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Chapter 517: It’s Fate

It’s Fate

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

They returned to the Bamboo Sea Wonderland in a luxurious 7-seat car provided by Li Xiao Xue. Chao Ying and Chao Xi were allowed to borrow any of Li Xiao Xue’s cars without even asking her. Tian Tian, who was tired from playing, lay on Ling Chen’s lap and slept, and Ling Chen felt incredibly refreshed. When they were nearly back, he asked, “Ying, Xi, don’t you want to know what I talked to Li Xiao Xue about?”

“Of course we do,” Chao Xi said as she giggled, “You talked for nearly 2 hours; I’m sure you talked lots and did lots. Seeing how happy master looks, you must have had a very pleasurable chat.”

“Indeed, it was very~ pleasurable~” Ling Chen said as he leaned back.

“What did you talk about that was so pleasurable?” Since Ling Chen had brought it up, Chao Ying and Chao Xi couldn’t resist asking.

Ling Chen smiled incredibly contently, “In actuality, I didn’t say much with the big miss Li. We were mainly… mmm, so we were at it for 2 hours. I’m not sure if that self-confident big miss Li will be able to get out of the bed for the next few days.”


The car suddenly skidded, and almost crashed into the bamboo trees.

Thinking back, when he had first entered the room, Li Xiao Xue had immediately started to seduce him without hesitation. In those circumstances, if Ling Chen didn’t leap on her, he wouldn’t be able to live it down as a man. Now that his mind was a bit clearer, he started to wonder what Li Xiao Xue’s true aim was… This was the first time he had officially met Li Xiao Xue, but they had both heard much about each other and investigated each other. A woman’s first time was something important to them, and yet the daughter of the richest man in China had asked him to make love to her after just exchanging a few words…

What did he have that Li Xiao Xue wanted?

The influence he had as Ling Tian in the virtual world? The new city? The new city relied on the finances provided by Li Xiao Xue, and in exchange for her money, a large part of the city was to be owned by Li Xiao Xue. If it was for the new city, she wouldn’t have to do such a thing. As for Ling Tian’s influence and fame… They didn’t seem very useful either.

As for his real life identity… He was an enemy of the Long family and Xuanyuan family, and was also a national fugitive. If word got out that the Li family was involved with him, that would bring them immense trouble.

After thinking about it, Ling Chen simply couldn’t understand why Li Xiao Xue had done such a thing. In the end, he put his hand on his face…

Could it be that she really fell for my handsome looks and elegant demeanour, resulting in her desperately asking me to make love to her?

Hmm… that seemed to be the only reason.

Thinking to there, Ling Chen lowered his face… It seemed that in future, he couldn’t go around with this face that could bring disaster to a country in the open…


Li family’s compound, northern courtyard.

After receiving Li Xiao Xue’s phone call, Li Wan Yu hurried back. Upon opening the door, she stood in dismay, and even wondered if she had walked into the wrong place.

The originally clean and tidy room was now in total disorder. The sofa and chairs were lying on their sides, and various precious bonsais had fallen to the ground. the carpet looked as if it had been completely uplifted, and the heavy work desk and bookshelf had both moved. There was also a hormonal odor in the air… Although Li Wan Yu was a prim and proper person, she knew what this smell was.

Li Xiao Xue was leaning against her mahogany chair behind the work desk. The current Li Xiao Xue didn’t have any of the cool and aloof look she normally had. Her hair fell messily about her shoulders, and her black dress was torn and tattered, and barely covered her body, revealing much of her skin. Her body was also a flushed, rosy colour, making her look bewitchingly beautiful.

Li Xiao Xue’s body was leaning back, accentuating her shapely body. Her face was still quite red, and there was a pleased look in her eyes. Her skin still glistened with some sweat, which made her look even more charming.

“M-Miss…” Li Wan Yu was completely dumbfounded, and only spoke after coming back to her senses after a while.

Li Xiao Xue lazily opened her eyes. The feeling of weakness spread throughout her entire body, making her feel like just opening her eyes took all of her strength. She stretched out a finger and brushed aside her messy hair as she weakly said, “Wan Yu, close the door and come over here.”

Wan Yu nodded, then looked at the messy room and the completely-different Li Xiao Xue, and hurriedly closed the door and walked over, “Miss, what happened?”

“Whew…” Li Xiao Xue exhaled a few times before replying, “That man really doesn’t know how to treat women tenderly.”

