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Chapter 490: Exposed


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Seeing Ling Chen walk out from within the mountain of ice, the Ice Demon Beast stood there in shock. Her ice-blue eyes were filled with indescribable shock.

The human in front of her… had completely absorbed all of her Ice attacks! Even the freezing, sealing and suppression were useless against him!

How could a human have such a monstrous and abnormal constitution?!

Could he have some sort of equipment that greatly suppressed Water? However, nothing in the history of the Forgotten Continent could give full immunity to Water-related attacks, much less allow the wearer to absorb Water damage. No, there was one… but it had been destroyed 10,000 years ago and had never reappeared. Apart from that piece of equipment, there was nothing else…There was only one item in the world that could grant a creature immunity to Water damage, which was the Azure Dragon’s Heart. However, the Azure Dragon’s Heart was its energy core, and the Azure Dragon would die if it was taken away. Moreover, it could only provide immunity to, not absorption of, Water damage…

Just what was going on with this human?

Could it be…

“Alright, it’s my turn to attack!” Ling Chen had acted arrogantly and provoked the Ice Demon Beast to anger it. However, the Ice Demon Beast had instead stood there in shock, her eyes glinting with a strange expression. Ling Chen felt a bit frustrated, and rushed up instead. Snow Cherry soared into the air, lifting up the snow on the ground. Ling Chen activated a [Moment of Elegance] to instantly cover the distance between the Ice Demon Beast and himself, then sent 2 [Ling Tian Slashes] towards her.


Facing Ling Chen’s attacks, the Ice Demon Beast wasn’t worried at all. Her attacks were all Ice-based, and although her Physical Attack Damage was quite weak, her Physical Defence was extremely strong. It was as if there was an incredibly solid ice wall continuously protecting her body. In her eyes, Ling Chen’s attacks wouldn’t even be able to break past her defence. Moreover, she was a LV100 Mysterious God grade beast, while he was a player who was not even LV50. Just the difference in their levels meant that this person would never be able to even hit her. As such, she didn’t even dodge as she raised her hands and counterattacked… as the Ice Demon Beast, how could she deign to dodge a puny player’s attack? What a joke!

Ling Chen and the Ice Demon Beast simultaneously attacked each other. Ice attacks were useless against Ling Chen, so the Ice Demon Beast could only use her physical attacks. Although her physical attacks were much weaker than her Ice attacks, they were still attacks from a Mysterious God grade beast. Even if a tiger didn’t have its claws, it would still be able to stomp an ant to death.

To Ling Chen, physical attacks from the Ice Demon Beast, who only ever used Ice attacks, were completely immaterial. Ling Chen slightly shifted his body, easily dodging her attacks while continuing with his attacks. Just as his weapons were about to reach the Ice Demon Beast, the speed at which they were travelling suddenly increased, and heavily landed on the Ice Demon Beast’s abdomen… seeing this, Ling Chen’s mouth curved upwards into a smile.

-11,751, -11,740.


The Ice Demon Beast’s speaking voice was lovely and gentle, but her cry of pain was like a ghost shrieking. The instant she was hit, she felt as if every muscle and every nerve was crushed and torn, bringing her unimaginable torment. It was as if she was in hell.

Moreover, the protective ice armour didn’t protect her against his attack at all. The gigantic damage figures and massive pain in her abdomen caused her face to twist uncontrollably.

The Ice Demon Beast quickly moved away, and her forehead was covered with sweat. As a Mysterious God grade beast, the Mysterious God grade power greatly suppressed pain, and she hadn’t experienced even remote pain in the past 10,000 years. The pain from that attack reached even her bones and soul, causing her body to uncontrollably shake. The Ice Demon Beast shakily breathed as she stared at Ling Chen… her gaze then moved on to his right wrist as her contracting eyes suddenly shone with a strange light. Ling Chen was simply astounded by how powerful the Lunar Scourge’s orbs were. The Aquarius Orb caused the incredibly powerful Ice Demon Beast, which was thousands of times stronger than him, to become trash in front of him. In the future, no Water-element monster or player could ever threaten him. The continents made up 20% of the Mystic Moon world, while the remaining 80% was water. With the Aquarius Orb, the world of water was his to run rampant in! After dealing a crafty blow to the Ice Demon Beast, Ling Chen coldly laughed and prepared to strike again. However, he suddenly saw the change in the Ice Demon Beast’s gaze, causing his eyebrows to jump.

“No wonder you don’t fear Ice attacks at all, and can even absorb them…” the Ice Demon Beast’s voice was full of shock, as well as delight and excitement. As she spoke, her eyes were glued to Ling Chen’s right wrist, which was where the Lunar Scourge was, “Perfect affinity with water made me suspect that it was this, but I didn’t dare to believe it. That thing should have been destroyed 10,000 years ago by the Moon God Clan- they definitely wouldn’t let it remain in this world. However, your attacks could hit me, and could pass through my Defence… and brought unimaginable pain to me, which was far greater than what it should have been… Perfect affinity with water, Absolute Hit, Absolute Pierce, soul-piercing pain… as well as that light you blinded me with… they all point to that thing!”

