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Chapter 471: Another Crisis

Another Crisis

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

No matter which Continent it was in, Mysterious God grade battles were quite rare in the Mystic Moon world. This was because when 2 Mysterious God grade experts clashed, the might of their Mysterious God power would create a large area of devastation. If the battle was especially fierce, the area within tens of kilometres, or even hundreds of kilometres, would be turned into ruins.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative blocked the Evil Black Dragon’s full-powered strike with a single hand. Under the powerful energy released by the Cherry Blossom God Representative, the scales on the Evil Black Dragon’s arm shattered as it let out a roar of pain. In contrast, the Cherry Blossom God Representative was much calmer. She had only been knocked back a bit and her face became a bit paler, but she quickly recovered.

This clash caused the Cherry Blossom God Representative to become truly furious. Her body flashed and she instantly appeared above the Evil Black Dragon. She stretched out her white and tender hands and instantly sucked the Evil Black Dragon’s gigantic tail over and firmly grasped it in her palm. As her hands and arms moved, the Evil Black Dragon roared as it was swung around. She swung it high into the air, then flung it to the ground.


Moon God Representatives possessed terrifying power. Simply flinging the Evil Black Dragon buried its body into the ground, so far that it couldn’t even been seen. Immediately, a white light flashed in her palm as the tail of the Evil Black Dragon, which had been buried in the ground, was sucked into her hand. She then swung it around before smashing it into the ground again… once, twice, three times… Just like this, in a cyclical manner, the Evil Black Dragon was trampled on by the Cherry Blossom God Representative like a rubber ball. It didn’t have even a slight chance in retaliating.

The residents’ and players’ cheers became louder and louder. The excitement and passion they displayed was as if they had completely forgotten about the tragedy of the Sunrise City being destroyed. They had suffered from the devastation the Evil Black Dragon had brought, and had personally experienced just how powerful the Evil Black Dragon was. Now, seeing that terrifying Evil Black Dragon suffering a crushing defeat at the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s hands, their fear was turned into elation and they became countless times more fanatical about the Cherry Blossom God Representative.

Ling Chen puffed out his cheeks and felt cold air rushing into his teeth… goddamn! This girly was so overpowered! And so violent as well! He had originally believed that they were both Mysterious God grade, so even if the Evil Black Dragon was a bit weaker, it shouldn’t be at too much of a disadvantage… However, this was simply a one-sided humiliation! No wonder why the Evil Black Dragon had obediently guarded such an isolated place for so long without retaliating.

He had toyed around with such a violent girly, and that girly definitely hated him hundreds of times more than the Evil Black Dragon… Ling Chen couldn’t help but imagine himself in the Evil Black Dragon’s place. He watched as the Chery Blossom God Representative swung, smashed and blasted it… Ling Chen couldn’t help but shiver and contract his neck.

Anyone who wasn’t blind would be able to see that the Cherry Blossom God Representative was far more powerful than the Evil Black Dragon. The Evil Black Dragon was a true Mysterious God grade beast, but back then, Qi Yue had told him that a Moon God Representative’s power was at the peak of the Mysterious God grade and was close to the Saint Destroyer grade. As such, it was natural that she could completely dominate the Evil Black Dragon. Without such power, she wouldn’t be qualified to be the Moon God Representative in charge of maintaining the order of an entire continent. Despite this, a battle between Mysterious God grade beings wouldn’t finish in a short period of time. Mysterious God grade beings all had an incredibly long lifespan, and their lifeforce wouldn’t be depleted so quickly. Even a Saint Destroyer being would take a long time to completely destroy a Mysterious God grade being.

The ear-splitting explosions continuously sounded out without stopping. After being viciously beaten up by the Cherry Blossom God Representative for around 10 minutes, its entire body was covered with injuries. Its originally black and gleaming body was missing countless scales, and its counterattacks were incredibly powerless. The Cherry Blossom God Representative easily neutralised its attacks each time, then abused it mercilessly. Evidently, the Cherry Blossom God Representative was furious about the Sunrise City being destroyed, which was why she attacked so heavily… it was almost as if she was venting out her anger towards a certain Ling Tian on the Evil Black Dragon.

With the Evil Black Dragon’s strength, it shouldn’t have suffered such a crushing defeat. However, it had taken too much damage from the Elemental Storm, causing it to be able to fight only at half of its strength. Although it had gone completely berserk, it still wasn’t a match for the Cherry Blossom God Representative. After being trampled on for so long, its flames of fury were gradually put out. It began to struggle less and less, and even began to pitifully cry out…


Yet another world-shaking explosion sounded out and the Evil Black Dragon, riddled with injuries, heavily crashed onto the ground. The Cherry Blossom God Representative raised her hands in the air as a white light shone out from her palms. It quickly grew, and turned into a thin ray of light which flew towards the Evil Black Dragon. It hit it in the chest and passed through its body.


