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Chapter 500: Who’s Looking To Die?

Who’s Looking To Die?

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Surprisingly, the one who yelled out was Murong Xiong Tian. Hearing him yell out, all of the guards who were about to pull the trigger stopped. As the leader of the seven main forces, Murong Xiong Tian was like a god to all soldiers. No one dared to disobey an order from him.

Immediately, all eyes fell on Murong Xiong Tian. Su Yi Cheng, who had given the order, also looked at him, but didn’t say anything. Xuanyuan Sheng’s gaze also became sharp. Both of them knew that just a few months ago, Murong Xiong Tian had been pitifully defeated by Ling Chen in just three bouts, and was injured so badly that he bled from all 7 orifices of his face. He was absolutely furious afterwards, as it was the greatest humiliation he had ever suffered in his life.

Both Su Yi Cheng and Xuanyuan Sheng knew why he had stepped out, so neither of them said anything.

Murong Xiong Tian pushed through the guards surrounding Ling Chen, and his mountain-like body stood in front of Ling Chen. His eyes were narrowed as he stared at Ling Chen, creating an incredibly heavy atmosphere.

The pressure Murong Xiong Tian was emitting was incredibly suffocating, and everyone close to him felt as if there was an iron board weighing down on their chests, making it incredibly difficult for them to breathe. The entire hall became so silent that it would be possible to hear a pin drop. No one had thought that a birthday banquet could develop into such a situation. The Su family’s princess had publicly rejected the arranged marriage with the Xuanyuan family, a national fugitive had appeared, causing Xuanyuan Sheng to shake with fear… and what was Murong Xiong Tian going to do now?

“You want to fight with me?” Facing the pressure that was intentionally released by Murong Xiong Tian, Ling Chen didn’t seem fazed at all. In fact, he didn’t even seem wary. He had his arms folded across his chest as he complacently looked at him.

How could Ling Chen not understand what Murong Xiong Tian’s intent was.

“Hmph!” Murong Xiong Tian coldly harrumphed as the pressure he was emitting slightly increased. He lowered his gaze, his eyes burning with flames, “Ling Chen, you’re still alive… and not only are you alive, you seem to be mostly healed from those fatal injuries.”

“I’m not just mostly healed; I’ve long since been fully healed.” Ling Chen smilingly replied.

Murong Xiong Tian had personally seen how grievous Ling Chen’s wounds had been that night. Those wounds were enough to kill a normal person countless times- if they were on Murong Xiong Tian’s body, he would have been dead without a doubt. He believed that even if Ling Chen survived, he would be crippled… at the very least, his left hand had been almost destroyed by the Blood Wolves’ leader, and his right arm had almost been cut off by Xuanyuan Sheng. Even the best doctor in the world wouldn’t be able to heal such injuries.

However, normal logic did not apply to Ling Chen’s monstrous body. Not only had he fully recovered, but it had taken him less than half a month to fully recover. If Murong Xiong Tian knew about this, he would be so shocked that his jaw would fall to the ground… no, he definitely wouldn’t even believe it.

“Fully healed?” Murong Xiong Tian’s eyebrows jumped, showing his surprise. He then coldly laughed, “Excellent. Let’s have a fair fight then. Last time, I underestimated you and was too careless, so I lost to you… That was the most humiliating defeat in my lifetime! I can only wash away that humiliation by completely defeating you!”

To Murong Xiong Tian, that night’s defeat was the most humiliating thing he had ever experienced in his entire life.

Back then, he had only fought with Ling Chen for 3 bouts: the first bout, Ling Chen had taken the initiative to attack, and Murong Xiong Tian hadn’t bothered to dodge or evade. Ling Chen was sent flying back from the impact, and his right hand was dislocated, while Murong Xiong Tian only felt a bit of pain. The second bout, Murong Xiong Tian had clashed fists with Ling Chen, causing Ling Chen to fly more than 10 metres away, and dislocated his entire right arm, as well as caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood. Murong Xiong Tian had put about 60% of his power into that strike.

The third bout, he had used 80% of his power. He had wanted to blow apart Ling Chen’s head, but his punch had missed. Ling Chen’s punch had turned into a knifehand strike, and heavily struck Murong Xiong Tian in the temple. Despite being a ‘metal’ esper, being hit in that deadly spot, his consciousness was scattered. He was then hit so hard in the head that all 7 of his orifices started to bleed until he completely fainted. Murong Xiong Tian was publicly acknowledged to be the strongest esper in all of China, and after becoming famous, he had only lost to Xuanyuan Dao before. Moreover, it was while Xuanyuan Dao was using the incredibly sharp Azure Edge Sword. No matter if it was his strength or his body, he completely outclassed Ling Chen! Beating Ling Chen would be incredibly easy, and he attributed that night’s loss to his carelessness and arrogance. As such, he felt incredibly sullen about that loss. The feeling of losing to a junior who was far inferior to himself felt incredibly humiliating to him.

As such, when he saw Ling Chen today, he was determined to defeat him to wash away this humiliation.

Hearing Murong Xiong Tian’s words, Ling Chen’s expression became one of amusement. He looked at Murong Xiong Tian strangely as he gave a humourless smile, “Are you sure? Aren’t you worried that you’ll lose even more pitifully this time, increasing that humiliation even more?”

