she washed her legs, and water dripped down from her bountiful peaks… Ling Chen felt great changes occurring in the lower half of his body as his heart began to pump faster.

Every girl in Heart’s Dream was an incredible beauty, and he also had the seductress Qi Yue by his side. As such, he had a lot more control over himself than most people had. Normally, he would be stunned, but wouldn’t have had such a heated reaction. However, this person he was peeping on was the noblest and most powerful person in the East Ocean Continent… this was much too stimulating and exciting. Even if he was made of stone, he would have quite an excited reaction. Ling Chen’s heart beat faster and faster, and his face even began to turn red as his stare was filled with passion and greed… her incredibly supple and round breasts almost made him want to go over and rub them!

The woman rose up, and slightly turned, once again directly facing Ling Chen, allowing him to see her beautiful face. Her enormous breasts were at least a 36F, and proudly hung on her chest. Around her neck hung a piece of string, and there was something attached to the string that was securely hidden by her breasts…

Such a beautiful figure and such a beautiful face. Everything that a woman desired was gathered on her body. Her body was simply heavenly, and could make any man go crazy! Ling Chen remembered Qi Yue saying that all of the Moon God Representatives were women, and all of them were extremely beautiful. This one was hundreds, if not thousands of times more beautiful than he had expected.

Ling Chen suddenly thought of something- if even a Moon God Representative was so beautiful, just how stunning would the three Moon Goddesses, Order, Freedom and Fate be… it was simply inconceivable. Ling Chen continued to stare, and his hands started to tremble. He couldn’t help but gulp… in that moment, he inwardly yelled, “Crap!”

“Vanishing Shadow!”

“Ding… Libra Orb’s effects have been activated, Vanishing Shadow’s cooldown time has been reset.”

“Who’s there?!”

The sound of Ling Chen gulping was almost imperceptible, and unnoticeable by normal humans. However, the woman was, after all, the Cherry Blossom God Representative. She stood straight as the clothes she had taken off rose up and covered her body, and her body flashed as it appeared in the place she had heard the sound.

Holy crap… she can teleport?! Ling Chen stuck to the corner of the room, standing completely still and suppressing his breathing as he inwardly thought, “That was way too close…” Almost 0.1 seconds after he made the sound, he had activated Vanishing Shadow, completely hiding himself and Xiao Hui. The Cherry Blossom God Representative also instantaneously reacted, teleporting extremely quickly… however, it was a pity that she was a woman, and had to wait for her clothes to cover her up before she made her move… otherwise, Ling Chen might not have been able to activate Vanishing Shadow before she arrived.

There was no shock or fear on the woman’s face; there was only fury. She frowned in confusion. She was sure that she had heard some strange sounds from this place, and had instantly teleported over, but she couldn’t detect anyone or anything.

Compared to this beauty, Ling Chen was feeling much worse. The Cherry Blossom God Representative was currently standing just half a step away from him. If he moved even slightly, he would be able to touch her body. An enchanting fragrance came from her body, but what was even worse was that… she had just come out of the water, and her clothes were quite wet, and stuck on to her body. There were 2 clear dots poking out of her clothing, as if she wasn’t wearing anything at all. Drops of water slid down from her face, falling into the chasm between her breasts… Ling Chen’s heart beat faster and faster. This wasn’t because he was worried about being found, but because of his male instincts! To most men, a wet beauty was even more seductive than a naked beauty, and could cause their passion to flare. Moreover… this was a Moon God Representative, and she was incredibly close. If he moved his head, he would almost be able to stick it into her breasts.

This caused Ling Chen’s concealment to fall apart.

His heart beat uncontrollably, and he simply couldn’t suppress his aura anymore. Even Ling Chen knew that it would be impossible to continue to hide in such a situation.

“Get out here!!”

The woman furiously yelled, and she turned, stretching out her right arm towards where Ling Chen was. A multitude of cherry blossom petals appeared in the air, shooting towards Ling Chen.

Although these were just beautiful cherry blossom petals, Ling Chen felt as if there were hundreds of deadly knives piercing towards him. Without hesitating, he used ‘Moment of Elegance’ to shoot forwards… as soon as he activated the skill, he and Xiao Hui were revealed, appearing in the woman’s vision.

After using Moment of Elegance to move 10 metres away, before the woman could attack again, Ling Chen hurriedly waved his hands, “Wait, wait, wait, wait! Don’t attack, I’m not a bad person!”

Maybe it was because of his acting, or because the woman didn’t plan to continue attacking, but she lowered her arm and coldly stared at him. Evidently, she knew that he had seen her entire body! However, what she was even more shocked about… was how he had arrived here. This place was blocked off by her Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation, and no one had ever passed through, let alone exited without her detecting them.

After Ling Chen spoke, he also stared in shock towards her chest…

As she moved her arm, her massive breasts also swayed, revealing the thing that hung in between her breasts and swinging it in front of her breasts. It was an orb that emitted a faint silver light, about as big as a ping pong ball, with a symbol etched onto it.

This orb’s shape, size and light were all too familiar!

It looked exactly like the other God Orbs he had found!

Could it be…

“Little master, the orb hanging around her neck is one of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs! When little master was peeping, I already sensed it!”

Ling Chen: “……”

Xiao Hui’s horn was glowing, and it was pointing right at the woman’s chest.

Who would have thought that he would find an orb under such circumstances? The orb was actually on the Cherry Blossom God Representative! Wait a second, wouldn’t that mean there were three God Orbs in the East Ocean Continent?


Su’Er’s information…

The snowy gully under the cherry blossoms…

Cherry blossoms… Cherry Blossom God Representative…

Snowy… gully…

Cherry blossom… snowy… gully…

Could it be that this sentence was referring to the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s cleavage?!?!

What the !@#$%...

Ling Chen’s body swayed, and swallowed a mouthful of blood.

Cherry blossom… snowy… gully… it completely matched the description!

However… that description simply had no tact at all! This was the legendary Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s power!! This sort of description… if it wasn’t for some unexpected circumstances, how would he have found the orb?! No normal person would think to look in a woman’s breasts!!

Ling Chen wondered how Su’Er would react if he told her about this.

Right now, what Ling Chen was thinking about wasn’t why this orb was hanging in the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s cleavage, but how to get it out!