A white orb of light exploded from the Evil Black Dragon and covered the sky and hid the earth. Even people 10,000 metres away were so blinded by the light that they couldn’t even open their eyes, and could only hear the Evil Black Dragon’s miserable howls.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative looked at the Evil Black Dragon painfully howling within the Moon God’s light without a hint of mercy in her eyes… She was blaming herself for being too merciful that year and sparing the Evil Black Dragon’s life, which had resulted in today’s catastrophe. Savage beasts were savage beasts, and their nature could never be changed, and they could never become kind beasts… she definitely shouldn’t have allowed it to become a guardian beast in charge of protecting a main city.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative lowered her arms and crossed them in front of her chest. A gigantic white cherry blossom slowly opened behind her, and the instant that cherry blossom opened the sky was filled with countless dancing petals, which floated towards the Evil Black Dragon. Every single cherry blossom petal was incredibly bright, and from afar, they looked like the stars in the night sky.

It was as if the cherry blossom petals were carried by the wind, and they unhurriedly fell towards the same place. There were more and more of them and they began to form layers that grew thicker and thicker. Unknowingly, a small mountain of cherry blossom petals had gathered under the Cherry Blossom God Representative. Although they were petals, the light they emitted made them look like a round half-moon lying on the ground… and the Evil Black Dragon, which had been buried by the half-moon, had ceased its struggles.

The cherry blossom behind the Cherry Blossom God Representative slowly withered as she lowered her hands. She looked towards the Sunrise City, as if she had forgotten about the Evil Black Dragon. Underneath her, the mountain of cherry blossom petals continued to shine brightly.

Ling Chen’s expression changed… He remembered that the Cherry Blossom God Representative had tried to use this move on him, but before the cherry blossom could completely open up, he had forcefully cut off the skill. Only now did he find out that it wasn’t an attack skill, but an incredibly terrifying sealing skill… Even a Mysterious God grade Ancient Beast was rendered incapable of even making a sound! If he had been caught by it… he would never be able to escape.

Thinking to there, Ling Chen felt his whole body erupt into sweat. Thinking back to all the times he had toyed around with her, he realised he was toying with his own life!

The people around all cheered loudly, and countless people knelt down to worship her. After all, the root of the Sunrise City’s destruction had been completely conquered by the Cherry Blossom God Representative.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative looked at the Sunrise City that was being devoured by the Elemental Store with a vacant gaze for a long time, and gave a long sigh. She stretched out her hands towards the Sunrise City and closed her eyes as a white moonlight covered her body… In that instant, she completely released the Moon God energy inside her without conservation. The pure Moon God energy passed through the air, through the Elemental Storm, through the ground… until it found the completely destroyed City Lifeline, and wrapped around the shards…

Seeing that speck of white light, none of the people knew what the Cherry Blossom God Representative was doing. However, not a single person left and no one dared to get closer either. They all stared and watched, and believed that the Cherry Blossom God Representative wouldn’t abandon them. Slowly, they noticed that the thundering from the Sunrise City grew softer, and the frequency of the loud explosions decreased as well. Looking over, they noticed that the curtain of purple lightning had significantly decreased.

After a while, the black clouds rolling above the Sunrise City became thinner, and the light became brighter. The rain was no long as terrifying, and soon decreased to a ‘downpour’ that they were used to.

However, these changes weren’t just hallucinations, and they persisted. Every second, the thunder and lightning became less frequent, and the colour of the black clouds became lighter and lighter. The raindrops became individually visible, which was noticed by the spectators. At this moment, someone excitedly yelled out.

“The City Lifeline! Lady Cherry Blossom Goddess is repairing our City Lifeline!!”

This shout from the Lord of the City sounded like an angelic voice from heaven, causing all of the residents to weep in joy. They heavily knelt towards the Cherry Blossom God Representative, not willing to get up. The City lifeline being restored- was there any better news that could currently make the people more excited and joyful? Under the Elemental Storm, the Sunrise City was doomed to destruction. However, if the City Lifeline could be restored, even if the Sunrise City was completely devastated, under the protection of the City Lifeline, they could rebuild a new Sunrise City! Everyone wept hot tears and gazed towards the Sunrise City. Seeing the Elemental Storm diminish, they didn’t even dare to cheer anymore, for fear of disrupting the Cherry Blossom God Representative. To attempt to restore a main city’s City Lifeline within a short period of time singlehandedly required a heaven-defying amount of power. Only a Moon God Representative would be able to do such a thing. However, according to the legends that the residents knew, if a city’s City Lifeline was destroyed, and a Moon God Representative used their own power to restore it, it would cause their strength to greatly fall. In fact, they would even lose their Moon God power for a long period of time. For the duration of this process, they couldn’t be disturbed at all.

Lightning storms, tornadoes, heatwaves, floods and earthquakes… all of them were quickly weakening. Under everyone’s expectant and hopeful gazes, the lightning storm became normal lightning that they were familiar with. The tornadoes became normal, invisible winds. The heatwaves became bearable, with humid temperature. The floods began to recede as the rain decreased. The earthquakes also became gentle tremors in the ground.

The restoration of the City Lifeline was almost complete, and had entered into its final stages.


A crazed howl pierced through the air, shocking everyone who was watching the Cherry Blossom God Representative. The half-moon of cherry blossom petals suddenly exploded as a gigantic, black figure rose into the air. The baleful, bloody eyes fixedly stared towards the Cherry Blossom God Representative, whose back was facing it and was only around 10 body lengths away.