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Chapter 491: White Tiger’s Heart?

White Tiger’s Heart?

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

After leaving the Godchild Peak, Qi Yue immediately woke up and cheerfully exclaimed, “The Aquarius Orb! Little master, you’ve succeeded!”

Ling Chen had successfully obtained the Aquarius Orb and climbed to the summit of the Godchild Peak. Both achievements were incredible feats.

“Mmm, that’s the good news. However, there’s also some bad news,” Ling Chen said as he rubbed his forehead, feeling at wits’ end.


“The Ice Demon Beast was hiding at the top of the Godchild Peak,” Ling Chen said in frustration. More than half of the joy in finding the Aquarius Orb had been diminished by the fact that the Lunar Scourge had been exposed.

“Top of the Godchild Peak… Ice Demon Beast? Despite being part of the Demon Beast Clan, the Ice Demon Beast’s attribute isn’t Darkness. As its Ice energy became stronger, its Darkness energy became purified by the Ice energy. 10,000 years ago, its Darkness energy was completely purified, turning it into a pure Ice-type beast. As such, the Ice Demon Beast can be said to be the most un-demon of the demon beasts. The extreme cold, as well as the snow and mystic ice at the summit of the Godchild Peak makes it an ideal environment for the Ice Demon Beast. As such, it’s not too surprising that the Ice Demon Beast would be there. With the Aquarius Orb, little master can suppress all Water creatures. Even if its 10 times stronger, it won’t be able to harm even a hair on little master’s head,” Qi Yue said.

“Indeed, it can’t harm me, but the Ice Demon Beast being there isn’t the bad news,” Ling Chen let out a sigh as he continued to speak, “The Lunar Scourge… was exposed. Although it can’t harm me, that doesn’t mean I could stop it.”

Qi Yue immediately fell silent. After a while, she slowly said, “That’s quite a bad piece of news. Since it left, the first thing it will do is let the other demon beasts know.”

“That’s right,” Ling Chen replied, “The demon beasts of the Demon Beast Clan, which have lain dormant for over 10,000 years will definitely be roused into action, with me as their target. I get a headache whenever I think about that.”

“Actually, the situation isn’t as bad as little master thinks. Firstly, the 10 ancient demon beasts are limited by the Moon God Clan, so they cannot move as they please. If they dare to go into human territory, they’ll be punished by the Moon God Clan. Secondly, the Forgotten Continent is incredibly vast, and even little master doesn’t know where he will go next; how can they find little master? Moreover, with little master’s escaping abilities, coupled with the Spatial Orbs that allow you to teleport, what can they do to you? They also won’t spread the news about the Lunar Scourge- They definitely won’t want the Moon God Clan to find out about the Lunar Scourge, because it’s their only hope for reviving their clan. Over the past 10,000 years, they’ve been looking for opportunities to revive the Demon Emperor, so seeing the Lunar Scourge, their hopes will be greatly raised.”

Hearing Qi Yue’s words, Ling Chen did not feel as worried anymore. He casually thought aloud, “I wonder when I’ll be powerful enough to not fear even Mysterious God grade beasts.”

“Little master spent a mere 6 months to find 8 of the Lunar Scourge’s God Orbs- this was more than 100 times as fast as I expected. At this rate, in another half a year, you’ll have collected all 12 of the God Orbs. When that time comes, not only will little master be halfway to reviving little sister Shui Ruo, little master will also become many times more powerful. Perhaps you really will be able to battle with Mysterious God grade existences.”

Finding 8 God Orbs in half a year made Qi Yue secretly astonished. She thought the same thing as Ling Chen- that the god of luck was quietly guiding him.

Ling Chen nodded, then opened his messages. A message from Su’Er appeared before him.

It had come half a month ago.

It had taken Ling Chen 2 months to travel from the Fairyland Mountain Range to the summit of the Godchild Peak. During this period of time, he thought that it was likely that Su’Er had sent him a message, but he didn’t check his messages. He did nothing except climb, and didn’t dare to check Su’Er’s messages. If the information she gave pointed to a place that was easier to reach than the Godchild Peak, he wouldn’t be able to resist going there… if that happened, he would have lost much of the momentum he had built up, and trying to climb the Godchild Peak again would be much harder.

“White Tiger’s Heart?”

Seeing these 3 words, Ling Chen felt a bit confused. This was the hint as to where the next God Orb was.

“White Tiger’s Heart- those 3 words represent a legendary and godly being in the Forgotten Continent… it’s the energy core of the guardian beast of the White Tiger City in the west, and contains the White Tiger’s strength and lifeforce,” Qi Yue explained, “This hint points to quite a remarkable thing.”

“Contains the White Tiger’s strength and lifeforce? What does it have to do with the Lunar Scourge’s God Orbs? Why would the hint point me there?” Ling Chen felt a bit confused, and had a feeling that this orb would also be tremendously difficult to obtain.

