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Chapter 503: The Sword That Ended A Lineage

The Sword That Ended A Lineage

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Xuanyuan Xue Yi had essentially performed an AV show in front of all of China, and it was an extravagant threesome. After today, this matter would soon spread to the rest of the world.

From today onwards, almost every single person would know Xuanyuan Xue Yi’s name. Following which, his life would be half-destroyed. His reputation had been completely annihilated, and despite being the young master of the Xuanyuan family, he wouldn’t have the face to ever go out again. Furthermore, it was as if a tub of dung had been poured on the Xuanyuan family that had once seemed mysterious and powerful to outsiders.

Even Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng couldn’t help but pity Xuanyuan Xue Yi. They also marvelled at how vicious the mastermind behind all this was… these methods were simply too cruel. Of course, the mastermind was Ling Chen- could he have some sort of irreconcilable hatred with Xuanyuan Xue Yi?

Could it be… that this was the beginning of his revenge against the Long family?

Xuanyuan Xue Yi looked like a duck that had been scared stiff by thunder, and didn’t move an inch. He felt as if the world was spinning around him, and he was woken up by Ling Chen’s wild laughter. His handsome face became as vicious as a demon’s, and he destroyed his elegant image as he hoarsely roared, “Ling Chen! There are no grievances between us, and yet, you… you!!!”

The extreme shock and humiliation Xuanyuan Xue Yi felt caused him to be unable to even finish his sentence. The people near Ling Chen all subconsciously took a step back, trying to get as far away from him as possible. This sort of humiliation being broadcast to the entire country, and potentially the entire world, was even crueller than killing someone tens of times.

“Eh? There are no grievances between us?” Ling Chen spoke in a mocking tone, “How do you know there are no grievances between us?”

“I’ll kill you!!”

This was the first time in his life Xuanyuan Xue Yi had lost control like this. He furiously roared as he jumped down from the stage and rushed towards Ling Chen. How could the Xuanyuan family’s number 1 expert in the younger generation have ordinary skills? His agile body reached Ling Chen in an instant, and knocked everyone in his path away.

“Xue Yi, stop!!”

Xuanyuan Sheng roared out. He wasn’t any less angry than Xuanyuan Xue Yi, but he had fought with Ling Chen twice, and knew just how monstrously powerful Ling Chen was. Just then, Murong Xiong Tian had lost to him pitifully, and although Xuanyuan Xue Yi was quite strong, he was nothing in front of Ling Chen.

Xuanyuan Sheng’s right arm still hadn’t fully recovered, and his body was still a bit weak. As such, he couldn’t stop Xuanyuan Xue Yi at all. By the time he had yelled out, Xuanyuan Xue Yi was right in front of Ling Chen, and pulled at his waist as something flashed. He had pulled out a slim and flexible sword from around his waist. The people from the Xuanyuan family always carried a sword on them. In an era where cold weapons were completely suppressed by modern weapons, carrying a sword around openly would only attract unnecessary attention. As such, when they went out, they would always bring a flexible sword, with their belts acting as the sheathe.

As soon as the flexible sword appeared, it created a net of illusory swords which covered Ling Chen as Xuanyuan Xue Yi roared out. It seemed that Xuanyuan Xue Yi wanted to cut Ling Chen into pieces. Ling Chen coldly laughed, and surprisingly, held out his hand towards the approaching net of illusory swords… compared to how fast Xuanyuan Xue Yi’s illusory swords were moving, Ling Chen’s hand seemed incredibly slow. As his hands and the illusory swords were about to clash, everyone could already see Ling Chen’s hand being split into a bloodied mess…

A hum sounded out…

The bloody scene didn’t eventuate. Everyone heard a gentle hum as the vast net of illusory swords disappeared, and the true flexible sword appeared. It was about 1 metre long and less than 2 inches wide, and was incredibly lustrous. It contained a might that everyone could detect, and definitely wasn’t forged from ordinary metals. Xuanyuan Xue Yi was holding the sword on one end, while the other end was caught between Ling Chen’s fingertips.

Ling Chen had easily caught the flexible in between his fingertips, as if he was casually taking something out from this pocket. The countless illusory swords were like jokes in front of him.

Xuanyuan Xue Yi looked bewildered, as his eyes became as wide as plates- he was incredibly shocked. He subconsciously tried to jerk the flexible sword back, but found that the sword did not even budge. It was as if the sword wasn’t caught between Ling Chen’s fingertips, but was stuck under a heavy mountain.

Seeing the sweating Xuanyuan Xue Yi in front of him, Ling Chen suddenly recalled many memories that he didn’t want to remember. Anger and resentment began to well up inside of him as he released the flexible sword and rushed towards Xuanyuan Xue Yi, kicking him in the abdomen.

He had kicked incredibly heavily, and Xuanyuan Xue Yi’s body flew out as if he had been smashed by a hammer that was thousands of kilograms heavy. He flew 20 to 30 metres before crashing onto the stage.

