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Chapter 427: Even Such A Savage Tactic Doesn’t Work?!

Even Such A Savage Tactic Doesn’t Work?!

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Editor: Chlocolatte

Although he hadn’t obtained the orb from the Cherry Blossom God Representative, being able to take advantage of her in such a way made this trip worth it. After taking advantage of her, Ling Chen scampered off. However, before he could even exit the sea of flowers, an intense sense of danger came from above, causing him to stop in his tracks.

Ling Chen jerked his head up, and his pupils constricted… the blue sky above his head was gone, and was instead replaced with a sky made of white cherry blossom petals. It was impossible to see the ends of this sky, and it looked extremely chaotic. It gave off the fragrance of cherry blossoms… but also contained killing intent that didn’t belong to cherry blossoms.


The air was torn as the sky of cherry blossom petals descended, shooting towards Ling Chen’s body. It was as if a vast sea of cherry blossoms was falling on him… facing this sort of attack with a massive range, even if he had 8 legs, and could move 100 times faster, it would be almost impossible for him not to be hit. He made a decision in a second, and equipped the Great Ravager and Twilight Spear. He cast a Moment of Elegance as he charged upwards towards the Cherry Blossoms.


Ling Chen’s body and the deadly cherry blossom petals collided. In that moment, the Evil God’s Mask flashed, and all of the cherry blossom petals that hit his body were sent flying back towards the Cherry Blossom God Representative. At the same time, Ling Chen’s body broke through the layer of cherry blossom petals… he had only been in contact with the cherry blossoms for an instant, making it impossible for the cherry blossoms to attack him after the Evil God’s Mask’s effects were activated.

Chi chi chi chi…

The cherry blossom petals reflected by the Evil God’s Mask hit the Cherry Blossom God Representative. The sheer amount of force contained in them caused her to stagger back for 4 or 5 steps, and she almost lost her balance and fell on the ground. The cherry blossom petals remaining in the air seemed to lose their power, and drifted down then disappeared like snow.

Ling Chen, who had narrowly survived this crisis, yelled inwardly, “This woman’s way too vicious. To use such a terrifying and powerful move against a measly player like me, it seems that she’s determined to kill me. If it wasn’t for the Evil God’s Mask, I definitely wouldn’t have survived that.”

Having taken into account the things he had done to the Cherry Blossom God Representative, killing him 100 times using the cruellest methods wouldn’t be excessive.

“Evil… God’s… Mask!! I can’t believe you also have the Feng Chen Sect’s Evil God’s Mask!”

The Cherry Blossom God Representative’s death skill, unleashed in her fury, was released in order to seal all possible escapes for Ling Chen and kill him. She never expected that not only would he be unharmed, but the attack would also be reflected back to her. She vengefully stared at him, and her cold and beautiful eyes fell on his mask and gnashing her teeth, she called out the name of the mask.

After all, the Cherry Blossom God Representative was a Moon God Representative with much knowledge. If she had known the Feng Chen Sect, it was impossible for her not to know of their treasure, the Evil God’s Mask. The Feng Chen Sect barely had any attack power. All of their strengths were in preserving their lives and plotting against others. Their supreme treasure was also useful in saving their lives. In fact, it was called the most powerful life-saving treasure. Against this Evil God’s Mask that was filled with the power of a True God, forget Moon God Representatives, even the three Moon Goddesses’ attacks would be reflected.

“Oh, so you actually know about this mask. In that case, you should know that as long as I wear this mask, all of your attacks will be reflected back to you.” This was the first time someone had recognised the Evil God’s Mask. He was secretly shocked, but he acted extremely nonchalantly, putting on an air of “If I have this mask, even the Lord of the Heavens wouldn’t be able to do anything to me”.

“Hmph,” the Cherry Blossom God Representative angrily frowned and her eyes turned icy. In order to become a Moon God Representative, one not only needed sufficient power, but also needed to train their hearts. After all, Moon God Representatives controlled the rule and order of a continent, so they had to always maintain a calm heart. Her current expression was furious to the extreme, “The Evil God’s Mask’s effects can only be triggered once every 10 seconds. Do you think really think it can protect you from me?”

After speaking, she placed her arms horizontally in front of her chest. A warm breeze blew, and the image of a gigantic cherry blossom appeared behind her and proudly bloomed… in that instant, the bright sky dimmed, and countless streams of air flew from different directions towards the giant cherry blossom.

Goddamn… another big move?

Seeing this, Ling Chen felt quite dismayed and shocked. He hurriedly waved his hands as he yelled, “Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait a minute! There’s something I need to tell you… look, I’m a player, so even if you kill me, I’ll still come back to life. I’ll just lose some EXP, and won’t even suffer any pain. However, if you kill me, the consequences will be dire for you. You don’t believe me? Heheh, let me show you something.”

