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Chapter 507: A Promise For A Lifetime

A Promise For A Lifetime

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

It was impossible for Ling Chen to remember how much blood his hands had been stained with. However, he was certain that it was in the tens of thousands.

In Hell, Ling Chen had trembled when he had taken his first life, but gradually he became numb to the sensation. In the end, killing became as casual to him as eating or sleeping, and the smell of blood became as familiar as the smell of fresh air. Life after life had ended at his hands, and pools of blood had formed because of his hands. In his eyes, taking a life was almost the same as plucking a blade of grass out of the ground.

That was until he had met Shui Ruo. Shui Ruo’s purity and loveliness had caused him to realise his filth and evil in his body, which was stained with blood. He didn’t dare to get too close to her for fear of dirtying her too… Afterwards, he had made a vow not to kill, and had never killed anyone for the next 6 years. On the night Shui Ruo had passed away, he had gone berserk, and had massacred 2000 people… it was the most he had ever killed in a day.

Despite not having killed for 6 years, his hands were still covered with blood and sin. And Su’Er… She was as pure as Shui Ruo… How could his evil body have the right to touch her…

Ling Chen closed his eyes and continued to speak, “Just like tonight, in front of all of you, I gave the cruellest punishment for a man to Xuanyuan Xue Yi… in that hall, all men and women were scared soulless, and tried to get as far away from me as possible. No one even had the courage to look at me. In their eyes, I’m just a savage demon… Perhaps, having killed all those people, I really am a demon…”

“Big brother Ling Tian, you’re not allowed to say such things!”

Su’Er, who had listened in silence, suddenly said in a loud voice as she raised her head. Ling Chen was stunned- It was the first time he had heard Su’Er speak so loudly before.

Even Su’Er was given a fright by how loud she yelled. She hurriedly lowered her head, and looked at her hands on her knees, “Even if other people don’t understand big brother Ling Tian… The big brother Ling Tian I know is kind and can make others laugh easily. When I see him no matter how unhappy or pressured I feel, I forget about all of it, and subconsciously I want to get closer to him. This sort of feeling can never be fake. How can someone who gives such peace and comfort be a bad person!”

“The first day we met, big brother Ling Tian gave us incredibly precious things without hesitation. I could feel that big brother Ling Tian did not expect anything in return at all. When Heart’s Dream was first established, we were always holding big brother Ling Tian back, but you always took us with you, and never complained or asked to leave. Whenever we needed big brother Ling Tian, or were being bullied, you would always put down everything and come to us.

“Because of big brother Ling Tian, our tiny Heart’s Dream became the number 1 guild on the Guild Rankings. The number 1 spot on the Heaven Rankings also belonged to our Heart’s Dream… We had never dared to dream of this sort of glory before. All of this was brought by big brother Ling Tian through his hard work, while we only enjoyed the benefits. We were unable to give big brother Ling Tian anything, or do anything for Heart’s Dream…

“Big brother Ling Tian, you probably didn’t know, but although we didn’t interact for very long, you became incredibly important to all of us…

“Facing the entire Yan Huang Alliance by yourself, easily defeating the Sword Emperor, monopolising all of the Rankings, and making Heart’s Dream the number 1 guild in China… At that time, we all felt that we were dreaming… Such a person really existed, and was right beside us… He was working hard together with us…

“That night, I thought that it was the most terrifying moment in my life. However, a person descended from the skies and rescued me from that nightmare. When he saved me, in order to prevent me from getting hurt, he used his own body to shield me from the ground… He used a gentle voice to comfort me, and stayed with me before dad and aunty arrived… He was afraid that I would be cold, so he put his own clothes around me, then quietly left. He didn’t leave his name, and even changed his voice on purpose. He only left a figure that I would never forget… How could someone like him be a bad person?!

“Big brother Ling Tian is the best, strongest, and most perfect person, and is the only… Only… Only person who can make me secretly think about him every day… I won’t allow anyone to say that big brother Ling Tian is a bad person, even if it’s big brother Ling Tian himself!”

After saying so much, Su’Er’s face became incredibly red. Ling Chen stared in shock for a while, and his eyes became a bit hazy. He laughed as he replied, “I was so cruel, and killed so many people… You really don’t mind?”