Ling Chen: “……”

“The Lunar Scourge has reappeared… and it’s on you!!”

The Ice Demon Beast roared. There seemed to be two blue flames burning in her eyes, revealing just how excited she was. After 10,000 years, the Lunar Scourge’s name had been forgotten in the Forgotten Continent. However, the Ice Demon Beast had been around 10,000 years ago, and had experienced the catastrophe brought by the Lunar Scourge. Although 10,000 years had passed, the Ice Demon Beast did not forget just how terrifying that heaven-defying equipment was at all.

Moreover, if the Lunar Scourge could be combined with the 10 demon jade hooks, they could immediately revive their Demon Beast Clan’s Demon Emperor! What’s more, it would make him many times more powerful than he had been before! The Lunar Scourge was an item of utmost evil and hatred, filled with negative energy. What the Demon Emperor desired most was boundless negative energy.


Hearing the Ice Demon Beast yell out the Lunar Scourge’s name, Ling Chen’s heart beat madly. The Lunar Scourge was usually disguised by Qi Yue’s power. Although he could see its true appearance, other people would only see it as a gold bracelet. However, if the other person was extremely powerful and examined it carefully, they would easily discover its true appearance… however, even if the Ice Demon Beast didn’t see the Lunar Scourge, she had already confirmed that the Lunar Scourge was on him.

A LV41 player being able to hit a LV100 Mysterious God grade beast was already extremely abnormal. Adding on the fact that his attack had ignored her Defence, as well as caused incredible pain… Only the Lunar Scourge could achieve such a thing. Having lived for so long, the Ice Demon Beast definitely knew the general abilities of the Lunar Scourge. All of this caused the Ice Demon Beast to suspect… No, confirm that the Lunar Scourge was indeed on Ling Chen!

“Unless the true moon permanently disappears from the sky, the Lunar Scourge will never be destroyed- it seems that that legend was true. Back then, the Moon God Clan didn’t completely destroy the Lunar Scourge, otherwise it wouldn’t be here today. Hahahaha… after obtaining the Lunar Scourge, Lord Demon Emperor will be able to wake up again, and will be 10 times as powerful. When that happens, even the Moon God Clan’s 3 Moon Goddesses won’t be able to stop my Demon Beast Clan. The heavens are helping my Demon Beast Clan… hahahaha…”

The Ice Demon Beast wildly laughed. Knowing that the Lunar Scourge had reappeared was the most pleasant surprise in 10,000 years. Ling Chen deeply frowned as he coldly said, “It’s too early for you to be happy. You think you have the ability to take it from me?”

“Heh…” the Ice Demon Beast’s eyes narrowed into slits as she replied, “So you admit it. With the Lunar Scourge, I’m unable to harm you or even restrain you. However, just because I can’t doesn’t mean other people can’t… look after your Lunar Scourge and don’t let the women from the Moon God Clan find out. There’ll be people coming to take it from you soon. Don’t worry, they won’t take too long, hahaha…”

As the Ice Demon Beast loudly laughed, her body flashed with a blue light, and she reappeared a thousand metres away, then quickly began to run down the Godchild Peak.

“Snow Cherry, hurry and chase after her!”

As Ling Chen activated [Broken Shadow], Snow Cherry’s body became a beautiful white blur, chasing towards the disappearing Ice Demon Beast. After finding out that the Lunar Scourge was still in existence, she would definitely tell the other ancient demon beasts. If that happened, apart from the War Demon Beast and Shadow Demon Beast that had already died, the other 8 ancient demon beasts would hunt him down ruthlessly…

Being hunted down by 8 Mysterious God grade beasts… Ling Chen didn’t fear the Ice Demon Beast, but there were 7 others… if that happened, he would never have peace!

Ling Chen’s leg tensed, spurring Snow Cherry to travel at her maximum speed.

He definitely couldn’t allow the Ice Demon Beast to leave!

With [Broken Shadow] activated, Snow Cherry’s speed was astoundingly fast, and she closed in on the Ice Demon Beast like a streak of lightning. The Ice Demon Beast had initially left Ling Chen far behind, so when she heard the howling wind behind her, she broke out into cold sweat.

How could such a terrifying speed be possible!

What sort of monster was this human who possessed the Lunar Scourge?

That overwhelming speed caused even the Ice Demon Beast to be frightened. However, this region was filled with snow, so it was the Ice Demon Beast’s domain. She made a prompt decision as she landed into the snow. A blue light flashed, and she was gone.

2 seconds later, Snow Cherry rushed to where the Ice Demon Beast had disappeared. Ling Chen stopped, and looked around while frowning. The surroundings were completely silent, and the world was filled with white snow. However, there was not even a trace of the Ice Demon Beast. It was at this moment Ling Chen remembered that when he had first encountered the Ice Demon Beast, she had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Evidently, she could perfectly conceal herself within the snowy environment!

Ling Chen stubbornly refused to give up, and walked around for another 2 hours. However, he simply could not find her. As such, he could only sigh and return to the town near the Fairyland Mountain Range.