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Chapter 512: 50 Times Brain Capacity

50 Times Brain Capacity

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

“Master…” Qian Mo opened and closed her mouth a few times before saying in deep shock, “Your brain capacity was increased by the Mad Scientist to more than 10 times a normal person’s brain capacity, right?”

“Yes, 15 times. With Eve’s help, I can raise it to 20 times. However, 2/3 of our brain capacities were sealed through some unknown method by the Mad Scientist. Right now, it’s only 5 times a normal person’s brain capacity.” Ling Chen replied. He didn’t need to hide these sorts of things. Although his brain capacity was only 5 times that of a normal person’s, he was still a monster whose mental energy and power surpassed humans’ limits.

“But Tian Tian, her… her…” Yao Ying paused for a few moments before spluttering out, “I casually used the instrument to check Tian Tian’s brain capacity… and that number skyrocketed…”

“Tian Tian’s brain capacity is 50 times a normal person’s… no! It’s more than 50 times! Because this instrument could only measure up to 50 times… and it broke…”

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

“Impossible!” Gui Ya yelled in shock, then resolutely shook his head, “There must have been something wrong with the instrument. A human whose brain capacity is 30% greater than a normal human’s will awaken esper powers, and those whose brain capacity is above 50% will be a top-tier esper. Those with 2 times a normal person’s brain capacity are absolute monsters. Instructor Hell found tens of thousands of geniuses all over the world, but less than 10 were able to withstand the stimulation to 5 times. Only master and Eve were able to surpass 7 times.

“Although master and Eve are limited to 5 times, you’re still unparalleled existences, and with Instructor Hell dead, there’s no one stronger than master and Eve now… no matter what, Tian Tian’s just a normal girl- how can she have 50 times a normal person’s brain capacity? The instrument must have been broken from the start.”

“That’s right. Even if it was made by the Mad Scientist, it should never break.” Someone else said as they nodded. After all, it was not as if this was the first time they had met Tian Tian. Tian Tian was simply an incredibly fragile girl who didn’t have anything that made her stand out differently. Moreover, these Reapers were incredibly familiar with the concept of brain capacity… The greater one’s brain capacity, the stronger their mental energy would be, and the faster it could grow.

If one’s brain capacity was 30% greater than a normal person’s brain capacity at birth, they were an innate esper; if it was raised to 30% greater than a normal person’s brain capacity afterwards, they would be an acquired esper. If they could exceed 50%, they would be one of the top espers- out of the billions of people in China, less than 100 people had a brain capacity greater than 50% of a normal human’s. Those who had 100% times greater brain capacity could be counted on a single hand.

Apart from Ling Chen, Eve and the deceased Instructor Hell, no one had reached 5 times a normal persons’ brain capacity. At the same time, this also showed how terrifying the Mad Scientist was. Back then, he had used medicine and terrifying procedures to create hundreds of specimens whose brain capacity was one time greater than a normal human’s; tens of specimens whose brain capacity was 3 times greater than a normal human’s, and nearly 10 who had reached 5 times a normal human’s.

If the Mad Scientist hadn’t been so obsessed with perfection, and hadn’t killed all of the specimens who he had deemed ‘failures’, the monsters he had created would have thrown the entire world into catastrophe. If he had decided to use those monsters to wreak havoc, the entire world would have been doomed.

All of them felt incredible fear for the Mad Scientist, including Ling Chen. Moreover, Instructor Hell’s ‘resurrection’ made it clear that the Mad Scientist was still alive. Although no one brought it up, this fact remained like a sharp thorn in everyone’s hearts.

50 times a normal person’s brain capacity… That was a figure that made everyone stop breathing. It was a figure that even the Mad Scientist wouldn’t believe. This figure could only perhaps appear on a god of the legends. Apart from a massive appetite, Tian Tian didn’t have any other unique points, not even strength, much less any esper abilities. How could she have 50 times a normal person’s brain capacity?

“Mmm, the instrument must have been broken. That gave me a big fright.” Yao Ying and Qian Mo quickly recovered from their fright. Indeed, this was simply impossible, and the only explanation was that the medical instrument was broken from the beginning. After all, it had been more than 6 years since they had left Hell, so it wasn’t surprising that it had broken down.

However, Ling Chen did not feel relieved, and his expression remained just as heavy as he spoke, “When I first met Tian Tian, her head had indeed received some sort of heavy impact. If that impact was enough to cause her memories to become hazy, could her brain capacity have been affected as well?”

“That’s right.” Yao Ying and Qian Mo both nodded. Qian Mo replied, “The heavy impact caused her brain capacity to greatly suffer- you could say her brain was completely jumbled by that, causing her to go into a deep sleep to recover. Memories are stored in one’s brain, and takes up an incredibly small portion of one’s brain capacity. If one’s brain capacity is affected, their memories will naturally be affected as well, because their brain capacity has become jumbled. As for the clear memories she has, those were stored in the brain capacity that was unaffected, which is why they’re fine.

