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Chapter 514: Gu Qing Han’s decision

Gu Qing Han’s decision

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Editor: Allenwa

“Although I wasn’t interested in the past, that does not mean I’ll always be disinterested. The developments in the Mystic Moon world have made it so that I can’t help but put my focus on it. Moreover, the Skyfall Dynasty’s growth in the virtual world has disappointed me, so I must intervene.” Gu Qing Han casually said as she looked at Li Xiao Xue.

The 3 men behind her felt so ashamed that they lowered their heads.

“Oh? Disappointed Aunty Gu?” A look of interest appeared in Li Xiao Xue’s eyes, and she made an expression of confusion, “The Skyfall Dynasty’s power is something that every player in the world knows about, and is publicly acknowledged to be one of the top 3 guilds in China. Since the Mystic Moon world was opened, the Skyfall Dynasty grew much faster than it did in previous virtual worlds. They’ve been acting in a low-profile manner, but developing in a high-profile manner. Their reputation is quite good, and their fame is approaching the Yan Huang Alliance’s level. I can’t quite understand why Aunty Gu would be disappointed.”

“What you said is quite right.” Gu Qing Han nodded. Ever since she had entered the Li family’s residence, her expression had remained exactly the same. It was as cold as ice that had been frozen for ten thousand years. The number of times Li Xiao Xue had met her could not be called many, nor was it few. However, she had never seen Gu Qing Han smile before. It was said that when she was younger, she received large emotional and psychological damage, which left scars in her heart. Afterwards, her heart became frozen, and no one had ever seen her smile since.

“The Skyfall Dynasty’s current growth and future prospects are acceptable. However, that’s not what I’m disappointed in, but rather, your Li family. Li Xiao Xue, with how intelligent you are, you should be able to understand my words.”

Li Xiao Xue thought for a moment before slowly nodding and giving a slight smile, “Is Aunty Gu referring to the partnership between the Skyfall Dynasty and my Li family?”

Gu Qing Han slightly closed her eyes as she coldly replied, “A partnership is only established where both parties benefit. In the beginning, I was not dissatisfied with the Skyfall Dynasty working with your Li family. However, now that I’ve begun to pay more attention to the virtual world, I’ve realised that players in China, as well as players all o the world, don’t see the Skyfall Dynasty as solely belonging to my Gu family, but also belonging to your Li family…

“In fact, some believe that the Li family has greater control over the Skyfall Dynasty. Almost everyone believes that without the Li family’s support, the Skyfall Dynasty would not have been able to grow to this extent or have the rights to contend with the Yan Huang Alliance. What’s even more unacceptable is that still others believe that the Skyfall Dynasty belongs to the Li family, and the Gu family is simply a manager for them… It is difficult for me to believe that you did not fuel these beliefs.”

Li Xiao Xue smiled, but did not say anything. She knew that even if she denied it, it would be difficult to convince Aunty Gun.

“Indeed, with your Li family’s support, the Skyfall Dynasty has grown at a shocking rate, which is why it is what it is now. One of the conditions was that our Skyfall Dynasty would protect all property of the Li family in the virtual world.

“What players have seen is that the Skyfall Dynasty has always been faithfully protecting all property of the Li family in the virtual world. Whenever the Li family calls, we must answer. My three little brothers have received massive financial support, and has shown a girl much younger than them incredible respect… if I wasn’t an insider, and was just a normal player, I would believe that the Skyfall Dynasty was actually owned by the Li family, or perhaps that the Skyfall Dynasty was a subsidiary guild of the Li family! This has been the situation for many years; how could I not be disappointed?”

Gu Qing Han’s final sentence was spoken incredibly coldly, and her three little brothers behind her began to sweat.

Li Xiao Xue smiled amicably, “So it’s like that; that’s what Aunty Gu was worried about. Indeed, with Aunty Gu’s firm and unyielding personality, you would be quite displeased about this. I admit, I had some part to play in this. However, since Aunty Gu has decided to personally manage the Skyfall Dynasty, I naturally wouldn’t dare to act rashly in front of Aunty Gu. I’m sure that with Aunty Gu’s wisdom, you’ll be able to change peoples’ perspective of the Skyfall Dynasty very quickly. If Aunty Gu wishes, we can change the mode of our partnership, but I would like Aunty Gu to reconsider completely cutting off any cooperation. No matter if it’s myself or the entire Li family, we do not wish to lose an ally like the Gu family.”

“No need,” Gu Qing Han shook her head, “I’ve never been one to change my decisions. Cutting off ties with the Li family means cutting off more than half of our financial support, which will greatly impact the Skyfall Dynasty. However, a Skyfall Dynasty created using external funds will always just be a sleeping tiger; an empty shell. From today onwards, the Skyfall Dynasty will only belong to the Gu family, and I will personally turn it into a sharp and indestructible sword!

