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Chapter 497: I Object!

I Object!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

“Dear friends, thank you all for celebrating my daughter’s birthday with us,” Su Hong Cheng looked in front of him as he spoke with great vigour. He smiled as he continued, “I’m sure everyone can guess what I’m about to announce. As such, I won’t delay it anymore.”

He turned to look at his daughter, then Xuanyuan Xue Yi, sitting below the stage. His smile grew wider as he spoke, “My family’s daughter, Su’Er, is our only heir, and has no brothers or sisters. When she was very young, she was often taken care of by the Xuanyuan family’s eldest son, Xuanyuan Xue Yi, which I, as a father, am very grateful for. I’ve been friends with Xuanyuan Sheng for a long time, and we’re incredibly close. Seeing our children so incredibly close, to the point of perhaps even liking each other, we felt delighted.

“No matter if it’s looks, character or abilities, Xue Yi is an excellent young man, and there are few who can compare to him. Moreover, he deeply cares about my daughter, so if they can be together, I can be at ease about my daughter. As such, I talked to brother Xuanyuan about this matter, and he happily agreed. It was just that my daughter was too young at the time, so we decided that when she turned 16, we would arrange the marriage between Su’Er and Xue Yi- which is today.”

Hearing Su Hong Cheng’s speech, the hall erupted into applause, and many people started to cheer. Su Yi Cheng and Murong Xiu also smiled- to them, just Xuanyuan Xue Yi’s status as the eldest son of the Xuanyuan family qualified him to be with Su’Er. What’s more, Xuanyuan Xue Yi was incredibly handsome, as well as a rare genius. He was definitely the most talented out of the younger generation in the Xuanyuan family. If they were together, they would never have to worry about Su’Er’s safety, as the Xuanyuan family was publicly acknowledged to be the safest place in all of China. As the only ancient family that still used cold weapons, every single member of their family possessed frightening abilities.

Su’Er looked down as her small hands gripped at her dress.

No one could see her current expression… Although she had prepared herself for this, now that the time had come, she still felt incredibly anxious.

“Hahahaha!” Su Hong Cheng heartily laughed. He raised his right hand as he said, “Ol’ brother Xuanyuan, I can’t continue if you don’t bring Xue Yi up.”

“That’s because I was waiting to enjoy more of lil brother Su’s elegant demeanour.” Xuanyuan Sheng also laughed as he stood up. The instant he stood up, he became the centre of attention. As the head of the guardian family of the Long family, he had an incredibly high status. However, not many people had seen him before. This was because the Xuanyuan family normally protected the Long family from the shadows, and did not usually appear in public. As such, the appearance of such a legendary figure drew countless gazes. Those who hadn’t seen him before did their best to remember his face.

Xuanyuan Sheng brought Xuanyuan Xue Yi up with him to the stage. Seeing Xuanyuan Xue Yi caused many people’s eyes to light up. He was handsome and elegant, and had an extraordinary bearing. He was like a handsome man who had walked straight out of a painting. With such an appearance, coupled with the fact that he was the successor to the Xuanyuan family, there was no woman who was too good for him.”

The people couldn’t help but sigh in admiration- the Su family’s daughter had found a perfect match. No wonder why the Su family was in such a rush to arrange this matter, and had invited so many important and powerful guests.

As for the Su family’s daughter, she was so beautiful that even animals liked her. When she grew older, she would simply be mesmerising. Moreover, she was the Su family’s only daughter, and would inherit the Su family- making her and Xuanyuan Xue Yi an ideal couple. Seeing the two of them stand together, everyone looked at this golden couple in admiration. Perhaps the only shortcoming of this marriage was that the Su family’s daughter was still quite young.

However, age didn’t matter much to them. The legal age for marriage was nothing to these sorts of rich and powerful people.

“Hello, Uncle Su.” Xuanyuan Xue Yi warmly and politely greeted Su Hong Cheng, and smiled as he looked at Su’Er, whose head was lowered.

“Mm, haha.” Su Hong Cheng laughed as he measured up Xuanyuan Xue Yi. The more he looked at him, the more pleased he was. He then looked at Su’Er, and misinterpreted her reaction as one of shyness. He chuckled as he said, “Xue Yi, today’s matter will affect the rest of your life, so make sure you think about it carefully. If my family’s Su’Er isn’t to your liking, don’t force yourself. Even if it’s here, you don’t need to feel any pressure, and no one will force you.” Xuanyuan Xue Yi lightly smiled as he replied, “I’m sure Uncle Su already knows how I feel towards Su’Er. Su’Er is quiet and cute, and the first time I saw her, I felt that I wanted to protect her for the rest of my life. As I grow up together with Su’Er, that desire grew within me, year by year. Now, it’s so strong that I can’t resist it and can’t escape from it. To be look after little sister Su’Er for my entire life is my joy and my desire. I hope the friends and seniors here can bear witness to what I’ve said today for a lifetime.”

