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Chapter 527: Taurus Orb

Taurus Orb

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

The purple light around Xiao Hui’s body disappeared. Although his stats had dramatically increased, his body had not become bigger at all. The only physical change was the faint rings of purple light spun around his horn.

[Thunder Bulwark] gave Xiao Hui immunity to Lightning, like Ling Chen’s [Thunder God’s Bulwark].

Although [Lightning Attraction] affected both friend and foe by boosting everyone’s Lightning attacks, it was still a skill that was extremely favourable for Ling Chen. After all, he not only did not fear Lightning, but could also absorb it. The more powerful the Lightning was, the more useful [Thunder God’s Bulwark] would be.

Compared to the increase in stats, the 2 skills that Xiao Hui gained shocked Ling Chen much more. It was almost as if the White Tiger had left behind these skills as a gift for Xiao Hui.

As the White Tiger’s body disappeared, a black glint of light on the ground caught his attention. Ling Chen walked over and picked it up. It was a jet-black piece of jade that was smooth as a mirror. It was shaped like a ‘C’, and fit perfectly in Ling Chen’s hand. On the back was engraved a small ‘Tyrant’ character.

[Demon Jade Hook, Tyrant]: A jade that the Tyrant Demon Beast carries. It is said that it was given to it by the then Demon Emperor. Unable to determine what material it is made of and its use.

That’s right, it was the Tyrant Demon Beast’s demon jade hook!

Adding on this piece, he now had 4 demon jade hooks! Once he obtained all 10, he could go to the Underworld and summon the Demon Emperor’s Soul! However, obtaining all 10 demon jade hooks meant killing all 10 ancient demon beasts! However, right now, he was far from strong enough to kill a demon beast. Out of the 4 that had perished, none of them had been directly killed by him…

The War Demon Beast had been killed by Xi Ling’s Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, the Shadow Demon Beast had been killed by the Shura’s remnant soul’s Shura’s Death Domain, the Ice Demon Beast had committed suicide and the Tyrant Demon Beast had been dragged down by the White Tiger. Because Ling Chen knew he was far from strong enough, he didn’t even think about collecting the demon jade hooks, and instead focused on gathering the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs. He had only obtained these 4 demon jade hooks through fate.

“Awoo… Awoo…”

Xiao Hui barked in a low voice and finally finished refining the White Tiger’s power. Xiao Hui raised his head, and after barking a few times, he burped and some items shot out from his mouth and landed on the ground.

They were things Xiao Hui had created from refining the White Tiger, so they definitely wouldn’t be anything ordinary. Ling Chen hurriedly went over and picked the items up. The first was about as big as a soccer ball, and had a faint purple light around it. There were also 10 or so tooth-like things, as well as a ping pong ball-sized orb that shone with a silver light. [White Tiger’s Teeth]: The guardian beast White Tiger’s teeth. They are tougher than boulders and can destroy many things. They can be forged into indestructible weapons or indestructible defensive tools.

There were 13 White Tiger’s Teeth- teeth that came from a guardian beast! All of them were top-grade forging materials. If the Dwarves saw them, they would faint from ecstasy!

[White Tiger’s Heart]: The core of the guardian beast White Tiger’s heart, which contained the most power out of the White Tiger’s entire body. Not only does it contain immense power, it can absorb Nature energy to go through rebirth. However, apart from the White Tiger, other creatures will find it incredibly difficult to control its power.

Although this orb of light was as big as a soccer ball, it was incredibly heavy, and Ling Chen spent quite a deal of effort lifting it up. From the weight in his arms, he estimated that the White Tiger’s Heart weighed at least 100 kilograms. Ling Chen immediately put it away and wiped the non-existent cold sweat on his forehead as he wondered if the Dwarves had a way to harness its power.

When Ling Chen picked up the last item, the 8 Orbs in the Lunar Scourge started to shine. Evidently, this was the God Orb inside the White Tiger’s body!

[Taurus Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious God, Attribute: Fire, Equipment Requirements: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge. Effects: All attacks (Physical, Magic, Item) will have Absolute Critical Hit.

The Taurus Orb, the ninth orb, gave him an incredible state- Absolute Critical Hit! This meant that after equipping it, every single attack Ling Chen dealt would be guaranteed to be a Critical Hit! Before, only with the [Battle Soul Possession] would Ling Chen have Absolute Critical Hit, but only for the next attack. With the Taurus Orb, he would permanently have this effect. What was even more terrifying was that this didn’t only apply to Physical attacks but Magic attacks as well!

In the virtual game world, only Physical attacks could deal Critical Hits- it was common knowledge that Magic attacks couldn’t deal Critical Hits! And yet, the Taurus Orb had destroyed this norm. After all, Magic attacks normally had a much larger AOE and range, and greater damage than Physical attacks. If Magic attacks could deal Critical Hits, and Absolute Critical Hit at that, the consequences would be terrifying.

