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Chapter 520: The White Tiger’s Request

The White Tiger’s Request

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

“What? That human?!”

The White Tiger’s struggling suddenly decreased as its roaring momentarily stopped. Ling Chen could feel that he was suddenly locked on to by an extremely dark and evil aura. He then heard a wave of wild laughter that seemed to come from a demon of the abyss, “Heheheheh! I see, I see… That’s indeed the Lunar Scourge! The heavens are helping my Demon Beast Clan! We’ve hidden away for 10,000 years, and now the heavens have finally given us the chance to rise up again.

“With the Lunar Scourge, lord Demon Emperor will be able to be immediately revived, and will be 10 times as powerful as before. When that time comes, what can the Moon God Clan do about us? We didn’t even go to find this human, and yet he came to find us; the heavens really are helping my Demon Beast Clan… Old Ice, what are you doing? Hurry up and capture him and take the Lunar Scourge!”

“Are you an idiot? I already told you that he’s obtained the Aquarius Orb; my attacks are completely useless against him now! Otherwise, why would I be so helpless against a tiny human?” the Ice Demon Beast angrily replied. Her ice-blue eyes stared at Ling Chen with a strange look of excitement within them. She was unable to harm Ling Chen, but the Tyrant Demon Beast was also here! With the Tyrant Demon Beast’s ability to steal and devour souls, he could possess this human’s body, and the Lunar Scourge would belong to their Demon Beast Clan!

The sinister laughter once again sounded out, “That’s right. Old Ice, at least try to suppress him so that he can’t run away. After I’ve finished dealing with the White Tiger, I’ll devour this human’s soul!”

“Do it yourself. With the Aquarius Orb, I can’t even lock him down with my ice! You can first take over the White Tiger’s power and paralyse him for a while,” the Ice Demon Beast replied. Not only could she not damage Ling Chen, her attacks even healed him. Thinking to this ridiculous situation, she felt so depressed that she felt like coughing up blood. Not only her, but all Water-type creatures and Water-related professions would feel the same way.

“Hmph, I’ll do that then.” The Tyrant Demon Beast had already remembered the distant memory about the Aquarius Orb, and didn’t waste any words as the White Tiger’s gigantic body suddenly spun towards Ling Chen’s position. The White Tiger’s purple eyes buzzed as a net of lightning that was tens of metres wide flew towards Ling Chen.

With such a large net, even if Ling Chen activated Broken Shadow, he would be unable to dodge it.

This lightning net contained no attack power, but could trap its target for a long time, as well as paralyse the target’s entire body. Let alone escape, the target would not be able to even move. When the lightning net was released, the Tyrant Demon Beast and Ice Demon Beast were both shocked… because the White Tiger, which had been struggling the entire time, did not put up any resistance when this happened.

Ling Chen deeply frowned as he watched the net coming closer and closer. He instantly judged that he would not be able to escape it, so he stood his ground. when the lightning net was 2 metres away from his body, a 3 to 4 metre wide gap suddenly appeared in the gigantic lightning net…


The lightning net hit the ground, and ground around Ling Chen crackled with electricity. However, Ling Chen was standing in the gap, and the lightning did not touch him at all. This scene caused Ling Chen’s worried heart to become relaxed as he silently gave a cold smile… looks like the heavens aren’t helping your Demon Beast Clan, but me, Ling Chen!

“W-What’s going on?!” the Ice Demon Beast cried out in shock.

“Hmph, looks like this brat isn’t as simple as he seems. Let’s see how many times you can escape this!!”

The White Tiger’s body once again shot out a similar-sized lightning net. Once again, the White Tiger did not struggle or resist at all, and when the lightning net neared Ling Chen, the same thing happened. Ling Chen did not move at all, but a large gap appeared in the net around him, leaving him perfectly unscathed.

“Impossible!” The first time, it had been shocked. The second time, it had become enraged. The White Tiger’s body shone with a purple light as more than 10 lightning nets flew towards Ling Chen in succession. This was the limit for the White Tiger, and even the Ice Demon Beast would suffer from such a barrage. However, Ling Chen continued to stand his ground. When the lightning nets reached Ling Chen, gaps appeared in all of them as they fell to the ground. The ground around was turned into a purple sea of lightning, but it was still completely fine around him. The lightning within the Thunder God Barrier was extremely erratic, and even the Ice Demon Beast needed to be careful. However, not a single bolt of lightning hit Ling Chen.

“This is impossible! Could it be… that this human doesn’t fear lightning? Impossible! Even if it’s the Lunar Scourge, it has no way to resist lightning! Otherwise, how could the Shura have fallen at the Moon God Clan’s hands? Impossible!!”

The incredibly shocked Tyrant Demon Beast started to yell uncontrollably. It was simply unable to believe what was happening, and couldn’t accept that there was a human who didn’t fear lightning. Even if it was the incredibly powerful and terrifying Shura, he had been taken down by the Divine Tribulation Lightning, as well as the 3 Moon Goddesses working together with the Void Dragon God.

“Hahaha, Tyrant Demon Beast, what you said is correct- it isn’t the young human who does not fear lightning.”

An old, gentle and steady, yet weak, voice suddenly sounded out. Ling Chen immediately knew that it was the White Tiger’s voice- only a majestic guardian beast would be able to speak with such a holy voice, “However, it’s only my lightning that he does not fear. In other words, my lightning will never hurt him.”

“White Tiger, so it was your doing!!” the Tyrant Demon Beast howled.

