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Chapter 519: Thunder God Barrier

Thunder God Barrier

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

“Qi Yue, is this an incredibly rare opportunity?”

“Indeed, this is a good opportunity, but it could also be a disaster. With little master’s current strength, entering into a battle between the White Tiger and 2 demon beasts is equivalent to committing suicide. Even if you don’t die, you won’t be able to turn the battle around.”

“The battle between the White Tiger and the demon beasts isn’t important to me; I just need to kill the White Tiger! They’ve already fought for a day and a night, so they all must be greatly weakened. Moreover, the White Tiger has lost control… Originally, my chances of killing the White Tiger were 0, but now it’s definitely a possibility!”

“It seems that little master really has a chance at killing the White Tiger. However, little master should know that the chances of little master dying are thousands of times higher. Although the White Tiger has become weak and has lost control, it is still the White Tiger. Moreover, the White Tiger is a guardian beast and is deeply worshipped and venerated. If you kill the White Tiger, all of the residents of the White Tiger City will hate you… Has little master realised this?”

“As long as I can save Ruo Ruo, I wouldn’t hesitate to kill even the emperor of heaven!!”

Ling Chen sped on forwards. An hour or so later, he reached the west of the White Tiger City, where the sky was a terrifying deep purple colour. The lightning clouds seemed mere metres away, and it seemed as if the lightning would destroy everything. The ground shook violently, and bestial roars rumbled in his ears, sounding as if there were hundreds of beasts simultaneously roaring.

There were more than 100 people wearing purple Magic Robes, which signified that they were Lightning Mages. They stood guard here to prevent the lightning from spreading, so as to protect the White Tiger City. Seeing Ling Chen come near, they yelled out to him, “Young man, don’t come over here. Lord White Tiger has gone crazy, and the nearby towns have all been destroyed. The range of the devastation is too large, and it’s too dangerous here. Please leave immediately!”

In front of them was the White Tiger’s Thunder God Barrier. The ground had been completely devastated by the berserk lightning, and there was not a single living creature within there. Evidently, stepping into the Thunder God Barrier would be equivalent to committing suicide. Even these Lightning Mages who possessed great resistance to lightning couldn’t deal with it lightly.

Ling Chen ignored their words and obstruction, and ordered Snow Cherry to fly above them. He entered into the dangerous region covered by the White Tiger’s power and continued to rush forwards.



Streaks of lightning, both big and small, rained down from above. Ling Chen didn’t slow down, and continuously dodged from side to side as he avoided all of the lightning. However, the further forward he travelled, the denser the lightning became, and the louder the thunder became. Ling Chen could hear boundless fury and struggling within the White Tiger’s roars… it had been continuously roaring, as if it was telling the residents of the White Tiger City to escape.

Ling Chen was still quite far away from where the White Tiger was, and couldn’t see it with his eyes. However, he could roughly estimate where it was from its roars. Ling Chen summoned Xiao Hui, “Xiao Hui, go and track down where the White Tiger is!”

Xiao Hui landed on the ground and after looking around for half a second, he quickly ran forwards. He had 300 Movement Speed, and wasn’t much slower than Ling Chen on his mount. Adding on the fact that he was quite small, he was extremely nimble, and easily dodged the lightning.

10 minutes later.

“Watch out, the Thunder God’s Barrier is right ahead!”

Qi Yue shouted out as Ling Chen approached a faint purple screen. Xiao Hui stopped right before he touched it, and stared at it, as if he was deciding whether it was safe or not.

“What will happen if we enter the Thunder God’s Barrier?” Ling Chen asked.

“The Thunder God Barrier is tied to the White Tiger’s power and lifeforce. Once activated, unless it is deactivated or the White Tiger is killed, it will not disappear. It is possible to enter this barrier, but once you enter, you will not be able to leave. Moreover, once you enter, you’ll be attacked by the dense lightning, and will fall into a lightning purgatory. The White Tiger can only use this 3 times in its lifetime; if it wasn’t facing 2 powerful demon beasts, it wouldn’t have decided to use it,” Qi Yue explained, “Little master should not enter this barrier under any circumstances; you should just wait here for the conclusion of the battle. No matter who wins or loses, both sides will have suffered grave injuries, which will be the best opportunity for little master.”

After Qi Yue finished speaking, Xiao Hui suddenly gave a low growl and quickly rushed into the Thunder God Barrier.

“Xiao Hui!” Ling Chen was stunned and called out in shock. As Xiao Hui entered the Thunder God Barrier, purple lightning crackled above him and tens of bolts of lightning, both thick and thin, streaked towards him.

