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Chapter 437: Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor

Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“These two friends...constructing a city is a very important and secretive matter. You are the first ones to discover this secret. If this matter was spread, there would be very grave consequences, so… can you please keep this a secret as well? Please?”

Yun Meng Xin spoke incredibly softly, with a pleading look on her face.

To be begged by a goddess-like woman, Winter of That Year felt his body uncontrollably shaking. He had lost most of his reason long ago, and rapidly nodded, “Of course, of course! The handsome me… I mean, I… will definitely not reveal this secret. Definitely not! Ah… boss, we definitely won’t tell anyone about this, right… if we tell anyone, t-t-t-then we’ll never be able to find a wife.”

“We won’t,” Hundred Miles of Ice curtly replied. He was much calmer than Winter of That Year. The woman in front of him was shockingly beautiful, and also, she was the one in charge of the city… it was simply unbelievable. What sort of monster was she?! However, he wasn’t a meddlesome person- even if Yun Meng Xin hadn’t begged him, he wouldn’t have told anyone. And in truth, this really was a massive matter.

Yun Meng Xin smiled, gratefully replying, “Thank you so much.”

“No… No worries. No worries at all. Keeping this a secret… is what we should be doing,” Winter of That Year rapidly waved his hand. Goddamn, being thanked by this goddess made him feel like he was dreaming. Beating his chest, he said, “Goddess… ah no, big sister beauty, you definitely can’t let anyone else know about this matter, especially the Yan Huang Alliance. Otherwise, they’ll definitely try to stop you. Since we’ve met by fate, we’ll definitely help you… not only will we keep this place a secret, we’ll also stop other people from finding out about this secret. Err… 10 kilometres to the north, there’s a small town. Everyone has to pass through that place before getting here. Since boss and I don’t have much to do, from today until big sister beauty finishes constructing the city, we’ll… stand guard there. If any other players come, we’ll chase them away, and if they won’t leave, we’ll… directly kill them! We won’t allow anyone to come here!”

In front of such beauty, Winter of That Year’s emotions were thrown into chaos, his head had overheated and his rationality plummeted… until it became a negative value. He didn’t even know the name of the beauty in front of him, and yet he had thrown out such a massive promise. Just this promise alone turned China’s Number 1 Archer and the Emotionless Swordsman into free workers for the new city.

Hundred Miles of Ice’s shoulders shuddered… if Yun Meng Xin wasn’t right there, he would have slapped that idiot a few times. Why were beautiful women called the root of all trouble? Winter of That Year’s reaction was exactly the answer. If it was a man or a woman with ordinary looks, his brain definitely wouldn’t have exploded like that. Yun Meng Xin’s eyebrows became slightly raised… it wasn’t likely that players would come here anytime soon, but with these two super experts in the top 10 of the Level Rankings, the situation would be much safer. How could she refuse such a good offer? She replied, “Really? Thank you so much, this will be a big help to me. I’ll remember your favour forever… after the city is built, you’ll both be VIPS of the city.”

Hearing those words from this goddess-like woman, Winter of That Year felt almost as if he was floating. He had never felt so mighty and important before in his life. He once again beat his chest, confidently saying, “Big sister beauty, don’t worry. Leave this to me and the boss. I promise, according to my good looks- ahem- my character, that I definitely won’t let anyone near here before the city is built.”

Just like that, due to Yun Meng Xin’s overwhelming charm, China’s Number 1 Archer took upon himself a massive burden, and even pulled the Emotionless Swordsman in as well… he did not regret it, but instead felt very satisfied.

Even Hundred Miles of Ice, who had been dragged into this, didn’t know Yun Meng Xin’s name, background or how she had obtained the City Creation Token… simply put, apart from what she looked like, they knew nothing about her.


“Ding… congratulations, you have levelled up to LV38, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.”

“Ding… your pet Holy Spirit Beast ‘Xiao Hui’ has levelled up to LV38…”

“Ding… your humanoid pet ‘Leng’Er’ has levelled up to LV38…”

After more than a month of hard work, Ling Chen was now LV38, only two steps away from LV40. He looked at the time and decided to temporarily stop. He left the monsters’ territory and summoned his mount, riding towards the Sunrise City to stock up on some MP Potions. Players could not use teleport scrolls from other regions, and Ling Chen was reluctant to use his Spatial Orbs. Because he was also not too far away from the Sunrise City, Ling Chen decided to just ride back to the city.

Currently, Ling Chen had been passing through a desolate valley, and there were various crawling and climbing beasts. The deeper he went, the higher level the monsters were. They were all densely gathered together and had a fast respawn time. There were many Japanese players training at the valley, but because Ling Chen was killing LV45 monsters, he didn’t have to worry about being disturbed by Japanese players.

