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Chapter 524: The White Tiger’s Gift: Thunder God’s Bulwark (2)

The White Tiger’s Gift: Thunder God’s Bulwark (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

The White Tiger fell silent for a while before slowly speaking, “It seems that legend was true: as long as the true moon exists, the Lunar Scourge will not be destroyed. Back then, the Moon God Clan probably knew about this legend, so they used a special method to separate the Lunar Scourge’s 15 Orbs, making them lose their power. So, young human, how many Orbs have you collected?”

“8 of them,” Ling Chen truthfully replied. Without even realising it, he had collected more than half of the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs.

“8, is it? Very good… finding even one of those Orbs is incredibly difficult. It seems that you haven’t obtained the Lunar Scourge for very long, and yet you’ve already found 8 Orbs- evidently, this is related to the auspiciousness brought by the Holy Qilin. However, the main reason was your own efforts. You seem to have an obsession regarding obtaining these Orbs, right?” The White Tiger asked.

“That’s right.” Ling Chen nodded.

“In that case, can you tell me why you wish to obtain the Orbs?”

“……” Ling Chen thought for a while before replying, “In order to save someone who is more important to me than even my own life. I also want to become stronger to protect the people who I want to protect.”

After a short pause, the White Tiger once again spoke, “You haven’t lied. You desire power, but that desire can’t even compare to your desire to save that person. The person who the Holy Qilin has chosen cannot be a evil or greedy person… very well. What I heard was that anyone who has the Lunar Scourge will become the Lunar Scourge’s puppet, and will be controlled by the Lunar Scourge. However, you seem quite calm, and your soul is pure, which indicates that you’re not being controlled. In that case, are you instead in control of the Lunar Scourge? Although it sounds impossible… but in this world, nothing is impossible.”

The Shura’s remnant soul had told Ling Chen about this. Before, the Lunar Scourge possessed other beings, but now, it was controlled by Ling Chen. After being overpowered by Ling Chen’s powerful mental energy, Ling Chen was now the one in control. Of course, one of the reasons for this was that back then, without any Orbs, the Lunar Scourge had been quite weak. However, even if the Lunar Scourge was now restored to its original state, it wouldn’t be able to escape from Ling Chen’s control. It was now fully owned by Ling Chen, and would not interfere with him.

“When I first came into contact with the Lunar Scourge, it didn’t have a single Orb, and was quite weak. As such, when it tried to take over my mind, it was instead defeated by my mental energy.” Ling Chen replied.

“So it was like that,” the White Tiger sighed, “This is a massive blessing to you. Did you know, you’re the first person in the Mystic Moon’s history to be able to subdue the Lunar Scourge? Even the Moon God who created the Lunar Scourge was unable to do so, and was destroyed by the Lunar Scourge’s power. As such, I can rest at ease. After all, the Lunar Scourge is the most powerful, but also most evil, item in all of the Mystic Moon world.”

“The Lunar Scourge’s power and evil caused even the mighty Moon God Clan to fear it. However, in reality, nothing is truly good or evil; what decides is a person’s heart. If an evil power is used by a holy person, it will instead become a holy power. If a holy power falls into an evil person’s hand, it would become a catastrophe. You’re not an evil person, and the Lunar Scourge has been completely suppressed by you, so in your hand’s it is no longer an item of utmost evil. Whether it’s an item of good or evil depends on your heart. At the very least, it seems that the Lunar Scourge’s power will not bring disaster to the Continents. Rather, if the Continents face catastrophe, you will be able to save them.”

Ling Chen replied, “I can’t promise anything else, but at the very least, in my hands, the Lunar Scourge won’t cause a catastrophe in my hands. Please rest assured.”

“Very good,” the White Tiger sounded quite pleased, “Well, you travelled all this way to kill me, right?”

The White Tiger did not beat around the bush, and spoke with great certainty. Ling Chen’s heart rapidly thumped for a moment, before calming down as he nodded, “To be completely honest, I came here to kill you.”

The White Tiger’s soul was directly talking to Ling Chen’s soul, so it was impossible for Ling Chen to lie. After all, if he lied, the White Tiger would be able to tell from his soul.

“Haha, you don’t need to feel uneasy. When the Ice Demon Beast called out ‘Lunar Scourge’, I already guessed it,” the White Tiger spoke in a gentle tone, “10,000 years ago, one of the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs fell here. At that time, the entire Forgotten Continent was overshadowed by the terror of the Lunar Scourge, including me. After recognising the Orb, in order not to allow it to return to the Lunar Scourge, I swallowed it, and it has remained within me to today. You must have used some mysterious method to find out the Orb’s location.”

