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Chapter 479: Feng Chen Sect’s 3 Forbidden Curses

Feng Chen Sect’s 3 Forbidden Curses

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

In front of him was a 10 metre high sign with 6 large and prominent words engraved on it: Dangerous Region, Do Not Come Near.

For a region with many LV90+ monsters roaming around, let alone players, there were very few people who even dared to come near. The number of people who could enter could probably be counted on one hand. From the map’s description, not only was the average level of the monsters here quite high, even the average grade was quite high. They were also gathered together quite densely. Simply put, this was the territory of high levelled monsters- if humans wanted to enter, that would simply be seeking death.

Looking in front of him, Ling Chen started to feel a bit hesitant. For such a dangerous region, should he charge in? Or should he charge in? Or maybe he should charge in.

After a while, Ling Chen’s eyebrows knotted in resolution as he decided to charge in!

He deeply breathed in as he lifted his foot, preparing to enter the Fairyland Mountain Range region. Suddenly, a loud gust of wind travelled over to him, and a person’s figure appeared in front of him. A wrinkled, old face appeared in front of him and stared at him.

“What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?”

The two of them stared at each other and asked the same thing at the same time.

Under the heavens, there was no other person who could travel at such an astonishing speed. Standing in front of Ling Chen was evidently Xiao Feng Chen.

Xiao Feng Chen was still wearing tattered clothing. Ever since he had escaped from the Lunar Sky Hell a few months ago with Ling Chen, he didn’t seem to have changed his clothes. His eyes became wide and round as he stared at Ling Chen, as if he had seen a ghost.

Ling Chen’s expression was about the same… What the hell, why would I meet this guy here? This old man’s everywhere.

“I heard you took the Cherry Blossom God Representative?”

The two of them stared at each other for half a second before Xiao Feng Chen suddenly asked this. Ling Chen was quite surprised, and asked, “How did you know?”

“Fudge! It really was you!” Xiao Feng Chen jumped a metre into the air before wildly laughing, “Hahahaha! No less than expected from my Feng Chen Sect’s successor; that’s way too cool! You actually turned a high level Moon God Representative into your pet, wahahaha! Apart from my Feng Chen Sect’s successor, who else can do this, hahaha…”

Xiao Feng Chen was laughing his head off, and his incredibly dirty and messy hair and beard seemed like they were going to be thrashed off. Ling Chen was still feeling quite confused, and once again asked, “You still haven’t answered me! How did you know?”

“How did I know?” Xiao Feng Chen stopped laughing as a strange expression appeared on his face, “You asking this is equivalent to insulting my intelligence! Boy, don’t you know what you’ve done? You’ve turned a Moon God Representative into a mount! This sort of news can shake up the whole world! From old devils who are thousands of years old, to babies who are 3 months old, anyone who has ears knows of this! Why wouldn’t I know?!”

Ling Chen could feel cold sweat burst out as he weakly asked, “N-No way… right?”

“Whaddya mean, no way?” Xiao Feng Chen looked at him as if he was an idiot, “After the True Gods all fell, the Moon God Clan became a peerless existence in the Mystic Moon world! Within the Moon God Clan, the Goddesses Fate, Order and Freedom hold the most powerful, and then the high level Moon God Representatives. The Cherry Blossom God Representative that you subdued was one of those high level Moon God Representatives!

“There are countless Moon God Representatives, but there are only 200 or so high level Moon God Representatives. All of them have the power and status for tens of thousands of creatures to submit to them. No matter what sort of creature, even the rare ones that have the power to defeat them, treat them with the utmost respect and don’t dare to disobey them. They don’t even dare to think of offending them. And yet, boy, you’ve made a high level Moon God Representative your mount. You’ve become completely famous in this world, got it?! When I heard about this, my heart nearly stopped. My goodness, a high level Moon God Representative… hmm, where’s that Cherry Blossom God Representative? Where is she? Take her out for us to have a look.” “She’s sleeping. She used up too much energy, so she probably won’t be able to wake up for a while.” Ling Chen replied, still feeling stupefied as waves crashed around inwardly. It was certain that this event would cause a frenzy among the players, which was what he wanted. He never thought that the entire Mystic Moon world would make a ruckus about this as well. But then again, the news of a high level Moon God Representative becoming a person’s mount was simply too stimulating. Moreover, the one who subdued her was a player. He was afraid that he had destroyed the worldview of countless Mystic Moon residents.

“Ah, forget it then.” Xiao Feng Chen, who had looked incredibly excited, could only bitterly looked away. He then suddenly patted his head and reached out with his right hand with a ‘swish’. He grabbed Ling Chen’s arm as he hurriedly asked, “Even though the name is the same, I couldn’t believe it was you before… but since it was you, you must have used… the Soulstealing Curse!”

A player who was not even LV50 had taken a high level Moon God Representative as a pet. If Ling Chen said that he had used his strength to beat her into submission or that the Cherry Blossom God Representative had fallen madly in love with him, Xiao Feng Chen definitely wouldn’t believe him. The only possibility was that Ling Chen had used one of the Feng Chen Sect’s 3 Forbidden Skills, the one that could leave a mark on the target’s soul- the Soulstealing Curse!

“That’s right.” Ling Chen nodded and gave an overview of what had happened… while she was completely drained, he had used an Utter Despair Curse, then a Soulstealing Curse, and had succeeded in one go!

