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Chapter 496: Princess Su’Er’s Birthday Banquet (2)

Princess Su’Er’s Birthday Banquet (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

“… Dear friends, the moment we’ve been waiting for has come. I hereby announce that princess Su’Er’s 16th birthday celebrations begin!

“I invite princess Su’Er to come up to the stage to receive flowers and blessings from family and friends. Let’s give her a round of applause.”

As the guests clapped, flower petals of various colours floated down. Amidst the flower petals, a fairy-like girl slowly walked onto the stage. Her appearance caused the applause to pause for a split second. Everyone who saw the girl had a strange light in their eyes.

“Su’Er…” seeing the girl, Ling Chen couldn’t help but mutter her name in a low voice.

It had been around 4 or 5 months since they had separated. This entire time, she had been helping him, and he could feel how much effort she was putting in. However, he hadn’t been able to see her this whole time.

Su’Er was wearing a pure-white birthday dress. She was petite and graceful, and walked incredibly slowly and lightly, as if she was being very cautious. The onlookers felt as if a celestial beauty from the Palace on the Moon was walking towards them.

Standing beside the beautiful MC, Su’Er silently looked up. Her eyes were like sparkling crystals, and looked almost transparent. Her face was extremely gentle, and adding on the cherry-red lipstick, she looked sweet and touching. Her eyes contained a tenderness and delicateness that she had had since birth, and combined with her small frame, anyone would want to protect and cherish her.

Su’Er… was today’s leading role.

Seeing his niece, the iron-blooded and emotionless Su Yi Cheng grinned widely, unable to contain himself… This is my niece! Heheh, whose niece is as pretty, sensible, thoughtful and well-tempered as my niece? Wallow in your envy, hahahaha…

The beautiful MC leaned slightly forwards as she smiled and said, “Princess Su’Er, I would like to first personally wish you countless blessings on your 16th birthday. Today is the first day you’re 16 years old, and you have so many people sharing it with you. Are you happy?”

“I’m very happy, thank you all for coming.” Su’Er gave a small smile as she spoke in a voice that was as soft and gentle as a warm wind.

“In that case, is there anything you would like to say to everyone?” The beautiful MC said as she smiled.

Su’Er received the microphone and gave a small bow, “Thank you everyone for sharing in Su’Er’s 16th birthday. Thank you all for your blessings, thank you.”

After speaking, she quietly walked down.

As the leading role for tonight’s banquet, she didn’t say much. Her words were said quite naturally, but if one paid attention, they would see that her smile was a bit stiff. Moreover, there was almost no emotion in her voice.

This was because she knew that most people in the hall didn’t come because of her, but because of her parents and uncle.

Before, she would spend her birthdays with sisters like Xiao Qi. Her uncle Su Yi Cheng would also drop all matters to eat the birthday cake with her. In the past, she had always been extremely happy on her birthdays. However, this was the first birthday banquet she had, and although there were many people celebrating her birthday with her, there were not any people who she recognised. Although the upper-class society’s circles were quite small, she rarely went out, so she didn’t know many people.

Moreover, she also knew that tonight wasn’t about her birthday, but about her arranged marriage.

The beautiful MC immediately continued, as she beamed, saying, “As everyone knows, our princess Su’Er is meek and gentle, and isn’t very good with words. However, I’m sure everyone can feel princess Su’Er’s gratitude and emotions…”

Su’Er, who was standing next to the MC, didn’t hear anything she said. She silently swept her eyes across every inch of the hall. After looking around many times, her eyes completely dimmed… the person who she most wanted to see – someone she knew couldn’t, and shouldn’t, come here – was not there. However, she was also afraid that he would come… this sort of internal conflict had sent her emotions into turmoil, and now she felt completely lost.

Big brother Ling Tian, you must protect yourself. Your safety is what I want most…



“Princess Su’Er, your family must be incredibly happy that you’re 16 years old now. Your father has made countless sacrifices for you over the years- he’s Mayor Su, who’s respected by tens of thousands of people, and has countless halos behind him. However, first and foremost, he’s a marvellous father. I’m sure there are many things you would like to say to your father on your 16th birthday.”


“And your mother… although she isn’t your birthmother, she has treated you like her own daughter. She has shed much tears and sweat for you over the years. Is there anything you would like to say to her?”

“……” “Your uncle is Senior Official Su, who is also respected by countless people. Almost everyone in China knows that only in front of his niece will he become warm and jovial. Senior Official Su has no children, so he has always treated you like his own daughter. I’m sure there are many things you want to say to him, right?”


