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Chapter 463: Search and Destroy in the Main City

Search and Destroy in the Main City

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

At such a monstrous summoning rate, with enough MP replenishment and with a constant supply of corpses supplied by Ling Chen, the skeleton army could reach the hundreds of thousands, or even millions. If that happened, there would be Skeleton Soldiers in every corner of the Sunrise City, and turn it into a city of the dead.

Of course, although this was theoretically possible, it was unlikely to happen in reality. The Dew of Dusk was incredibly precious, and Ling Chen didn’t have much of it. It would be impossible to supply Leng’Er with it for a long time. Once the Dew of Dusk ran out, Leng’Er would only be able to summon about 1 Skeleton Soldier per second. Moreover, no matter how many Skeleton Soldiers there were, this was a main city. It was impossible for them to outnumber players. What’s more, Leng’Er’s summoning ability wasn’t that powerful. The Skeleton Soldiers were about as strong as monsters of the same level, and couldn’t cause much pressure to the players. After a while, they would also disappear by themselves. Furthermore, the Sunrise City wasn’t just a city of players, but also had countless powerful NPCs.

Despite this, being able to create so many Skeleton Soldiers in such a short period of time was enough to throw Sunrise City into complete chaos.

“… There have been some skeleton monsters who have entered the marketplace, and numbered about 500. They caused great panic, but were quickly killed by some high-levelled players. Some of them also disappeared by themselves.”

“… About 300 skeleton monsters intruded into the Amusement Park. Although they were quickly defeated, more than 200 low-levelled players and non-battle profession players died, and many players were given a fright. The Amusement Park has currently been temporarily shut down.”

“… The origins of the skeleton monsters are being investigated, but it is confirmed that they are somehow related to the Chinese player, Ling Tian. Currently, the skeleton monsters are still continuously spawning, but the rate has greatly decreased… in the north of the city, the attacks towards Ling Tian are ongoing. Although our side has many players, we have been unable to do anything to Ling Tian, and have suffered heavy losses. We need more players to come support them.”

“Players have already reported the matter regarding the skeleton monsters to the Lord’s Residence. For monsters to appear in a main city, that is a great dereliction of the Lord’s duties. As such, the Lord has no reason not to help us. We hope that we can use this opportunity to chase Ling Tian out of the Sunrise City forever.”

The entirety of the Sunrise City had fallen into chaos and disorder because of the skeleton monsters, and the media continuously made reports.

After expending large quantities of the Dew of Dusk, Ling Chen’s heart started to ache. Cai’Er had given him 200 drops, and it wouldn’t be worth it to use them all here.

Ling Chen’s surroundings were covered with corpses, and there was a massive encirclement of Japanese players around him. However, all they did was stand around them- not even one of them dared to come up, and some of them were shaking. Half of the 30,000 person army had been instantly annihilated by him, and the rest were slaughtered as their group was thrown into complete disarray. The screams those players had let out as they died caused them to completely quake in their shoes. These players had formed this large encirclement, with Ling Tian as their only target, but not a single person could dare to go up and attack him. They could only grit their teeth and stand their ground, praying that reinforcements would come soon.

Their reinforcements came much faster than they had expected.

In front of Ling Chen, 2 rays of silver light suddenly appeared, which revealed 2 people wearing silver amour and carrying large silver machetes. They were dressed in similar attire, and even looked quite similar. The one on the left took a step forwards, loudly saying, “Ling Tian! We’ve confirmed that the appearance of the skeletons in the Sunrise City has to do with you! The skeletons you summoned have brought disaster to the entire city, and caused many people’s deaths and trauma; what you’ve done is unforgiveable! Although you’re a player from another world, we must severely punish such evil actions! We will now arrest you and jail you for 5 years! This is the harshest punishment we can give you players. Come with us obediently; if you resist, we’ll immediately execute you and increase your punishment!”

These 2 people were the City Guards who protected the order of the Sunrise City!

Their arrival caused the trembling Japanese players to beam with wide smiles. The pressure they felt completely disappeared, and they almost cheered with joy. These were the Sunrise City’s City Guards! They wore silver amour, and although they weren’t the most powerful type of City Guards, they were at least LV80 3 Star Elites. To normal players, Ling Tian was invincible, but he couldn’t act arrogant in front of them! Even if he really did have the power to fight them… fighting against the Lord of the City’s forces was incredibly serious. In the virtual world, no one had ever defied the Lord’s power before.