After exiting the Fourth District of the valley, he was now in the Third District. Here, there were LV38 to LV40 monsters. Because there were many players, as soon as Ling Chen walked in, an abnormal ruckus came from ahead of him. Ling Chen’s expression changed and he jumped down from his mount, and dextrously climbed up a small hill, looking towards direction of the sound. In his vision, about one kilometre away, there was a massive sea of people. Almost all the Japanese players in the valley had gathered there and there were still more people flooding in.

Countless Japanese players formed a massive encirclement, and despite being so far away, Ling Chen could still hear them.

“Let’s see what’s so interesting,” Ling Chen muttered as he smirked. He changed into an ordinary set of equipment and strolled over.

Soon, Ling Chen had walked into the crowd of people and positioned himself at a place where he could overlook everything. He looked towards the centre of the encirclement and saw a gigantic eagle with a wingspan of more than 10 metres in the centre. It had an incredibly sharp beak, and was covered with dark golden feathers. On top of its head, a golden crown was shining brightly like the sun. Its two massive claws were as thick as a person’s waist, and its thick muscles were clearly defined. It was evident just how powerful this eagle was!

Disregarding everything else, the golden feathers alone signified that this monster was not ordinary.

[Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor]: Type: Beast, Grade: Celestial, Level: LV40, HP: 1,520,000. The undisputed emperor of the Eagle Clan; the nemesis and nightmare of all crawling creatures. It has only semi-matured, but already possesses terrifying strength. It can easily crush large rocks with its beak, and its massive wings can create fearsome gales. It is proud and aloof, but because its body is too big, it is not very proficient at flying.

Passive Abilities: 30% Resistance to Physical Attacks, 60% Resistance to Wind element Attacks, 30% Resistance to Water, Fire and Earth element Attacks, 30% chance to land Critical Hits with its Physical Attacks and 40% chance to land Pierce Hits.

Attack Skills:

[Rock-Crushing Claws]: Uses its left or right claw to deal slashing damage to all targets within a 4 metre x 4 metre area, causing massive damage and 3% chance of instant death. Usage frequency: High. Before activating, it will make an obvious motion of opening its claws.

[Twister Wings]: Spreads its wings, twisting its body to send terrifying wind blades towards all targets within 20 metres. Knocks all targets out of the attack range, and will not be able to attack for 3 seconds afterwards. Usage frequency: Medium. Before activating, it will spread its wings to the maximum.

[Zephyr Fang]: Coalesces Wind elemental energy, releasing a powerful tornado towards the area measuring 15 metres x 50 metres in front of it, causing Wind element damage. The damage is not very high, but has strong knock up and knock back effects. Usage frequency: Low. Needs to channel for 3 seconds before activating.

[World-Shattering Cry]: Releases a piercing cry, disturbing the minds of those around it. Cancels out all buffs of targets within 50 metres. Usage frequency: Low.

Ultimate Skills:

[Golden Cry]: Releases a furious cry to the heavens. As its noble Giant Eagle Emperor blood boils, all of its Physical Attacks will have a 100% chance of Critical Hit and Pierce Hit, Lasts for 1 minute, activates when its health is below 20%. Can only be activated once per day.

[Nightmare Whistle]: ????

Weaknesses: Attacking its head will result in guaranteed Critical Hits.

Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor… a LV40 Celestial grade Boss! No wonder there were so many people gathered here. Even a Lord Boss would cause a massive uproar, let alone a Celestial grade Boss! It should be noted that even the China Region, which was the largest and had the most players, had spawned no more than 5 Celestial grade Bosses.. of course, this number didn’t include the ones Ling Chen had met.

Celestial grade Bosses were powerful, but killing them would result in unimaginable rewards! Ling Chen couldn’t confirm if this was the first Celestial grade Boss that had appeared in the East Ocean Continent, but their excitement was evident.

The massive eagle flapped its wings, arrogantly hovering 10 meters high in the air. Its surroundings were littered with corpses, and countless players had already died from its claws. And yet, its health bar was still almost completely full. Countless players charged up, but a Celestial grade monster’s attack damage and attack range were far superior to that of a normal monster’s. Before they even got close, half of them were annihilated. The rest of the players desperately charged into attack range, and could barely attack before they too were killed… waves of bodies fell, but the few attacks that made it to the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor barely even scratched it. The players who charged up were all Mages – because the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor was hovering in the air, it was impossible for players with melee professions to hit it. As for the Archers… what a joke, out of all the Physical Attack professions, their attack was only a little higher than Shield Bearers. Their attacks simply wouldn’t be able to break past its defence.