Xiao Feng Chen continuously nodded as Ling Chen spoke. His expression became serious, “Kid, your luck is simply heaven-defying. I knew a Soulstealing Curse wouldn’t be enough to subdue a high level Moon God Representative. So it turned out you were looting from a burning house; taking advantage of her misfortune! Mm, not bad! Not bad! Ling Tian, boy, it seems that I was right in choosing you. No less than expected from my Feng Chen Sect’s successor; your future prospects are limitless!”

Ling Chen was furiously sweating. Not only did Xiao Feng Chen not look down on such despicable actions, he lauded it greatly. It was evident what sort of person this old man was.

“You’re less than LV50, inherited the Feng Chen Sect’s power for less than half a year, and already unlocked the Soulstealing Curse. If our predecessors knew about this, they would probably be shocked enough to jump out of their coffins.” Xiao Feng Chen looked at Ling Chen as he said with a strange expression, “However, with your absurd mental energy, fudge… I don’t find this surprising at all!”

“Do you know the Soulstealing Curse?” Ling Chen casually asked.

“You need to ask?!” Xiao Feng Chen patted his chest, “As the simplest of the 3 Forbidden Curses, if I haven’t comprehended it yet, I’ve lived for nothing over the past 1,000 years or so.”

“The simplest one?” Ling Chen was shocked, “Are the other 2 Forbidden Curses even more powerful?”

Xiao Feng Chen looked at him and gave a slight nod as he said, “That’s right, they’re naturally more powerful. Our Feng Chen Sect has 3 Forbidden Curses: [Soulstealing Curse], [Soulkilling Curse] and [Yama Curse]. Each of them have terrifying effects, and even the heavens and earth cannot contain them.

“[Soulstealing Curse], [Soulkilling Curse], [Yama Curse]…” Ling Chen repeated them under his breath and committed them to memory.

Xiao Feng Chen glanced at him and knew what he wanted to know. Thinking to his incredible talent, he continued to speak, “You already know about the [Soulstealing Curse]’s effects. Once it takes effect, no matter who the target is, and no matter their status or power, they will become your slave who will never betray you. The [Soulkilling Curse] is hundreds, if not thousands, of times more terrifying than the [Soulstealing Curse]. Once it takes effect, the target’s soul will no longer belong to them, and will be fully controlled by you. You can read their memories, order them to do anything, as well as control their every single action. Even changing their memories is incredibly simple. Similarly, once they are affected, the effects last forever. As for the [Yama Curse]…”

Xiao Feng Chen suddenly fell silent.

“What does the [Yama Curse] do? Could it be even more terrifying than the [Soulkilling Curse]?” Ling Chen asked. The [Soulstealing Curse]’s effects were already heaven-defying, and the [Soulkilling Curse]’s effects were even more bone-chilling. Xiao Feng Chen had left the [Yama Curse] for last, meaning that it was the most difficult to unlock, but also the most powerful.

“Well… within the Feng Chen Sect, the [Yama Curse] is just a legend. At least, I have never seen it before, and neither have my master or my master’s master. No one even knows what its effects are. However, it is undoubtedly the most powerful of the 3 Forbidden Curses.” Xiao Feng Chen did his best to think, then continued, “However, I heard my master mention that this [Yama Curse] can only be cast on yourself. Other than that, I know nothing about it.”

“You can only use it on yourself?” Ling Chen stared. Within the Feng Chen Curses he currently possessed, none of them could only be used on himself. However, there was one where he could use on himself and someone else… the Lovey Lovey Curse.

Speaking to there, Xiao Feng Chen suddenly changed the topic as he asked, “Alright, let’s stop with the useless waffle; you still haven’t answered my question. What are you doing here?” He looked behind him and his eyes flashed as he lowered his voice, “Surely you didn’t come here because you got too bored and wanted to get violated in the Fairyland Mountain Range, right?”

“This… I need to go in and do something in there.” Ling Chen said as he tapped his nose.

“Go in? Don’t screw with me!” Xiao Feng Chen whacked his hand on top of Ling Chen’s shoulder as he started to jump up and down like a monkey and he started to curse, “Do you know what sort of monsters there are in the Fairyland Mountain Range? The most terrifying place in the world is the Lunar Sky Hell, and then this Fairyland Mountain Range! There are Heaven’s End grade monsters walking all over the place, and Celestial grade monsters are as common as dogs. A sneeze from any monster is enough to kill you countless times! With your bit of comprehension of the Feng Chen Sect’s skills, you’ll just be giving those monsters a free meal!”

“Are you serious?” Ling Chen was given a big fright. The map only said that the average level and grade of the monsters were quite high, but he didn’t think it would be this bad… Heaven’s End grade and Celestial grade monsters everywhere?

“Even if it’s not that bad, it’s something like that,” Xiao Feng Chen said as he glared at Ling Chen. He stretched out his neck as he asked, “Why are you going in there?”

“I’m going to the Godchild Peak to look for something,” Ling Chen replied straightforwardly.

Xiao Feng Chen stared at Ling Chen for a whole 5 seconds. He then turned around, waved his hand and said nothing as he left.

“Where are you going?” Ling Chen asked in suspicion.

“I’m going to get you a goddamn coffin!!” Xiao Feng Chen retorted in a furious voice.