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Chapter 474: Completely Shocking

Completely Shocking

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Before today, Ling Chen had obtained 3 pets, but this was the first time he had heard this system announcement. This was because Xiao Hui, Xi Ling and Leng’Er already had predetermined routes. Xiao Hui was a pure support-type pet and didn’t have any attack or crowd control abilities. Xi Ling was a pure attack-type, and all of her skills and attributes were fire-related. Leng’Er’s skills primarily focused on crowd control, but she also had skills that had instant-death effects and summoning skills.

However, this little fox that he had just obtained could develop as an attack, support, crowd control… or even a mount!

Ling Chen didn’t lack an attack-type pet. When Xi Ling came back, he believed that just having her would be more than enough. As for support, he was confident that no one could surpass Xiao Hui. Moreover, what could have more powerful crowd control abilities than the Lunar Scourge? What could be more terrifying than Leng’Er’s skill that could cause AOE instant death? As for a mount…

Hmm… a mount… indeed, he didn’t have a mount-type pet. This whole time, he had been using Cloud Stepping Mares bought from the Mount Shop. They simply weren’t good enough for his noble status.

If he made this fox his mount… when riding her, he would be riding the Cherry Blossom God Representative!

Just this alone made his eyes light up and widen in excitement. He couldn’t help but give a lascivious laugh as he replied, “Mount!”

“Ding… your pet Snow Cherry’s development route has been chosen. The Nine-tailed Snow Fox Snow Cherry has become your mount.”

At the same time, a clear system announcement sounded out throughout the East Ocean Continent.

“Ding… Japan Region Announcement! The protector of the East Ocean Continent’s order, the Cherry Blossom God Representative, has been subdued by the Forgotten Continent’s Ling Tian, and has become his personal mount. Before the new Moon God Representative arrives, the East Ocean Continent’s laws, rules and systems will be inoperative. No one will be able to obtain any EXP, Fame, SP, and everyone will lose 20 Fame every day.”

After this system announcement sounded out, the entire East Ocean Continent fell into dead silence. A few moments later, countless crazed roars sounded out.

The East Ocean Continent’s residents and players were completely dumbfounded… They all suspected there was something wrong with their ears, and simply couldn’t accept that they had just heard. They felt that nothing that had happened today was real.

The East Ocean Continent’s Moon God Representative, the guardian goddess they had worshipped for countless generations… had become a Chinese player’s… mount?!

How was this possible? How was this possible?!

This was incredibly ridiculous and unbelievable… It was yet another heavy blow to the Japanese players; an unbearable humiliation. The impact that this system announcement brought was tens, if not hundreds, of times greater than all of the other things Ling Tian had done!

Their region’s Moon God Representative had become a Chinese player’s mount… This sort of news made the East Ocean Continent’s residents’ and players’ brains to crash and their minds became blank. They wished they could wake up and find out that this was all a dream.

After a while, some residents’ eyes rolled upwards and fainted on the spot… This happened to quite a few of them.

At this moment, an arrogant and familiar voice sounded out from above them. All of the Japanese players instantly recognised Ling Tian’s voice, “Japanese friends, I’ve been in your territory for 2 months and I’ve had a lot of fun. Before, I decided that I would leave today, but I never thought that I would see the beautiful scene of the Sunrise City being destroyed. I feel that coming to the East Ocean Continent was truly the right decision. Moreover, I lacked nothing except a mount, and after seeing how beautiful your Cherry Blossom Goddess was, and how mesmerizingly stunning she is, I decided to take her as my mount.

“In the future, I’ll ride with your goddess below me, and I’m sure you’ll all feel just as honoured as her. However, us Chinese people have always liked to keep a low profile and don’t leave our names after doing good deeds. I simply don’t want to see you all prostrating yourselves in worship and thanks, so I’ve decided to immediately return to the Forgotten Continent. In return for your great hospitality, if you come to our Forgotten Continent, I, Ling Tian, will warmly welcome you all, hahahaha…” Every word he spoke cut deeply into their hearts, and every word made them feel their honour was once again trampled upon… they all raised their heads and looked at the hazy black dot in the sky, feeling so humiliated and furious that they wanted to die. Even until now, many people couldn’t believe what had happened was real.

Ling Chen’s voice echoed through the air for a while before it died down. He sent the sleeping fox into the Pet Space and took out the World Boundary Scroll. He looked down on the vast East Ocean Continent from the air like a majestic emperor and gently shattered the World Boundary Scroll. His target was a remote place in the wilderness. And thus, he concluded his trip to the East Ocean Continent.

Now that he had completed his goal, and had received many unexpected gains, Ling Chen had no reason to continue to stay there. He came casually and freely, and left casually and freely. He left the Japanese players with a haze and humiliation that they would never be able to get rid of. ………………………………………………

“Big, big, big, big news! Can you believe it? China’s Ling Tian… he made the East Ocean Continent’s Moon God Representative his mount! Can you believe it? Can you!?”

