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Chapter 528: Li Xiao Xue’s Crazy Desire

Li Xiao Xue’s Crazy Desire

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

“Where is she now?” Ling Chen asked in frustration.

“In the courtyard,” Chao Ying replied.

Ling Chen got out of bed and put on a jacket as he walked out.

It wasn’t bone-chillingly cold during winter in Su Hang. Li Xiao Xue had a thin velvet coat around her, and she quietly stood in the courtyard. Hearing the footsteps behind her, Li Xiao Xue turned around and smiled at Ling Chen, looking both happy and flirtatious, “Am I still welcome despite not being invited?”

Li Xiao Xue had come here by herself, and hadn’t even brought a bodyguard. With her status, this was quite a risk for her. Moreover, after how much their ‘relationship’ developed, Ling Chen didn’t have the face to turn her away.

“Big miss Li is my landlord; for my landlord to come, I should have been here to greet you when you arrived, let alone not welcome you.” Ling Chen said helplessly. His gaze met Li Xiao Xue’s then moved away. After what happened between them, he felt quite awkward around her.

“Landlord?” Li Xiao Xue’s eyes sparkled as she took a small step forwards and she gently spoke, “I, Li Xiao Xue, am already yours; everything that’s mine is naturally yours as well. If you like this Bamboo Sea Wonderland, you can stay here for as long as you want. In fact, you can even demolish it if you like.”

Ling Chen coughed, and almost choked. Behind him, Chao Ying smiled as she tried to contain her laughter, “Master, I’m going to go take care of Tian Tian. If there’s anything, just let me know.” After speaking, she ran off like a gust of wind.

Only the two of them were left in the courtyard, and Ling Chen sat down in a bamboo chair as he rested his head on his hand, “Big miss Li, what did you come here for today? Just be direct.”

“Can’t I just come to see my man?” Li Xiao Xue sat opposite him and rested her chin on her hands, as if she was a love struck schoolgirl, as she gazed at him, “If I didn’t come here today, would you have come to see me? After pleasuring yourself, you immediately left, and didn’t even look after me, though I couldn’t even get out of bed.”

Ling Chen gripped the armrest on the chair, unable to say anything.

Li Xiao Xue laughed, then looked up and down Ling Chen as she said, “So it turns out the almighty and famous Ling Tian can get embarrassed as well. Hmm… now that’s a interesting fact, as well as cute.”

It had been many years since Ling Chen had felt so flustered before. He straightened his body, wishing he could escape, but could only maintain his calm exterior as he replied, “Big miss Li, every second of your time is worth millions of dollars; your time is more valuable than anyone’s time. I don’t want to waste your time, so if you have anything to say, just say it… My actions from before were quite rash, but what’s done is done. I seem to have taken advantage of you, and you achieved your goal. Now, I want to hear your reason.”

“My reason?” Li Xiao Xue smiled, and continued to gaze at Ling Chen… it was a gaze of a woman looking at her man, “Isn’t my reason obvious? I want you to become my man; my only man.”

“What’s your reason for wanting me to become your man?” Ling Chen placidly asked.

“There are quite a few reasons for that,” Li Xiao Xue spoke naturally, “It’s because you’re the first man that I’ve become interested in; the first person I’ve wanted to meet. I’ve been collecting information on you since a long time ago, and my curiosity towards you has continuously increased. When a woman becomes curious and interested in a man, she isn’t far off from falling for him.

“You’re incredibly powerful, and can give any woman the sense of security they want. Ever since I started becoming involved in the affairs of the Li family, every year, I’ve faced nearly 100 assassinations. A sense of security is something that I can only dream of.”

“What else?” Ling Chen wasn’t surprised by this. As the successor to the Li family financial group, there would definitely be countless people who wanted to harm her. Chao Ying and Chao Xi had told him in the past that every month, there would usually be around 10 attempted assassinations. The Li family’s guards and security officers were all elites within elites, so Li Xiao Xue had always been fine. However, she had never been able to have true peace. Indeed, Ling Chen had the power to give Li Xiao Xue a sense of security- with his ability to turn the Long family upside-down, as well as the Reapers in the shadows that he controlled, if he wanted to protect Li Xiao Xue, no one in China would be able to harm her.

However, this definitely wasn’t all there was to it.

“There’s also… of course, it’s because you’re Ling Tian. No woman would be able to resist such a powerful, influential and handsome man. How could I, Li Xiao Xue, not want such a powerful piece of eye-candy?” Li Xiao Xue said as she smiled.

No matter which gender it was, anyone was attracted to good looks… and Ling Chen was no exception. He shrugged as he said in a serious voice, “I want to hear… your true reasons!!”

“There are 3 of them!” Li Xiao Xue stretched out 3 white fingers, “Firstly, you’ve always acted decisively, whether in the virtual world or the real world. You don’t even bat an eye when challenging the Yan Huang Alliance, and fearlessly humiliate Long Tian Yun, who no one dares to offend. You charged into the Long family’s residence and killed thousands of people… In fact, calling you the biggest mass-murderer in the past 100 years wouldn’t be an exaggeration, and most murderers would seem like saints in front of you.

