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Chapter 499: On The Verge Of Disaster

On The Verge Of Disaster

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

None of them could believe Su’Er would say such a thing.

For this birthday banquet, the Su family had invited almost all of China’s richest and most powerful families. All of them wielded great authority within China. They had gone to all of this trouble to let them bear witness to the marriage between the Su and Xuanyuan families, so that this matter would be publicly acknowledged and for them to support Su’Er.

No one expected such a thing to happen.

Su Hong Cheng understood just how serious the consequences of today’s rejection would be. The hall was filled with guests he had invited to bear witness to this event, but now, he wished they could all disappear. He didn’t dare to look at the Xuanyuan father and son’s faces. Instead, he hurriedly put his hands on Su’Er’s shoulders. The noble and dignified Mayor Su started to stutter while speaking, “Su’Er, y-y-ou… what did you say… this… y-you can’t joke about things like this… you agreed to this engagement, r-r-right…”

Su’Er shook her said as she softly said, “Dad, I’m not joking. Xuanyuan Xue Yi is indeed, quite excellent, but I don’t like him at all. Before, I didn’t refuse, because dad, uncle and aunty… were all set on this matter. You all felt that Xuanyuan Xue Yi was the best match for me, and always said that I would be happy if I married into his family. I was afraid that if I refused, dad, uncle and aunty wouldn’t be happy, so I… I…”

Su’Er’s voice was incredibly soft, but everyone could hear the determination in her voice. As her father, even Su Hong Cheng felt unfamiliar with this side of his daughter. From his memories, his daughter had always been gentle and meek like a kitten. Normally, she would agree with what he said, and was incredibly obedient. Hearing her words, Su Hong Cheng felt a bit stunned… At this moment, he realised that what he had interpreted as his daughter’s agreement was simply her personality… Just because she didn’t refuse didn’t mean she was truly wiling.

Today was the first time she had opposed him so resolutely.

Although the consequences were incredibly severe, Su Hong Cheng simply couldn’t become angry at this incredibly lovely daughter of his. He bitterly smiled as he said, “Ai, it was my fault for not asking you properly; it’s not your fault… if that’s how you really feel… how about we slow down the matter with you and Xue Yi. There’s no reason to completely reject it. After all, you haven’t interacted much, and haven’t gotten to know each other. This was overlooked by brother Xuanyuan and myself. However, feelings can be slowly developed. Moreover, Xue Yi is incredibly handsome, and has a good personality, as well as terrific sword arts. No one will be able to bully you if you are with him…”

Su Hong Cheng was still giving his final attempt at saving this engagement party. He simply didn’t want to give up on the marriage with Xuanyuan Xue Yi, as the consequences were simply too dire. They simply couldn’t afford to offend the Long family’s guardian family, the Xuanyuan family that had existed for thousands of years!

Moreover, he was quite fond of Xuanyuan Xue Yi. He felt that there were very few young men who could compare to him, and if they really rejected Xuanyuan Xue Yi, it would be difficult for his daughter to find such an excellent man again. However, he didn’t expect her to once again refuse, as well as say something even more shocking, “Dad… I’m sorry… I can’t like him… I already… like someone…”

“Who is it? Who’s the person that you like? Su Hong Cheng hurriedly asked. He was much more emotional than a normal father would be. He thought he understood his daughter quite well- usually, she would stay at home, and even if she went out, she would always be with the same sisters. Normally, she would never come into contact with men. After she decided to help Yun Meng Xin, she requested to move out. Faced with this request from his daughter, who never went out, Su Hong Cheng happily agreed. She would be staying with the Battle Alliance’s Xiao Zhan’s only daughter, as well as the Yun family’s daughter, so there was no reason for him to worry. He believed that in doing so, she definitely wouldn’t come into contact with any other men.

And now, she had told him that she liked someone…

Su Hong Chen almost fainted after hearing that.

As for the Xuanyuan family’s father and son, they looked as if they had just swallowed a few flies.

She already liked someone… and yet they organised an engagement party with the Xuanyuan family… and then publicly rejected Xue Yi! Did they think the Xuanyuan family were monkeys?! As for Xuanyuan Xue Yi, although he was doing his best to stay calm, his face became slightly twisted… he could almost feel the humiliation of being cuckolded.

“Already has someone she likes? Haha…” Xuanyuan Sheng finally spoke as he coldly laughed. This caused everyone’s hearts to tremble, and Su Hong Cheng inwardly sighed. He knew that the leader of the Xuanyuan family was furious.

