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Chapter 513: The Gu Family’s Amazing Woman, Gu Qing Han

The Gu Family’s Amazing Woman, Gu Qing Han

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Tian Tian slept until noon the next day. After eating lunch, Ling Chen, Tian Tian, Chao Ying and Chao Xi returned to Su Hang. There were many things in Beijing that made them feel uncomfortable, which triggered many unpleasant memories, so they didn’t want to stay there for long.

When they reached Su Hang, it was the afternoon, and the sky had begun to darken.

“When you return this jet, make sure you thank Li Xiao Xue for me. I owe her a big favour now.” Ling Chen lazily said as he leaned back in his comfortable seat in the jet.

“Got it.” Chao Xi, who was in charge of flying the jet, smiled. During this entire trip to Beijing, they had been in a good mood the whole time. Seeing Ling Chen achieve his goal, they were even happier. “Now that you mention it, there’s something we almost forgot to tell master. When we asked to borrow this jet, Li Xiao Xue asked us to tell master that if you want to thank her, you should go to see her in person. There are some things she wants to talk to you about.”

“Oh?” Ling Chen sat up straight. He thought for a moment before saying, “After the affair yesterday at the Su family’s residence, Li Xiao Xue… can probably guess my identity.”

“That’s incorrect,” Chao Ying shook her head, “She guessed your identity from the very beginning. The events last night allowed her to confirm her suspicions.”

Ling Chen rubbed his forehead as he said in a low voice, “The virtual gaming world’s Loulan Queen, the woman who made the Li family financial group’s fortune grow by 5 times within a short period of time… this woman is not simple.”

Chao Ying and Chao Xi both laughed, “Of course Li Xiao Xue isn’t a simple woman. This is something everyone in the south knows. Li Xiao Xue’s older than us, and her looks and figure are both flawless. She has a background that no one can compare to, but there are very few men who chase her. Does master know why?”

“What else could it be? This sort of woman is too hard to keep under control. It’s probable that all the men who tried to chase her suffered a lot.” Ling Chen said without hesitation.

“That’s completely correct,” Chao Ying and Chao Xi replied in a synchronised manner.

“Then does master want to go home directly or go to visit Xiao Xue first? Xiao Xue’s very curious towards master. We’ve known her for many years, but it’s the first time we’ve seen her so curious about someone.”

Ling Chen looked at Tian Tian, who was admiring the scenery outside. He thought for a few moments before replying, “I don’t like owing favours, so let’s go see her. Any normal man wouldn’t refuse an invitation from a beauty.”

“Alright, we’ll immediately let Xiao Xue know. At our current speed, we’ll be there in 10 minutes.” ………………………………………… Li family’s compound, northern courtyard.

Although it was winter, the air in Su Hang made one feel carefree and relaxed. This was especially so for Li Xiao Xue’s northern courtyard. It was surrounded by greenery, and although it was called the ‘northern courtyard’, it was incredibly impressive. It had a private swimming pool, entertainment centre, gym, medical centre, parking lot… as well as a landing strip the size of a football field. However, this landing strip was not empty- there were 3 private jets of different sizes. The biggest one could fit up to 100 people, and they all belonged to Li Xiao Xue.

As for the private parking lot… It was filled with luxury cars, and looked like an international luxury car exhibition.

Li Xiao Xue’s money was something that she would never be able to finish spending. Buying a top-tier luxury car to her was the same as an ordinary person buying a cabbage.

At this moment, Li Xiao Xue was receiving 4 special guests.

“Oh? Aunty Gu, I can’t quite understand what you’re saying. Would you mind being more specific?” A slight look of shock appeared in Li Xiao Xue’s eyes, but a calm smile remained on her face. Her loose clothes covered her alluring curves, and she had her legs crossed as she sat at the head chair. No matter if it was from the front or from the sides, one could see how curvy her body was.

The smile on her face was extremely calm, but there was a hint of graveness between her brows… there were less than 5 people who could make her feel this way in the entire southern part of China.

Sitting opposite her was a woman.

It was difficult to tell how old she was- some would say she looked twenty, others thirty, and still others, forty. The perfect description for her would be graceful and elegant. Li Xiao Xue knew her age- she was already middle-aged. However, she seemed to have won against ‘time’, that terrifying enemy. As the years passed, time was unable to ravage her looks. There was not a single wrinkle on her face, as if she was still a young girl. However, the noble and dignified aura she possessed was only something that could be gained over a long period of time.

Facing Li Xiao Xue’s words, the woman’s expression did not waver at all. She calmly looked at Li Xiao Xue, looking as if it was impossible to move her. Even Li Xiao Xue felt that it would be impossible for her to be that calm and composed.

