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Chapter 453: The Cherry Blossom God Representative’s Fury

The Cherry Blossom God Representative’s Fury

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Apart from the Scorpio Orb, Ling Chen had also unexpectedly received 3 other items from the Cherry Blossom God Representative. Anything from a Moon God Representative would not have been trash so he took them out one by one.

The first was a small wooden bottle as big as his thumb.

[Goddess Order’s Tear]: The first tear the Goddess Order shed after her power matured. It contains pure Order energy. When it is consumed by a living being, permanently increases 2 of the 4 primary attributes (Strength, Constitution, Agility and Spirit) by 200 points.

Ling Chen’s hand holding the little bottle shook, and he almost started to cry.

He read the description again and again, confirming that what he saw was true… if he drank this, 2 of his primary attributes would be increased by 200 points! And that was for both of them, in total, his stats would increase by 400 points! Ordinarily, a player would only receive 5 attribute points every time they levelled up. A normal player would only receive 400 points by the time they levelled up to LV80!

Nothing less than expected from something carried by a Moon God Representative or something that came from the Goddess Order… the stats were simply monstrous! The pure water from the Fairy Fountain that the Fairy Clan guarded permanently increased one’s HP by 1,000, and that was already game-breaking. And yet, this one small tear was more powerful than the Fairy Fountain water by many, many times.

Feeling incredibly excited, Ling Chen did not even think as he opened the bottle and drank down the contents. Of course, drinking it as soon as possible was the best course of action. If he kept it on him and it was taken back by the Cherry Blossom God Representative or lost in some other way, he would be devastated. The safest course of action was to just drink it now. Who cared if it was a tear- with such incredible stats, he would drink it even if it was the Goddess Order’s saliva or breast milk!

“Ding… you have consumed [Goddess Order’s Tear], Constitution+200 permanently and Spirit+200 permanently.”

As the system announcement sounded out, Ling Chen’s Constitution and Spirit were increased by 200 points. Adding on the bonus from the Virgo Orb, Ling Chen’s HP and MP broke past 10,000. His HP was now 13,525 and his MP was now 11,700, which was higher than even Shield Bearers and Mages of the same level.

Was there anything more euphoric than having one’s stats instantly increased by 400 points? Ling Chen was so overjoyed that he almost moaned, and decided that staying in the East Ocean Continent was an incredibly good choice. He grinned as he took out the second item… it was a white key that was as long as his middle finger and felt metallic.

[White Key]: A key that is always kept on the Cherry Blossom God Representative. It may be used to unlock the 12th shrine at the Moon God Palace, the “Cherry Blossom Shrine”. Holding this key, Ling Chen frowned slightly and quickly thought of something. He looked through his bag and took out a rusted, old key. The key’s shape and size was quite similar to the White Key he had obtained from the Cherry Blossom God Representative.

[Old Key]: The Old Key is very old. It contains the power of the Moon God Clan and is unable to be destroyed by the forces of nature, preserving its state even till now. It may be used to unlock the 7th shrine at the Moon God Palace, the “Water Celestial Shrine”.

Ling Chen had obtained this key from the Moon God Ruins. If he remembered correctly- they had the exact same function, which was to open shrines at the Moon God Palace. One could open the 7th shrine, the Water Celestial Shrine, while the other could open the 12th shrine, the Cherry Blossom Shrine. These 2 shrines were probably where the owners of these keys had originally resided.

These keys didn’t seem to be very useful to Ling Chen. Ling Chen thought for a while before putting them away and taking out the third item he had obtained from the Cherry Blossom God Representative. The instant he took it out, he was dumbfounded, and stared at it for a while, in a daze.

It was a lollipop… that’s right, a lollipop. What’s more, it was quite large: the stick was as big as half of Ling Chen’s arm and the actual lolly was as big as his face. Ling Chen held it in front of him, and found that it could cover his entire face, and it gave off a sweet aroma.

[Plum Stuffing Lollipop]: A big lollipop. It is sour, sweet and delicious. This simple sentence told Ling Chen that this was just an ordinary lollipop.

No matter if it was in the real world or virtual world, lollipops weren’t very special. They could be found anywhere in the real world, and in the virtual world there were all sorts of delicious things… there were even bigger ones than the one Ling Chen had in his hand. However, this lollipop came from the Cherry Blossom God Representative! There had to be something special about it! Could it be that the Cherry Blossom God Representative liked eating lollipops, so she always carried one or two around with her? However, it didn’t seem like a mighty Moon God Representative would bring around lollipops with her.

Ling Chen held the lollipop, feeling complicated, and Leng’Er silently appeared beside him. She looked at the lollipop with her dim eyes, she had been lured out by the sweet smell of the lollipop.

“Master… lollipop…”

Leng’Er spoke softly, looking at Ling Chen with a look of desire in her eyes. Ling Chen didn’t hesitate as he gave the lollipop to Leng’Er, saying, “Leng’Er, you can eat this.”

