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Chapter 504: I Need A Hostage

I Need A Hostage

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Xuanyuan Sheng did not ask anything else, nor could he answer Ling Chen’s question, as he slowly walked forwards. This incredibly powerful leader of the Xuanyuan family walked like an old man who was approaching his coffin, and had none of the spirit he had before.

When he walked past Ling Chen, he didn’t stop, nor did he attack, and Ling Chen did not try to stop him either.

Xuanyuan Sheng wanted to dismember Ling Chen’s body, but he couldn’t defeat him even in his best condition, let alone now. With his right arm heavily injured, he simply wasn’t his opponent. If he was a normal father, even if he knew it would result in his death, he would have attacked Ling Chen. However, he was the Xuanyuan family’s leader. He used all of his willpower to stop himself from attacking, because he couldn’t afford to die here. If he died, the family would descend into chaos, and he would lose any chance to take revenge for his son in future.

Despite being the leader of the Xuanyuan family, he had watched as his son was castrated before him. This sort of humiliation made him feel like breaking down, and he held it within him as he walked towards the door. Ling Chen did not say a single word, much less anyone else.

“Ling Chen, I won’t forget this hatred from today. The Xuanyuan family… will await your revenge any time.” He paused, then suddenly asked, “I hope you answer a question of mine… Murong Xiong Tian’s strength and body have approached the limit for humans, and he can’t become any stronger. This is something all espers have agreed on since many years ago. As for you, your strength and body all surpass Murong Xiong Tian’s. Moreover, your speed, eye sight, reaction speed… are all incomprehensible. Moreover, you’re only in your twenties…”

Ling Chen: “……”

“I’ve never heard of a person like you before! No matter if it’s in China, or in the entire world, there has never been such a person before. I want to know… are you a human or not?!”

Xuanyuan Sheng’s question seemed quite strange. He was asking the person right in front of him if he was a human or not.

However, this question did not seem strange to Xuanyuan Sheng at all. He had even considered whether Ling Chen was some sort of man-made monster… an incredibly powerful cyborg made by an incredibly technologically advanced country… or a being from another world…

He was a martial artist, one of the very few martial artists left in the world, and one that stood at the peak. He was very clear as to how strong Ling Chen was… His strength was something that humans simply could not possess.

“Tell Long Zheng Yang and Long Tian Yun not to step outside. And you, before I change my mind, disappear from my sight. Otherwise, I might become interested in your left arm as well.”

Ling Chen coldly laughed as he spoke. This was his answer for Xuanyuan Sheng; an incredibly harsh answer.

Xuanyuan Sheng didn’t dally anymore, and immediately left.

The hall once again lapsed into silence.

A video of the Xuanyuan family’s young master had been shown on China’s news channel… Xuanyuan Xue Yi had been publicly castrated… Xuanyuan Sheng had walked off in humiliation… If Ling Chen said he was a demon, who would say otherwise?

With a demon so close to the everyone’s hearts beat rapidly, and they held their breaths, as they were afraid they could catch the attention of this demon. All of them were desperate to leave and run as far away as possible, but with Ling Chen standing near the door, who would dare to walk towards him?

At this moment, Ling Chen spoke. He looked at Su Hong Cheng on the stage as he calmly said, “Mayor Su, shouldn’t you be thanking me?”

Su Hong Cheng stared at Ling Chen dumbly.

“If I didn’t come here, you would have inadvertently ruined your daughter’s life. Would you agree?”

Hearing Ling Chen say this, Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng’s foreheads erupted with cold sweat.

Thinking back to the video, Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng were so furious that they felt their heads were going to explode. Seeing Xuanyuan Xue Yi being castrated, these 2 men who wielded much power, who had greatly appreciated him before, felt quite delighted. If it wasn’t for Ling Chen’s sudden appearance tonight, the engagement party would have gone ahead smoothly, and they would have pushed their beloved Su’Er into a terrifying abyss.

Su Hong Cheng sincerely said, “Although I can’t agree with some of your methods, but my Su family should indeed thank you.”

“And… what else?” Ling Chen smiled, “You’re a Mayor in China, and Chief Su holds great military power in China. As for me, I’m a national fugitive; the head of a terrorist organisation. Plus, I just severely injured an important person right in front of you. With your positions, you should be capturing me right away… No, you should be executing me on the spot.

Execute him on the spot? Su Hong Cheng’s eyes twitched… of course Su Hong Cheng wanted to. This demonic young man was simply too terrifying. Just by looking at him, this young man made him, the Mayor of Beijing, feel incredibly suffocated. However, how could he not know that this man had singlehandedly turned the Long family upside down? He had also personally said that he had killed 2000 people from the Long family… This was despite the soldiers stationed at the Long family all being elites! There were even super elites from the seven main forces. Killing 2000 people was simply mind-blowing. That night, Murong Xiong Tian had been utterly defeated, Xuanyuan Sheng’s arm had been ripped off, and Xuanyuan Dao had been heavily injured, and all while he had taken hundreds of bullets and had countless wounds on his body… and just then, he had once again destroyed Murong Xiong Tian with a single punch.

