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Chapter 450: Once Again Coming to the Celestial Cherry Valley

Chapter 450 – Once Again Coming to the Celestial Cherry Valley

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Editor: Chlocolatte

After looking at the description of [True Lucky Hand], Ling Chen’s eyes completely lit up… it was slightly different to the Lucky Cat’s True Lucky Hand, but it was essentially the same. He could steal any item from his target… that’s right, any! Gold, equipment, items… even things that were currently equipped. As long it was on their body, he could steal it with [True Lucky Hand]… in fact, it was more like snatching.

Any item… hmm in that case, even clothes…

Ling Chen grinned until his eyes disappeared. [True Lucky Hand]’s effects were simply too astounding. Although its success rate was lower than Lucky Hand’s, with Ling Chen’s ridiculously high Luck, the LV4 [True Lucky Hand] still had a 96% chance of succeeding and not being detected. If he used it on another player, he would pretty much succeed every time without being detected. Luckily his Luck was not the same as that of a normal player, otherwise the success rate would be quite pitiful.

If it really could allow him to steal clothes that were being worn, as well as underwear… couldn’t he just suddenly strip someone in public? Could the system really allow such a savage thing?

Ling Chen returned to the giant ant territory and used [True Lucky Hand] on a giant ant that had just spawned. After all, [True Lucky Hand] didn’t have to be used on a human. “Ding… the [Giant Bone-eating Ant] does not have anything that can be stolen.”

His first [True Lucky Hand] had succeeded, but it was a pity that his target had nothing. Ling Chen could only give up and go back to the safe region to look at his levelled up skills.

[Heaven Wind Technique]: Current Level: LV8, Highest Level: LV10. SP to Upgrade to LV9: 10,500. Ancient battle technique, after practice it can greatly increase the ability to control any weapon. Effect: When using any weapon, damage dealt is increased by 40%. Effect does not stack with other weapon proficiency skills.

[Item Manipulation Technique]: Current Level: LV7, Highest Level: LV10. SP to Upgrade to LV8: 8500. Ancient battle technique, after practice equipment that surpasses your current level can be equipped. Effect: Ignores any piece of equipment’s level requirement by 7 levels.

[War God Technique]: Current Level: LV7, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV8: 10,500. Powerful battle technique originating from War God’s soul force, after practice it can greatly increase personal attack strength permanently. Effect: Strength increases by 7*X points, Physical Attack Damage increased by 17*X (X=Current level).

[Battle Soul Possession]: Current Level: LV4, Highest Level: LV5, SP required to upgrade to LV5: 7000. Ignites the battle soul, releasing all of your strength, causing your next attack to possess the most extreme destructive power. Effect: Damage+100% for next attack, [Absolute Critical Hit] and [Absolute Pierce Hit] for the next attack, as well as 10% chance of Instant Death. MP Consumption: 80, Cooldown Time: 30 secs.

[Feng Chen Technique]: Current level: LV7, Highest level: LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV8: 8500. A technique unique to the Feng Chen Sect. After cultivating, the user’s body will become incredibly light and nimble, as if they are riding on a gentle breeze. It is said that when cultivated to the peak, the user can use the winds to walk in the sky and even falling from a cliff will not hurt them at all. Effects: Movement Speed+70, Evasion+70%, can decrease falling speed by up to 70% (can be controlled).

[Broken Shadow]: Current level: LV4, Highest level: LV5, SP required to upgrade to LV5: 19,000. One of the Feng Chen Sect’s ultimate escaping techniques. After activating, the user’s body becomes like an illusory shadow, and will be almost impossible to stop or capture. Effects: Movement Speed+900%, Evasion+900%, effects last for 25 seconds. Can be used four times per day.

[Vanishing Shadow]: Current Level: LV4, Highest Level: LV5. SP to Upgrade to LV5: 19,000. One of the most advanced concealment techniques of the Feng Chen Sect. After casting, the user’s body disappears without even a trace, and even Ghost God wouldn’t be able to discover him or her. Effects: Conceals the user’s body. While concealed, the user cannot attack or counterattack. The concealment is cancelled upon receiving damage. Lasts for 25 seconds, Cooldown Time: 100 seconds.

[Utter Despair Curse]: Low Level Feng Chen Curse, can’t be levelled up. Can be used on a target within the user’s line of sight, and once hit, the victim will be filled with gloom and despair. They will lose all joy and hope, and will not be able to find a reason to continue to live. The success rate is dependent on the difference in strength between the user and target’s mental energy. The number of seconds the effect last for is equivalent to the user’s Comprehension stat. Costs 10 MP, cooldown time: 100 seconds.

These powerful skills had all become even more powerful as a result of Xiao Hui’s level up. This was especially so for the Heaven Wind Technique, which had been increased by 2 levels to LV8. It now increased his damage by 40%! His 2 godly escape skills, Broken Shadow and Vanishing Shadow, had their durations increased by 5 seconds. For these 2 incredibly broken skills, 5 seconds was quite a long time. A new Feng Chen Curse had also been unlocked, which caused them to utterly lose hope in life.

