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Chapter 451: Utter Despair Curse

Chapter 451 – Utter Despair Curse

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Ling Chen was an invincible existence to other players, but in the end, he was still a player. Although he had incredibly high Attack Power and could even insta-kill a low-levelled Celestial grade Boss in limited circumstances, his other stats weren’t on the same level. Just as he could insta-kill a low-levelled Celestial grade Boss, it could do the same to him. Ling Chen’s strengths were only in his talent and skills. Overall, his stats weren’t that impressive.

On the other hand, how powerful was the Cherry Blossom God Representative? As the Moon God Representative who controlled the order in the East Ocean Continent, she was an unparalleled existence within the East Ocean Continent! Out of all the beings Ling Chen had seen in the Mystic Moon world, apart from the Shura’s Spirit, none of them could contend against her. Although he used the Lunar Scourge to mess around with her, in the end he could only run. If he didn’t have his escape abilities, he would have died countless times at her hands. If they compared their overall strength, the gap between them would span longer than galaxies. With such a gap in strength, Ling Chen’s True Lucky Hand’s base success rate of 96% was probably close to 0 when used on the Cherry Blossom God Representative.

Ling Chen’s heart fell, seeing that his sneak attack had failed, and had even been detected by her. If he even failed while she was not prepared, he would stand no chance of succeeding now that she was mentally prepared. He could only grit his teeth and cast another [True Lucky Hand] at her.

“Ding… your [True Lucky Hand] has failed and has been detected by the target.” Ling Chen: “……”

Although he expected this, Ling Chen felt quite depressed after seeing the skill fail twice in a row. Moon Shadow, which only lasted for a short 5 seconds, and was about to expire so Ling Chen retreated, thinking of other methods.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative regained her freedom and still looked completely flabbergasted. She quickly retreated, saying in a low voice, “You actually used a Ghost level theft skill… no! That theft skill surpassed the Ghost level. I never knew your Feng Chen Sect had such despicable skills. It’s a pity that no matter how powerful your skills are, you’re simply too weak. No matter how powerful your theft skill is, it’s useless on me.”

Ling Chen shrugged, indifferently saying, “Think what you want. If it doesn’t work the first time, I’ll try ten, if not hundreds of times… I say, girly, just be good and give that orb to me. Otherwise, I’ll really come every day. Neither of us want that, right?”

The Cherry Blossom God Representative responded with a cold glare.

[True Lucky Hand] had failed twice, and the Cherry Blossom God Representative was now fully prepared. It was impossible for it to work on her now. Ling Chen threw out a [Moon Grief] to prevent her from chasing after him, then activated [Broken Shadow] and ran off.

Ling Chen returned to an isolated region near the Sunrise City and sat against a tree while grabbing at his hair. He had worked hard for a month and had finally levelled up [Lucky Hand] to LV5, which evolved into [True Lucky Hand]. The only way to obtain the orb was to steal it with [True Lucky Hand], but he found that he had been too naïve. There was nothing the Cherry Blossom God Representative could do about his harassment, but her strength was the real deal. Under normal circumstances, the chances of a player successfully stealing something from her… was the same as Mars crashing into the Earth.

Then what about abnormal circumstances…

Ling Chen stood up… if he wanted [True Lucky Hand] to work on the Cherry Blossom God Representative, he needed her to be in an abnormal state. It needed to be to a point where her mental defenses were incredibly low, or when they were completely down. At the same time, it was possible that the more he used it on her, the more familiar she would become with it, and develop resistance to it. As such, he had to succeed as quickly as possible.

After making up his mind, Ling Chen took out another Spatial Orb and returned to the Celestial Cherry Valley’s Central District. It had been less than half an hour since he had left. Before, he would only harass her once per day, and had never returned so quickly before. This had subconsciously planted in the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s mind that he would only visit once per day.