Su’Er lowered her head and softly replied, “I only know that you’re my big brother Ling Tian. Just that is enough… even if you’re a national fugitive and have killed many people… Even if you’re an incredibly evil person… Even if your real identity is a beggar, or a thief, or a bandit… I don’t mind. As long as it’s big brother Ling Tian, he’ll forever be perfect to me.”

Ling Chen took in a breath, feeling an ache in his heart.

Su’Er’s reply was so similar to what Shui Ruo had said…

“What if I like many girls… What if I not only wanted to protect Su Su, but also other girls as well… Su Su wouldn’t like such a bad person, right?” Ling Chen said with some conflict in his eyes.

“Big brother… big sister Dia Wu… loves you so much… even as much as I do… she did so much for you… big brother… you must find her… and be with her…”

“As well as Qi Qi and Su Su… they’re all so cute and kind and pretty… they’re all good enough for big brother… and all like big brother a lot… big brother can’t give them… to other people… I’m sure big brother will like them as well… and also big sister Bing Yao…”

When Shui Ruo had passed away, this was one of the 3 promises she had made him promise. By doing this, she had made a decision that would have been incredibly difficult for him to make. Only when Shui Ruo passed away did Ling Chen realise how beautiful it was to be able to see someone and have them by one’s side. As such, no matter how selfish it was, or how immortal it was, he didn’t want to let go.

Hearing this, Su’Er fell silent for a while.

Ling Chen felt a bit conflicted. He knew that girls didn’t like their other half liking other girls. What’s more, Su’Er came from a prestigious background, and was one in a million in almost all aspects. How could a girl like her… Just as Ling Chen was about to speak again, Su’Er quietly said, “Did you know, big brother Ling Tian… Qi Qi secretly likes you as well. After getting to know you, and with how attractive you are, we simply couldn’t help but fall for you. However, Qi Qi’s illness is quite severe, and she always believed that she didn’t deserve to love and be loved. She was worried that if you liked her… she would one day cause you to be sad. Qi Qi is my best sister, and she’s liked big brother Ling Tian for a long time, and she was the first person to know that I liked big brother Ling Tian. However, neither of us openly said it… When we were younger, we vowed to be good sisters forever…

“Also, Qi Qi and I both knew that big brother Ling Tian already had someone in his heart. Ruo Ruo wasn’t big brother Ling Tian’s real sister, but someone who he loved to death. However, despite knowing this, Qi Qi and I couldn’t help but fall for big brother Ling Tian.”

Su’Er looked up, and her entire face was red, but had a charming smile on her face, “Back then, we would fantasise that big brother Ling Tian would be a fickle person and like me and Qi Qi as well, and domineeringly make us his, just like how domineering he was towards the Yan Huang Alliance… How great would that have been. That way, big brother Ling Tian could still be with Ruo Ruo, while we could be with big brother Ling Tian and still be good sisters. However, those were just our fantasies, and could never become reality.

“So it turns out that such a wonderful fantasy could become reality.” Su’Er became red as a pomegranate, and spoke as soft as a mosquito buzzing, but had a happy smile on her face.

Ling Chen was stunned. This was a completely unexpected answer. He thought that there was only one girl in the world who was so silly, which was Shui Ruo. Shui Ruo was so silly that she loved him to the extreme, to the point that she casted away her pride. She simply didn’t want him to live with any regrets. As for Su’Er… she was also hopelessly in love.

“Su Su…” Ling Chen called out her name, but wasn’t able to say anything.

“I, Su’Er… Want big brother Ling Tian to be by my side forever. This is my answer to big brother Ling Tian’s answer, as well as… The wish I want to fulfil.” Su’Er clasped her hands in front of her as she smiled and softly said, “Big brother Ling Tian, can you fulfil this wish for me?”

“Of course!” Ling Chen decisively replied. How could he give any other answer?

“Then… let’s pinky promise.” Su’Er, who felt she was filled with happiness, happily smiled and lifted up her arm. She extended the pinky on her right hand, “This is a promise for a lifetime, and neither of us can go back on it.”

Ling Chen also smiled and stretched out his pinky, entangling it with Su’Ers… softly, yet firmly.

The moon and stars outside the car didn’t seem as bright, but the night had never seemed so beautiful to her before… It was so beautiful that she felt intoxicated, and didn’t want to wake up from this blissful dream.