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Chapter 510: The Unconscious Tian Tian

The Unconscious Tian Tian

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Facing her relatives’ surprised questions, Su’Er didn’t become anxious or nervous. Instead, she silently lowered her head.

She wasn’t afraid of her family knowing; in fact, she was considering telling them herself. Before today, Su’Er’s feelings towards Ling Chen had been quite conflicted. She wanted to be with him, but almost couldn’t see the possibility of them being together… However, tonight, when their pinky fingers had interlocked and made that promise, a stunning change had taken place within her heart. She wouldn’t allow anything to destroy that dream-like promise.

Su’Er’s silence was, undoubtedly, an affirmation that the person she liked was indeed Ling Chen. This silence sounded deafening to Su Hong Cheng, Su Yi Cheng and Murong Xiu.

A disaster. This was a disaster.

“Girl, y-y-you couldn’t really have… Fallen for… Ling Chen?” Su Hong Cheng felt his scalp go numb, and he stuttered, finding it difficult to breathe. The things Ling Chen had done at the Long family’s residence, as well as his current situation were all things he was familiar with. Apart from that, he was also an incredible man- let alone the younger generation, there was most likely no one in all of China who could compare to him… However, he was the arch-enemy of the Long family! The hatred between them could never be resolved.

If Su’Er was together with him… the Su family’s future… Su’Er’s head hung even lower. However, this time, she gave a soft “mm”.

Hearing this confirmation, the 3 people’s faces darkened.

Su Yi Cheng let out a long sigh as he heavily said, “Girl, Ling Chen is an incredibly attractive person, but… do you really know him? Do you know what sort of person he is? Do you know where he’s from? What his identity is? How many people he’s killed? He’s currently the person the Long family wants to kill the most, and everyone in China knows he’s a national fugitive… If you really like him, then cut him off. It’s impossible for you to be with him.”

“That’s right… he’s someone the Long family wants to kill, and he even… To the young master of the Xuanyuan family… If the Long family and Xuanyuan family found out about the relationship between you two, then our Su family would be dragged into it as well. Your uncle’s quite right; it’s impossible for you to be together.” Murong Xiu worriedly said.

Su’Er’s head hung low as she listened to them. She could understand their perspectives, and them saying this was quite normal… Opposing the Long family, and especially to such an extent, meant that it would be difficult for Ling Chen to even reside in China. In the end, he would probably be killed by them- it was simply a matter of time. As such, they had to strongly oppose this relationship before anything came of it.

Su’Er slowly stood up from her chair. She didn’t seem agitated, instead, she was abnormally calm. Her head remained lowered as she softly replied, “Did you know, that night when I was kidnapped… It was him who rescued me.”

Su Hong Cheng and the others were stunned… That night, when Su’Er had been rescued, they had spent much effort to track down the person who saved her, but their efforts were for nought. Su Hong Cheng’s expression became complicated as he sighed, “So it was him. No wonder why we couldn’t find him no matter how hard we looked. However, even if…”

“Dad, aunty, uncle.” Su’Er suddenly spoke in a small voice, shocking Su Hong Cheng… For all her life, Su’Er had been incredibly obedient, and when they spoke, she would always quietly listen and nod. She had never cut them off before. Never.

This was the first time she had cut him off halfway through a sentence.

Su’Er looked at her feet as she mumbled, “We promised that after he fulfilled his greatest wish, we should be together forever. As long as he doesn’t cast me away, my heart will always belong to him. If he is safe and well, I will be safe and well. If he leaves, I will follow him. Even if he’s a national fugitive and is hated by many people, I’ll carry that burden with him. If he really is a complete and utter bad person…” Su’Er’s gently laughed, “Then I’ll be a bad person as well.

“Since I’ve decided on this, what sort of person he is doesn’t matter. As long as he doesn’t leave me…”

Su’Er walked off, leaving her relatives staring at her in complete shock.

Su Hong Cheng had watched his daughter grow up, and thought that there was no one who understood her better than him. However, at that moment, he realised that he didn’t understand his daughter at all.

Normally, she was incredibly obedient, quiet, timid, easily embarrassed, and didn’t know how to refuse. No matter what they said, she would always nod and follow their wishes.

However, her words just then showed her unswerving and unyielding determination.

When someone who had always been incredibly meek became incredibly resolute towards something… That most likely meant that thing was more important than their lives.

“What should we do?” Su Yi Cheng helplessly asked. Su’Er’s words made it clear that no matter how they tried to convince her, they would not be able to change her mind.

“Ai… what’s going on… Well, we definitely can’t let the Long family and Xuanyuan family find out about this. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable.” Su Hong Cheng massaged his temples, his heart feeling incredibly chaotic. ……………………………………………………

The table was filled with the packaging of countless snacks- this was the deed of Tian Tian.