As he talked, Ling Chen couldn’t help but chuckle sinisterly. He quickly lifted up his communication device and opened up a screen… what was depicted was a celestial beauty in a lake. Every part of her party was clearly visible: her neck, her shoulders, her extremely bountiful breasts, her slim waist… her body was curvy where it should be curvy, and slim where it should be slim. No one could pick out any flaws on her body. Her belly was soft and flat, and her long legs were incredibly beautiful. Between them, even the pink cherry blossom could be seen clearly.


The Cherry Blossom God Representative stared in shock for a few minutes. She immediately recognised herself in the photos, and she felt as if she had been struck by countless bolts of lightning. Her entire body trembled, and just as she yelled out, her vision darkened… this humiliation and enormous blow to her dignity almost caused her to faint.

As for Ling Chen, who had shamelessly peeked on her and recorded the whole thing, he stood proudly as he continued to show the photos. He even began to professionally commentate, “Whew, look at that skin. Even milk isn’t so white! And those breasts, so large and white, as well as so perky. The feeling of groping them…” Ling Chen stretched out his hand and sniffed it, “was even more wonderful and indescribable. I can bet that even if one had to sacrifice the rest of their lifespan to touch them, there would still be thousands, if not tens of thousands of men who would be willing. And that waist, those legs and that ass… oh, and this place. Wow, its pinkness is something only young girls should have. No less than expected from a Goddess’ body, even an experienced guy like me couldn’t help but grope… hmm if I released these photos publicly so that the whole world could see it, how many men would be unable to sleep at night and drool over it…?”

“You… You… Enough!!”

The Cherry Blossom Goddess’ body shook as she bit down hard on her lips. Her face had become deathly pail, and the gigantic cherry blossom behind her, as well as the chaotic air streams, all disappeared. Even if it didn’t disappear, she still wouldn’t have been able to attack… Ling Chen’s intention was very clear: if she killed him, he would definitely spread these photos.

If anyone said that a LV30 player could blackmail a Moon God Representative, it would be taken as a massive joke. However, Ling Chen had accomplished this. What’s more, the thing that he was threatening the Cherry Blossom God Representative with was far more dire than even her own life! Unless it was part of their profession, no woman would be willing to display their naked body to the masses. Moreover, the Cherry Blossom God Representative was the Moon God Representative of the East Ocean Continent… if this was spread, even if she immediately died, she would not be able to regain her honour.

Ling Chen knew that using this tactic was incredibly cruel and shameless. However, this was the only leverage he had over her. He grinned as he said, “My dear Cherry Blossom Goddess, please don’t work yourself up. Apart from you and me, no one has seen these photos. In truth, I didn’t take those photos for fun. Instead, I just want to use them to make a simple deal with you.”

The Cherry Blossom God Representative’s chest heaved as she stayed silent, still biting her lips.

Ling Chen ignored her reaction. He was confident that she could not maintain her strong front in light of those photos. He slowly spelt out the terms of his deal, “If you give me that orb around your neck, I’ll immediately delete those photos… oh, and if you don’t trust me, I’ll just give this communication device to you. I can also give a little apology for accidentally peeking on you taking a bath. The orb that you called an evil item is useless to you, and might even bring catastrophe to you. You have nothing to lose from this deal.”

“… What do you want this evil orb for?!” The enraged Cherry Blossom God Representative was finally able to say a complete sentence. Everything that Ling Chen had done was for this orb that the Goddess Order had given her, so she couldn’t help but feel suspicious.

“That’s a secret. At least, I won’t use it to do evil,” Ling Chen replied.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative’s gaze was like an icy sword. Despite looking so angry, this beauty still looked quite stunning. Ling Chen’s eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to her heaving chest as she spoke, “When her ladyship gave me this orb, she specifically told me to never take it off or give it to anyone… I won’t give it to you!!”

Ling Chen was shocked that she could remain so resolute despite his threats. He tapped his nose as he shook his head in disappointment, “Since it’s like that, then I’ll allow all the men in the world to appreciate your body. Ai, what a pity. I was hoping to keep this as a private collection, but now it has to be shared with the world.”

In response, the Cherry Blossom God Representative coldly laughed. Within her expression was a sense of heart-wrenching grief, “I see that the Feng Chen Sect’s deeds are just as shameless as her ladyship had said. Even if you humiliate and cause my reputation to be destroyed, I still won’t give it to you!”

Her cold voice sounded just as beautiful, but every word was cold and firm as ice. As she spoke, the gigantic cherry blossom behind her once again bloomed as the overwhelming killing intent once again covered Ling Chen’s body.

Ling Chen’s eyes flickered… This woman’s personality was much too strong… even such a savage tactic didn’t work?!