Ling Chen appeared at the back of the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s residence. As soon as he appeared, he activated [Vanishing Shadow], completely concealing his presence. It was as if he wasn’t there at all. After staying still for a while, he confirmed that the coast was clear. While in the [Vanishing Shadow] state, Ling Chen directed Xiao Hui to confirm where the Cherry Blossom God Representative was, and walked over at a moderate place.

When Ling Chen passed by a small hill, he finally found the Cherry Blossom God Representative. She was standing under a large Cherry Blossom tree, looking up as she held a pink flower petal in her right hand. She wasn’t moving at all, as if she was in a daze or conversing with the tree. After all, Moon God Representatives were quite lonely. They controlled the order of a continent, but were lonely sovereigns. The Cherry Blossom God Representative had always been the only being in the Celestial Cherry Valley, so the only things she could talk to were the mountains, the flowing water, the flowers and grass.

Ling Chen silently ducked behind the hill and calmed down his breathing, waiting for [Vanishing Shadow]’s cooldown. He was about 60 or 70 metres away from the Cherry Blossom God Representative, and he was confident that at such a distance, he could hide his presence from the Cherry Blossom God Representative. 10 or so seconds later, [Vanishing Shadow]’s cooldown had been reset, and Ling Chen gripped his fists together…

He had to succeed!

From behind the hill, Ling Chen slowly stuck out his head, confirming where the Cherry Blossom God Representative was. His eyes shone with a strange light… and cast an [Utter Despair Curse] towards the Cherry Blossom God Representative. The Feng Chen Curses’ range was ‘within the user’s line of sight’, which meant that no matter how far apart they were, as long as Ling Chen could see her, he could cast it on her.

The current state of the Cherry Blossom God Representative simply could not be better… she was holding a petal as she spaced out and was completely unaware of his presence! The first Feng Chen Curse he had used on the Cherry Blossom God Representative had only been half as effective. That was under normal circumstances where she had been somewhat prepared. Currently, she was completely unguarded… so it was possible that the curse would last for its full duration.

Under the Cherry Blossom tree, the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s eyes that were as bright as stars gradually dimmed. To her, the Cherry Blossom trees, valley, sky and water… everything became so grey that she didn’t want to look at them anymore. The petal in her hand also drifted downwards.

I… am a Moon God Representative. Because of my duty, I had to stay here without any family, friends or even anyone to talk to. Every day I live like a corpse. Day by day, year by year… and in the future, every day and every year will be like this… what’s the point in living like this? What’s the difference between living like this and dying? Why am I living then…? Perhaps if I died, I can escape all of this. I wouldn’t be lonely or bored anymore…

The Cherry Blossom God Representative’s eyes lost their lustre and became deathly grey. She could no longer find anything that interested her or motivated her in her mind, and only desired for the release death could provide… she had been completely affected by Ling Chen’s [Utter Despair Curse]!

What Ling Chen didn’t know was that within all of the low level Feng Chen Curses, the [Utter Despair Curse] had the highest success rate. This was because for curses like the [Complete and Utter Belief Curse] and [Lovey Lovey Curse] the target’s mind would be twisted, but it would remain just as strong. However, when affected by the [Utter Despair Curse], the target would become mentally weakened, making it difficult for them to detect that they were indeed affected by a curse. Because of the despair they experienced, they wouldn’t even bother suspecting that something was wrong, and neither would they try to fight back. They would simply fall deeper and deeper into despair.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative didn’t expect that Ling Chen would come back. She had been conversing with the Cherry Blossom tree, and had not been prepared at all. The [Utter Despair Curse] was silent and formless, so it was only natural that she would be affected by it. After Ling Chen cast the [Utter Despair Curse], he immediately activated [Broken Shadow] and concealed his presence, rushing towards the Cherry Blossom God Representative.

He covered the distance of 70 metres or so in just a few seconds. Seeing the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s lifeless eyes, even he was given a great shock. He gripped his hands into fists, and when he was 3 steps away from her, he deactivated [Broken Shadow] and roared…


As he shouted, he released [Moon Shadow], [Moon Flare] and [Moon Grief] simultaneously, and both the dark silver light and piercingly bright light shot out, covering the Cherry Blossom God Representative.