“Xue Yi!”

Xuanyuan Sheng cried out and began to rush over. However, just as he took a single step, he saw something bright flash past. That light seemed quite familiar, and seemed to belong to the sword that never left Xuanyuan Xue Yi’s side. It was travelling too fast, and seemed like a meteor. He was unable to do anything as it pierced towards Xuanyuan Xue Yi… It accurately pierced right between his legs.


Blood flew through the air, and a wail like a pig being slaughtered sounded out. Everyone who heard this felt their hearts seize and their scalps numb… Xuanyuan Xue Yi, who was stunned by Ling Chen’s vigorous kick, was shocked back to his senses by the intense pain. His hands gripped the lower half of his body as he screamed and cried.

Everyone could clearly see a pool of blood gathering underneath his body…

“Xue… Yi!!” Xuanyuan Sheng frantically rushed over. Su Yi Cheng deeply frowned and said in a low voice to the people next to him, “Hurry and call over the military doctors.”

“Dad… Dad… I… Ah…” Xuanyuan Xue Yi’s bloodied hands tightly held onto Xuanyuan Sheng as he wailed, tears covering his face. Since he had become an adult, this was the first time he had cried, and he was crying so pitifully. Because of the pain from being pierced by the sword, he couldn’t feel the lower half of his body.

This meant that he had lost the most important symbol to a man- this was something no man could bear. In future, no matter how high his status was, or how handsome he was, or how powerful he was, he would forever live in humiliation and would never be able to raise his head. Even a normal person could laugh at him and pity him. This successor to the Xuanyuan family would become their shame, and the haloes around him would disappear forever… Xuanyuan Sheng’s hands trembled as he ripped Xuanyuan Xue Yi’s pants off. Seeing the bloodied mess, he felt as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning… if Xuanyuan Xue Yi’s genitals had simply been cut off, with the current medical expertise, there would be some hope in restoring them. However, Ling Chen had used an incredibly cruel technique when he had thrown the sword. Because of how fast the sword was travelling, no one saw it rapidly rotating as it sped through the air. When it reached Xuanyuan Xue Yi, it completely annihilated his genitals…

Hearing his son’s cries of pain and despair, Xuanyuan Sheng’s vision darkened and he almost fainted. In that moment, he almost started to weep as well.

Everyone present almost didn’t dare to breathe. None of them had the courage to look at the smiling young man dressed in white… In front of so many people, in front of Xuanyuan Sheng, he had castrated Xuanyuan Xue Yi…

He had done this despite the Xuanyuan family’s current leader being present; despite Xuanyuan Xue Yi being the successor to the Xuanyuan family!

There would now be irreconcilable hatred between this young man in white and the Xuanyuan family, and they would never be able to co-exist.

Moreover, despite facing the Xuanyuan family, he had still acted so unreservedly and without hesitation. Evidently, he didn’t care about the Xuanyuan family hating him- in fact, it seemed like he wanted them to hate him as much as possible.

What sort of enmity did he have with the Xuanyuan family for him to do such a thing? Even a madman would have no reason to act like this.

2 medical doctors from the Su family quickly rushed over. As soon as they entered, they were given a big fright from Xuanyuan Xue Yi’s cries of despair. When they came over to Xuanyuan Xue Yi and examined his injuries, they looked at each other then looked at him pitifully, and took him away… when they passed Ling Chen, he did not move at all, as if he hadn’t seen them taking Xuanyuan Xue Yi away. After all, he never planned to kill Xuanyuan Xue Yi.

How could allowing Xuanyuan Xue Yi to happily die get rid of the hatred that he had stored up within him for more than 10 years?

As he stood up, Xuanyuan Sheng’s tear-stained face calmed down. He knew that his son’s life was essentially over. His reputation had been destroyed, and even his body had lost the right to be called a man. Xuanyuan Sheng stood in front of Ling Chen, but did not go berserk or burst out in fury. His eyes were calm and dim as he slowly asked, “Ling Chen… if you wanted to take revenge, why not take it out on the Long family, as opposed to my Xuanyuan family… If you wanted to take revenge on the Xuanyuan family, why did you take it out on my son, as opposed to me… Xue Yi… He never attacked you in the past, so why did you attack him so cruelly…”

“Good question…” Ling Chen coldly nodded as he closed his eyes and slowly spoke, “My little sister Shui Ruo had no grievances with the Long family or the Xuanyuan family. She was incredibly kind, and it was because of her, I didn’t even go near the Long family for 6 years, despite how much I hated them. However…”

Ling Chen’s body suddenly started to tremble as his expression became savage. He hoarsely roared, “Why did you people kill her?! Why?? Tell me why!! What did she do wrong?? Give me a reason!!”

Xuanyuan Sheng was completely dumbfounded. How could he not have known that Ling Chen’s little sister Shui Ruo had died when the Long family attacked their home. He knew that because of this, Ling Chen had prepared to give up his life and attack the Long family to take revenge.