“The contract between the Skyfall Dynasty and the Li family is renewed every year. It has been 7 months since we last signed on it, and we will pay every cent of the penalty for early termination. Moreover, I heard that Xiao Xue created the ‘Snow Moon Loulan’ and is called the ‘Loulan Queen’. In its peak, the Snow Moon Loulan had more than 100,000 players, but the name ‘Snow Moon Loulan’ has yet to appear in the Mystic Moon world. I’m sure that with Xiao Xue’s wisdom, you won’t completely trust my Gu family. As such, I have reason to believe that Snow Moon Loulan exists, but is simply hidden, or has changed its name. Thus, even with my Gu family’s ‘protection’, your Li family will still be able to protect its assets within the virtual world.”

Li Xiao Xue did not nod, nor did she shake her head. She smiled as she replied, “Alright, since Aunty Gu insists…”

At this moment, Gu Tian Nan couldn’t sit still anymore. He leapt to his feet as he said in a loud voice, “Big sister, please think about this carefully! The current Skyfall Dynasty has nearly 3,000,000 players, and that’s not including the subsidiary guilds! If we cut off the Li family’s financial support, how can we sustain such a large guild? Moreover, the penalty for early termination is a massive figure, and will take the skin off our Gu family… our Gu family has always excelled, but not in financial matters… Miss Li, please help me convince my big sister.” Gu Qing Han glared at him as she said in a cold voice, “What’s the use of having a big, but unruly mob? The first thing I’m going to do is reduce the size of the Skyfall Dynasty.”

Gu Tian Nan’s entire forehead was covered in sweat, “But… But…”

“There are no ‘buts’. I’ve already decided on this; it’s useless if you disagree.” Gu Qing Han was completely frowning now. Evidently, she was enraged.

The hidden anger in her voice caused Gu Tian Nan to shrink back. He opened his mouth, but didn’t dare to speak again, and he sat down with his head lowered. Gu Tian Dong and Gu Tian Ping had the same reaction- how could they dare to voice their disagreement? Gu Qing Han had always been quite domineering, and the capability she had caused them to respect her from the bottom of their hearts.

Li Xiao Xue continued to calmly speak from where she had been cut off, “Since Aunty Gu is so resolute in this decision, then we’ll go along with Aunty Gu’s wishes. After Aunty Gu leaves here, all of the contracts between our Li family and your Gu family in the virtual world will be terminated; I’ll completely destroy them at midnight tonight. Also, there’s no need for the penalty for early termination. Aunty Gu can just pretend it doesn’t exist.”

Gu Qing Han looked at Li Xiao Xue expressionlessly, “I know that Xiao Xue would never do anything that does not benefit her or the Li family. That penalty is quite a large sum of money; give me a reason why you would let it go.”

Li Xiao Xue slightly smiled with a sincere look in her eyes, “I respect Aunty Gu. Is that reason sufficient?”

Gu Qing Han looked at her deeply, and after falling silent for a few moments, she slowly stood up. She was tall and slim, and the plain clothes she wore were still able to give her an air of nobility, “This reason makes it difficult for me to reject it. Since it’s like that, we’ll forget about the penalty for early termination. Xiao Xue, Aunty Gu won’t take up more of your time. The next time we meet might be within the game… we’ll see ourselves out.”

Gu Qing Han left without any dallying, and her three little brothers followed behind her, looking complicated, and could not meet Li Xiao Xue’s eyes. Li Xiao Xue didn’t see them out; she continued to look at Gu Qing Han from behind until she had disappeared from her vision. Within her eyes were some strange ripples.

At this moment, a young woman wearing a plain shirt and an office skirt walked in with a look of confusion on her face as she asked, “Miss, our partnership with the Gu family in the virtual world is incredibly important, and both sides need to rely on each other. According to the contract, the penalty for early termination can be as high as 9 billion dollars… why would Miss suggest for it to be cancelled? Is it really because you respect Gu Qing Han that much?”

Li Xiao Xue continued to gaze in the direction Gu Qing Han had left in as she smiled, “Aunty Gu was completely correct- I, Li Xiao Xue, never do anything that does not benefit me or the Li family… I have my own plans for this. Aunty Gu’s reasons for cutting off our partnership were not simply the reasons she said.”

“… Miss, ten minutes ago, Miss Ying Xi sent a message notifying Miss that they would arrive in 10 minutes, as well as that they’re bringing someone who Miss has wanted to meet.” The young woman said.

“Oh?” Li Xiao Xue turned around as she asked, “Where are they now?”

“0009 is now landing. Would Miss like to go and welcome them?” The young woman said after looking at the screen on her wrist.

“They’re already here…” Li Xiao Xue tapped her finger on her chin as she smiled beautifully, “You can go and receive them. Tell Ying and Xi to take the little sister to the entertainment centre, and that she can play whatever she wants. Bring that male guest here.”