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Chapter 428: Harassment (1)

Harassment (1)

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The photos in his hands were his trump cards against the Cherry Blossom God Representative. However, if even those were useless, then there was no hope for Ling Chen.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative’s fierceness and determination was out of Ling Chen’s expectations. He originally thought that with the Chery Blossom God Representative’s status and position, she would obediently yield under such threats. At the very least, he expected that she wouldn’t be so resolute in her opposition. However, it turned out that her attitude was of one where she would fight with him to the bitter end, and even if he spread the photos, she still wouldn’t give him the orb.

“Goddamit… Looks like I chose the wrong timing,” Ling Chen silently muttered to himself. Indeed, the timing wasn’t right. She had been peeked on by him and had her photos taken, then was frozen and groped. Finally, she had been shamelessly blackmailed. All of her anger had been forced out at once… in her fury, the Cherry Blossom God Representative had lost all of her rationality, and wanted to kill him no matter what. There was no way she would accept any deal from him.

I should probably wait for her to calm down… Thinking that, Ling Chen suddenly raised his right hand and released Moon Grief. A dark light instantly covered the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s body, and a confused expression appeared on her face as the giant cherry blossom behind her stopped blooming. It then started to wither… then disappeared.

To forget how to cast a skill half-way through casting it was a terrible feeling.

Ling Chen activated Broken Shadow and rushed off. His speed left the Cherry Blossom God Representative bewildered. She utterly hatted Ling Chen to the extreme, so how could she just allow him to leave? Just as she was going to tear space to go after him, her hand froze in mid-air, and a shocked expression appeared on her face… because she had suddenly forgotten how to distort space. She could only watch as Ling Chen charged further and further away, and his voice came from afar.

“My dear Cherry Blossom Goddess, it’s a pity that we didn’t reach an agreement today, but that’s alright. We have many opportunities in future. I’ll come visit you soon, so please take some time to think about my offer. Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t show anyone else your photos for now, because I want to keep them for myself. It wasn’t easy to get those beautiful pictures, so how can I just show them to others? I’ll look at the Cherry Blossom Goddess’ beautiful body every day. What a wonderful life, hahaha~”

The final laugh sounded incredibly frivolous and obscene, causing the Cherry Blossom God Representative to gnash her teeth in fury. However, she simply couldn’t remember how to use her skills to give chase, and she couldn’t even use her long-ranged attacks… moreover, Ling Chen was simply too fast, and had quickly exited her range.

She had heard that the Feng Chen Sect’s skills in running away were unparalleled, but only now did she truly believe those rumours.

Indeed, he was the Feng Chen Sect’s successor, but he was a player, and was only LV30. However, the Cherry Blossom God Representative knew that she, a Moon God Representative who controlled the entire East Ocean Continent, had been toyed around by him. He had stealthily passed through the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation, entered into her residence, peeped on her taking a bath, took photos and violated her body… and she could only watch as he escaped.

She had never felt so depressed, so furious and so helpless before. Of course, she was also deeply shocked. Even the strongest human in the East Ocean Continent was unable to do this, and yet a mere player had done so. She was sure that the reason she had suddenly forgotten how to use her skills was also related to him.

He was only a LV30 player, and yet had such terrifying abilities. He had toyed around with her, a Moon God Representative, and had taken advantage of her. He had seen every part of her body, and her breasts still had marks from being groped by him.

This was how terrifying the Feng Chen Sect of the Night Demon Clan’s three Sage Sects was… no wonder why the Night Demon Clan could oppose the Moon God Clan back then.

However, the Cherry Blossom God Representative wasn’t quite correct. Indeed, the Feng Chen Sect’s power was terrifying, but Ling Chen had only received some basic powers. The most powerful item on Ling Chen was definitely the Lunar Scourge with 6 God Orbs. With the Lunar Scourge’s power, the Cherry Blossom God Representative was simply helpless in front of him.

After recovering, the Cherry Blossom God Representative did not chase after Ling Chen. Truthfully, after what had just happened, she felt some fear towards this little player. She gritted her teeth and did not move for a long time. After calming down, she stretched out her hands and released her Moon God power. Instantly, countless complex changes happened within the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation… she definitely wouldn’t allow Ling Chen to enter again.

Currently, Ling Chen was already far, far away.

10 kilometres to the west of the Sunrise City, at a secluded location, Ling Chen was sitting against a tree. He sighed, and tiredly asked, “Qi Yue, do you have any ideas?”