Because they had underestimated Tian Tian’s appetite, Gui Ya and the others had rushed out to buy snacks when she had yelled that she was hungry. However, the snacks they had bought had been devoured by her in an instant, forcing Gui Ya to go out again… and again, and again. By the time the packaging covered the entire table, the 6 people in the room were sweating.

My goodness, does this little ancestor have a bottomless stomach?

“Why isn’t big brother back yet?”

Tian Tian grabbed a big handful of pea crisps and tossed them into her mouth as she chewed and spoke. Her crystal-like eyes continuously gazed out the window. After Chao Ying and Chao Xi had returned, she had been standing at the window, waiting for Ling Chen to come back. More than 2 hours had passed, but luckily there were snacks, so she wasn’t too upset. She was only a bit worried about Ling Chen’s safety.

“He should be coming back soon. Master really likes Tian Tian, so I’m sure he wouldn’t be willing to leave you for too long.” Chao Ying said as she sweetly smiled.

“You can’t say that for sure. Master’s having a moonlight date with your cute big sister Su’Er… it’s possible that he won’t be coming back tonight.” Before Chao Xi finished speaking, she started to giggle.

“No way!” Tian Tian vigorously shook her head, “Big brother promised that he would be back before 11pm… Wuu, if big brother’s not here, I won’t be able to sleep.”

At this moment, a flash of light streaked across the sky. Tian Tian’s eyes lit up as she cheerfully cried out, “Look! A shooting star! A shooting star!!”

Chao Ying and Chao Xi leaned over and saw the shooting star disappearing. Chao Ying lowered her head and smile as she said, “Does Tian Tian have any wishes she wants to tell the shooting star? I heard that if you earnestly make a wish, it’ll definitely come true.”

Tian Tian slightly raised her head and silently looked at the night sky. She didn’t move, and seemed like she hadn’t heard Chao Ying’s words. However, her eyes were trembling.

Shooting star…

I haven’t seen a shooting star in so long…

Shooting star… Shooting star… Shooting star…

“Hm? Are you alright, Tian Tian? Are you making a wish?” Seeing that Tian Tian hadn’t moved or spoken in so long, Chao Ying and Chao Xi felt that something was off, and they waved their hands in front of her eyes.


The snacks in Tian Tian’s hand fell to the ground as she fell backwards.

“Tian Tian!”

Chao Ying and Chao Xi were both shocked, and quickly caught her. When they saw her face, they were even more stunned- Tian Tian had looked completely fine earlier, but was now pale as a sheet. Her eyes were open, but didn’t have any light in them. Her lips slightly moved as her eyes closed, and she fell silent.

“Tian Tian!! What happened, Tian Tian? Tian Tian!!!”

The suddenness of what had just happened made the sisters at a loss as to what to do. They shook Tian Tian’s body a few times and yelled in her ears, but there was no reaction from Tian Tian.

“What’s going on?”

Gui Ya and the others rushed over.

“Tian Tian suddenly fell unconscious! We don’t know why.”

“What?!” Gui Ya was horrified, and rushed over as he touched her forehead and placed a finger under her nose. Her temperature was normal, but her breathing was a bit erratic and her face was abnormally pale. He frowned as he said, “Hurry and carry her into the bedroom…immediately call Yao Ying and Qian Mo, and tell them to come back at once!”


When Ling Chen came back, naturally, he did not take an ordinary route.

Ling Chen stealthily climbed up the pipeline to the roof, then silently flipped through the window. He had done this countless times in his life, and every move was executed perfectly. He could enter anyone’s home without being detected. However, this house was filled with other experts, so he naturally couldn’t escape detection for long. Just as his feet hit the ground, Gui Ya rushed over as he blurted out, “Master, Tian Tian fell unconscious!”

“What?!” Ling Chen was stunned as he felt his insides grow cold. He couldn’t hear what Gui Ya said clearly as he ran as fast as he could to the bedroom.

Tian Tian was quietly lying on the most comfortable bed, unmoving. Her face had started to regain its rosy colour, but it was still paler than normal. Ling Chen almost leapt over to the bed as he stared at Tian Tian, yelling, “Tian Tian, what’s wrong, Tian Tian?!”

He suddenly got up and uncontrollably yelled, “Tell me! What’s wrong with Tian Tian? Didn’t I tell you to look after her well? What have you all been doing?”

Ling Chen had the right and power to reign over them, but he had never lost his temper at them before. Gui Ya lowered his head as he quickly replied, “Master, please calm down. After you left, Tian Tian didn’t leave this place, and wasn’t attacked. She was standing at the window when she suddenly lost consciousness without any warning… don’t worry, master, Yao Ying and Qian Mo are hurrying back, and will be here soon.”

At this moment, a rhythmic knock sounded out on the door. Gui Ya immediately rushed over and opened the door. Two fairylike women entered with sweat on their foreheads, along with a cold gust of wind. They were Yao Ying and Qian Mo, the ones with the strongest healing abilities in Hell.