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Chapter 464: Leng’Er’s Rage (1)

Leng’Er’s Rage (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Despite shaking off the Golden God Archers with a [Broken Shadow], Ling Chen still wasn’t completely at ease. He wasn’t completely used to moving through the air, and couldn’t move as freely as when he was on the ground. Moreover, with the Icy Gold Wings spread out, the area that could be attacked was increased. If it wasn’t for [Moon Shadow] he wouldn’t have been able to avoid even half of those 12 arrows. The might of a combined attack from 12 LV80 Lord grade Bosses was not something to be looked down on!

[Spread Wings] didn’t last for very long, and just as Ling Chen was considering whether to return to the ground, his mind became alert as 8 dangerous pressures came from 8 different directions.

Ling Chen stopped in his tracks, then shot downwards. In the next instant, 8 piercingly bright rays of white light shot above his head. One of them barely scraped past Ling Chen’s head, and carried with it immense heat.

This was… light?

Ling Chen immediately looked around him. He saw that far away, there were 8 white figures floating in the air. They were evenly spaced away from each other, and surrounded him in the middle, and were all about 100 metres away from him.

Seeing how far away they were, Ling Chen frowned. At this distance, even Moon Flare and Moon Grief would not be able to affect them. Moreover, from their initial attack, it seemed that they could easily attack from over 10 metres away. From their attack, it seemed that they were high-levelled Light Mages, and could even be the same grade as those Golden God Archers from before.

It was impossible for him to defeat any of the 8 high-levelled Light Mages. As such, tangling with them would not be a wise move. The only choice he had was to immediately escape. With [Broken Shadow] activated, there wasn’t anything that could stop him.

Just as he was going to activate his second [Broken Shadow], the 8 Light Mages’ bodies flashed with white light, which spread out from the bodies to the ground and to the sky.

The intensity of the brightness of Ling Chen’s surroundings immediately increased, causing him to feel quite shocked. In that instant, a system announcement sounded in his ears.

“Ding… you have entered into the [Incandescent Mountain-Sealing Formation] created by the Golden Light Magisters from the Sunrise City. Your Light Resistance-30%, and all active skills have been sealed and cannot be used.”

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”

This wasn’t the first time he had had his skills sealed before. Back when he had first met Leng’Er, his active skills had been sealed by her [Underworld Lock]. That feeling that been incredibly uncomfortable. Without his skills, Ling Chen felt as if he was crippled and could only unleash less than half of his power.

Ling Chen immediately tried to activate [Broken Shadow], then tried to use the Lunar Scourge’s skills, but system announcements told him that he had failed each time. He raised his head and found that he was surrounded by a massive sphere of light that was about 100 metres in radius, with the Light Mages standing at the edges. Light and Darkness were opposites, but they had the same sealing ability. Although this sort of effect wasn’t as savage and inescapable as [Moon Grief], against these 8 Golden Light Magisters, a little player like him had no chance of resisting.

“Hmph, you think just this will be enough to tie me down?” Ling Chen coldly harrumphed. This was a sealing formation, and as long as he could escape out of this formation, he would be able to use his skills again. Escaping from this formation while being surrounded by 8 Golden Light Magisters would be impossible for other players, but it wasn’t too difficult for Ling Chen.

He deactivated [Spread Wings], and his body quickly fell. Before he reached the ground, 8 blinding rays of light shot at him from 8 directions. Ling Chen narrowed his eyes, but did not panic at all. He couldn’t observe all of the attacks at once, and the brightness of the formation made it difficult to detect where the attacks were. However, from the aura they gave off, Ling Chen was able to determine the speed and trajectory of the attacks. As soon as he reached the ground, he sprang towards a blind spot… however, at this moment, he felt something strange as a dark light appeared beside him. Surprisingly, Leng’Er had come outside out of her own volition.

Ling Chen felt incredibly shocked. He didn’t even have time to wonder why Leng’Er had come out as he shouted, “Leng’Er, move!!”

Leng’Er was immune to physical attacks, but she wasn’t immune to magic attacks. This was especially so for Light element attacks, which she was extremely weak against. The 8 Light attacks were incredibly fast, and as Ling Chen shouted, he already knew it was too late. The place where she stood would soon be hit by 3 Light attacks. The moment he turned around, he saw Leng’Er’s eyes… her jet black eyes were quivering, and her white face was unnaturally pale… no matter if it was her eyes or expression, they all revealed immense fear!