“Ideas… little master should consider this: if someone much weaker than you wanted to take your Twilight Spear, what would they have to do to take it from you?” Qi Yue asked.

“……” Ling Chen silently thought for a while. The Twilight Spear was his most powerful weapon, and was coveted by countless people. If someone wanted to take the Twilight Spear from him… there would only be two methods: killing him and hoping that he would drop it, or forcing him to give it to them. Taking by force was impossible in virtual games, and this was the same situation with the Cherry Blossom God Representative.

Even the most effective threat against women was ineffective against the Cherry Blossom God Representative. If he wanted to force her to give the orb to him… Ling Chen could feel a headache coming. He simply couldn’t think of anything more compelling than the photos he had. As for killing the Cherry Blossom God Representative, not only were the consequences extremely dire, but it was completely impossible with his strength. If he truly wanted to kill her, he could summon the Shura, but it would be too much of a waste.

Moreover, it would be too much of a pity to kill such a perfect little goddess.

“Is it really impossible?” Ling Chen asked in frustration.

“Well, there is a way… hehe, little master can go and harass that little goddess every day. No woman likes being harassed, regardless if they’re a little girl or a goddess. If you harass her enough, maybe she’ll give little master the orb.”

Ling Chen: “……”

What sort of idea was this? Qi Yue’s words were evidently a joke. However, Ling Chen thought for a moment before hesitantly replying, “Alright, I guess there’s no harm in trying. After all, I don’t have any better ideas.”

“Eh?” Qi Yue was slightly shocked, then started to laugh with her beautiful voice, “Little master, could it be that you haven’t had enough of her body, and you want to take even more advantage of her?”

“I…” Ling Chen didn’t know what to say.

Qi Yue once again laughed, and she materialised in front of Ling Chen amidst a black light. She smiled as she looked at him, and an intoxicating fragrance swept into Ling Chen’s nose. Qi Yue was standing incredibly close to him, only two steps away, and Ling Chen could see every feature of her beautiful face. Any man or woman who had eyes that could see would feel their spirit tremble upon looking at her.

“You… why did you come out?!” Ling Chen took half a step back. Even when facing the Cherry Blossom God Representative, Ling Chen had not appeared so flustered. He even turned his face away, not daring to look at her.

Ling Chen’s actions clearly amused Qi Yue. She giggled as she stepped forwards, her red lips parting as she seductively spoke, “Little master, could it be that I’m so ugly that you don’t even want to look at me?”

The fragrance coming from her was simply mesmerising. Truthfully speaking, Ling Chen was quite afraid of Qi Yue, and tried to avoid looking at her for a simple reason… she was a demoness who no man could resist. She had an enchanting voice, and a ravishing body. Not a single woman Ling Chen had met before could compare to Qi Yue’s looks and figure. She had a pair of shockingly large breasts, and her black-coloured clothing looked as if they would burst open at any moment. Ling Chen had touched them the first time he had met Qi Yue… they were definitely larger and firmer than the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s, and her ass was also bubbly and round. Anyone who saw them would be able to imagine how bouncy and soft they were. And yet, her waist was so slim, and though it did not look unnatural, it added to her seductiveness.

This unrealistically enticing and cunning woman was someone who Ling Chen didn’t dare to get near to. After such a long time, Qi Yue knew almost everything about him, whereas he knew pitifully little about her. In fact, he didn’t even know if what he knew about her was true. Although Qi Yue seems to help him, he had a feeling that this woman was incredibly dangerous. One day, if he really fell for her charms, the consequences would be terrifying… Ling Chen never doubted his instincts.

“I’m just your little servant, but little master has never tried to get closer to me… I originally thought that there was something wrong with little master, but only today did I find out that little master is a normal man. Why is it that you don’t want to touch me then? Could it be that I’m not as good as that little goddess?”

Qi Yue slowly walked closer, and although she only took a single step forwards, she seemed so much more alluring. She leaned in close to Ling Chen, so close that her gigantic breasts were almost sticking against his chest, causing Ling Chen to hold his breath. Qi Yue smiled, and her eyes turned misty as she coyly looked at him, “Little master, look, my chest is even bigger than that little goddess, and I’m sure they feel even better.”

As she spoke, her hands grabbed on to one of Ling Chen’s hands, pulling it towards her breasts.