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Chapter 516: Think About It Later!

Think About It Later!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Any man would enjoy being praised by a beautiful woman, and Ling Chen was no exception to this. Adding on her peerless background, as well as the sincerity in his eyes, Ling Chen felt giddy with joy. His eyes slightly narrowed as he said with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, “In that case, with me standing here, has little sister Xiao Xue ‘fallen for’ me?”

“This little sister is also a normal girl; how could I resist big brother Ling Tian’s charm?” Li Xiao Xue gave a lovely smile, “I heard that big brother Ling Tian has many lovers who are all outstanding beauties whose beauty can bring down a country. However, a dragon amongst men like big brother Ling Tian should have thousands of beauties. I’m quite jealous that my 2 good sisters, Ying and Xi can receive big brother Ling Tian’s affection. It’s just that with this little sister’s plain looks, big brother Ling Tian might not even be willing to look at me, let alone fall for me.”

These words almost sounded like they were from a play. Could this big miss Li have invited him here just to make sport of him? Ling Chen’s expression became one of amusement as he immediately replied, “No, no, no, no! Little sister Xiao Xue is stunningly beautiful, and has an extraordinary temperament. Her background is immense, and is also an extremely capable person. I’m sure there’s no one under the heavens who can escape from little sister Xiao Xue’s charm.”

“Does this include big brother Ling Tian?” Li Xiao Xue asked flirtatiously.

“Of course,” Ling Chen said as he nodded. Li Xiao Xue gave a gentle smile as a crafty look flashed on her face, “Since it’s like that, would big brother Ling Tian like Xiao Xue to enter his ‘harem’? If big brother Ling Tian is willing, Xiao Xue will be your woman from now on, and you will be Xiao Xue’s man. Xiao Xue’s willing to give you her body, right here, right now.”

Ling Chen: “……”



Before entering, Ling Chen had imagined at least 30 different scenarios that could play out. However, this was something that he did not consider to even be a possibility. The Li Xiao Xue in front of him was not at all acting like a woman who stood at the peak of the financial world. Instead, she was like a lewd wife who had not been able to have sex with her husband for a long time, who was once again reunited with him.

Of course, it was not as if Ling Chen did not want this. However, how could the high and mighty Loulan Queen say such words… was it a trap? Was this woman trying to throw him off? Apart from those reasons, there didn’t seem to be any other possibility. However, weren’t these tricks a bit too low?

Ling Chen crossed his arms as the smile on his face became slightly colder, “Little sister Xiao Xue, your time is worth millions of dollars every second; I can’t afford to waste your time. As such, let’s stop with the jokes now. I came here to thank you for the care and help you’ve given to us. If there’s anything you need, let me know. As long as I can help, I will do my best to help you.”

When Ling Chen owed someone a favour, he would definitely return the favour. He didn’t like the feeling of owing others.

Hearing Ling Chen’s words, Li Xiao Xue’s eyes looked down, and her voice became lazier, “Jokes? Big brother Ling Tian, do you really think I’m joking?”

Li Xiao Xue gave a charming smile as she walked forwards, with her perky breasts almost touching Ling Chen’s chest. Her eyes narrowed as she smiled as she softly asked, “Big brother Ling Tian, do you want to… make love to me?”


Ling Chen was no gentleman; in fact, sometimes he was a voracious beast. When Li Xiao Xue walked closer to him, his instinct wasn’t to take a step backwards, but to look at her breasts. Her breasts were two busty mounds, looking as if they would rip through her dress at any moment. His gaze lowered to her incredibly slim waist, then even lower… before he could look any lower, Li Xiao Xue’s words completely stunned him.

“What… did you say?” Li Xiao Xue giggled, making her look even more beautiful. She looked at him flirtatiously, as if she was a young girl in the springtime of her youth, then softly spoke, “In Su Hang, the number of men who desire my body could line up from the West Lake to the East Crane Pagoda. This is the first time Xiao Xue’s asked a man to make love to her, big brother Ling Tian… do you really not want to make love to me?”

The Li Xiao Xue in front of him was incredibly beautiful, and had the fragrance of a young woman, which wafted into his nose, causing him to feel intoxicated. Even if a woman like this didn’t have an extraordinary temperament, she would still be able to easily seduce a man. What’s more, she was the successor to the richest family in China. If Ling Chen said that he wasn’t interested in her body, he would definitely be lying. However, Li Xiao Xue saying such words gave him a big fright.

Ling Chen stared for a few seconds before the look in his eyes became dangerous. He lewdly looked at her as he asked, “You want me to make love to you?”

“That’s right?” Li Xiao Xue’s eyes became two crescent moons, which shone brightly. She swept her hair back behind her ears as she spoke with her delicate and pink lips, “I’m a normal woman, and I want a man to have sex with me. Is that strange? Hehe… also, I can give big brother Ling Tian many reasons to make love to me.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Li Xiao Xue’s hands reached behind her heck and undid her hairband, allowing her long hair to fall down like a waterfall. She looked up and embarrassedly met Ling Chen’s gaze, and looked so beautiful that it made it difficult for him to exercise self-control… such a beautiful woman was inviting a man to make love to her… who could resist?

“Firstly, I control half of the Li family financial group, and am familiar with everything in the Li family financial group. My father only has me, his single daughter, so I am also the successor to the entire Li family financial group. If you make love to me, I’ll be your woman, and the Li family financial group will also become yours, making you impossibly rich. Big brother Ling Tian, can you reject that?

