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Chapter 508: Many First Times

Many First Times

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

“Big brother Ling Tian, do you like Qi Qi as well?”

“Qi Qi’s the daughter of Xiao Zhan, the Alliance Master of the most powerful underground faction, the Battle Alliance. She’s the little sister of the Alliance Master of one of the top 10 guilds in the game. Her father and big brother are all extremely loving towards her, and one would think that with such a background, a girl would be filled with wickedness, and would be arrogant and domineering… However, the first time I met her, she completely overturned my expectations. The Qi Qi that I saw was playful and cute, and I especially liked her smile and laugh, which made me want to get closer to her. This impression stayed with me even after I came to know her more. Moreover, Qi Qi’s so pretty, and her figure, is also ridiculously good. Her personality is one that anyone would like, and even a blind man would like her.

“No only Qi Qi, but also you, Su Su, and Meng Xin. You’ve all completely overturned my expectations of women from upper-class families, and caused me to see what it meant by ‘birds of a feather, flock together’. You all have incredibly powerful families, but you’re all so pure and flawless. It’s no wonder you can be good friends and good sisters. I’m sure that apart from you three, there aren’t any girls like you in all of Beijing’s upper-class society.”

“In that case, no matter if it’s Qi Qi or big sister Meng Xin, big brother Ling Tian likes them all?”


“Hehe… so big brother Ling Tian was having ideas about big sister Meng Xin as well… so greedy!”

“I didn’t say that…”

“I don’t believe it! Big sister Meng Xin’s so pretty, and even my own looks added with Qi Qi’s can’t compare to hers. That day, big sister Meng Xin took off her veil in front of big brother Ling Tian… after seeing big sister Meng Xin’s true appearance, I don’t believe that big brother Ling Tian wouldn’t fall for her.”


“Big brother Ling Tian’s so domineering and smart. I sure that even if it’s big sister Meng Xin, big brother Ling Tian will make her his. Qi Qi and I… will wholeheartedly support you!”

After making the most beautiful promise of a lifetime, Su’Er’s heart had been completely melted, and had the marvellous feeling of ‘I already belong to big brother Ling Tian’. All of the restraint, anxiousness and embarrassment were gradually dissolved, and she moved closer to Ling Tian as she began to speak more.

“Big brother Ling Tian, can you tell me… your story?” Su’Er looked up and gently blinked as she gazed at this man who she would be with forever.

“My… story?” “Mmm… we’ve known big brother Ling Tian for so long, but we don’t know anything about your past. Big sister Meng Xin said that you’re definitely someone with a lot of stories, and the things you’ve experienced greatly surpass anything we can imagine. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be so powerful. We’ve secretly asked Ruo Ruo before… She would always lightly smile, but wouldn’t tell us anything. Afterwards, big sister Meng Xin told us not to ask about this anymore. She said that Ruo Ruo’s smile… caused her heart to ache…”

Ling Chen: “……”

“Big brother Ling Tian definitely had a very sad and painful past. I want to… know more about my big brother Ling Tian, and want to help carry some of that pain with him, so… So…” Su’Er’s voice became softer and softer. She felt a bit conflicted- she wanted to know everything about Ling Chen, but she didn’t know if this was right or not. Shui Ruo’s heart-breaking smile told them that Ling Chen’s past was definitely a dark one, one that he wouldn’t want to bring up or think about. Perhaps her asking would result in many scars being ripped open.

My past…

Ling Chen felt a bit surprised. After leaving Heaven and Hell, and returning to the normal world, he had only told his past to one person, which was Shui Ruo. However, he didn’t tell her his true identity… although it was possible that Shui Ruo guessed it, but just didn’t say it out loud.

Although his years in Heaven and Hell had been unimaginably dark, they had given him a body, mental energy, and strength that surpassed humans’ limits. They gave him the power to protect the important people around him, as well as followers and comrades who would never leave him… as well as lovers. As such, those years weren’t that painful for him. After hearing that Dia Wu was still alive, he had even less of a reason to escape from the past- perhaps the only thing he didn’t want to face was his true identity.

“Su Su…” Ling Chen smiled, “We have a promise to be together forever. In that case, you should know everything about me… it’s just that I haven’t fulfilled one of my greatest desires, though I believe that day won’t be too far away. Can you wait until I’ve fulfilled that desire… when that time comes, I’ll tell you everything about my past, alright?”