Leng’Er looked quite happy, and stretched out her left hand to take the lollipop. However, it looked quite strenuous for her to hold the lollipop. After all, Leng’Er had very powerful Darkness CC skills, but had essentially no Physical Attack Power and was physically weak. Moreover, she was holding a cute plush doll in her right hand and was not willing to let go. It was impossible for her to hold such a big lollipop in just her left hand. Ling Chen could only take it back and hold it for her, saying, “Leng’Er, I’ll hold it while you eat.” “Mnnn…” Leng’Er softly responded as a strange glow flashed in her dark eyes. Her pale face became slightly pink in happiness and stretched out her little tongue as she gently licked the lollipop. The lollipop seemed to be quite delicious, and soon, part of the lollipop glistened from her saliva.

“Is it tasty?” Ling Chen softly asked as he continued to hold the lollipop.

“A bit sour,” Leng’Er stopped licking it and moved back a bit, putting both of her arms around her doll. This signalled to Ling Chen that she had enough.

Leng’Er usually didn’t eat anything. Although Ling Chen occasionally took her out to eat, she wouldn’t eat much, and only liked to eat sweets. It wasn’t strange that she had stopped licking the lollipop after a short while. Ling Chen looked at her saliva on the lollipop, then looked at the lollipop’s description, which he found hadn’t changed. He then looked at Leng’Er, who didn’t seem to have changed either.

This was quite strange. Why would a Moon God Representative have an ordinary lollipop on her?

“Ding… your pet Leng’Er’s favourability towards you increased +2.”

When the system announcement sounded out, Leng’Er had already disappeared from Ling Chen’s side. Ling Chen fell into a daze for a few seconds… that didn’t seem right. Right now, raising Leng’Er’s favourability towards him by even 1 point took at least half a month of work. During that time, he needed to offer her countless dolls and tell her countless stories. The only method to suddenly increase her favourability was for her to level up. Why had her favourability towards him suddenly increased by 2 points?

Could it because he had fed her the lollipop just then?

Ai… it was truly difficult to understand a girl’s heart.

After staring at the lollipop for a while, Ling Chen did not discover anything unusual about it. As such, he put it away. Perhaps only the Cherry Blossom God Representative would know what was special about it. However, asking her didn’t seem like a very good idea. Let alone the Cherry Blossom God Representative who had suffered so much under Ling Chen’s hands and had so many things stolen away, even a Buddha would be completely enraged by Ling Chen’s conduct. Before, he hadn’t completely forced her to go berserk. In the end, she was still a Moon God Representative- if she became truly furious and determined to kill him, there was nothing he could do as a player.

Having obtained the orb that Su’Er’s information had referred to, as well as an extra orb, there was no reason for Ling Chen to stay in the East Ocean Continent any longer. Even if it was to avoid the Cherry Blossom God Representative, Ling Chen decided that it was best to leave as soon as possible. He stood up and patted the dirt off himself, then took out the World Boundary Scroll that still had 1 use. He stuck out his middle finger towards the Sunrise City, “Goodbye, Japanese friends. Thank you for providing me amusement with your idiocy and powerlessness. In the future, if I have the opportunity, I’ll be back. Goodbye, Snow Cherry girly. When I miss you, I’ll look at your photos, heheh…”

As he laughed, Ling Chen lifted up the World Boundary Scroll, preparing to shatter it. At that moment, a system announcement sounded out.

“Ding… Japan Region Announcement! The East Ocean Continent’s goddess of order, the ‘Cherry Blossom God Representative’, has used her divine power to seal the East Ocean Continent’s World Boundary. Unless the seal is lifted or the World Boundary is destroyed, players will not be able to enter or exit the East Ocean Continent.”

This system announcement surprised Ling Chen, and a system announcement for him sounded out immediately after.

“Ding… the East Ocean Continent’s World Boundary has been sealed by the East Ocean Continent’s goddess of order, the ‘Cherry Blossom God Representative’. Before the seal is lifted, it will be impossible for you to pass through the World Boundary and leave the East Ocean Continent through any means. After dying, you will respawn at the nearest revival point in the East Ocean Continent.”

Ling Chen stared in shock, then tried to shatter the World Boundary Scroll with his target as the Azure Dragon City in the Forgotten Continent.

“Ding… the East Ocean Continent’s World Boundary has been sealed. The World Boundary Scroll cannot be used.”

Ling Chen’s arm slowly fell to his side… evidently, the Cherry Blossom God Representative had been completely and utterly enraged. She was so furious that, in order to prevent Ling Chen from escaping, she had locked down the entire East Ocean Continent.

In all honesty, for a Moon God Representative to do all this for a mere player gave him all the glory. However, if it was anyone else, they would have been terrified and start to sweat like crazy. However, Ling Chen wasn’t afraid at all. Facing the possibility of never being able to leave the East Ocean Continent, he smirked and started to laugh.

“You’re not letting me leave… heh, alright, then I won’t leave… now, even if you beg me to go, I won’t go! I’m going to stay here and completely turn this little East Ocean Continent upside down!!”