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Chapter 509: A Big Fright

A Big Fright

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

A young girl’s lips were incredibly soft. After their lips first touched, Ling Chen couldn’t satisfy himself, and greedily kissed her petal-like lips. His actions became more intense, as if he wanted to devour all of her. Su’Er’s breathing became rougher, and her heart began to beat incredibly quickly. She tried to close her mouth out of embarrassment, but in the end, she couldn’t resist Ling Chen’s enticement, and timidly opened her mouth.

Ling Chen’s tongue snuck into her mouth, and found her delicate tongue. He first gently swirled his own tongue around it, then gently sucked. Su’Er, who had never been kissed before, trembled as if she had been shocked by lightning. A bit of Su’Er’s saliva was sucked into Ling Chen’s mouth, and tasted unexpectedly sweet, making Ling Chen desire more. He tightly wrapped his arm around her waist as he explored every inch of her mouth. Her sweet saliva continuously flowed into Ling Chen’s mouth, and some leaked out from her mouth, looking like a silver line under the moonlight.

Ling Chen couldn’t resist but wrap his tongue around hers, passionately and greedily kissing her. With her mouth sealed, Su’Er rapidly breathed with her nose in protest, in utter embarrassment and in happiness. Under Ling Chen’s intense ‘attack’, her neck was raised high, and subconsciously returned the kiss as the hot air from her nose blew onto Ling Chen’s face. Her small body became hotter and hotter, and forgot about how cold the night was. Her delicate arms hugged Ling Chen tightly, intoxicated in the pleasures between a man and a woman. As they kissed, she remembered the first time they met, and those scenes played themselves in her head as she felt her entire being melting.


Su’Er gently cried out, and her body stiffened. Her head swayed, as if she wanted to move her lips away, and she started to squirm. She started to breathe rapidly… Because Ling Chen’s big hands had naughtily made their way to Su’Er’s chest, and gently groped over her clothing, which wasn’t very thick. That strange stimulation made Su’Er want to go crazy.

As if he felt the resistance in Su’Er’s body, Ling Chen’s hands quietly departed. Su’Er secretly let out a breath of relief, but immediately after, an even louder moan came out of her lips… Ling Chen’s fiery hands had reached inside her clothing, and were groping around unrestrainedly.

“Ah… big brother… Ling Tian…” Su’Er mumbled, her mouth still sealed by Ling Chen’s mouth. Her body squirmed as Ling Chen’s hands moved around, causing her face to become incredibly red.

A lump of softness entered Ling Chen’s hand, and felt incredibly glossy. Su’Er’s breasts weren’t that large- after all, she was still quite young- but their shape was simply flawless, and they felt incredibly smooth, as if they had been covered with sweet spring water. The two small beans were rubbed around by Ling Chen’s palms, and soon started to stick up.

Su’Er’s moans caused Ling Chen to become even more excited. He started to feel annoyed by the clothes obstructing him, and he flipped his hands and lifted them… although it was winter, Su’Er wasn’t wearing much, as she had been in the warm hall before being brought out by Ling Chen. As such, Su’Er’s clothes, from the outside to inside, were lifted up by Ling Chen in an instant.

Under the moonlight, Su’Er’s topless upper body was exposed to Ling Chen. Her body leaned against him and curled into him, and from Ling Chen’s perspective, her waist was incredibly slim and appealing. Her breasts were like 2 jade-white bowls cupped onto her chest, and the 2 dots exposed in the air were a light pink colour, looking like pure gemstones.

Ling Chen’s tongue continued to greedily wrap around Su’Er’s small tongue, and his hands once again stretched out towards her chest. He gently held her breasts in his hands, and the suppleness made him unwilling to let go. His hot breath almost made this beautiful, statue-like girl melt.

Su’Er’s eyes became hazy- she had never been so embarrassed in her life before. However, the subconscious resistance that her body put up gradually decreased, allowing Ling Chen to play with her beautiful body. She gently closed her eyes as she leaned forwards, allowing Ling Chen more access to her body.


A cold gust of wind blew over, causing Su’Er’s topless body to shiver. This caused Ling Chen’s actions to pause, and he came back to his senses, unreluctantly taking his hands off her chest and wrapped his arms around her. He gently hugged her against his body, her soft breasts sticking to his chest.

“Su Su… are you cold?” Ling Chen looked down at the kitten-like girl pressed against his body as he gently asked.

After experiencing that passionate kiss, Su’Er’s face was red as a rose, and her face was beaded with sweat. Her long eyelashes batted and her delicate lips parted as she panted for breath. She looked so beautiful that Ling Chen found it difficult to breathe.

Su’Er gently shook her head and lay in his embrace, so embarrassed that she couldn’t look at him.

“I’m sorry… for scaring you… and allowing you to get cold…” Ling Chen said apologetically, as he blamed himself. Su’Er was simply too cute, and smelled and tasted like a delicious dessert. He simply couldn’t resist tasting her.