“Tian Tian suddenly losing consciousness was probably because something triggered one of her hazy memories, which can be said to be a good thing. As such, master doesn’t need to worry at all- she’ll probably wake up very soon. Also… the 50 times a normal person’s brain capacity was definitely because there was something wrong with the machine; please don’t dwell on it, master. I’m sure master knows clearly what sort of girl Tian Tian is. If she had such terrifying talent, how could master not know?”

“That’s right, that’s right. It seems that even things made by the Mad Scientist aren’t perfect, haha.” Gui Ya said as he laughed. The medical instrument breaking indicated to everyone that the Mad Scientist wasn’t completely flawless and invulnerable. They all knew that the shadow the Mad Scientist had left in their hearts would never go away. No one knew where he was, and even to these incredibly powerful experts, he was a truly terrifying demon.

Ling Chen lapsed into silence. At this moment, he suddenly remembered something from a few months ago that had deeply shocked him.

During that night when he had caused a bloodbath at the Long family’s residence, he had been brought out by Gui Dao, then passed on to Mu Bing Yao, and in desperation, she had given him to Tian Tian…

It was around 12am at that time.

After that, Tian Tian had carried him on her back, step by step, as she walked forwards.

When he woke up and recovered, Tian Tian had told him that she had walked an entire night, until the sky had brightened. When she could finally see the sun, she had fallen down a slope and fainted. That was where he had woken up… Back then, it was the intersection between summer and autumn, and in Beijing, the sun rose at around 7am. That meant that Tian Tian had carried him on her back and walked for nearly 7 hours.

When he had woken up, 3 days had passed. He had always been curious… Tian Tian’s body was quite weak, and even if she had carried him on her back for 7 hours, she couldn’t have walked too far. Moreover, with the Long family’s power, how could they not catch up to a little girl who was carrying a big man? However, they had not been found, even after a whole 3 days.

After he was able to move again, he confirmed where they were, and after hearing Tian Tian talk about where Mu Bing Yao had passed him to her, he became greatly shocked.

This was because, even if they measured the distance in a straight line, they were 400 kilometres away!!

400 kilometres in 7 hours! And that was assuming she travelled in a completely straight line. If they accounted for the winds in the roads she followed, as well as the slopes she had to walk up and down, Tian Tian definitely would have carried him for more than 500 kilometres. 500 kilometres in 7 hours meant…

On that night, Tian Tian had carried him while walking at more than 70 kilometres per hour!!

That was ridiculous!!

Moreover, according to Tian Tian’s recount… She had walked incredibly slowly, and she had been incredibly tired. Every single step required a lot of strength… In the end, she couldn’t even see or hear clearly, and she couldn’t feel her entire body… She simply didn’t know how she kept walking… When she fainted, she didn’t know where she was, much less how far she had walked or for how long she had walked.

She had travelled more than 400 kilometres away from the Long family’s residence in 7 hours… How were the Long family supposed to catch up? How could they believe that an almost-dead Ling Chen was 400 kilometres away, and how could they find him at such a distance?

He had repeatedly checked this, then buried it deep within his arm, and passed it off as a ‘miracle’… A miracle that Tian Tian had created for him.

However, miracles didn’t happen for no reason. There was always an explanation behind miracles. Tian Tian had released her terrifying potential in order to save him, but even so, was 400 kilometres in 7 hours possible for a girl?

At this moment, an idea suddenly surfaced in his mind…

If Tian Tian always had this sort of power, but had forgotten about it… and had subconsciously released it at that time…

If that was the case… “Master? Master? Are you alright?”

Seeing Ling Chen spaced out, not uttering a single word, Gui Ya worriedly called out. Ling Chen’s eyes flashed as he shook his head, “I’m fine. I’m sure Qian Mo and Yao Ying’s conclusions are correct. Since Tian Tian’s fine, don’t worry, everyone, and go do your own things. Just let Tian Tian have a good rest.”

Just as he spoke, Tian Tian’s nose suddenly twitched, and her hands moved as she opened her eyes.

How could these slight movements escape the senses of the people in the room? Ling Chen hurriedly came over and said in deep concern, “Tian Tian, you’re awake.”

Tian Tian blinked and looked at Ling Chen for a few moments before fully waking up, “Big brother, you’re back… eh? I fell asleep? Why’s everyone here?”

As she said this, she tried to get up, but was gently held down by Ling Chen, “It’s already pretty late, so if you’re tired, just sleep. Everyone else is sleeping soon too.”

“Achoo…” Tian Tian sneezed, and didn’t seem to realise what had happened to her, “Is big brother going to sleep together with me?”

Ling Chen smiled, “Of course, I can’t sleep without Tian Tian.”

“Hehe,” Tian Tian laughed, “Then big brother should go and shower… Big brothers and big sisters, good night!”

The Reapers all left the room feeling reassured. Only Ling Chen felt a new burden on his heart. During the night, he hugged Tian Tian to sleep, and hugged her tighter than he had in the past. It was as if he was afraid that if he let go, Tian Tian would disappear.

Right now, Tian Tian is mine, and is more important to me than anything.

However, in the future, will Tian Tian still be mine?