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Chapter 506: Can That Person Be Me?

Can That Person Be Me?

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

“Chief, should we give chase?”

“Chase? Chase, my ass! All of you stay here; not a single person’s allowed to leave!”

The massive play had finally come to an end, and all of the guests had sweat all over their foreheads, and felt that they had a new lease on life. After Ling Chen left, they all hurriedly said their goodbyes and left as quickly as they could. Chao Ying and Chao Xi also said their goodbyes to Su Hong Cheng and the others, then left. Their gazes also contained traces of shock and fear, and Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng could only stiffly smile… how could they notice that their bodyguard had disappeared?

“Don’t worry, that girl will be fine.” Su Hong Cheng patted Su Yi Cheng’s shoulder as he sighed. Ling Chen gave him the feeling that he would never hurt Su’Er.

“Mmm.” Su Yi Cheng nodded, and also calmed down. His mind started to become clear, and he started to replay what had happened. He looked up towards the gates and said in a low voice, “Big bro, did you feel… that Su’Er and that Ling Chen seemed to know each other…”

“You also felt that?” Su Hong Cheng wasn’t surprised by Su Yi Cheng’s words, “Her reaction after being taken hostage was too strange. Only now did I realise that Ling Chen was wreaking havoc in the Long family’s residence despite there being thousands of soldiers there. How could our Su family’s soldiers stop him? What would he need a hostage for? Now that I think about it… it was as if Ling Chen was trying to take Su’Er out on purpose. Although Su’Er seemed a bit teary, she didn’t look scared at all…”

“Forget it, just let it go. As long as Su’Er comes back, it doesn’t matter. When she comes back, we can ask her. If she wants to tell us, that’s good, and if she doesn’t, then we’ll drop this matter. After all, that young man’s background is simply too sensitive. If they really know each other, then not only will Su’Er not be in any danger, but she’ll be in the safest place in China.”

“Haha,” Su Hong Cheng nodded, then exclaimed, “However, this time, he really did us a great favour. Who knows where this monstrous young man came from and what his background is?”


Stars filled the sky, and the evening wild gently blew.

It was night time during winter, so there weren’t many people in the outskirts of the city. The black SUV’s lights illuminated the area next to a small path, and a man and girl leaned against the car, sitting on the soft grass.

“I haven’t seen the stars in so long… just like how I haven’t seen big brother Ling Tian for so long.” The girl gazed at the sky, a bit spaced out. Indeed, she hadn’t gone out at night for a long time, and it had been a long time since she had looked up at the stars with Qi Qi and made wishes.

“Did you miss me then?” Ling Chen also half-raised his head as he smiled.

The girl lowered her head, and after quite a while, she replied in an extremely soft voice, “Mmm…”

If she had the courage, she would have said, “I missed you every day.”

“I missed you as well…” Ling Chen half-closed his eyes as his voice became softer. He said the words that Su’Er had wanted to say, “I missed you… every day.”

Su’Er’s heart slightly trembled, and felt an incredibly blissful feeling, which made her heart feel warm and sweet. It was quiet all around them, and only the sound of the car’s engine could be heard. After a few moments, Su’Er secretly looked at Ling Chen as she said in a small voice, “Big brother Ling Tian, I’m really happy… you came…”

Ling Chen smiled and replied, “Su’Er, tell me honestly- if I didn’t come today, would you have stayed silent and gone along with whatever your family wanted?”

Su’Er fell silent for a few seconds, then nodded.

Ling Chen shook his head and bitterly smiled, “Ahh, you’re too obedient.”

“My dad, mum and uncle all treat me very well.” The evening breeze suddenly became colder, and Su’Er wrapped her arms around herself as she slowly said, “Since I was little, I was my family’s hope. No matter if it was my dad or uncle, they placed the future of the Su family on my shoulders. They always gave me whatever I wanted, and never let me suffer at all. They were afraid that I would be negatively influenced by others, so I rarely went out when I was younger, and I never approached strangers. Mum almost never left my side, and took care of me with all she had…

“After mum passed away, I was sad for a long time, and felt quite scared after losing my biggest support. After that, dad and uncle treated me even better, and did whatever they could for me… I could tell that dad and uncle really did put all of their hopes on me, so I never wanted to let them down. Everything they’ve given me has always been the best of the best, and I always believed that they knew best for me. As such, even if I was unwilling, I couldn’t refuse… I didn’t want to disappoint them. Afterwards, my aunty became my mum, and she treated me even better than before. Everyone treated me really well, so I… so I…”

“Your dad and uncle put a lot of effort into arranging this marriage for you, so you didn’t want to disappoint them, right?” Ling Chen asked as he sighed.