“Ding… the Libra Orb’s effects have been activated. [Moon Shadow] and [Moon Grief]’s cooldown times have been reset.”

Despite the light from [Moon Flare], Ling Chen could see perfectly well. He gritted his teeth and sprang towards the frozen Cherry Blossom God Representative and sent out a [True Lucky Hand] as he grabbed towards her chest… under the [Utter Despair Curse], her mental defenses were almost non-existent, and she had been surprised by Ling Chen’s shout and the bright light. Now, it could be said that she was practically defenseless. With [Moon Shadow] freezing her in place, [Moon Grief] causing her to forget her skills and the [Utter Despair Curse] crippling her spirit, she was in an extremely weak state. This moment was Ling Chen’s best opportunity.

Although [True Lucky Hand] sent out a formless hand, Ling Chen couldn’t help but stretch out both of his hands, latching onto the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s full breasts, as if that would increase the success rate…

“Ding… your [True Lucky Hand] has succeeded, you have received [Goddess Order’s Tear], [White Key], [Scorpio Orb] and [Plum Stuffing Lollipop] from ‘Snow Cherry’.”

Ling Chen’s current stats:

Player: Ling Tian

Level: LV40

Professions: Ling Tian Battle Soul, Feng Chen Curse

Affiliations: None

Fame Points: 86,693; Money: 1,269,601,782; SP: 850

Primary Attributes: Strength: 583, Constitution: 90, Agility: 120, Spirit: 88

Innate Attributes: Luck: 24, Comprehension: 22

HP: 8525

MP: 6700

Physical Attack Power; 2753

Magic Attack Power: 176

Physical Defense: 520 Hit: ??; Evasion: ??

Critical Chance: 31%; Pierce Chance: ??

Attack Speed: 100; Movement Speed: 238

Elemental Resistances: Water: 0%, Fire: 0%, Wind: 20%, Lightning: 0%, Earth: 70%, Light: 0%, Darkness: 0%


Personal Skills:

[Scan]- cannot be levelled up, [Soul Sacrifice]- LV4, [Soul Demise]- LV4, [Heaven Wind Technique]- LV8, [Item Manipulation Technique]- LV7, [Lucky Hand]- LV5, [True Lucky Hand]- LV4.

Profession Skills (Ling Tian Battle Soul):

[Ling Tian Slash]- LV10, [Ling Tian Burst]- LV10, [War God Technique]- LV7, [Ling Tian Slash]- LV6, [Ling Tian Burst]- LV5, [Four Corners Star Formation]- LV10, [Battle Soul Possession]- LV4.

Profession Skills (Feng Chen Curse Zanni):

[Feng Chen Technique]- LV7, [Broken Shadow]- LV4, [Vanishing Shadow]- LV4.

Feng Chen Curses: [Complete and Utter Belief Curse], [Scaredy Cat Curse], [Lovey Lovey Curse], [I’m A Sheep Curse], [Utter Despair Curse], [Soulstealing Curse].

Equipment Skills:

Great Ravager- [Thousand Kilogram Rend], Twilight Spear- [Wild Sands] + [Moment of Elegance], Titan’s Embrace- [Sands of Fury], Icy Gold Wings- [Spread Wings].


Weapons: Right hand: [Twilight Spear] (Spear); Left Hand: [Great Ravager] (Double Handed Blunt Weapon)

Lunar Chain: [Lunar Scourge]

Head: [Wind Chaser Bandanna]

Mask: [Evil God’s Mask]

Necklace: [White Bone Pendant]

Earrings: [Fairy’s Blessing]

Rings: Four Spirit Ring

Insignia: [Proof of Courage], [Celestial Slayer Insignia], [Heaven Slayer Insignia]

Upper and Lower Body: [Titan’s Embrace]

Belt: [Belt of Blessing]

Gauntlet: [Golden Feather Knuckledusters]

Shoes: [Golden Battle Boots]