Su’Er once again shook her head as she mumbled, “As long as it’s big brother Ling Tian… I don’t mind what you do to me… actually… I quite liked it… As long as big brother Ling Tian wants Su’Er… Su’Er will forever belong to big brother Ling Tian alone…”

Ling Chen was so touched that he felt a warmth within his heart. He pulled Su’Er’s clothes back on, then put his suit around her… The night had grown colder, and Ling Chen was afraid that Su’Er would catch a cold. He put his arms around her as he said softly, “Let’s go, I’ll take you home.”

“Mmm…” Su’Er obediently replied as she lovingly leaned against Ling Chen, unwilling to get up.

Tonight, Su’Er definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep.


After an hour without any news, Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng, who had been relatively calm, couldn’t help but start to worry. After 2 hours passed, they started to pace back and forth at the entrance to the hall. Every few seconds, they would stand on their toes and look to the distance. An hour ago, Murong Xiu had started to cry, and hadn’t stopped since.

Could it be that Su’Er, she… no! No way! That person definitely wouldn’t hurt Su’Er!!

Terrifying thoughts repeatedly surfaced in their minds, and they repeatedly cast them away, and no one said anything. After standing outside and braving the cold wind for so long, they had started to shiver, but no one was willing to go back inside. There were tens of military personnel standing around them as they also silently waited.

“Miss Su’Er… Miss Su’Er is back!!”

This cry sounded like a peal of thunder, and Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng almost jumped up. They turned around, and saw Su’Er walking over with a white suit draped around her.

“Dad, uncle, aunty… I…”

Seeing their faces that were almost blue from the coldness, Su’Er’s tears started to fall before she could finish her sentence.

“Su’Er…” Murong Xiu emotionally cried out, and stumbled as she rushed up and pulled Su’Er into her embrace. In just an instant, she was sobbing her heart out. Although she wasn’t Su’Er’s biologicaly mother, after being together all these years, she already treated her like her own daughter. Her worried heart was finally at rest.

“Girl… whew, it’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back.” Su Hong Cheng gripped the corners of his clothes as his pale face gradually regained its rosy texture. The burden on his chest lifted as he gave a sigh of relief.

“Girl, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere? It’s cold outside, so let’s go in to talk.” Just as Su Yi Cheng finished speaking, he gave a loud sneeze.

After entering the warm hall, before the 3 seniors had recovered from the cold, they started to rapidly fire questions at her. After confirming that she was completely fine, they finally calmed down.

“Did he drop you back?” As Su Yi Cheng asked this question, he suddenly realised something shocking… Su’Er hadn’t walked over from the main entrance or the back entrance, but from her room! The Su family’s security was incredibly tight- being able to bring Su’Er back to her room, undetected, was an almost-impossible feat! That Ling Chen… was a monster among monsters.

“Mm.” Su’Er replied in a small voice.

“Girl, I want you to answer me truthfully. You and that Ling Chen… have you known each other for a long time?” In the end, Su Hong Cheng couldn’t help but ask that question… he could already guess what the answer was, but he still wanted to hear it from Su’Er’s mouth. Moreover, the white suit around Su’Er’s shouldres… was evidently the one Ling Chen had worn.

Su Yi Cheng and Murong Xiu also held their breaths, waiting for Su’Er’s reply.

If Ling Chen hadn’t warned her, she would have been given a big fright. Su’Er rarely lied, especially to her family, and she looked down as she softly replied, “Mm...”

“When did you get to know each other?” Su Yi Cheng deeply frowned. Su’Er rarely interacted with strangers, and was quite afraid of strangers, especially males. How could she know such a terrifying and dangerous person? Suddenly, he thought of something as he uncontrollably yelled, “At the banquet, you said you liked someone… could that Ling Chen… be the person you like?!”

“This… This…” Su Hong Cheng was so scared that he started to stutter… after coming back, Su’Er didn’t look frightened at all, and her eyes looked a bit hazy, as if she had experienced great joy… the more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed, causing him to break out in cold sweat.

“That’s impossible; it’s definitely impossible. Yi Cheng, don’t be silly.” Murong Xiu immediately denied it, “She even rejected Xue Yi, how could she… she…”

After saying half of the sentence, Murong Xiu suddenly stopped speaking… she had wanted to say ‘how could she like such a person’… but when Ling Chen’s figure appeared in her mind, she was unable to say it. That person had torn through the Long family’s defensive lines, turning the Long family upside down. He had annihilated the Long family’s seven main forces, defeated Murong Xiong Tian with a single punch, and publicly castrated Xuanyuan Xue Yi in front of Xuanyuan Sheng… Apart from this person, who could do such a thing?

Moreover, he was incredibly young, and seemed to be in his early twenties! Which young man in China could compare to him? Even Long Tian Yun and Xuanyuan Xue Yi couldn’t be compared with him… Moreover, his looks and demeanour weren’t ordinary either.

For an extraordinary person like him, there were only people who weren’t good enough for him; there was no one he wasn’t able to go for. His attractiveness to women was simply irresistible. Which young girl wouldn’t fall for such a strong man who could protect them forever? Su’Er liking him… would be completely normal!

However, he was someone who was enemies with the Long family, and was a national fugitive!