“No, it’s because he is protected by the Holy Qilin! The power of us 4 guardian beasts, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise, were given to us by the Holy Qilin, which was our creator and leader. Although our power can cause large catastrophes, we can never hurt the Holy Qilin! This also applies for beings that are protected by the Holy Qilin- our powers are unable to attack them, or even get close!”

“Holy Qilin?” the Tyrant Demon Beast’s voice became hoarse, “Impossible! The Holy Qilin already died in the ancient times, and didn’t even leave any descendants. This human… how could he possess the Holy Qilin’s protection?!”

“Hahaha,” the gentle yet weak voice laughed tiredly, yet peacefully, “All these years, that’s what I believed as well, until today… so it turns out that the Holy Qilin’s bloodline still continues in this continent. Although this bloodline’s power is incredibly gentle and Holy, it has lost all attack powers. However, us 4 guardian beasts will always be able to detect the Holy Qilin’s bloodline. This is great… Tyrant Demon Beast, Ice Demon Beast, I thought that my fate was sealed, but it seems that things will not go as you wish. The mighty Holy Qilin has detected that the White Tiger’s bloodline is in peril, and has brought this young human to save me. Neither of you will be able to escape judgment.”

Holy… Qilin?

Ling Chen stared in shock before quickly turning around to look at Xiao Hui behind him.

Could it… be…

He suddenly remembered that back when he had entered the Lava Purgatory, the unbearable heat and flames had made it almost impossible for him to advance. He could only shout the Vermillion Bird’s name in desperation that it would meet him. Finally, the Vermillion Bird’s Phantasm appeared, but it was not because of his calls, but because…

The Holy Qilin’s descendant had called it!

At that time, when Ling Chen had called the Vermilion Bird, Xiao Hui had also called out to it.

The Holy Qilin… was one of the Forgotten Continent’s 5 Saint Destroyer Beasts, along with the Void Dragon God, Heaven Tiger, Blue Ocean Rageshark and Golden Crow. It was the first of the 5 Saint Destroyer Beasts to perish.

Could it be that Xiao Hui… Really was the Holy Qilin’s descendant?

Within the Lunar Scourge, Qi Yue muttered to herself, “So it was like that.”

“The Holy Qilin… Holy Qilin… heheheh!!” This was the Tyrant Demon Beast’s wild laughter, “White Tiger, you’re celebrating too early. If the Holy Qilin still existed, its holy beast aura would have covered this entire region. However, there’s not a bit of holy beast aura around here! Even if this human is protected by the Holy Qilin… does he really have the strength to allow you to escape from us?”

“Escape? Haha…” The White Tiger lightly laughed, “My divine soul has already been half-destroyed by you, and it’ll never recover. However, your divine soul has also been half-destroyed by me. Right now, your soul can only remain within my body. Once it leaves, even if you’re the Tyrant Demon Beast who possesses the strongest soul power out of the 10 ancient demon beasts, your damaged soul will quickly disperse. However, if my body dies, your soul will be forced to leave… resulting in it perishing.”

Within the White Tiger’s body, the Tyrant Demon Beast felt extremely uncomfortable as it asked in a low voice, “White Tiger, what are you planning?!”

The White Tiger ignored the Tyrant Demon Beast. The White Tiger’s gentle voice sounded out from above Ling Chen’s head, “Young human, although I don’t know who you are, nor can I understand how you can possess the Lunar Scourge which should have been destroyed, but you evidently came here for me. I believe that it was the Holy Qilin who guided you here. Your arrival has caused my despair to turn into hope.

“As such… young human, raise your weapon and attack my body, and as quickly as possible… kill me!”

The White Tiger’s words stunned Ling Chen.

“White Tiger… you want him… to kill you? Heheh… heheheh! Your body is no longer yours to control, and yet you think this tiny human is able to kill you? What a joke!” The Tyrant Demon Beast coldly laughed. However, that laugh was filled with uneasiness.

“Why wouldn’t he be able to?” The White Tiger replied, “Although I’m unable to fully control this body, I’m able to control it enough to prevent it from escaping. Young human, listen to my words carefully. The Tyrant Demon Beast has possessed my body, and has nearly succeeded. However, during the course of this, its soul has also taken immense damage from my attacks, and it is no longer able to leave my body. As long as this body of mine dies, it will also die! If you’re unable to do this, then after it possesses my body, it will use my body to cause catastrophes and caused my White Tiger Clan’s holy name to be tainted.

“As such, in order to protect my White Tiger Bloodline’s dignity and pride, please agree to my request… I will give you a sufficient reward. The Ice Demon Beast’s attacks are useless against you, and the Tyrant Demon Beast’s soul is stuck within my body. It can only use my power, while my power is unable to harm those who the Holy Qilin protects… As such, no matter if it’s the Ice Demon Beast, or the Tyrant Demon Beast controlling me, neither of them can harm me… You only need to continuously attack me. I beg of you, human protected by the Holy Qilin.”

The White Tiger’s words caused the Ice Demon Beast’s face to fall. The Tyrant Demon Beast also realised how serious the situation had become, and started to roar out, “White Tiger, are you mad?!”

At this moment, Ling Chen completely understood the situation… He had taken a grave risk to come here to kill the White Tiger. However, what he completely did not expect was that upon arriving, the White Tiger had begged him to kill it. Moreover, he did not experience any danger at all… The powerful Ice Demon Beast and Tyrant Demon Beast were unable to harm him in the slightest.

“I understand!” Ling Chen didn’t show any signs of hesitation as he equipped his 2 weapons, “Since it’s like this, White Tiger, I’ll do as you wish!”