With [True Lucky Hand] unlocked, Ling Chen did not have any reason to continue to farm. He had stayed in the East Ocean Continent for almost 2 months now, and he no longer wanted to remain there. He took out a Spatial Orb and set his destination to the Celestial Cherry Valley’s Central District…

Long time no see, Cherry Blossom God Representative!!

Ling Chen shattered the Spatial Orb, and his surroundings quickly changed to the scenery of the Celestial Cherry Valley.

He hadn’t come here in almost a month, but nothing had changed. Ling Chen had arrogantly chosen a very conspicuous place to appear: right in front of the door of the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s residence. His actions were even more arrogant. He directly yelled out, “Girly, your grandaddy’s back! Hurry up and welcome him!”

Although Ling Chen acted in such a cocky manner, inwardly he wasn’t as calm as he seemed. He had deliberately chosen to appear at this place… about 50 metres away from the Cherry Blossom God Representative. Currently, Moon Shadow had a range of 40 metres, while Moon Flare and Moon Grief had an area of 80 metres. If she was outside of this range and used long range attacks, all he could do was run. With how powerful the Cherry Blossom God Representative was, attacking someone 80 metres away would be a piece of cake. However, while she was within range, as soon as she acted, Ling Chen could immediately use Moon Grief to turn her into an ordinary person. Even if he couldn’t react in time, the Evil God’s Mask could stop a single attack from her.

With the Evil God’s Mask, the Cherry Blossom God Representative wouldn’t carelessly attack him. Just as Ling Chen shouted out, a white figure flashed and a beautiful woman appeared 10 steps away from him, glaring at him coldly. Her cherry blossom-coloured dress fluttered with the skirt rippling, making her look like a celestial beauty. She looked incredibly pure and elegant, unpolluted by the mortal world.

To be honest, Ling Chen missed her a bit after not seeing her for more than a month. After all, no man could forget such a beautiful woman. Ling Chen grinned and greeted her, “We meet again, girly. Did you miss me after such a long time?”

The Cherry Blossom God Representative’s expression remained calm, and the only reaction from her was her eyebrows slightly moving, “You… came again.”

Ling Chen continued to smile as he replied, “Any man would like a beauty like you. After not being able to see you for such a long time, I’ve been unable to sleep or eat because of how much I missed you. I finally finished doing what I needed to do, so I quickly came to see you.”

Hearing Ling Chen’s mocking words, the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s expression did not change at all. Over this period of time, she had cleared up her emotions and wiped away the shadow he had left in her. She would no longer be disturbed by his human. She calmly replied, “You have the Evil God’s Mask protecting you, and it’s almost impossible to harm you. You’re the Feng Chen Sect’s successor and possess the Feng Chen Sect’s escaping abilities. Although I’m a Moon God Representative, I have to admit that if you wanted to escape, I could not stop you. There’s simply nothing I can do to you. However…”

The Cherry Blossom God Representative paused and her aura became incredibly icy, “In the end, you’re just a player, and I cannot request for help from her ladyship. You’ve continuously harassed me and tried to steal away this orb that her ladyship said I could never allow to leave me, making it unbearable for me…”

“Shh, shh!” Ling Chen uncourteously cut her off. He could already guess what she was going to say. He wagged his index finger, smiling as he said, “Pretty girly, do you know what I fear the least? It’s threats. The number of times I’ve been threatened is more than the number of hairs you have down there. However, I hate being threatened. In fact, whenever I’m threatened, I get excited. Something that’s much more effective against me is… seduction. Heheh, a little player like me would definitely not be able to resist the seduction of the Cherry Blossom God Representative!”


Just as the Cherry Blossom God Representative started to move, Ling Chen’s eyes flashed and he activated Moon Shadow, fixing her in place. He looked calm, but the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s words sounded quite ominous… a lot could happen in a month. It was possible that she had found a method to defeat him in that time. As such, he didn’t give her any opportunities to try anything, and instantly used Moon Shadow to freeze her. He rushed forwards and cast a [True Lucky Hand] as he grabbed towards the orb hanging in between her chest.

“Ding… your [True Lucky Hand] has failed and has been detected by the target.”

“Ding… the Libra Orb’s effects have been activated, [True Lucky Hand]’s cooldown time has been reset.”

Freezing, rushing up and stealing. He had done all of this in a split second so that the Cherry Blossom God Representative wouldn’t have time to react. He knew that there was too great of a difference in power between the Cherry Blossom God Representative and himself, so it was difficult for the [True Lucky Hand] to work on her. When she was frozen by Moon Shadow, that was when she should have been in a state of panic and complete defencelessness… and yet, [True Lucky Hand] had failed.

Ling Chen’s faced darkened and the motionless Cherry Blossom God Representative’s eyes filled with shock.