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Chapter 476: Mysterious God grade Snow Cherry

Mysterious God grade Snow Cherry

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Xiao Qiu Feng’s words heavily knocked on Yun Feng’s heart, causing him to calm down from his excitement as he suddenly understood how severe the situation was. He had thought that Ling Chen’s situation couldn’t get any worse: in the real world, he was the number 1 enemy of China’s highest political authorities, and had even been made a national fugitive. His ‘evil deeds’ had been broadcast throughout the entire nation, making it impossible for him to go out in public again and making it extremely difficult to even live in China. He had been stripped of nearly all of his freedom as well. Within the virtual world, the gigantic Yan Huang Alliance had also issued an order to search for and kill him.

Ling Chen was the first person in history to be placed in such a situation.

And now, Yun Feng suddenly found that the danger Ling Chen was in had expanded from China to half the world!

Doubtlessly, the Japanese players hate him to their bones. Moreover, this hatred wasn’t just from the Japanese government, but from all Japanese players and a vast majority of all Japanese people! The terrifying power he had displayed in the East Ocean Continent had caused him to become a thorn in the minds of many countries’ leaders, and some were global superpowers! The Japanese people wanted him to disappear from the world, as did many powerful countries!

When international disputes were determined in the virtual world, how could other countries be at ease when Ling Chen, China’s weapon of mass destruction, existed?

Ling Chen was definitely the first person in China to receive so much attention. In fact, how many people in the world had received so much ‘attention’ before? As such, Ling Tian was in a precarious situation. As soon as he was found, the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, Yun Feng’s worry quickly dissipated. He stopped frowning as he suddenly asked, “Big bro Xiao, apart from Ling Tian’s shocking strength, what do you think about his intelligence?”

Xiao Qiu Feng was slightly surprised and quickly thought back to the things he had done in China, saying, “HE’s an extremely intelligent person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to make the Yan Huang Alliance suffer loss like that again and again, nor would he have been able to throw the East Ocean Continent into such chaos… Of course, that’s ignoring the time he was extremely reckless and went to seek death.”

“Indeed, then wouldn’t Ling Tian be able to realise what he did?” Yun Feng asked.

Xiao Qiu Feng suddenly raised his eyebrows.

Yun Feng continued to speak, “I haven’t known Ling Tian for long either, but I’m somewhat familiar with his personality. No matter what he does, he is extremely focused on his goals, and won’t do anything that is useless or counterproductive. Crossing the World Boundaries at this point is insanely difficult, and yet he still did it. He must have only obtained a method after putting in much effort. In that case, do you really think he went to all that trouble to go to the East Ocean Continent just to make trouble for them and show off?”

Xiao Qiu Feng: “……”

“Ling Tian’s love towards his little sister surpassed everything else. In fact, he viewed Ling Shui Ruo as more important than his own life. I was able to see this from the very first time I met him. You should also know that the only thing capable of making Ling Tian recklessly seek death is Ling Shui Ruo. After that massive event, when Ling Tian returned to the virtual world, he didn’t seek revenge on the Yan Huang Alliance, but said farewell to his companions. He said that he was going to find something, and was going to use all of his effort to find it, and didn’t want to be disturbed. He even put taking revenge for his precious little sister on hold. Evidently, what he is going to do is incredibly important and he is in a rush to do it. It is incredibly likely that he went to the East Ocean Continent to search for something.

“In that case, he could just look for what he was looking for, and ignore everything else in the East Ocean Continent. Why would he be so high-profile and do such shocking things again and again? Finally, after destroying the Sunrise City, he took the Cherry Blossom God Representative as his mount in front of so many people, and didn’t even hide his name in the announcement. He definitely knew how much of a shockwave this would send, and how much trouble it would bring on him and the Chinese government. However, since he did this, and knowing his personality, I have countless reasons to believe… He did all of this on purpose.”

“Hearing you say this, it indeed might be so.” Xiao Qiu Feng gave a sigh as he lowered his head, saying, “From this angle, his actions don’t just affect himself, but also China’s highest political authority, which is the Long family! It seems that Ling Tian hasn’t forgotten about taking revenge at all. Indeed, I can’t see him letting go of the hatred that pushed him to the verge of death.”

“That’s right.” A train of thought sped through Yun Feng’s mind as he lowered his voice, saying, “Ling Tian is using this to create great troubles for the Long family. However, it’s a pity that if there’s a single person who can’t be controlled by the Long family in China, it’s Ling Tian! As such, even if the Long family wanted to give in to the international pressure, it simply has no way to give them what they want. If the Long family wanted to deal with Ling Tian, he would have long since stopped existing in this world. If they try to use force, heheh…”

“If they want to face the fury of more than 10 countries allied together, or even tens of countries, the only way the Long family can win is by begging Ling Tian!” Xiao Qiu Feng continued.

The two of them looked at each other, and understood what the other person was thinking. Both of them were completely shocked at both Ling Tian’s strength as well as cunningness. ………………………………

[Nine-tailed Snow Fox] (Snow Cherry): Type: Mount-type Pet, Level: LV41, Grade: Mysterious God

Although the Cherry Blossom God Representative had become a small fox, her grade had not been affected. However, even if she wasn’t max level before, she should have been at least LV90. It was a pity that a pet’s level couldn’t exceed their owner’s. This was an absolute rule, so after she had become Ling Chen’s pet, Snow Cherry’s level had dropped to LV41.

However, this wasn’t important. What was important was that she was Mysterious God grade!