“Secondly, Ling Tian City, which is named after you, is about to complete construction, and I’m doing my best to develop it. With my Li family financial group’s finances and my capabilities, I can build an empire for you in the virtual world, allowing you to have power equivalent that to an emperor.”

“Ling Tian… Ling Tian City? You’re saying that new city’s called Ling Tian City? Not Meng Xin City or Heart’s Dream City?” Ling Chen felt quite shocked- he had not expected this at all.

“That’s right,” Li Xiao Xue gave a gentle and clever smile, “To Meng Xin, the only acceptable name was Ling Tian City- a city that belongs to you, Ling Tian.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Li Xiao Xue continued, “Thirdly, you already heard me order everyone away, and this room has very good soundproofing. No matter what you do to me, no one else will know… even if you deny that you slept with me, no one would know either. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Ling Chen: “……”

“Fourthly… I, Li Xiao Xue, am still a virgin. I’ve never been touched by a man before.

“Fifthly… big brother Ling Tian…” Li Xiao Xue’s voice became incredibly soft, and she leaned forwards as her warm breath hit Ling Chen’s ear, “I, Li Xiao Xue, am quite beautiful. As a normal man, how could you reject a beautiful woman offering herself up to you… big brother Ling Tian, do you really not want to make love to the richest man’s daughter; don’t you want to make love to the Loulan Queen?”

Seeing Li Xiao Xue like this, and hearing her say such things, any man would burn with desire and leap on her to ravage her.

Ling Chen wasn’t abnormal; no, he was a very ordinary man in this regard. He desperately wanted to immediately turn into a beast, but his incredible mental strength allowed him to remember who this woman was… a woman would never do anything that was not beneficial to her! If she made a loss, that would be to gain 10 times over in future.

As Ling Chen struggled with his internal conflict, Li Xiao Xue’s face had already become red, and she leaned against his chest, with her full breasts sticking against him as she moved up and down.

This woman… she wasn’t wearing underwear!

Ling Chen felt an explosion go off in his mind, and he cast all of his worries behind…

He might as well eat this meat that had been delivered right to him!!

Everything else, he would think about it later!

Think about it later!!

Ling Chen grabbed Li Xiao Xue’s wrists, and wrapped his right arm around her. With just a thin muslin dress in the way, he could feel the softness of her breasts pressed against him.

“Ah…” No matter how seductive Li Xiao Xue had acted, in the end, she was still a virgin who had never been with a man before. This caused her to feel shocked and embarrassed, but she quickly adjusted her emotional state, and started to move her body against his.

Ling Chen didn’t use too much strength as he ripped apart Li Xiao Xue’s black muslin dress, then pulled it off her. Her curvy body was revealed to Ling Chen, and she lay in his embrace, her perky breasts proudly standing in front of him. Their shape was wonderful, and her skin was smooth and supple. They were definitely exquisite, top-class goods!

“Since you want it so much, I’ll satisfy you.” Ling Chen said as he wrapped his arms around her.

Li Xiao Xue’s face flushed red, but the wanton and unrestrained look remained in her eyes. She hooked her arms around Ling Chen’s neck as she said, “If you’re a man, then pound me so hard that I won’t be able to get out of bed for 3 days. Don’t hold back.”

With the passion inside him completely ignited, Ling Chen already lifted her up and came to the bedroom. He placed her onto the soft bed, then ripped off his clothes as he leapt on her like a ravenous wolf.

At night, the Li family’s grounds were completely lit up. Tian Tian happily played her heart out at the entertainment centre, and had no thoughts about leaving. As for Chao Ying and Chao Xi, they stayed by her side the entire time. There was no sound from Li Xiao Xue’s residence, and all of the hidden guards were 100 metres away, silently waiting for her orders… no one knew about the intense ‘battle’ happening inside.

Inside the room was a world with only 2 people. It was filled with intense shaking, trembling, flying fluids and strong smells.

Li Xiao Xue’s slim fingers tightly gripped the pillow; the bedsheets had long since been torn into shreds. Ling Chen pressed himself down on her, grabbing her waist as he pounded this beauty.

Although the soundproofing was quite good, and the guards nearby had all retreated, Li Xiao Xue didn’t dare to moan. She gritted her teeth the entire time, but small moans still leaked out of her lips as her body twisted like a small boat amidst a storm. Her large breasts swayed as Ling Chen furiously slammed into her, and her slim, long legs were wrapped tightly around Ling Chen’s waist.

This was indeed her first time, but her seduction made Ling Chen almost break her. At first, they were on the bed, but then they ended up on the carpet, then pressed up against the door, then on her work desk, then in front of her make-up mirror, then on the sofa… Ling Chen had tried every position on her in every part of the room. Li Xiao Xue couldn’t remember how many times she had climaxed, but could feel that her consciousness was about to leave her body.

After Ling Chen was fully satisfied, Li Xiao Xue lay on the carpet. Her entire body was a rosy pink colour, and couldn’t even move a finger. After the storm had ended, she moaned, and closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

Ling Chen, who felt as if he had just enjoyed a delicious meal, brought over a blanket and covered Li Xiao Xue up with it. He then dressed himself and left, making sure to lock the door as he did so. He then called Tian Tian, Chao Ying and Chao Xi, and left.

Ling Chen’s feelings could only be described with one word…


Incredibly refreshed!