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Chapter 432: Ying and Xi Serving In The Bath

Ying and Xi Serving In The Bath

Translator: Greengrass

Editor: Chlocolatte

Having just escaped from the sealed region set up by Cherry Blossom God Representative, Ling Chen was sure that he wouldn’t be able to go online after such a short period, or at least for another two or three hours. He hadn’t woken up Tian Tian, and instead, walked out of the room to the big garden, and took a long breath of fresh air. They were located in the centre of the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, so the air quality was purified by millions of fresh bamboo. The fact that he could breathe in the air here was now seen as the joy of luxury.

Ling Chen was still amazed at the fact that he could secure a place like this, even only just for two years of ownership.

The size of this manmade lake was about average, and the water was very clear. You could see the pebbles at the bottom just from standing near the lake. The bottom of the manmade lake hid an advanced filtering system, and the quality was regularly monitored by extracting the underground water. There was no question that the cost of such a lake was very expensive.

Ling Chen took off his jacket and with his eyes closed, jumped into the lake. It hadn’t yet reached 9am in the morning so the water was cold enough to make his hair stand. But it didn’t take him long to adjust to the water, and within a few seconds, he was fully immersed in the coolness and joy the water had brought him. Ling Chen sank to the bottom, with only his head out of water and his back leaning against the wall. He hadn’t been so relaxed for a while.

He wasn’t sure whether he should give his thanks to that Cherry Blossom God Representative for this experience.

After a while, he opened his eyes. With a long breath of relief, he called out, “Xi, Ying.”

The two of them arrived swiftly, and stood side by side behind Ling Chen.

Both Chao Ying and Chao Xi dressed revealing and sexy as usual. With a see-through chiffon top wrapped around their full soft breasts and willow-like waists, their skin was showing, as white as snow. The ocean blue short skirt barely covered up half of their long and ivory white legs, making them look sexually enticing.

Every guy would surely have wanted to pursue a girl like them, especially when there were two of them…. A normal guy would not be able to control his male hormones from rising, and withhold from the fantasy of having sex with both of them. Of course, this could only be in their imagination. It was too shameful to admit to such a perverted mind, especially when they were both so elegant and respectable, which was also why no one in the town had the audacity to get close with them.

Countless men had tried to pursue them since they arrived in Su Hang. However, all of them were killed by the girls. Their charm and beauty are irresistible, being named as roses with deadly poison, they wouldn’t have allowed physical touch with any other men except Ling Chen.

“Master, do you have any orders?”

Both asked in synchronism, with one leg knelt near the lake. The way they posed themselves in front of Ling Chen resonated with how a loyal servant would serve in front his king.

As they were speaking, they blushed lightly when they noticed his clothes on the side of the lake. They oversaw most of the housekeeping for Ling Chen and judging from the clothes on the side, Ling Chen was without clothes in the water, naked.

Ling Chen did not turn around, and with his eyes closed, he asked, “Any updates on Buggy from Gui Ya? Perhaps, any movement?”

Chao Xi replied with a clear voice, “Reporting to Master, Buggy is still in prison underground at Xuan Yuan family’s place. He is in a good condition, so please don’t worry. Long Zheng Yang seemed to have given some orders that Buggy wouldn’t be questioned or tortured. He has been eating and sleeping well, even his leg wounds were checked regularly by someone. He would be able to escape easily once his leg wounds have healed. If it weren’t for his wounds that were still recovering, the prison cells at Xuan Yuan’s place wouldn’t have been able to trap him.”

Ling Chen seemed somewhat relieved as Chao Ying continued to speak, “Master, the rumours have now died down. On the surface, the Long family seemed to have lost their interests in arresting you, but deep down, they have never stopped searching for you. However, you have recovered enough to not worry about their search. Rather, this situation only shows how much they’re scared of what you can do now.

Ling Chen didn’t really care about the Long family searching for him. All his deep wounds would have been recovered by the time they found him. Even if all the seven secret troops were deployed, they still wouldn’t be able to stop him if he wanted to leave. “Have you heard anything from Feng Xie Yu?” Ling Chen looked up, staring at the sky. Xie Yu must have been Dia Wu, Dia Wu must be Xie Yu…. Why didn’t I hug her immediately when I already suspected something? You starved because of me, and had your heart die for me. Even now, you had to betray all your family and relatives because of me. As for me, I lost the chance to meet you because of my stupid envy and pride. Perhaps, this was God’s punishment for me as I didn’t hold onto you tightly enough at that time. I have come to fully realise that you should never harm or let go of someone you love dearly. Instead, use all your strength to treasure and protect them before it’s too late.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi glanced at each other, looking perplexed. Chao Xi slightly shook her head and said, “We have always been looking, but we still have not found her in both reality and in game. Neither could the Long Family and Xuan Yuan Family. Also, she levels up really fast in game and her rankings have always remained top in Asia, which means that she must be gaming most of the time.

“If you find her, please bring her here, and tell her that Tian Ya is waiting for her here.” Ling Chen thought of the last night he was with Dia Wu. No matter what happens, Dia Wu, please stay well…… Time slipped by, it has been 11 years. Dia Wu, I wonder how you looked now... Surely a pretty woman. After all, you had always been so flawless since little, like a little angel….

“All good, there’s nothing else, you both can go now.”

After dismissing them, Ling Chen started meditating on his own with his eyes closed. However, a while had past, but he didn’t hear Chao Ying and Chao Xi leave. He opened his eyes and turned around in suspicion. All he could see was a long beautiful leg pointing at the lake near him. The leg was so pretty and white like snow, with perfect size proportions and elegant curves. It was enough to take a man’s breath away, without even needing to see whose leg it was.

Another pretty leg appeared immediately afterwards and went into the lake in front of Ling Chen. Another pair of stunning legs slid into the water from his left hand side as well.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi had their jackets off and were only wearing a light blue lacy lingerie with both of their snowy white shoulders showing. Their skin was soft like the winter snow, and arms, smooth as jades. Their full breasts jutted forward and were partially covered. They were bouncing up and down with such force that their bras were about to come off as both girls jumped down in the water. They were not wearing any skirts but only a pinafore just enough to cover their sacred parts, the light blue colour matching with their bras. Their long legs now were fully exposed in the water.

Ling Chen’s mind went blank for a bit when he sensed the girls’ presence. By the time he reacted, Chao Xi and Chao Ying were already naked and leaning onto him tightly. There was nothing between their smooth skins and his body, and they were gently caressing Ling Chen’s chest up and down.

“Master, let us serve you as you bathe, like before…”

Chao Ying and Chao Xi looked at Ling Chen alluringly, their voices soft as a breeze and their bodies as fragile as water. No one would have rejected them if they heard their voices. Although they both acted so comfortably, their faces were still somewhat blushing. After all, they were both quiet and obedient… Either one wouldn’t have the audacity to act so flirtatiously if there were only one of them there.

Ling Chen’s body scars were small, and would disappear after a while. His body muscles were very firm, and its proportions were impeccable. His incredible physique redefined the beauty standards for men. So, when their hands touched his chest, inhaling his masculine scent, they became more aroused and passionate.

“You two…”

Ling Chen could clearly see both of their breasts moving no matter where he looked. Along with their beautifully blushed faces, it was as if they were tempting him to play with them.