In the end, the Su family wielded too much power. Xuanyuan Sheng could vent his anger, but he couldn’t go too far. He looked at the young man wearing a set of white clothing and the peaked cap as he found an outlet to vent on… if it wasn’t for this person suddenly jumping out, how could the situation become like this? He pointed at Ling Chen as he coldly said, “Little Su’Er, don’t tell me that your lover is him! I was wondering why that young man suddenly jumped out and said those things, and hearing that Su’Er already has someone she likes… haha, although I’m not very smart, I can see what’s going on.”

Xuanyuan Sheng’s cold laughter and actions caused the countless gazes to once again fall on Ling Chen’s body. Su Hong Cheng knew that he was taking out his anger on Ling Chen, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He could only sigh as he said, “Brother Xuanyuan, I simply…”

However, Xuanyuan Sheng cut him off. The cold smile remained on his face, and he didn’t even look at Su Hong Cheng as he stared at Ling Chen, “Lil brother Su doesn’t need to say anything more- I understand. What a pity, it seems that my son Xue Yi is unworthy to be associated with your Su family. In that case, I’ll at least see how your princess Su’Er’s lover is. I want to see what sort of godly person he is; he’s surely hundreds of times better than my useless son, Xue Yi, right?”

Su Hong Cheng bitterly laughed, “Brother Xuanyuan, you’ve misunderstood. We don’t even…”


This wave of laughter suddenly cut Su Hong Chen off. Ling Chen was laughing so hard that his head tilted back, and the laughter filled every inch of the hall, “Xuanyuan Sheng, we’ve known each other for such a long time, and its only been a few months since we last saw each other. What, do you not recognise me?”

The white peaked cap was sent flying high into the air, and landed far away. Ling Chen’s grinning face was revealed to Xuanyuan Sheng, as well as the rest of the people present.

“It’s… It’s you!!”

Xuanyuan Sheng let out a fearful cry, as his eyes instantly widened. He stumbled back a few steps, as if he had been pushed… his reaction caused everyone to feel incredibly shocked. What sort of person was Xuanyuan Sheng? He was the leader of the Xuanyuan family! He had stepped into a realm that mortals were incapable of stepping in, and was almost a legendary existence. No one could compare to his status, background and strength. There was almost nothing that he was afraid of in the world…

However, facing this young man, he was incredibly terrified, as if he had seen the god of ghosts!

“Heheh…” Ling Chen laughed with great relish, “Xuanyuan family’s leader, your arm seems to have recovered quite well. However, your left and right arms don’t seem to be very symmetrical. Do you want me to help you adjust your left~~ arm~~ a bit?”

“You… You…” Xuanyuan Sheng was breathing raggedly and his entire body trembled. His face was deathly pale, and was beaded with sweat. The pain from having his arm ripped off made him want to die, and on the way to the hospital, he had considered ending his life many times. After a few months had passed, his right arm had recovered quite a bit, but the trauma left on him would remain with him for the rest of his life. Xuanyuan Sheng had never feared anyone before, but Ling Chen had become his worst nightmare.

“It’s you!!!”

This roar came from Murong Xiong Tian. He stood up from his seat with a ‘whoosh’ as all of the muscles in his body tightened.

It had been quite dark that night, and Ling Chen had been covered in blood. Murong Xiong Tian hadn’t been able to see Ling Chen very clearly, so when he saw Ling Chen at the banquet, he only felt that he looked a familiar, but couldn’t place him. Only when he talked about Xuanyuan Sheng’s arm did he confirm who Ling Chen was and roared out. As he shot up, more and more people recognised him.

“It’s him! That national fugitive Ling Chen! The leader of the terrorist group!”

As soon as that was yelled out, the people who felt that Ling Chen looked familiar immediately recognised him. The hall was instantly filled with cries of shock and fear. Su Yi Cheng jumped onto the stage and stood in front of Su Hong Cheng and Su’Er as he deeply frowned… to the rest of the world, it was said that Ling Chen had lead a terrorist group to attack the Long family. However, as the third highest Senior Official in China, how could he not know the truth… that night, a single young man had ripped through the Long family’s defensive lines and destroyed their seven main forces, as well as injured Murong Xiong Tian, Xuanyuan Sheng and Xuanyuan Dao…

That person was like a demon god…

He had always wanted to know what sort of person could possess such terrifying and inhuman strength… and now, that person was standing in front of him… and he looked even younger than in his photos!

“Capture him… no! Immediately execute him!!”

Su Yi Cheng immediately reacted and resolutely gave an order. This young man was the most terrifying creature in all of China, and the things that he had done caused Su Yi Cheng to tremble. Seeing him here, all he wanted was for him to die.

Hearing his yell, 30 or so hidden guards shot out from different positions like cheetahs. 30 barrels were pointed towards Ling Chen’s solar plexus… Su’Er’s face immediately paled, and just as she was going to shout for them to stop, an ear-shattering yell suddenly rang out, “STOP!!!”