“You’re completely right.” Ling Chen breathed in, and heavily nodded, “Although I knew that it would be impossible for me to kill you, and as a guardian beast, I shouldn’t kill you, but that reason made it so that I had to come.”

“If you were an evil person, or if you were being controlled by the Lunar Scourge, I wouldn’t allow this Orb to return to the Lunar Scourge under any circumstances. However, neither of those 2 situations is the case, so there’s no reason for the Orb within me not to re-join the Lunar Scourge. Because you are the Holy Qilin’s master, and it is still quite young, you can only protect it if you are strong enough. After it matures, even if we 4 guardian beasts all perish, our bloodlines can still be restored by the Holy Qilin’s holy power.

“That Orb is inside my corpse. With the Holy Qilin’s help, it will be incredibly easy for you to retrieve it.” The White Tiger’s voice was still quite clear, but it was evidently becoming weaker, “It seems that my time is nearly up. Finally, I have something that I want to give you… the reward that I promised you.”

“What?” Ling Chen looked up in surprise. A gift from the most powerful guardian beast definitely wouldn’t be anything insignificant.

“The Lunar Scourge is cursed by the heavens. When it is fully restored, it will invoke Divine Tribulation Lightning. Although the Divine Tribulation Lightning cannot destroy the Lunar Scourge, it will reveal the matter of the Lunar Scourge being restored. If the Lunar Scourge was controlling you, it would be the one to bear the Divine Tribulation lightning, and the fully restored Lunar Scourge would be able to do so.

“However, because you are the Lunar Scourge’s master, you will be the one to suffer the Divine Tribulation lightning. A human’s body is simply unable to withstand such a thing. Moreover, after the Divine Tribulation Lightning passes, the Moon God Clan will arrive. The Moon God Clan definitely will not allow the existence of the Lunar Scourge, so they will also destroy you. As a guardian beast, I cannot oppose the Moon God Clan’s will, nor should I. However, you are the Holy Qilin’s master- if you die, the Holy Qilin’s final descendant will also perish. As such, I cannot simply let you die.”

“You’re… going to give me power?” Ling Chen asked in confusion.

“No, it’s a type of protection. An ultimate protection that White Tigers can only give once in their lifetime- the Thunder God’s Bulwark.” The White Tiger said gravely. It never thought that this protection would be given to a human.

“Thunder God’s Bulwark?”

“I don’t have much time left. Please close your eyes and don’t move or resist. There won’t be any pain, nor will it take too much time. When it’s over, you’ll naturally understand why it’s called ‘Thunder God’s Bulwark’.”

Hearing the White Tiger’s words, Ling Chen did not speak and closed his eyes and relaxed his body. Because of Xiao Hui, he trusted that the White Tiger would not harm him. He silently waited to see what sort of miraculous thing this Thunder God’s Bulwark was.


Lightning began to buzz around him, and the White Tiger’s corpse suddenly flashed with a purple light. The purple light grew at a shocking rate until it became more than 100 metres long, and flooded into Ling Chen’s body.

A massive wave of pain filled Ling Chen’s body, and threatened to devour his consciousness, causing Ling Chen to almost curse out loud… didn’t the White Tiger say there would be no pain? What the hell was this?!

However, this only lasted for a split-second. In the next moment, the pain suddenly disappeared, and was replaced by a warm and numb, but comfortable feeling. This feeling of comfort gradually increased, making Ling Chen feel as if he was bathing in a hot spring and there were more than 10 beauties using their hands to massage his body.

He completely forgot about his indignance regarding the pain, and closed his eyes, almost moaning in pleasure. He felt as if there was something warm wrapped around his body, and there were waves of warmth spreading throughout his body. Ling Chen guessed that it was lightning. However, lightning was the most berserk element, and had the greatest attack power- how could lightning make someone feel so comfortable?

Countless bolts of lightning flowed through his body, and after cycling through his body, they swarmed towards his dantian. Slowly, he could feel the space there being opened up by the lightning, creating a mysterious space…

“Ding… you have received the White Tiger’s Blessing, and have received the special skill: [Thunder God’s Bulwark].”

When the system announcement sounded out, the strange feeling in his body disappeared. Ling Chen opened his eyes, and looked at the dancing and buzzing purple lightning around his body. Very soon, the lightning disappeared, and his surroundings became silent again.

[Thunder God’s Bulwark]: An ultimate blessing granted by the guardian beast White Tiger’s soul’s power. The White Tiger can only give this power once, and will cause its soul to take great damage. After receiving this blessing, the target will receive the Thunder God’s protection. Effect: Absorbs any type of Thunder element damage. Can absorb Thunder element damage and convert it into HP or MP, or can store it within one’s body to release at will, causing massive Lightning damage.

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”