“These acts all show how cruel and decisive you are… Perhaps, to those you hate, you are incredibly merciless. However, I can tell that deep down, you’re someone who heavily values relationships and righteousness.

“Back then, your little sister Ling Shui Ruo contracted the Isrock Disease. From then onwards, you disregarded the risk of yourself being infected, and didn’t leave her side as you took care of her. In trying to save her, you moved from Zhong Zhou to Beijing… as far as I know, those years, you stayed by her side and did not do anything you wanted to do. In fact, you essentially gave up everything for her. Just this alone is something than very few people in the world are able to do.” Li Xiao Xue said seriously

To the whole world, the Isrock Disease was a terrifying demon. When someone contracted the Isrock Disease, everyone… Including their relatives, would cast them aside, and wouldn’t even go near them. It wasn’t that these people were all cold and cruel, but that the Isrock Disease was simply too terrifying, and no one could fight against their fear. As such, Ling Chen staying by Shui Ruo’s side greatly moved Li Xiao Xue.

“From my talks with Meng Xin, I realised that you were helping her for Ling Shui Ruo’s sake. However, after your little sister passed away, you decided to take revenge by charging into the Long family’s residence alone… Evidently, that day, you had planned to die. Luckily, the heavens decided that was not your time to die, so you lived on and came here. After Shui Ruo departed, you didn’t have any reason to continue helping Meng Xin, and yet, you’re still doing your best to help her. Very few people would do such a thing.”

Li Xiao Xue leaned towards him as she smiled, “A man who values relationships and righteousness like you wouldn’t just cast aside the people beside him, right? My big brother Ling Tian, you’ve already taken away my first time. Surely you wouldn’t shirk the responsibility, right? If I was in danger, would you sit by and watch? And if there was something important that I needed your help with, would you just ignore me?”

Ling Chen fell silent… it seemed that Li Xiao Xue understood him quite well. After doing the deed with Li Xiao Xue, even if Li Xiao Xue pretended it never happened, he would never be able to do such a thing. This was because within his mind, Li Xiao Xue, whose first time he had taken, now belonged to him. In that case, he would pay attention to her safety, and would not allow anything to befall her, nor would he allow any other man to have her.

For this reason, Li Xiao Xue had seduced Ling Chen and allowed him to take away her first time, so that she would be tightly bound to him.

“What are the other 2 reasons?” Ling Chen believed that the other 2 reasons were the truly important ones. Why did Li Xiao Xue give up her first time to him? It couldn’t be that she just wanted a sense of security? Love at first sight? Who was Ling Chen kidding- this was the Li family’s big miss!

Li Xiao Xue stood up and hugged her chest as she leaned forwards and walked towards him, “A person’s fate is largely determined by the circumstances of their birth, and their efforts, though important, is of secondary importance. My background is one of riches and power, and I’ve worked harder than anyone else. Under the efforts from my father and myself, the Li family financial group’s total worth is now $2 trillion. I believe that the Li family financial group’s growth will not stop here, and within 20 years, there will be no one in China who can surpass us. Ling Tian, what would you do with such wealth?”

Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded… $2 trillion? With such wealth, what couldn’t you do in the world?!

“Even if I extravagantly spend this money, it would take me more than 10 lifetimes to spend it all. To me, money is simply a number that grows astoundingly quickly every day… but that is all. Before, seeing this figure grow, I would feel quite excited. However, after a long time, this feeling has dulled, and has now completely disappeared. Despite this, the Li family financial group is incredibly important to my Li family, and supports millions of people. Even if I’ve lost interest, I still need to work hard to make the Li family financial group grow and expand. As for the interest in money that I have lost, it has naturally fallen on other things, such as…”

“Power?” Ling Chen asked as he frowned.

“Nearly, but not quite,” Li Xiao Xue smiled, then continued, “To most people, money and power are the 2 most important things in the world. However, the greatest power lies in the Long family’s hands, and even if my Li family has 10 times as much wealth, we can never possess more power than the Long family… as well as the countless other political and aristocratic families. We always need to watch ourselves around them and follow the ‘rules’ they set, as well as accept whatever the rightfully take from us.”

“What is it you want then?” Li Xiao Xue’s words could cause anyone’s heart to leap, but Ling Chen was incredibly excited after hearing these words.

“What I want is very simple… for the Li family not to be under any person or power. I want the enterprise that my family has put in blood, sweat and tears, to be fully controlled by my Li family, and not be influenced by anyone else!” Li Xiao Xue said as she smiled.

This was something ‘simple’? This woman’s thinking was simply crazy. Ling Chen also stood up and looked at Li Xiao Xue in a new light… he believed that Li Xiao Xue had never said these words to anyone else before, otherwise the Li family would be in dire straits. He narrowed his eyes as he replied, “What shocking thinking. However, what does it have to do with me? Do you think I have the ability to help you achieve this grand dream?”

“I’m not certain,” Li Xiao Xue said as she looked at him, her eyes filled with emotion, “But if there’s a single person in the world who can help me fulfil this desire, it’s definitely you!”