Su Hong Cheng’s smile grew even wider, and Su Yi Cheng nodded in satisfaction.

Xuanyuan Sheng loudly laughed, “Since Xue Yi has said this, as his father, I have nothing else to say. I’m afraid if I don’t agree, he’ll flip out at me!”

“Brother Xuanyuan’s exaggerating.” Su Hong Cheng was in a terrific mood. He patted Su’Er’s arm as he said in alow voice, “Su’Er, did you hear what Xue Yi and Uncle Xuanyuan said? Is there anything you want to say to them?”

Hearing Su Hong Cheng’s voice, Su’Er desperately lowered her head as she bit her lips, weakly saying, “I… I…”

“Alright, alright, if you don’t want to say anything, don’t force yourself.” Su Hong Cheng once again patted her shoulder as he shook his head. He once again spoke in a loud voice, “My daughter’s excellent in everything, but she’s just a bit shy. She usually can’t talk in front of strangers, so this sort of setting is the worst sort of thing for her.”

Xuanyuan Xue Yi smiled, “Yes, but that is what makes little sister Su’Er cute.”

“Haha, very well!” Su Hong Cheng nodded, then continued, “In that case, I’ll speak for my daughter. Su’Er is completely in agreement with this, and since Xue Yi is so willing, there’s nothing else to be said. After exchanging the tokens and all the eating and drinking, our daughter will be your Xuanyuan family’s person… Ai, our Su family on has this single daughter in her generation, and she is our entire family’s treasure. Xue Yi, make sure you take care of her well.”

The things Su Hong Cheng had said about Xuanyuan Xue Yi and Su’Er being ‘incredibly close’ were utter rubbish. Su’Er had barely seen Xuanyuan Xue Yi a few times, let alone interact with him. However, it was true that Su’Er had never openly opposed this marriage in front of Su Hong Cheng or anyone else in her family.

This was because Su’Er was too obedient, especially to her family. She simply didn’t know what it was to rebel or refuse. Back then, when Su Hong Cheng had raised this matter with her, Su’Er had lapsed into silence, then obediently nodded… However, she only did that out of habit. At that time, she didn’t even know who Xuanyuan Xue Yi was.

By the time she had matured and formed her own opinion on this matter, her father, stepmother and uncle were all set on it. Since the 3 people she was closest to were so adamant about it, the gentle and weak Su’Er didn’t have the strength to resist… she wasn’t like Yun Meng Xin, who was gentle on the outside by tough on the inside.

“Don’t worry, lil brother Su. If Xue Yi dares to bully Su’Er, as his father, I definitely won’t let him off.” Xuanyuan Sheng said as he nodded.

Xuanyuan Xue Yi said with a sincere gaze, “I hereby promise Uncle Su, as well as all seniors from the Su family, no matter what happens, I won’t let Su’Er suffer even a bit of injustice. I’ll do everything in my power to make her the happiest girl in the world.”

“Very good!” Su Hong Cheng vigorously nodded, “Hearing you say that, I can be at ease.”

Su Hong Cheng turned and faced everyone else in the hall as he loudly said, “Dear friends, you can see that my daughter and the Xuanyuan family’s Xue Yi are both willing. Brother Xuanyuan and I have been friends for many years, and today also happens to be my daughter’s 16th birthday. With all of you here today, we shall formally resolve upon this matter. Does anyone… have any objections?”

Of course, Su Hong Cheng’s last sentence was simply a courtesy, and was used to make the guests react. As expected, as soon as he said this, many of the guests started to call out.

“The Su family’s princess and Xuanyuan family’s prince are a match made in heaven. This is a wonderful event.”

“They’re the perfect pair; anyone would be jealous.”

“Congratulations brother Su for finding a good family for your daughter. I wish my daughter can marry into such a good family in future.” Hearing H

“Lil brother Su, all that’s left is to drink the celebratory wine. Don’t make us wait too long, hahaha…”

All sorts of congratulations, blessings and well-wishes rang out around the hall. On the stage, Su Hong Cheng and the Xuanyuan father and son beamed. To them, this matter was already set in stone. After formally agreeing on it today, the marriage would be in 2 years at the latest.

The only person on the stage who didn’t look to happy was Su’Er. She didn’t say a single word, and was unable to say anything. In fact, she was unable to even look at anyone.

“I object!”

An incredibly piercing voice suddenly rang out amidst all of the other voices. Everyone looked over in astonishment, and the hall fell into silence.

At the back of the hall, near the middle, stood a young man wearing a white suit and pants. He wore an ill-matching peaked cap, which was pulled low over his face, making it so that people could only see the lower half of his face.

His existence was completely unexpected- those who were nearest to him only just discovered that he was standing there. None of them knew when he had arrived. Even Su Hong Cheng and the others on the stage just realised that there was a person there. White was the most eye-catching colour, and yet they didn’t recall seeing such a person. Su Hong Cheng had greeted every single guest at the entrance, but he didn’t remember anyone wearing a full set of white clothing come in.