Qi Yue thought for a moment before replying, “There’s only 1 possibility that I can think of: the White Tiger mistakenly swallowed that God Orb. The Lunar Scourge’s God Orbs can’t be destroyed, and the energy contained with them can’t be digested. As such, it has remained within the White Tiger’s body after all this time, and it was probably attracted to the White Tiger’s Heart’s energy, causing it to draw closer. It’s possible that they’ve been stuck together, or even fused into one…”

A thought suddenly appeared within Ling Chen’s mind as he frowned and asked, “If it’s like that, how do I retrieve the orb? Do I just find the White Tiger and get it to spit it out?”

“Spit it out?” Qi Yue laughed, “Little master, your thinking is much too simple. With the White Tiger’s power, how could it not know that there was an orb stuck in its body? If it could spit it out, it would have spat it out long ago. The hint this time is the White Tiger’s Heart, not the White Tiger. In order to retrieve the orb, you’ll also need to obtain the White Tiger’s Heart.”

Ling Chen’s frown deepened, “You said that the White Tiger’s heart is the source of the White Tiger’s strength and lifeforce. In order to obtain the White Tiger’s Heart…”

“Very simple… you just need to kill the White Tiger.”


“That’s my guess, but I hope it’s wrong,” Qi Yue said, trying to comfort Ling Chen.

Kill the White Tiger… these 4 words caused Ling Chen to be speechless. Putting aside the matter of whether he was strong enough, could he simply just kill the White Tiger like that? It was the guardian beast of the main city in the west of the Forgotten Continent, the White Tiger City. It was the guardian god of many people’s hearts, and if it died, the entire west side of the Forgotten Continent would fall into chaos. The Moon God Clan would be immediately alerted…”

Ling Chen felt a headache coming on, but then laughed at himself… he was thinking too much. With his current strength, he wouldn’t be able to scratch the White Tiger, let alone kill it. What a joke.

“In case you were wondering, I know where the White Tiger has hidden itself,” Qi Yue softly said.

Ling Chen turned and looked to the west as he spoke in frustration and determination, “Looks like we’ll have to head to the west no matter what.”

For the possibility of reviving Shui Ruo, let alone the White Tiger… Even if it was the Moon God Palace, he’d charge in!

Even if the White Tiger was a kind beast and was the human’s guardian god and was worshipped by countless humans… he had to kill it!

Ling Chen was still LV41. He had spent this entire time climbing the Godchild Peak, and had not gained any EXP at all. The average player level was now approaching LV50.

Ling Chen opened the Player Level Rankings and found that the top 10 players were all in the 50s, which meant that they had completed their second profession change and were now qualified to enter the Royal City.

Ling Chen, who had dominated the Player Level Rankings, now had a comparatively pitiful level. In fact, he was even below the average level for battle professions in all of China.

Since he had decided to kill the White Tiger, the first thing he had to do was greatly increase his strength. The fastest way to do this was to increase his level.

At LV50, players could make their second profession change, which was when they truly became powerful. No matter which profession it was, after completing the second profession change, their overall strength would skyrocket.

Ling Chen now had 2 professions… the War God’s profession and the Feng Chen Sect’s profession. Both of them were still in their early stages, and would definitely become much more powerful after the second profession change.

However, levelling up from LV41 to LV50 with the Lunar Scourge’s EXP debuff would take him nearly 1 month.

The message from Su’Er was still open in front of him, and compared to before, it was much shorter. It contained a simple greeting, then the information she had obtained from using the Heaven’s Secrets power… however, within the text, there were 3 ellipses, showing that there were some things that she wanted to say, but couldn’t.

Ling Chen thought for a few moments before closing the message and logging off.

After returning to the real world, Ling Chen saw Tian Tian lying beside him. Her eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and her lips were slightly parted, as if she was engaging in an intense battle within the game. Ling Chen silently looked at her for a while before looking up at the calendar on the wall.

Ling Chen quietly walked into the courtyard and subconsciously walked forwards as he thought, until he reached the swimming pool. He looked at the rippling water as he continued to be lost in his thoughts.

After a while, he looked up and spoke, “Ying, Xi, order 2 plane tickets to Beijing for the day after tomorrow, around noon… also let Gui Ya, Bing Yao and the others know that I’ll be going to Beijing the day after tomorrow, and I haven’t planned when to leave yet.”

“Eh? Beijing?”

The voice that replied didn’t come from Chao Ying or Chao Xi, but from Tian Tian. Tian Tian had just come out from the game, and had heard Ling Chen’s voice as she walked into the courtyard. She cried out and hurriedly ran over, “Big brother, why are you going back to Beijing? It was so hard to escape from there, and we have a new home now. It’s very dangerous there, so if you go… if you go…”

Seeing Tian Tian’s face full of worry, Ling Chen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m just going there to do something, and I’ll be right back once it’s done.”

“What is it? Is it important?” Tian Tian hesitantly asked. Beijing… was a place filled with trauma for Tian Tian.

“Mmm, it’s very important,” Ling Chen nodded then softly added, “I definitely… won’t make the mistake of regretting something only after losing it…”

“Then take me as well…” Tian Tian anxiously said. This was the most important thing to her. Ling Chen laughed, “Of course we’re going together. Didn’t you hear that I ordered 2 plane tickets? I wouldn’t be able to be at peace with you so far away.”

“Hooray!!” Tian Tian cheered, the worry in her heart evaporating, “As long as big brother takes me, I’m fine with going anywhere!”