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Chapter 459: Next: Black Dragon Guild

Next: Black Dragon Guild

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“Ling Tian!! I want you dead!!”

Seeing Ling Chen destroy his guild’s sign, Yamamoto Michio felt as if his heart had been ripped apart. The terrible howl that came out of his mouth was like that of a wild beast’s. He disregarded his life as he sprang towards Ling Chen, as if he wanted to bite off a chunk of his flesh. Ling Chen wildly laughed, and looked at the half-crazed Yamamoto Michio sympathetically. He smirked as he suddenly vanished.

If Ling Tian didn’t leave, but instead started to massacre everyone, even if Yamamoto Michio died, he would at least be able to vent his anger. However, now, all of the hatred and anger was stuck inside him, and his despair and devastation almost ripped his inner organs apart. He felt as if he was going to cough up blood, and he roared as he swung his limbs around, screaming, “Ling Tian!! Our hatred is irreconcilable! I want to peel off your skin, drink your blood, and make you experience the cruellest torture in the world so you can never have peace… arghhhhh!! All… all of you, hurry up and find Ling Tian! Destroy him at all costs!”

The current Yamamoto Michio had gone mad. Anyone, seeing their blood, sweat and tears being destroyed like that, would be unable to bear it. As the number 1 guild in Japan, Yamamoto Michio put more than 80% of his own personal funds and efforts into the guild. Seeing the guild destroyed felt like he had lost half of himself.

Behind him, one of the high-ranking players loudly said, “Alliance master! Please calm down! We’re in a crisis, so you must maintain your cool! Right now isn’t the time to look for Ling Tian and seek revenge. Even if we do find him, we can’t do anything to him. Right now, we should be calming everyone down and rebuilding the Unsetting Sun. As long as the players haven’t scattered yet, we can return to our former glory! Alliance master, please stay calm!”

His words were like a bucket of cold water poured over Yamamoto Michio, calming him down. After all, he was the Alliance Master of the number 1 guild in Japan, and he gradually settled down. However, his face was still pale and twisted as he gnashed his teeth, saying, “Yes, you’re right… immediately notify all of the Elders, Lords and Captains to assemble all of their subordinates… even if they can’t gather everyone, try to gather as many as possible! Think of ways to calm everyone down… quickly go!”


Yamamoto Michio looked at the ruins around him in a daze, then powerlessly fell to the ground. Not too long after, the leader of Japan’s number 1 guild, one of the grandest figures in Japan, began to weep. He was filled with hatred, despair, as well as regret. If he had another chance, even if he was cursed at by the rest of the Japanese players, he definitely wouldn’t have offended Ling Tian.

Having destroyed the Unsetting Sun, Ling Chen’s objective was complete, and he did not waste any more time on them. Of course, he had earned quite a bit from that. Looking at the extra 1.5 billion gold in his account, he smiled gleefully. His [Lucky Hand] was now max level, and could steal 80-100% of a target’s gold. With his ridiculously high Luck, he would definitely steal all of a normal player’s gold.

Earning 1.5 billion gold for his efforts… what a profitable transaction! Now, he had nearly 15 billion gold on him. It was probably impossible for him and Tian Tian to spend this much money. How could he only take this sort of profitable transaction just once?

Half an hour later, Ling Chen sauntered to another place. He looked at the big sign hanging above the main entrance: Black Dragon Guild.

This was the place. Ling Chen evilly laughed and shot like an arrow towards main door, smashing a [Ling Tian Slash] towards it. The LV5 main door was instantly covered by more than 10 long cracks, and Ling Chen yelled, “Ling Tian’s here. Black Dragon Guild’s trash, hurry and come out to receive your guest!”

Ling Tian destroying the Unsetting Sun by himself in less than 15 minutes had spread across all of Japan by now, sending massive waves in the virtual world. The Black Dragon Guild’s President, Shoi Fuku, was sitting on a chair in the main hall, full of anxiety. When the alarm sounded out and people scrambled in, he almost fell off the chair.

“Quick! Everyone come with me to meet Ling Tian! Immediately notify everyone… no one’s allowed to attack Ling Tian! No one’s allowed to attack! Execute anyone who dares to attack!!” In the few seconds that it took Shoi Fuku to speak, his body had already become covered with sweat. It was likely that the amount of sweat that he was excreting now exceeded even the amount he had sweated throughout his entire life. He felt as if his footsteps were incredibly light as he led the rest of the Black Dragon Guild’s high-ranking players to the main door. No one dared to raise any objections to Shoi Fuku’s order to not attack Ling Chen, and instead wholeheartedly agreed. Attack? What a joke! Even the Unsetting Sun had been destroyed in 15 minutes. If even the Unsetting Sun couldn’t do anything to Ling Tian, what was the point in them resisting?