Combined with the Cancer Orb, which ignored all Defence, all of Ling Chen’s attacks would have Absolute Critical Hit and Absolute Pierce Hit! Every attack would deal damage that normal players wouldn’t even be able to dream of.

With the Taurus Orb, the Heartless Orb that Ling Chen had been using all this time became completely useless. Ling Chen unequipped it then rearranged some of his other Crystals and Orbs before socketing the Taurus Orb into the second socket. A system announcement telling him that socketing was successful sounded out as Ling Chen’s Critical Chance became ‘????’.

From this moment onwards, all of Ling Chen’s damage figures would be purple!

“With that, I now have 9 Orbs. Now, I’m only missing 3 God Orbs: Aries Orb, Leo Orb and Capricorn Orb.” Ling Chen muttered to himself as he put his hand on the Lunar Scourge. Obtaining the Taurus Orb had gone far more smoothly that he had thought, and only a few days had passed since he had obtained the Aquarius Orb. It was impossible for him to receive the next hint from Su’Er within such a period of time, so he narrowed his eyes as he asked, “Qi Yue, what are the effects of the last 3 Orbs? Can you tell me?”

Every Orb was incredibly powerful, and all had different effects. After obtaining the Taurus Orb, Ling Chen became quite curious about the final God Orbs.

Unexpectedly, Qi Yue unhesitatingly replied, “You can more or less guess their effects from their names. The Leo Orb greatly increases your Physical Attack Power, the Capricorn Orb greatly increases your Magic Attack Power, and the Aries Orb…”

“A defensive passive?” Ling Chen asked.

“No, Qi Yue shook her head, “The Aries Orb’s effect is a bit special. If master obtained it now… to master, it would be quite useless.”

“Useless? Why would it be useless?” Ling Chen was quite surprised. Currently, the 9 Orbs he had obtained were all incredibly powerful. Every time he gained an Orb, he would become much stronger. For example, the Taurus Orb nearly doubled how powerful Ling Chen’s attacks were! Perhaps some Orbs were stronger than others, but as Mysterious God grade Orbs, they shouldn’t be too weak. Why would an Orb be ‘useless’ to him?

“The Aries Orb is indeed one of the 12 God Orbs, and is just as powerful as the other God Orbs. However, currently, it’s truly useless to little master.” Speaking to there, Qi Yue’s voice became flirtatious, “However, if little master became a Shura one day, things would be completely different. The most ‘useless’ Aries Orb would become the most important Orb to little master, and little master would rely on it more than even the 3 Saint Orbs.”

Ling Chen was completely confused, “What are you talking about? What does the Aries Orb do?”

“Well,” Qi Yue giggled, then lazily replied, “Little master will find out when he obtains the Aries Orb. Spoilers are boring. Plus, little master doesn’t want to become a Shura, so even if I told you, you’d be quite disappointed. As such, it’s better if I don’t say.”


For things that Qi Yue didn’t want to say, Ling Chen wouldn’t be able to force her to say them no matter what he did. However, Ling Chen’s curiosity had now been piqued, and Qi Yue refusing to say anything caused him to feel incredibly uncomfortable, but he could only give up.

Killing the Mysterious God grade White Tiger caused Ling Chen to become instantly rich in SP. He now had 300,000 SP, and it was beautiful to look at. After thinking about it, Ling Chen did not immediately spend the SP. He was incredibly close to LV50, and he would step into a new realm after hitting LV50. It was possible that both of his professions would be upgraded at once, giving him many new powerful skills.

Just as he was going to find a place to farm monsters and level up, a system announcement telling him that someone in the real world was calling him. As such, Ling Chen could only put this matter aside and log off.

After Ling Chen left the virtual world, he opened his yes and saw Chao Ying standing next to him. He got up as he asked, “What is it?”

Chao Ying’s expression was a bit hesitant as she said in a small voice, “Li Xiao Xue came, and didn’t tell us beforehand.” Seeing the slight change in Ling Chen’s expression, she added, “She drove here by herself and didn’t bring anyone.”

Li Xiao Xue…

If it wasn’t for what had happened that day, Ling Chen would have waved his hand and asked Chao Ying and Chao Xi to courteously send her back. No matter what her status was, if he didn’t invite her, he didn’t have time to waste on her. However, after the events of that day… He couldn’t just do that.

Ling Chen scratched his head then put on his slippers as he thought to himself… there’s indeed no such thing as a free meal, much less free sex. Even if Li Xiao Xue had prostituted herself out that day, it was now time to pay the prostitute’s fees.