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Chapter 452: Scorpio Orb, Moon Sacrifice

Scorpio Orb, Moon Sacrifice

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Editor: Chlocolatte

The moment the system announcement sounded out, Ling Chen felt as if his body had become incredibly light… as if he was about to fly.

He had succeeded! He had finally succeeded! And it had gone far better than he had expected! After much plotting and calculation, his [True Lucky Hand] had not only succeeded, but had achieved its maximum effect… not only did he steal the orb, but he also stole three other items! After all, the LV4 [True Lucky Hand] could steal up to 4 items!

That’s right! After being affected by the [Utter Despair Curse], the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s overall strength and mental defences were practically 0! How could a person who lost even the will to live fight back against the [True Lucky Hand]? What’s more, Ling Chen had even used [Moon Shadow], [Moon Flare] and [Moon Grief] simultaneously to further bewilder her.

Having completed his objective, Ling Chen did not foolishly stay behind to continue to mess around with the Cherry Blossom God Representative. He immediately took out a Spatial Orb and left. Because the Cherry Blossom God Representative was still overcome with despair, she had no intention of attacking him and her pressure did not lock onto him, so he was able to easily leave. Ling Chen had spent massive amounts of time and brain power on her. Although he had seemed calm and arrogant, he had been incredibly nervous. After all, he was just a player facing off against a true Moon God Representative. Now that he had completed his goal in coming to the East Ocean Continent, and had gained much more than he had expected, he naturally wanted to leave quickly before anything happened. After returning to a secluded place to the north of the Sunrise City, Ling Chen couldn’t help but wildly laugh. He could imagine what the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s reaction would be after recovering from the [Utter Despair Curse]- she might even be furious to the point of tears… she had been harassed and violated countless times, but still couldn’t protect that orb in the end. If she had known that things would have ended up like this, it would have been better for her to have just obediently handed over the orb from the beginning. Thinking about all of this, Ling Chen once again began to loudly laugh. If anyone had passed by, they would have taken him for a deranged person, and kept their distance.

“Congratulations, little master, you’ve succeeded,” Qi Yue said as she smiled. Including the Scorpio Orb that he had just obtained, he had now obtained 7 of the Mysterious God orbs! More than half of them! And it had taken him less than half a year to gather these orbs. Before, she never would have been able to imagine or believe that such a thing was possible.

This time’s success was all because of the [Utter Despair Curse]. Otherwise, simply using [True Lucky Hand] would have been a joke. He had mucked around in the East Ocean Continent for nearly 2 months now, and he could finally relax. He sat on the ground and took out the orb that he had obtained from the Cherry Blossom God Representative.

[Scorpio Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious God, Attributes: Fire, Earth, Darkness. Equipment Requirements: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge. Effects: adds a strong [Destruction] effect to any attack (Physical, Magic, Item), any attack can ignore pain reduction and increase pain by 300%, and any attack can have a 15% chance to trigger Instant Death.

Ling Chen breathed in a breath of cold air.

Just from the Scorpio Orb’s name, Ling Chen had guessed that it was an attack-related orb. Scorpions were far smaller than humans, but simply talking about their poison could cause a human to shiver. Out of the 6 orbs he had obtained in the past, apart from the [Cancer Orb] that had a Thunder attribute, none of the other 5 orbs had an attribute. And yet, this Scorpio Orb had 3 attributes! Moreover, it gave 3 effects, each of which respectively belonged to the Fire, Earth and Darkness attributes. None of the effects increased Ling Chen’s stats, but all of them were insanely terrifying.

“The Scorpio Orb is the only orb out of the 12 God Orbs that has so many attributes and effects. A Scorpion’s claws destroy everything in its path; its stinger brings immense pain and its poison can take away a person’s life in an instant. Needless to say, the Scorpio Orb is the most terrifying and cruel of the 12 God Orbs and 3 Saint Orbs. Now that little master has obtained it, its existence will be a nightmare to all enemies of little master.”

The most terrifying and cruel orb… looking at its 3 effects, Ling Chen felt that this title was extremely fitting. Ling Chen took out the Darkness Crystal from the Lunar Scourge’s eighth socket, and replaced it with the Scorpio Orb.

“Ding… the [Scorpio Orb] has been successfully socketed. Any of your attacks can now carry a strong [Destruction] effect, any of your attacks can now ignore pain reduction and increase pain by 300% and any of your attacks, and any of your attacks has a 15% chance to trigger Instant Death.”

“Ding… Lunar Scourge’s exclusive Lunar Skill [Moon Sacrifice] has been unlocked.”

When he had obtained his first orb, [Moon Shadow] had been unlocked; 3 orbs had unlocked [Moon Flare]; 5 orbs had unlocked [Moon Grief]; 6 orbs had unlocked the special [New Moon] and now 7 orbs had unlocked a new Lunar Skill.