Shoi Fuku came to the main entrance feeling extremely fearful and anxious the entire way. Seeing that Ling Tian didn’t look like he wanted to have a massive fight, he felt a bit better, but looking at the cracks on the main door, his legs trembled… the rumours were completely true. In just a short period of time, the LV5 main door had become like this. If he wanted to destroy this main door, it would be child’s play for him. Shoi Fuku had also heard that Ling Tian had casually ravaged the entire Unsetting Sun’s Headquarters. However, this time, he had only attacked the main door, and seemed to have stopped, as if he was waiting for him. Shoi Fuku steeled himself and walked out, and immediately saw Ling Chen. He was holding his famous weapons, standing there unmoving. Around him was a large crowd of Black Dragon Guild players, all of whom looked terrified.

Shoi Fuku looked around him as he furiously shouted, “You bastards, what are you doing? Put your weapons down! You should be welcoming our guest! Who told you to welcome our guest like this?! Hurry up and put your weapons down!!”

Hearing Shoi Fuku roar out, the Black Dragon Guild players all put their weapons away, then retreated a few steps. Shoi Fuku squeezed out an ugly smile and carefully walked towards Ling Chen as he acted incredibly subserviently, “So it’s brother Ling Tian who has come to visit. I’m terribly sorry to make you wait. Please don’t take those bastards’ impoliteness to heart.”

“Of course not. I’m quite magnanimous, so I won’t take those things to heart,” Ling Chen said smilingly. As the leader of Japan’s number 2 guild, he had countless admirers. When had he ever acted so lowly before? Of course, Ling Chen knew why Shoi Fuku, who had always been gnashing his teeth at him, acted in such a humble manner… evidently, he had been scared by what had happened to the Unsetting Sun, “President Shoi, do you know why I’ve come here?”

Shoi Fuku’s entire back was covered with sweat. He hurriedly replied, “You’re our esteemed guest, and for you to come here is our honour. No matter why you’ve come here, we wholeheartedly welcome you.”

“Since President Shoi has said that, I can be at ease,” Ling Chen smirked under his mask as he said, “I’m sure you all know that I just destroyed your Japan’s number 1 guild, the Unsetting Sun. That Yamamoto Michio tried to make trouble for me from the very first day I arrived here, and tried to hunt me down for 2 months. Based on my Chinese values of ‘forbearance brings peace and calm’, ‘take a step back and the world will be much calmer’, ‘being lenient with others’, ‘using different means to achieve the same result’, ‘treating others with harmony and affection’, ‘being willing to help others’ and ‘study hard every day and you will improve’, I endured and endured. However, Yamamoto Michio was simply too outrageous- even if I could endure, my little friends can’t! As such, I could only destroy the Unsetting Sun. Does President Shoi think I went overboard?”

“Overboard? No, not at all!” Shoi Fuku’s face was filled with righteous indignation, “Our Japan has always been a country of etiquette and propriety. The way we treat players from other countries should be like how we treat our own brothers! That Yamamoto Michio actually treated our esteemed guest in such a way. He’s a vile and heartless person; all of us are ashamed of him! You did the right thing! Our Black Dragon Guild wasn’t happy with him either, and wanted to destroy the Unsetting Sun since 10 years ago. Not only did brother Ling Tian not go overboard, it was also a delight to all of us!”

These words almost caused the Black Dragon Guild’s players to vomit… who was it that sent a quarter of his players to hunt down Ling Tian?! Who was it that cursed at Ling Tian?! Shoi Fuku had initially acted towards Ling Tian in almost the same way as Yamamoto Michio. However, he was being so respectful that it was as if Ling Tian was his father. Moreover, saying that ‘all of us are ashamed of him’ sounded like he was slapping himself in the face.

However, facing Ling Tian, what else could he do? The Unsetting Sun was already a bloody example of what could happen to them. Looking at the half-destroyed main door, every person drew in a breath of cold air.

There was simply no one more thick-skinned that Shoi Fuku! Ling Tian inwardly sighed in amazement as he continued to speak, “Since President Shoi says so, then I’m at ease. In that case, I’ll be direct with you.” He looked up towards the sign above the main entrance, saying, “Before, the Unsetting Sun was the number 1 guild. Although your Black Dragon Guild is quite strong, it was always the second ranked guild. On the Guild Rankings, you were also number 2… heheh, it must have sucked to always be number 2 despite putting in so much effort, right? However, the Unsetting Sun is finished. Even if they rebuild, they’ll be completely useless. From now on, your Black Dragon Guild will undeniably be the number 1 guild. If you look at the Guild Rankings, you’ll also see you’re number 1 there. This is because of all of my efforts. If it wasn’t for me, you guys definitely would not have been able to enjoy this glory.” “Ah, yes, yes, yes!” Shoi Fuku repeatedly performed 90-degree bows, with an extremely thankful expression, as if he was about to cry, “Our Black Dragon Guild is indeed the number 1 guild right now! This is the greatest glory I’ve received in my life. I’m extremely grateful towards brother Ling Tian; I’ll remember this kindness for the rest of my life. I, Shoi Fuku, announce that from now on, brother Ling Tian is our Black Dragon Guild’s most esteemed friend. If brother Ling Tian needs anything, we’ll definitely immediately come to help. No matter how difficult it is, we won’t even frown.”

“Heh, since you can say such touching words, why not take out some practical gifts. For example… gold,” Ling Chen said as he stretched out his hand, a wide smile on his face.