“Mm!” Su’Er vigorously nodded. She was quite satisfied with this answer, and she clasped her hands together in front of her chest as she closed her eyes and gently said, “Big brother Ling Tian’s desire is my desire. For this, I’ll work hard…”

She knew that Ling Tian’s greatest desire was linked to what he was doing in the game. This was because Ling Tian spent almost all of his time in the game, searching for those mysterious things.

The night grew deeper, and the moon became brighter and brighter. Soon, it had been 2 hours since they had left the Su family’s residence. During this period of time, no one had come to disturb them. Afterwards, it was mostly Su’Er talking about her childhood, how she had met Qi Qi, Meng Xin’s past… and many other things. The amount of things Su’Er talked about tonight exceeded the total amount of things she had said to Ling Chen in the past- because her heart was now Ling Chen’s and could completely open up to him. This sort of change was simply miraculous.

“Big brother Ling Tian, I should go back now… otherwise dad and the others will be incredibly anxious.”

Finally, Su’Er somewhat reluctantly asked to go home. Although she didn’t want to part with Ling Chen, she had been out for too long. She couldn’t imagine just how worried her family was. As such, she had to go back to put their minds at peace.

Indeed, it was getting quite late, and if they didn’t go back soon, the Su family would be incredibly worried. Ling Chen didn’t try to selfishly keep Su’Er, and asked, “Do you know how to drive?”

Su’Er’s face became slightly red as she somewhat embarrassedly replied, “No…”

After all, Su’Er had just turned 16, and had been too young to drive. Moreover, she was the daughter of the Su family- whenever she went out, she would have a top-class military chauffeur driving her.

“Alright, I’ll take you back.” “Eh? But if you go back… it’ll be very dangerous. And… and...” An expression of deep worry appeared on Su’Er’s face.

“Haha…” Ling Chen laughed as he placed his hand on the seat in front of him, and lightly jumped as he flipped into the driver’s seat, “Don’t worry, your father and uncle aren’t idiots. I’m sure that after we left, they realised we know each other. They won’t worry about your safety, otherwise they would have sent people to chase after us already. It’s possible that they even misdirected the Long family- otherwise, it’s unlikely that the Long family wouldn’t have found us after so long… Mm, I’m sure the thing your family’s most worried about is that a man like me would eat up a little girl like you.”

Su’Er stared in confusion for a moment before her entire face became bright red.

The car started to drive back to the Su family’s residence.

It was unclear whether the Su family had misled the Long family, or if the Long family had chosen not to act. On the way back, Ling Chen didn’t encounter any obstructions, and the entire trip was incredibly smooth. Ling Chen couldn’t help but wonder why this was the entire time.

Half an hour later, the car stopped at an unassuming corner of the Su family’s courtyard… this was a blind spot in the Su family’s surveillance.

“Alright, we’re here; you can go home now.”

Ling Chen parked the car, got out, and opened the door for Su’Er. He held Su’Er’s hand as he helped her out of the car. Su’Er’s little hand was white and tender, like a warm piece of jade. Ling Chen smiled, “Feeling hot?”

Su’Er tried to take her hand away, but found that she couldn’t. She could only allow Ling Chen to continue holding it. The evening breeze was quite cold, but the hand Ling Chen was holding became warmer and warmer. Su’Er lowered her head as she once again blushed, softly saying, “This… This is the first time I’ve held a man’s hand…”

The current Su’Er looked even more delicate and cute than a little doll, causing a mad desire to hug her spring up within Ling Chen. He could feel that Su’Er’s hand was becoming warmer and warmer. He lowered his head as he softly said, “I don’t want just Su’Er’s first time in holding hands… There are many other first times that I want…”

As he spoke, he suddenly pulled Su’Er into his embrace, causing her to cry out. Ling Chen stopped hesitating and put both of his arms around her as he kissed her on her tender lips.


Before Su’Er could say anything, her lips had been sealed.

As Su’Er felt incredibly disorientated, she could feel a fiery warmth of her lips, and could smell a man’s scent. Su’Er’s mind became blank, and by the time she realised what was happening, she could feel her heart melting. The sensation on her lips caused her heart to rapidly beat, and her body froze in anxiety as she tightly closed her eyes.