“There’s also…”



The birthday banquet continued according to the order set for it, and Su’Er responded like a puppet each time. She didn’t say much each time, and didn’t say anything moving. However, no one found this strange. Those who were familiar with the Su family knew that there was only Su’Er in her generation. When she was 6 years old, which was when she was the closest with her mother and needed a mother the most, her mother, Murong Lan had passed away. This had affected her greatly, and shaped her personality. When Su’Er was 10, Su Hong Cheng had married Murong Lan’s little sister, Murong Xiu, who was Su’Er’s aunty at the time. Murong Xiu treated Su’Er like her own daughter, and did everything a mother would. However, no matter what she did, she would always just be a stepmother. Despite being her stepmother after all these years, Su’Er still called her ‘aunty’, and very rarely did she call her ‘mother’ or ‘mum’.

As such, despite being born into a big and powerful family like the Su family, people rarely saw Su’Er. If Su’Er acted in a lively and cheerful manner, people would feel surprised.

Ling Chen was looking at Su’Er the entire time, but she did not notice him. The current face he had was completely different to his own, and even the shape of his body was different. Seeing Su’Er’s lacklustre appearance, he felt an ache in his heart, and silently said, Su’Er, I’m here. As such, the thing you don’t want to happen won’t happen! Even if everyone in your family wants it to happen, I will completely destroy it!

By now, Ling Chen had looked over every person present. Most of them were unfamiliar to him, and the familiar ones caught his attention.

Xuanyuan Xue Yi was present, and the main topic today was their arranged marriage. As such, why wouldn’t his father, Xuanyuan Sheng be here?

Xuanyuan Sheng sat in the corner of the front row, his right arm unmoving. Even when he did move, it looked extremely unnatural. Ling Chen coldly laughed to himself… that night, he had taken a full-force blow from Xuanyuan Sheng to rip off his right arm! Completely ripped off! Xunayuan Sheng’s skin, muscles, bones, tendons, nerves and blood vessels had all been ripped off, causing him unimaginable pain. It would have been tens of times more painful than it being cut off by a sword! Although his arm had been reattached, given how Ling Chen had ripped it off, he would never be able to use it the same way again.

Another familiar person was Murong Xiong Tian, the leader of the Long family’s seven main forces, as well as one of Long Zheng Yang’s two strongest bodyguards. He had been beaten up by Ling Chen to the point that all 7 orifices on his face had leaked blood, but evidently, his body was incredibly tough. He looked full of life, and had completely recovered. He was Murong Xiu’s older brother, and was Su’Er’s uncle. As such, it wasn’t strange that he was here.

“Haha…” Ling Chen coldly laughed to himself. Today, even if the emperor of heaven was present, he was still going to cripple Xuanyuan Xue Yi!

The birthday banquet moved on to the gift-giving and well-wishing. All of the gifts given to the Su family’s princess were extraordinary gifts. All sorts of valuable treasures were given out, and all sorts of birthday well-wishes were said to Su’Er. Chao Ying and Chao Xi also presented their gift. It was a Seaheart Jade that could nourish one’s skin, and was worth millions of dollars. With the Li family’s wealth, it was no problem giving out such a gift. However, the main reason such a present was given was because Li Xiao Xue knew of the relationship between Ling Chen and Su’Er.

A gigantic, 2-metre-tall cake was brought to the stage, which was filled with unlit candles. The beautiful MC high-spiritedly exclaimed, “Before we light up the candles and ask our princess Su’Er to make a wish, our beloved Mayor Su has an important announcement to make. This matter will brighten up this event even more, making this birthday banquet something princess Su’Er will never forget… I invite our beloved Mayor Su to take to the stage.”

Applause sounded out as Su Hong Chen walked up to the stage as he beamed. Every person’s face had a tacit smile of mutual understanding- everyone already knew what Su Hong Cheng was going to announce. The thing he was about to announce was the true reason why they were all here.

Ling Chen, who was standing behind Chao Ying and Chao Xi, silently turned and walked away. Neither of the two women turned around, as if they hadn’t noticed him leaving. As a ‘bodyguard’, no one would notice his movements. A few people casually glanced at him, and disregarded him when they saw he was walking in the direction of the toilets.

After entering the toilet and locking the door, Ling Chen wiped his hand across his face and returned to his normal appearance. He then took off the black suit he was wearing and reversed it, turning into a white suit. He did the same thing with his pants, which became a pair of white pants. He bent down and pulled at his shoes, causing a layer of something black to slide off… his shoes also became white.

Finally, he put on a white peaked cap that seemed a bit out of place with the rest of his attire as he casually walked out.