“Did you hear? China’s Ling Tian made the East Ocean Continent’s Cherry Blossom God Representative his mount… holy crap! No, you’re the idiot! It’s true! Right now, this news has spread throughout the entire world. Why the hell would I want to trick you? Why would I try to trick you with something like this?”

“He made the East Ocean Continent’s Cherry Blossom Goddess his mount? Holy fudgesicles! My heart’s failing… Someone tell me this is a joke!”

“Could that Ling Tian be a NPC? No way! There can’t be any NPCs more powerful than a Moon God Representative… could he be a true god?! Goddamn, I can’t take it anymore! Someone tell me this is just a prank! Have I gone crazy or has the entire world gone crazy…”

The news that Ling Chen had turned the East Ocean Continent’s Cherry Blossom God Representative into his own mount spread throughout the entire virtual gaming world at a terrifying speed. The content of this news was simply too frightening! It was simply unprecedented… normal people wouldn’t even think of such a thing. Logically, such a thing shouldn’t, and couldn’t happen. Upon hearing this news, everyone thought it was a joke, and even cursed at the person who told them. However, when the matter was confirmed, everyone was completely dumbfounded… They looked as if they had seen an ant violating an elephant.


Forgotten Continent, north of the Fairy Forest.

“Xiao Xue, you’ve come.”

Li Xiao Xue arrived precisely on time. Normally, after she arrived, she would always first have a look at the progress of the construction of the new city. Today, the first thing she did was grab Yun Meng Xin’s arm as a strange light shone in her beautiful eyes. Even her voice seemed extremely pressing, “Meng Xin! There’s something I need to tell you. I’m sure you won’t believe me after I tell you, but I can assure you that it’s true.”

Today, Li Xiao Xue had none of the calm demeanour she usually had, causing Yun Meng Xin to feel quite surprised. She knew what Li Xiao Xue was going to say was definitely shocking so she gently nodded her head, saying, “As long as Xiao Xue says it, I’ll believe it.”

Li Xiao Xue smiled. Yun Meng Xin wasn’t sure if it was because she was too excited or shocked, but her face was quite red, “Meng Xin, don’t be too surprised to breathe… Ling Tian has left the East Ocean Continent and has already returned here. However, this isn’t the most important thing. More importantly, when he left the East Ocean Continent, he used some method to subdue the Cherry Blossom God Representative to become his mount! A mount that he can ride on!”


Like everyone who heard this news, although Yun Meng Xin was prepared for something shocking, she was still completely flabbergasted. Her mouth hung open as her eyes became round and wide.

Her first thought was that she had misheard Xiao Xue. The Cherry Blossom Goddess was the East Ocean Continent’s Moon God Representative, and controlled the order of the entire continent. No matter if it was strength or status, she stood at the apex. Countless beings treated her with the utmost respect, and no one dared to offend her. The gap in strength and status between her and players was like comparing a grain of sand at the bottom of a chasm to a cloud in the sky. For a player, even seeing the Cherry Blossom God Representative was almost impossible. Being able to do such a thing would already fill them with immense pride, and could make them wonder if they were hallucinating… making her one’s mount? That was even more unreal than a hallucination.

Seeing Yun Meng Xin’s reaction, Li Xiao Xue knew that it would difficult for her to believe such a thing. Even Li Xiao Xue herself only accepted this after 10 or so seconds. Just as she was about to speak, a man’s voice came from the distance. Winter of That Year waved his right hand as he ran towards them, yelling, “Big news! World-shaking, universally shocking, unprecedented and never to be duplicated, news!! Our China’s Heaven Ranking’s number 1 player, Ling Tian, made the East Ocean Continent’s Cherry Blossom Goddess his mount!!! So goddamn cool! Way too goddamn cool! Boundlessly, lawlessly, cool!!!!”

As the two women watched, dumbfounded, Winter of That Year breathed heavily as he ran over and projected his communication device’s screen, “Look! Both of you, look! This is the video of the system announcement from the East Ocean Continent. It’s definitely real and hasn’t been modified!! The whole world is going crazy because of this news, and the Japanese players have nearly gone mad.”

The video showed the scene of the East Ocean Continent’s residents and players hearing the system announcement that the Cherry Blossom God Representative had become China’s Ling Tian’s mount. Following that, Ling Tian’s wild laughter could be heard… this confirmed for Yun Meng Xin that this was the undeniable truth.

“Ling Tian, you’re really like a god… there’s nothing you can’t do. There are so many things that would be thought of as impossible for most people, and they wouldn’t even dare to think of such things. However, you were able to do all of them.”

Within her deep shock, Yun Meng Xin lowered her head and thought to herself.