Li Wan Yu stared in shock for a moment before her face became incredibly pale. She stiffly stood there, unable to utter a word. However, I liked the feeling of being brutally violated. Perhaps he’ll help me understand more the pleasures of being a woman.” Li Xiao Xue’s face became red, as if she was savouring the memory. She narrowed her eyes until they were nearly closed, and raised her hand. Within her palm was a white liquid.

“Take this to that place and ask them to give me results as soon as possible. Tell them that the results are very important to me.”

Li Xiao Xue’s voice was incredibly lazy and strengthless, and yet contained an imposing might.

Even if Li Wan Yu was an idiot, she would be able to tell what the white liquid in Li Xiao Xue’s palm was. She opened and closed her mouth many times, and her hands trembled as she mustered the courage to scoop up those drops of white liquid… The wet and sticky sensation caused her heart to beat rapidly, as if it was going to escape from her chest.

2 hours later, an A4 sized, detailed report was brought over by Li Wan Yu and handed over to Li Xiao Xue. She looked over every word carefully… a few moments later, she put the report down and a slight smile appeared on her face.

“A woman’s instinct is simply terrifying.”

“The Gu family has broken off the partnership with us most likely because they’re going to do something big against the Yan Huang Alliance. Everyone knows this massive guild’s name, but no one knows the true meaning- it doesn’t refer to the sky falling, but a dynasty falling. In China, the ‘dynasty’ refers to the Long family, while Skyfall Dynasty’s true meaning is the fall of the Long family! The only person who would dare to do this… is Gu Qing Han, who completely hates the Long family.


After returning home, night had already fallen. Tian Tian was so tired that she went to sleep without even eating dinner. She had not slept too well in Beijing- only her own bed was the most comfortable place in the world. Ling Chen once again thought about the incident with Li Xiao Xue, then cast it out of his mind… he had eaten a delicious meal for free, and since he had already eaten it, what was he worrying about? If Li Xiao Xue asked a ridiculous favour out of him, he could just deny such a thing ever happened. What would she be able to do about it?

Ling Chen immediately felt much more relaxed. He lay on the bed and hugged Tian Tian as he entered the virtual world.

“Ding… welcome to the Mystic Moon, we hope you enjoy your stay.”

To Ling Chen, he was not entering for the game anymore, but for that beautiful, yet illusory, dream.

The location of the next orb: the White Tiger’s Heart.

Just these 3 words gave Ling Chen an extremely clear destination. If he wanted to find the orb, all he needed to do was head towards the White Tiger City in the Forgotten Continent’s west and find the guardian beast, the White Tiger.

“That’s all I can do for now.”

Although obtaining the White Tiger’s Heart seemed almost impossible, Ling Chen didn’t have any other alternatives. Over the course of finding all of the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs, obtaining each one had been in impossible circumstances.

The town closest to the White Tiger City was the town next to the Fairyland Mountain Range. After stocking up on potions, he used a Spatial Orb to teleport then, then summoned Snow Cherry and started to fly towards the White Tiger City. Currently, when he was riding on Snow Cherry, his Movement Speed was 344. Even without Broken Shadow, it was as if he was riding on a bolt of lightning. It wouldn’t take too long to reach the west.

Not too long after leaving the town, before he even reached the Fairyland Mountain Range, Ling Chen casually looked down and saw a person walking. This place was quite close to the Fairyland Mountain Range, and powerful monsters could appear at any time. As such, because this region was so dangerous, there was not a soul in sight, so the figure was quite easy to spot.

Seeing this person, Ling Chen felt quite shocked, and stopped Snow Cherry… The person had a monkey-like face, was thin as firewood and was holding a small wooden stick in his hands. Seeing him walk with great flair, Ling Chen immediately recognised him.

The Underworld Merchant- Qian Gun Gun!

Ling Chen stared in shock. Qi Yue said that most people didn’t encounter him even once in their lives, and yet he had repeatedly bumped into him. This was incredibly luck. Ling Chen didn’t hesitate as he pointed below him, “Snow Cherry, let’s go down.”


Snow Cherry’s body drew a beautiful white arc in the air, and landed right in front of Qian Gun Gun, giving him a big fright.

“Ah, what a coincidence. We meet yet again.” Ling Chen jumped down from Snow Cherry and grinned at Qian Gun Gun. After going to the East Ocean Continent, he now had an extra 10 billion gold or so, and was fully confident he could buy anything he wanted form Qian Gun Gun.

Qian Gun Gun was scared into jumping back a step, and he immediately recognised Ling Chen. He started to scream, “It’s you, boy! Weird, weird; why am I always running into you! The number of people who have met me 3 times within 1000 years can be counted on a single hand.”

“It’s fate,” Ling Chen replied as he smiled widely.