And these 2 City Guards had said… they were going to jail Ling Tian for 5 years! This would destroy him!

This was the best thing that had happened ever since Ling Tian had entered the East Ocean Continent!

However, Ling Chen didn’t seem surprised at all. He had originally wanted to keep the Skeleton Soldiers concentrated in the residential district, but he couldn’t control them. As more and more Skeleton Soldiers spawned, the situation spiralled out of control, and it was not just players who were affected anymore. As such, Ling Chen wasn’t surprised that it had come to this.

If this was in the Forgotten Continent, he would be facing a massive problem… however, this was the East Ocean Continent. So what if he was wanted throughout the entire Continent?

Facing the 2 silver City Guards, Ling Chen laughed, “You want to arrest me? Heh, I feel you don’t have the ability to do so!”

As he spoke, his hands abruptly moved, and sent 2 [Ling Tian Slashes] like bolts of lightning towards the City Guards. His attack was simply too fast, and the City Guards who were standing so close simply didn’t expect him to attack. The City Guards were blown away as they were hit squarely in the chest.



Two loud thuds sounded out, as well as ghastly howls. These 2 City Guards had arrested countless players in the past, but had never been attacked before. In their eyes, these weak players didn’t have the strength nor the courage to resist, let alone attack them. They never expected Ling Tian to attack them so decisively, and the instant his attack hit them, the incomparable pain almost caused them to faint. The power from the attack also greatly exceeded what they expected, and the shockwave caused their bodies to shoot out, and crash 5 metres away. The pain caused them to roll around on the ground, unable to stand up.

“Hahaha! Weren’t you going to arrest me? And yet, you’re all so weak! This is too hilarious!”

As Ling Chen wildly laughed, he spread his Icy Gold Wings, and sped towards the north. Since he had attacked the City Guards, trouble would come wave after wave now. It would be best to leave as soon as possible. After all, NPCs weren’t pushovers like players.

The silver City Guards looked in the direction Ling Chen had flown in, and took out the communication devices as they painfully said, “We were attacked by Ling Tian when we went to arrest him. He’s far more powerful than we expected, and we need reinforcements! He’s able to fly, so we need Golden God Archers. Moreover, he can summon Undead creatures, so he probably has a Darkness profession. We need enough Light Mages!”

Seeing Ling Tian easily take out the 2 City Guards, the surrounding Japanese players were all dumbfounded… no one had the guts to attack City Guards, and it was impossible that there was a second person who could do such a thing. However, they then became extremely delighted. Now that Ling Tian had attacked the City Guards, the situation had become much worse for him! Ling Tian would now be hunted down by all of the Sunrise City’s forces.

Unsurprisingly, after Ling Chen had travelled less than 200 metres, many golden figures suddenly appeared below him. 10 or so icy auras locked on to him, which caused him to stop flying. Ling Chen looked down and saw 12 City Guards dressed in golden light armour. All of them were holding strung bows with golden arrows that glimmered with a cold light.

From the auras that had locked onto him, Ling Chen could determine just how powerful these Archers were! From their equipment, Ling Chen guessed that they were gold City Guards from the Sunrise City. They were all LV80 Lord grade Bosses! With the 12 of them combined, they were even stronger than the LV40 Celestial grade Boss [Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor]. After all, even though they were of a lower grade, their levels were much higher! The attacks of 12 LV80 Lord grade Bosses made even Ling Chen feel that it was a bit hard to breathe.

In order to kill him, the Sunrise City had deployed their best forces!


The sharp arrows shot through the air, and Ling Chen was able to hear the sound of the air being torn. The sharpness of the sound surpassed anything Ling Chen had heard before. These 12 arrows flew in different directions, and blocked all of the escape routes available to him. Ling Chen’s eyes slightly widened as the 12 golden arrows travelled towards him at extreme speeds. The arrows from gold City Guards couldn’t be compared to arrows shot by ordinary expert Archers, no matter if it was the speed or range. However…

A silver light flashed, and the arrows were all frozen by [Moon Shadow]. It was as if time had stopped. Ling Chen smirked and made a condescending gesture towards the Golden God Archers below him, then activated [Broken Shadow] and instantly disappeared from their vision. The captain of the team of Golden God Archers took out his communication device and said in a low voice as his face darkened, “The ambush has failed. The target’s powers are quite strange, and he will be even more difficult to deal with than expected… we’ll leave it to you! His speed is incredibly fast, but it shouldn’t be a problem for you. You don’t need to hold back; do your best to search and destroy!”