[Moon Sacrifice]: Lunar Scourge exclusive skill. Uses one’s blood as a sacrifice to combine the evil energy within the Lunar Scourge to its light, covering everything in light and ruthlessly destroying everything within range. A destruction skill with a massive AOE, damage is equivalent to (HP x 10) and maximum range is (Level x 10). The range is not fixed and can be set within the maximum range. Can be activated when the [Moon] is present. Can unleash 50% of its power and range with [New Moon], 70% power and range with [Crescent Moon], 100% power and range with [Half Moon], 200% power and range with [Waxing Moon], 500% power and range with [Full Moon] and 800,000% power and 500,000% range with [Broken Moon]. Consumes 1 HP permanently as a sacrifice, cooldown time: 1 hour.

Ling Chen: “……”

Ling Chen stared at the newly unlocked [Moon Sacrifice] for a while.

Unlike [Moon Shadow], [Moon Flare] and [Moon Grief] it was not a Crowd Control skill, but a pure damage skill! A damage skill with terrifying power and range!

Its activation had an important requirement, which was that there was a moon. The Mystic Moon world didn’t have a moon, so the only condition he could activate it in… was if he activated [New moon]! Moreover, the power and range of the skill was different depending on the phase of the moon! The fuller the moon became, the more powerful and longer the range was. Currently, the Lunar Scourge could only create a [New Moon], which meant that Ling Chen could only unleash half of [Moon Sacrifice]’s power and range.

Even though it was only half, it was still incredibly powerful. Its damage didn’t rely on Physical Attack Power or Magic Attack Power, but strangely enough, on his HP. With his current HP of 8525, it could deal 42,625 damage! It wasn’t difficult for him to deal that amount of damage, but the range of the skill was simply terrifying. With his current level of LV40, it had a range of 10 x 40, then decreased by half, which was 200 metres! With a radius of 200 metres, that meant he could deal 42,625 damage in an area of 126,000m2!

When it reached the [Half Moon] state, he would be able to unleash 100% of its power and range, and 500% of its power and range when it reached [Full Moon]. With [Broken Moon]… when Ling Chen read those 2 numbers, his eyes widened, unable to believe what he was seeing.

800,000% power and 500,000% range… what the hell was this?! “Qi Yue, how are the different stages of the moon determined? How does [New Moon] become [Broken Moon]?” Ling Chen asked. The 2 numbers for [Broken Moon] made him feel so shocked that it was difficult to breathe. 8000 times power and 5000 range… and the damage and range would increase as he became stronger as well. If he unleashed [Moon Sacrifice] at max level with [Broken Moon], that power and range… could even be able to insta-kill a Saint Destroyer beast!! The range could probably cover the entire Forgotten Continent!

Qi Yue had expected this reaction from Ling Chen when he saw the Lunar Scourge’s first destruction. She replied, “The moon from the Lunar Scourge is split into 5 stages. [New Moon] is its earliest stage and only manifests as a tiny sliver that gives off faint moonlight; the [Crescent Moon] is larger than the [New Moon], but is missing more than half of the rest of the moon; [Half Moon] is exactly half of the moon and allows you to unleash the full power of Lunar Scourge; [Waxing Moon] is where the moon is bigger than half but is not yet full- it is quite bright and can unleash much more power than usual; [Full Moon] is a completely full moon and is the brightest the moon can become. Right now, the Lunar Scourge only has 7 orbs, and doesn’t have the important Saint Orbs, so it can only release [New Moon]. As you obtain more and more orbs, the moon will become fuller and fuller. When all 12 God Orbs and 3 Saint Orbs have been found, the Lunar Scourge will be able to release [Full Moon].

“Then what about [Broken Moon]? What is [Broken Moon]?” Ling Chen immediately asked. He could easily understand what the 5 stages from [New Moon] to [Full Moon] were. However, since the moon in [Full Moon] was already full, what was the [Broken Moon] about? Moreover, with [Broken Moon], [Moon Sacrifice]’s damage and range were a bit too ridiculous.

Qi Yue fell silent for a while before slowly saying, “[Broken Moon] refers to light of the moon when it is destroyed. The Lunar Scourge cannot create a [Broken Moon] and the [Broken Moon] effect can only happen once, the light of a moon that is being destroyed… however, [Broken Moon] can never appear, so please remember that, little master.”

The light of a destroyed moon… so it was like that. Just like Qi Yue had said, it could never appear. In that case, [Broken Moon]’s terrifying power was just there for show. After all, the Forgotten Continent didn’t have a real moon, and even if there was a real moon, how could it be destroyed?

Of course, with how powerful [Moon Sacrifice] was, there was a price to be paid: each time Ling Chen activated it, it would reduce his HP permanently by 1.