Wanting to execute a monster like this? What a joke!

If someone accidentally shot, they would give this monster an excuse to massacre the entire Su family… If even the Long family had to pay a heavy price to stop him, how could the Su family stop him? He would simply obliterate their entire family!

Su Yi Cheng spoke, “What you said is quite true. With our positions, we should execute you on the spot. However, you showed us a great kindness in preventing this engagement from going ahead. As such, we won’t make things difficult for you. You can leave, and no one here will stop you.”

Su Yi Cheng’s words gave the Su family a way out… Execute Ling Chen? They simply didn’t dare to try. Let him go? If the Su family let a national fugitive go, what would everyone say? As such, Su Yi Cheng gave the Su family a justification for letting Ling Chen go.

To the Su family, as well as everyone else present, they were desperate for this demon to leave… Of course, that was everyone except Su’Er. What caused them to be overjoyed was that Ling Chen smiled and calmly replied, “Since the Xuanyuan family’s people have left, there’s no reason for me to stay. Since Chief Su and Mayor Su are so magnanimous, not leaving now would be rude of me. I hope to see you again.”

After speaking, he turned and started to walk away.

Ling Chen’s words were a misdirection: he had made everyone believe that he had come here to take revenge on the Xuanyuan family, and had nothing to do with the Su family.

Su’Er opened her mouth and couldn’t help herself from taking a step forwards as she watched Ling Chen leave.

Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng let out a sigh of relief. They looked at each other, and felt as if a massive burden had been lifted off their shoulders.

The guests also wiped the cold sweat off their brows… the demon was finally leaving.

Ling Chen pushed open the half-opened door, and the instant he stepped out of the hall, the sound of hundreds of guns being loaded rang out. Hundreds of guns pointed at his head, and all of them were heavy machine guns. Hundreds of metres away, there were 10 snipers positioned at different locations with many red dots pointing at his forehead and temples.

Outside the hall, the densely gathered machine guns caused the guests’ faces to fall. Some of the women covered the mouths, holding back their cries of fear. Ling Chen’s eyes narrowed, and half-turned around as he coldly asked, “This is what you meant by no one stopping me when I left?”

This group of people had been called here by Su Yi Cheng to deal with Ling Chen. However, because Ling Chen had no intention to make things difficult for their Su family, these people were not needed. Su Yi Cheng hurriedly ordered, “Immediately lower your guns and retreat. No one’s allowed to stop him!”

This command was issued by Su Yi Cheng, and it was like an imperial decree. Immediately, the sounds of guns being put away sounded out as all of the soldiers outside took 2 steps back, creating a path for Ling Chen. The red dots on Ling Chen’s head also disappeared. Ling Chen harrumphed, and told around, and looked at Su’Er in the eyes… and saw a look of worry and reluctance to see him leave. Ling Chen’s mouth lifted up into a smile.


A gust of wind suddenly rose up as Ling Chen stepped back into the hall at in incredible speed. He was simply too fast, and no one even saw him clearly. All they saw was a white blur flash past, and in an instant, he had reached the stage.


Cries of shock sounded out as everyone looked over to the stage. Ling Chen was standing behind Su’Er with a cold smile on his face. One hand was on her arm, while the other was around her neck. Su’Er’s timid eyes trembled, and seemed to be filled with tears. Evidently, she was utterly terrified.

“What are you doing? Let her go!!” Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng were horrified, and yelled out.

“What am I doing? What are you doing?” Ling Chen calmly asked.

Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng immediately realised why he had done this. Su Yi Cheng hurriedly replied, “We’ll definitely let you safely depart; the people at the door won’t attack you, no matter what… just let her go!”

“Haha…” Ling Chen coldly laughed, “Right now, they won’t attack me. However, when I’m walking through them, all Chief Su needs to do is make a gesture, and I’ll be shot into a hornet’s nest. Wouldn’t that be a sad death. I don’t think your Su family’s soldiers’ flashy equipment is just for show.” “… I’ll immediately tell them to retreat to somewhere where you can’t see them!” Su Yi Cheng was so worried that his entire forehead was covered with sweat, and he wanted to slap himself… why hadn’t he asked them to retreat when he asked Ling Chen to leave?

“Retreat? To somewhere where I can’t see them? So that they can launch a surprise attack on me?” Ling Chen continued to coldly smile. He stroked Su’Er’s neck with his fingers, feeling her soft skin. The ticklish feeling caused Su’Er to squirm, and Su Yi Cheng and Su Hong Cheng became so scared that they began to tremble.

“I swear on my honour, as well as the Su family’s future…”

“Swear? The thing that’s worth the least in the world is promises…”

“What do you want then?!”

“Very simple,” A mysterious look appeared in Ling Chen’s eyes, “I need a hostage to guarantee my safety as I leave.”