Murong Xiong Tian once again coldly laughed as his muscles expanded and contracted, “Brat, it’s quite surprising that you can have such strength at such a young age. However, there are people beyond people, and heavens beyond heavens. Do you think you can defeat me with your strength?”

Murong Xiong Tian lifted his thick and muscular right arm as he coldly continued speaking, “You’ll soon know that under my hands, you won’t even be able to struggle.” “Really, now?” Ling Chen nodded as his gaze became even stranger. He leisurely spoke, “Last time, I attacked you first, and it was your duty to try to stop me. As such, a fight was inevitable. As for this time… mm, this is princess Su’Er’s birthday banquet, so fighting would ruin everything. Moreover, there simply isn’t any irreconcilable hatred between leader Murong and myself. Why do we need to fight to the death? If leader Murong is determined to reclaim his honour, why not keep things simple… I heard that leader Murong is specialised in strength-based attacks, so why not compete in strength?”

“Compete in strength? You want to compete with me in strength?” Murong Xiong Tian almost laughed out loud, and everyone else in the hall was completely flabbergasted. They naturally knew how terrifyingly powerful Murong Xiong Tian was. Both his strength and the toughness of his body had exceeded human’s limits. It was difficult for even high calibre bullets to pierce his body, and he could punch through a thick iron board… and yet, this young man wanted to compete with him in terms of strength?

On the stage, Su Yi Cheng’s gaze never left Ling Chen. His eyes flashed as he muttered, “Looking to die!”

“That’s right, competing in strength.” Ling Chen stretched out his right arm… compared to Murong Xiong Tian’s arm, it looked incredibly skinny and weak. Not only could it not be described as ‘muscular and powerful’, but it even looked as white and weak as a woman’s arm. It was difficult to see that it could contain even a bit of strength.

After swinging his arm around, Ling Chen slowly said, “The method for competing is quite simple. I’ll punch, and Murong Xiong Tian will punch. A punch against a punch- whoever can’t withstand the other person’s punch will be the loser. This method is incredibly simple and direct- why do we need to fight and kill each other?”

In that instant, countless people looked at Ling Chen like an idiot.

“Hahahahaha…” That was the funniest joke Murong Xiong Tian had ever heard. He had been a metal esper from birth, and had been incredibly strong since he was young. No one had ever requested to compete with him in strength, as that was simply ridiculous. Even Xuanyuan Dao used roundabout attacks when fighting him, and never dared to clash with him in terms of strength. Moreover, Murong Xiong Tian had witnessed Ling Chen’s strength before… he was indeed quite strong, to the point that he could make Murong Xiong Tian’s body burn with pain, but it was still nothing to him. If they directly clashed, he was 10,000% sure that he would be able to completely obliterate Ling Chen’s arm.

That night, Ling Chen had displayed his frightening agility. If he had tried to use his strengths against Murong Xiong Tian, Murong Xiong Tian would have had to be wary, lest he once again fell into Ling Chen’s trap. However, Ling Chen was simply ‘looking to die’, and obviously didn’t take him seriously. This caused Murong Xiong Tian to coldly laugh as flames of fury rose within him. He simply couldn’t reject this proposal, “Very well, your suggestion is terrific. I’m sure it’s so good that you’ll remember it for a lifetime!”

“Remember it for a lifetime? I’m not sure what you mean. I’m pretty sure that I’ll forget about something small like this after a nap.” Ling Chen smirked.

This blatant condescension caused Murong Xiong Tian to feel even more furious. He was going to show some mercy to Ling Chen, but now decided that he wouldn’t hold back at all and use 100% of his power.

Murong Xiong Tian raised his right arm as his dark skin bulged with veins, “Well then, are you ready?”

“Ready? Haha, of course I’m ready. Senior Murong, attack when you’re ready. I’ll definitely receive the punch.”

The ‘ready’ Ling Chen looked incredibly casual, as if he was taking a stroll on the beach. His arms were still folded across his chest, and he hadn’t bothered to move at all.

Murong Xiong Tian roared in fury, “Looking to die!!”

His voice sounded like thunder in everyone’s ears, and a tremor passed through the guest’s bodies. Murong Xiong Tian’s brows tightened, and as he raised his right arm, the muscular arm seemed to become even thicker. The blue veins expanded and contracted, as if they were going to explode… following which, a punch containing all of Murong Xiong Tian’s strength rocketed towards Ling Chen’s face.

Having been repeatedly provoked by Ling Chen, Murong Xiong Tian didn’t even hesitate to use his full strength.

In that instant, the people near Murong Xiong Tian felt a wild gust of wind sweep towards them. Those within 10 metres were forced back by 3 steps, and the incredible pressure caused everyone to hold their breaths…

Some people tightly closed their eyes, not willing to see the bloody scene… anyone could see that Murong Xiong Tian had used his full strength, and would probably crush this young man into minced meat. On the stage, Su’Er covered her eyes as she screamed in fear…

When Murong Xiong Tian’s fist was about half a metre away from his face, Ling Chen suddenly sprang into action. His right arm suddenly shot out like a bolt of lightning, and was so fast that no one could see his fist clearly… he didn’t dodge, nor did he twist his body. Instead, he sent his fist shooting towards Murong Xiong Tian’s full-powered punch. In the next instant, it smashed into the fist that was 3-4 times bigger than his own…


The sound of the 2 fists colliding sounded like a bomb exploding… in that instant, a cold smile appeared on Ling Chen’s face.

Competing in strength? Who’s looking to die?