Although Xiao Hui had the Holy Spirit’s Shield protecting him, he definitely wouldn’t be able to defend against these bolts of lightning that came from the White Tiger’s power. If he was hit, he would definitely be insta-killed. However, an incomprehensible scene eventuated- just as the lightning bolts were about to touch Xiao Hui, they suddenly stopped around him, and didn’t continue falling. In the next moment, they all disappeared.

Xiao Hui was perfectly safe.

“What… What’s going on?” Ling Chen stared, dumbfounded. Xiao Hui, who was within the barrier, had turned around and was motioning towards him with his paws, gesturing for him to come in.

“I have no idea.” Qi Yue was also at a loss. From the beginning until now, Xiao Hui had created many miracles.

Qi Yue had explained the Thunder God Barrier in depth, and Xiao Hui was now asking him to come in. For some reason, the lightning didn’t seem to attack Xiao Hui, but this didn’t mean it wouldn’t attack Ling Chen. Ling Chen thought for a few moments before stepping into the Thunder God Barrier… Xiao Hui’s detection abilities were peerless, and if he believed this area was safe for Ling Chen, then it definitely would be. Xiao Hui never did anything that would bring harm to Ling Chen.

As Ling Chen stepped into the Thunder God Barrier, he heard a gigantic peal of thunder. Above him, ten or so bolts of lightning descended towards them, each one of them as thick as a human arm. Ling Chen subconsciously wanted to evade them, but found that when they were 2 to 3 metres away from him, they would suddenly change direction and go around Ling Chen without hitting him at all.

What was going on? Ling Chen couldn’t understand it at all. He had been struck by lightning attacks before, and Xiao Hui was present during those times. And yet, he hadn’t been protected from the lightning during those times. Ling Chen took a few steps forward, and although the Thunder God Barrier was filled with lightning, they would avoid the area where Xiao Hui stood.

“This lightning is unwilling to hurt Xiao Hui, and even… seems to fear him.” Qi Yue said. Suddenly, she seemed to think of the reason as she muttered, “Could it be…”

“We’ll think about this later. Xiao Hui, lead us to the White Tiger’s location!”

Ling Chen once again jumped on to Snow Cherry’s back, and quickly advanced while following Xiao Hui. Wherever they went, the lightning would let them through, and even after a long time, they were not hit by a single bolt of lightning.

After walking for a while, even the ground had turned purple. The thundering and roaring filled Ling Chen’s ears. As the White Tiger lost control of its body, it lost control of its power, causing this region to become a lightning purgatory. At this moment, an incredible piercing voice entered his ears.

“Hehe… White Tiger, stop struggling. The more you struggle, the more you’ll suffer. Even if you’re the White Tiger, it’s not easy to bear the pain of your soul being devoured.”

This was a woman’s voice, and was quite soft, but Ling Chen could hear it perfectly well. Moreover, this voice was quite familiar to him…

It came from the Ice Demon Beast!

At this moment, Ling Chen could see a gigantic white figure through the curtains of lightning…

It was the White Tiger!

It was already 30 metres tall, and its entire body was white, and had violet eyes. Its body was surrounded by lightning, and 4 bolts of lightning formed a domineering ‘King’ character on its forehead. [TLN: King = 王, which has 4 strokes]

The White Tiger was less than 100 metres away from Ling Chen, and its roars made Ling Chen feel as if his eardrums were going to burst. It looked like it was in extreme pain, and its gigantic head shook about. As it struggled, incredibly powerful bolts of lightning were released from its body, slamming into the region around it Above it, multitudes of ice attacks constantly rained down on its body. With the ice attacks from the Ice Demon Beast suppressing it, as well as the Tyrant Demon Beast devouring its soul, only the White Tiger would be able to last so long!

The White Tiger continuously endured the attacks from the Ice Demon Beast. However, it was evident that its body did not completely belong to it anymore, and it was unable to launch any attacks back at the Ice Demon Beast. Although the Thunder God Barrier’s lightning was continuously attacking the Ice Demon Beast, none of it could break past her ice defence. After all, the scattered power of the Thunder God Barrier was unable to cause much threat to Mysterious God grade beings, as they were not attacks directly launched by the White Tiger.

“This guy… is too difficult to deal with… my dark soul power has already locked it up, and I wouldn’t be able to stop devouring its soul even if I wanted to! Old Ice! Don’t stop attacking; it won’t last for long… eh? Who is it?!”!”

The 2 demon beasts were completely focused on suppressing the White Tiger, and didn’t dare to split their attention. They hadn’t noticed Ling Chen when he had entered the Thunder God Barrier, and they didn’t believe a human could survive in here. As such, they only noticed Ling Chen when he was 100 metres away from them.

The Ice Demon Beast suddenly looked over to Ling Chen, and when she saw him, she was stunned before crying out, “Old Tyrant! It’s him! It’s the human I told you about who has the Lunar Scourge!”