Ling Chen suddenly realised why Leng’Er had appeared… it was because he was currently in a world of light! The Light element was gathered too densely here, and it was contrary to Leng’Er’s Darkness element. She must have been incredibly uncomfortable and afraid in the Pet Space, so she came out.

Ling Chen didn’t have any time to think. He stopped his body, then leapt backwards, and hugged Leng’Er’s small and fragile body as he pressed her against his chest.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

A ray of light swept past his leg, and stuck into the ground. However, it didn’t damage the ground, and instantly disappeared. As he hunched over, another ray of light barely scraped past his back, but he was unable to dodge the third attack, which landed squarely on his back… the Evil God’s Mask’s eyes flashed with a red light, and a roar sounded out as the ray of light was reflected off into the distance. It slammed into the chest of the Golden Light Magister who had unleashed it, and knocked him back by 10 metres or so.

Ling Chen quickly ran to the corner of a wall and looked down at the girl in his embrace as he gently asked, “Leng’Er, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Currently, Leng’Er was shivering like a frightened kitten. She clutched at a doll with one hand as she grasped onto his clothes with the other. She desperately pressed herself against him, as if this would make her feel safer, “Master… so scared… I don’t like this place… scared…”

Ling Chen had never hugged Leng’Er like this before, and she had never allowed him to come so close to her before. Her body was incredibly soft, and she felt like a doll in his embrace. In the end, Leng’Er was still like a child- when she encountered something she was afraid of, she would show it. Ling Chen lowered his head as he softly said, “Leng’Er, don’t be afraid, I’m here. Back then, I promised that I would always protect Leng’Er… If Leng’Er doesn’t like it here, we’ll leave immediately. If you’re still scared, you can continue to hug me.”

Ling Chen felt Leng’Er press closer against him as she gently replied with a “mm”. A flash of danger once again came from 8 directions. Ling Chen raised his head, his eyes becoming icy. He tightened his left arm, and firmly held onto Leng’Er’s slim waist as he shot like an arrow towards the north… although hugging Leng’Er affected how fast he could move and his agility, his judgment and reaction speed enabled him to dodge these attacks from more than 100 metres away. Even bullets had no chance of hitting even a hair on his body!

Ling Chen hugged Leng’Er as he ran in a strange and unpredictable manner towards the north. He easily evaded the attacks from the 8 Light Mages as he ran, and he came closer and closer to the northernmost Light Mage. The distance between them shrank from 100 metres to 70 metres, then to 50 metres, then 30 metres… throughout the entire process, the 8 powerful Light Mages continuously attacked, but not even one of their attacks could hit him, which deeply shocked the Light Mages. Within their understanding, this was simply impossible.

The long-range Light attacks suddenly stopped as the 8 Light Mages started to perform identical hand seals as they recited identical chants. As they did this, the dense Light element in the area rapidly gathered in front of Ling Chen. In the next second, an extremely dangerous pressure caused Ling Chen to stop in his tracks. He coldly looked up in front of him… there, a pair of extremely bright wings had appeared. The moment he looked over, the wings of light spread out towards him.

“Hmph, you think I’d be scared of you?” Ling Chen did not retreat or change directions, but continued to run... evidently, the Light attack this time would cover a large AOE, so it would be impossible for him to dodge. The wings of light fully spread out as the bright light that covered the sky fell towards him like a waterfall.

“Leng’Er, don’t be afraid and close your eyes… everything’s going to be fine!!”

Ling Chen comforted the stiff Leng’Er in his embrace as he stared at the light quickly approaching them. He gave a low shout as he flipped in the air, meeting the light with his back as he wrapped his arms around Leng’Er…

The massive wave of light slammed into Ling Chen’s back, instantly covering him. Before it could do anything to its target, the Evil God’s Mask let out a furious roar… immediately the wave of light fled back into the air like a frightened animal.


The wave of light was reflected back to the 8 Light Mages, and they all cried out in pain, and the looks of shock in their eyes became even deeper. They steadied their bodies and nodded in unison, and disappeared in the white light. At the same time, 10 steps away from Ling Chen’s body, 8 rays of light appeared. Ling Chen turned around and coldly gazed at them.

They were all elderly people above 60 years old, and all of them wore a white Holy Robe. The Magic Staffs in their hands were also of a pure white colour. As they appeared, 8 heavy auras locked onto Ling Chen’s body. They were standing in the north, south, east, west, as well as southeast, southwest, northeast and northwest, trapping Ling Chen and Leng’Er in between them.