“Mmm…” Su’Er curled up as she softly replied, “At that time, dad and uncle often talked to me about Xuanyuan Xue Yi. They said his looks, character, background, reputation and skills were all excellent. Apart from Long Tian Yun, there was no one in Beijing who could compare to Xuanyuan Xue Yi. In fact, Xuanyuan Xue Yi would be able to protect me even better than Long Tian Yun. Afterwards, they told me that the Xuanyuan family also approved of this marriage. I could see how happy and excited dad, uncle and aunty looked so… even though I didn’t even know Xuanyuan Xue Yi at that time, and couldn’t even remember what he looked like, I could only nod my head.”

“It was because you didn’t have anyone you liked at the time,” Ling Chen said, “But not too long ago, Qi Qi told me that our Su Su had someone she liked. In that case… why would you still have agreed to this marriage if I didn’t come?”

Su’Er looked up and stole a glance at him as she softly replied, “Long ago, I decided… if you came today, even if dad, uncle and aunty became sad, I would bravely refuse… if you didn’t come, I… I…”

If I didn’t matter to you, and you weren’t willing to come for me, then where would I find the reason and courage to refuse…

“Big brother Ling Tian, in a few months, it will be my 16th birthday. Can… Can you come to my birthday banquet…”

Ling Chen could clearly remember the nervousness in Su’Er’s message… as well as the longing.

The cold wind blew, and Su’Er shivered. With Ling Chen’s body’s constitution, even if he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. However, Su’Er was only a delicate girl, and she rarely spent time outside. Ling Chen inched closer to her as he caringly asked, “Are you cold?”


“Let’s go back into the car then.”

The car’s engine hadn’t stopped running, and with the air conditioner on, it was around 20 degrees Celsius in the car. The two of them climbed into the back seats, and sat next to each other. In just a while, Su’Er’s body warmed up.

The lights inside the car automatically turned off, and Su’Er put her hands on her knees. Her entire body became tense as she lowered her head… they were in a dark, enclosed space, and she could hear Ling Chen’s breathing, which made her face flush and heart race. This was the first time she had interacted so intimately with a man before, and it was the man who she liked… apart from the sound of the car’s engine, there was nothing else disturbing them.

“Su Su…”

“Ah…” It was as if there was a little deer running around in Su’Er’s heart, causing it to rapidly thump. Her cheeks became red, and was given a small fright when Ling Chen suddenly spoke.

Ling Chen turned to face her. It was quite dark, but Su’Er could still feel his gaze on her, and her head fell even lower, “Ever since the first time I saw you, I was sure that no matter what our relationship was in future, I would never be able to forget you… The purity and gentleness in your eyes are able to move every person’s heart. Those who see you are unable to forget about you, and will want to protect you… including me.

“As such, if Su Su wants to find a person to be with her forever, to protect and cherish her forever… can that person be me?” Ling Chen used an incredibly soft voice as he spoke.

A wave of warmth flowed through Su’Er’s heart, spreading throughout her entire body. He raised her head, and looked in front of her… She felt as if she had returned to her dreams, and the yearning she had felt every day.

“Su Su, you don’t have to be in a hurry to reply. Let me say a few other things before you reply, alright?”

Ling Chen’s words made Su’Er feel as if all of this was a dream. She had never expected this to happen, and felt as if her heart was going to explode. She had never felt such bliss and happiness before, and felt as if time had stopped… Only a single figure remained within her heart, as well as the beautiful phrase he had just uttered.

Can that person… be me…

Did you know? I’ve always wanted that person to be you…

Su’Er didn’t reply- perhaps, she didn’t know how to reply. Ling Chen leaned back against the headrest as he breathed out and said, “Su Su, do you really understand me? Deep down, am I a good person or a bad person…’

Ling Chen slowly stretched out his right hand and placed it in front of Su’Er’s hazy eyes, “Did you know, to most people in the world, I’m an evil demon. This hand has been stained with so much blood that you can’t even imagine. The number of people I’ve killed isn’t in the tens, or hundreds, or even thousands… it’s probably in the tens of thousands. If you collected all of their corpses, you could create a mountain. In China, even the most terrifying mass-murderer would only have killed a fraction of the number of people I’ve killed.”