Mysterious God!!

She was almost an apex being in the Mystic Moon world that all creatures looked up to!

The Cherry Blossom God Representative had returned to her true form because she had used up all of her Moon God power in restoring the City Lifeline and fighting the Evil Black Dragon. As such, she had no way to maintain her human form. Before, Ling Chen knew that since she had become much weaker due to exhausting all of her Moon God power, so he had been prepared for her grade to fall. However, unexpectedly, she was still Mysterious God grade.

This meant that even without the Moon God power, the Nine-tailed Snow Fox was extremely powerful and had a high grade. This was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise for Ling Chen.

However, the only pity was that… ai, riding a goddess and riding a fox were completely different. Moreover, he had never heard of riding on a fox before. Furthermore, this little fox was only 3 palm lengths long, and although it was said it could change its size, with a foundation like this, it didn’t seem like it could become much bigger.

[Nine-tailed Snow Fox] (Snow Cherry): Type: Mount, Level: LV41, Grade: Mysterious God. Her soul is attached to yours and will never betray you or disobey your commands. The descendant of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan, the last Nine-tailed Snow Fox in the Mystic Moon world. She possesses the noble royal bloodline of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan. She was found by the Goddess Order, and because she greatly liked her, she brought her back to the Moon God Clan and used her Moon God power to purify her. She then trained her into one of the high level Moon God Representatives, becoming the Cherry Blossom God Representative who oversaw the order of the East Ocean Continent. She resided at the Celestial Cherry Valley within the East Ocean Continent. Because her Moon God power has been exhausted, she cannot maintain her human form and returned to her true form.

Note: Because she has expended too much energy, she is currently asleep, and it is unknown when she will wake up.

Stats: HP: 51,000, MP: 15,300, Physical Attack Damage: 5,100, Magic Attack Damage: 3,060, Physical Defence: 2,550, Critical Chance: 15%, Pierce Chance: 13%

Elemental Resistances: Water: 30%, Fire: 30%, Wind: 50%, Lightning: 50%, Earth: 50%, Light: 0%, Darkness: 0%.

[Mount Abilities]: Movement Speed: 230, after mounting, Movement Speed+100. If the rider’s Movement Speed is less than 230 after mounting, the rider will maintain their own Movement Speed. Jumping Ability: 10, after mounting Jumping Ability+10. [Mount Stats]: Agility: Extremely high, Obedience: Completely obedient, Comfort: Extremely high

[Passive Abilities]:

1. Can change her size to a certain extent. After gaining 7 tails, she can freely change her shape.

2. Can spout invisible wings, and can fly at a maximum of 50 metres high in the air. Flying Speed is equivalent to Movement Speed, and can run on water but cannot swim.

3. While in her beast form, other beasts will not take the initiative to attack her. When she is in her human form, other humans will not take the initiative to attack her. In either form, she draws very little aggro.

4. Recovers 5% HP and MP every second.


[Hundred Afterglow]: Extreme Passive Skill, cannot be levelled up. When mounted, she and her rider are immune to all debuffs.

[Thousand Illusion]: Special Skill, cannot be levelled up. Can be activated when mounted, After activation, creates countless afterimages, completely disrupting enemies’ vision and minds. Makes it impossible for enemies to determine one’s position, causing them to become bewildered. Costs 90 MP, lasts for a maximum of 5 seconds, cooldown time: 100 seconds.

[Ten Thousand Charm]: Extreme Defensive Skill, cannot be levelled up. When mounted, she and her rider ignore all pet attacks (including beast pets, spirit pets, humanoid pets and mounts). Requires at least 3 tails to activate.

[Illusory Moon]: Extreme Evasive Skill, cannot be levelled up. After activation, she and her rider will be covered by a colourless light. The next physical attack will be affected by [Absolute Evasion]. After activation, if no damage is taken within 30 seconds, the skill will dissipate. Costs 120 MP, cooldown time: 30 seconds. Requires at least 4 tails to activate.

[Murdering Soul]: Extreme Attack Skill, cannot be levelled up. A soul attack from the Nine-tailed Snow Fox, uses her eyes to release her soul towards a single enemy, causing attributeless damage to the enemy. The damage cannot be evaded, defended against or reduced, and will not have Critical Chance, but the damage is not fixed. Lowest damage is [(Physical Attack Damage + Magic Attack Damage) x 0.015%], the highest damage is [(Physical Attack Damage + Magic Attack Damage) x 15,000%]. Costs 2,200 MP, cooldown time: 3 hours. Requires at least 5 tails to activate.

[Godly Fox Sky-Toppling Dance]: Nine-tailed Snow Fox Exclusive Holy Skill, can only be used by the royal bloodline and cannot be levelled up. After activation, uses the mysterious Nine-tail power to create ‘realistic doppelgangers’ that are exactly alike her and her rider. The doppelgangers will have the same appearance, stats and skills as the originals, and can be controlled by the original’s thoughts. After being killed, the ‘realistic doppelgangers’ will immediately disappear. If they are not destroyed or recalled, they will never disappear. The ‘realistic doppelganger’ cannot use items, but items used by the originals can affect all ‘realistic doppelgangers’. Costs 2000 x (number of doppelgangers) MP. Number of doppelgangers that can be summoned at once is equivalent to the number of tails. Maximum is 9, and currently the greatest number of ‘realistic doppelgangers’ that can be summoned at once: 4, total number of uses remaining: 4/4.