“This isn’t what we wanted, but big sister, she… Miss Li, please help us convince big sister, this…”

Before the middle-aged woman could speak, the man sitting behind her hurriedly stood up and spoke out. As soon as he finished speaking, the middle-aged woman slightly shifted her body and calmly glanced at him. The middle-aged man’s body stiffened as he hurriedly stopped speaking and sat back down, not daring to utter another word.

A big sister having the power to make her little brother completely submit to her wasn’t incredibly strange… However, the middle-aged man who had just stood up was… Gu Tian Nan!

His father was an esper in the south, as well as the Alliance Master of the Esper Family and the Ancient Martial Family! He was the Junior Alliance Master who was even more famous than his father, and the strongest esper in the south. At the same time, he controlled the most powerful faction in the south. Overall, it was even bigger than the north’s underground faction, the Battle Alliance. After all, in the north, the Battle Alliance was severely restricted, while there was not much limiting the south.

Ever since the ‘Skyfall Dynasty’ had developed and was able to contend with the Yan Huang Alliance, Gu Tian Nan’s fame resounded throughout the entire country, At the same time, he was third on the Heaven Rankings… Directly below the Yan Huang Alliance’s Sword Emperor and the Dark Night’s Shinigami… of course, after Ling Tian, that monster appeared, he had become number 4.

This sort of important figure, who could cause half of China and the virtual world to shake by stamping his feet, had been scared stiff by a glance from a woman, and didn’t dare to say an extra word. Moreover, he was sitting behind the woman… Evidently this showed how much he respected her.

He was sitting next to his two little brothers, Gu Tian Dong and Gu Tian Ping. The three of them were the Skyfall Dynasty’s ‘Three Heavenly Kings’- Skyfall, Against the Sky and Judging Sky. At the moment, these 3 influential figures were obediently sitting behind this middle-aged woman, with complicated looks on their faces, but not daring to say anything.

“What I mean to say is already very clear. I’m sure Xiao Xue can completely understand.” The middle-aged woman’s voice was gentle as flowing water, but also contained a formless might. She didn’t release it on purpose; instead, it was something that came naturally from her actions and words.

As the eldest daughter of the strongest esper family in the south, as well as all of China, how could she not be an esper herself? Like her little brother, Gu Tian Nan, she was a mental esper, but the pressure that she emitted was unrelated to her mental esper powers.

“The Skyfall Dynasty wants to break off the alliance with my Li family? And you want to completely cut it off?” Li Xiao Xue sat upright. This showed how uncomfortable she felt.

“Indeed.” The middle-aged woman nodded.

“Oh…” Li Xiao Xue peacefully replied. This reaction couldn’t be any calmer. She thought for a few moments before smiling and saying, “I believe that this decision was made by Aunty Gu. Can I take this to mean that Aunty Gu will enter the virtual world, and might start to control the Skyfall Dynasty’s matters?” Although it was phrased as a question, this sounded more like a statement. That was because this explanation was the only possible explanation.

“That’s correct.”

“However, from memory, Aunty Gu’s never been interested in the virtual world. Moreover, if Aunty Gu steps into the virtual world, who will manage the Gu family, as well as half of the Skyfall Alliance? I believe that apart from Aunty Gu, it’ll be difficult to find someone with the capability and charisma.” Li Xiao Xue said as she smiled. This wasn’t flattery, but how she felt from the bottom of her heart. In this world, there weren’t many men who impressed her, but the only woman she truly respected was this elegant middle-aged woman in front of her.

Gu Qing Han.

When the Gu family’s family leader had reached the end of his life and couldn’t overcome his sickness, his body deteriorated day by day. The Skyfall Alliance wasn’t completely united- although the Gu family was the most powerful family in the Skyfall Alliance, there were many other powerful families that were eyeing the leadership position. Gu Tian Nan’s abilities were quite exceptional, but he was too young, and didn’t wield enough power to completely unite the Skyfall Alliance.

When the Gu family’s position in the Skyfall Alliance started to waver, the eldest daughter of the Gu family, who had remained silent for many years, suddenly appeared in a high-profile manner. Using terrifying plots and mighty acts, she completely suppressed all waves within the Skyfall Alliance, and firmly cemented the Gu family’s position as the leader of the Skyfall Alliance. She singlehanded earned the respect of the entire Esper Family and Ancient Martial Family. At the same time, the underworld forces in the south were united at a shocking rate under her hands. With the loose sand gathered into a massive creature, it was more than 3 times larger than the Battle Alliance in the north.

Everything was because of Gu Qing Han.

The underworld powers completely belonged to the Gu family, and was so large that the Long family and other families in the Skyfall Alliance didn’t dare to offend them. These years, the Gu family had remained at the centre of the Skyfall Alliance, and no other family had dared to even provoke them. The Skyfall Dynasty in the virtual world also rapidly grew, and became the only large guild that had the qualifications to fight against the Yan Huang Alliance.

With a daughter like this, the Gu family’s leader was able to spend his remaining years in peace and happiness.