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Chapter 531: Returning To The Godchild Peak

Returning To The Godchild Peak

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

“What… what child?! Don’t joke around like that!” Ling Chen’s scalp felt numb, and his voice slightly trembled. The shock from Li Xiao Xue’s words was simply too great, giving Ling Chen a bad feeling.

Li Xiao Xue glanced at him, “Don’t you know that there’s a way to make sure a woman gets pregnant after sleeping with a man?”

“!@#$%......” Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded. He remembered that there was a saying about this in some movie or book! Could it be that this woman really…

Goddamit! I’ve got countless things to do!! I’m not prepared at all……

Seeing Ling Chen’s expression darken, Li Xiao Xue couldn’t help but giggle, “Silly man, do you really think such a method exists? It’s just something made up in a book. Yesterday was a safe day, so you don’t need to worry. You’re not in a great spot at the moment- I heard from Meng Xin that you’re doing something incredibly important, so even if you like children, you wouldn’t want to have a child now. How could I do such a thing to you?”

Ling Chen, who felt his heart beating incredibly quickly, wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. If Shui Ruo had said the same words, he would have been delirious with joy. However Li Xiao Xue’s words… had nearly scared Ling Chen to death. If Li Xiao Xue really had a child, not only would he have countless worries, he would be led around by her by the nose for a while… not only would he have to spend time and effort to protect her safety, but he would also have to cooperate with her on many things. Moreover, with Li Xiao Xue’s ambition, it really was possible that she would have a child to bind the Li family to the Long family.

Luckily… it was just a joke.

“Don’t make these sorts of jokes in future!” Ling Chen savagely said, “It’s not that I don’t like children. However, based on our relationship, it’s impossible for us to have a child! This is only the second time we’ve met; what happened yesterday was just a one night stand! Moreover, I’m doing something that doesn’t allow me to be distracted at all. If I have a child… that would only bring harm to the child, as well as many other people! Got it?!”

“Alright, alright, I was just joking. Why do you need to be so angry.” Li Xiao Xue pouted, acting like a childish girl. Seeing the big miss of the Li family acting like this, Ling Chen felt quite strange, and couldn’t feel angry anymore. He waved his hand, saying, “Since you already planned out everything from yesterday, then told me all of your wild ambitions… I hope you can tell me what you want me to do. If it’s just dealing with Long Tian Yun, I can do that while doing what I need to do. Although I don’t want to distract myself… I’ll make that Long Tian Yun wish he was dead! I haven’t truly acted yet; it’s just that I haven’t yet decided how I should vent my hatred out on him.”

When talking about Long Tian Yun, Ling Chen’s voice became incredibly sinister and ruthless, releasing a pressure that made Li Xiao Xue feel suffocated. He looked at Ling Chen for a while longer before replying, “I’ve already achieved my goal in coming here. Since I’ve become your woman, I want you to understand me. I’ve never told anyone about those ambitions before, not even my father. Similarly, as your woman, I’ll always think about you first and won’t drag you down, especially during a time when you can’t be distracted.

“I’ve already said I wanted to say, and I’m sorry for coming here without asking you first… well, it’s your fault for making me miss you so much. I promise this won’t happen again!” Li Xiao Xue said as she smiled. Before Ling Chen could reply, she walked over as she said, “In that case, I won’t waste my man’s precious~~ time~~. I should be going back now.”

After walking over to Ling Chen, Li Xiao Xue suddenly stood on her toes and leaned in towards Ling Chen. Ling Chen subconsciously leaned back a bit, but still felt Li Xiao Xue’s hot and wet lips touching his face. Li Xiao Xue giggled, then warmly said, “My man, remember to live happily. Don’t let your burdens weigh you down- there are many people who want to help you carry them.”

Unexpectedly, Li Xiao Xue left without making any requests. This sudden meeting was very short, and most of it was Li Xiao Xue talking. Just as she had said, it was so that Ling Chen could understand her more, and she didn’t ask anything of him.

When Li Xiao Xue’s sports car had driven a short distance, it suddenly stopped, and the driver’s window was rolled down, “That’s right, the construction of the new city is about to be completed, and there’s still less than a week to go. Come and have a look when you have time- you’ll definitely be shocked. Moreover, if I’m right, the Skyfall Dynasty should be moving against the Yan Huang Alliance soon, so also pay attention to that… also, after cutting off ties with the Skyfall Dynasty, my ‘Snow Moon Loulan’ is going to resurface again- there are a lot of pretty beauties in there!”

After saying this, the car’s window slid up and the car’s engines boomed as she sped off.

“… I just can’t see through this woman,” Ling Chen muttered as he shook his head. This woman was simply uncontrollable- although she had told him her biggest secret, showing her trust in him, she didn’t ask anything of him, and had said that she wouldn’t drag him down. However, Ling Chen did not feel at ease at all.

“Why do I feel like I fell into a trap… I hope I’m just overthinking.”

There was something Ling Chen was certain of- that Li Xiao Xue wanted to become equals with the Long family that wielded the most power in China! Countless people had this desire, but no one dared to do anything about it.

Evidently, Li Xiao Xue intended to put her plan into action… including the matter about the ‘child’. Even if it wasn’t now, she would do it sooner or later. However, to Ling Chen, this didn’t seem like a bad thing.

After thinking for a while, Ling Chen picked up his phone.

“Gui Ya, has Bing Yao recovered yet?”

“She has fully recovered. What would master like her to do?”

“Tell her to come to Su Hang… her duty will be to protect Li Xiao Xue.”

“… Roger, she’ll arrive by dusk at the latest.” Gui Ya’s voice sounded quite strange.


A flashy-looking, vermillion red sports car rushed out of the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, and stopped in front of Li Xiao Xue’s car team. Li Xiao Xue got out and looked back at the Bamboo Sea Wonderland as she smiled and tapped a rose-red nail against her lips, “Whoops, yesterday seems to have been a dangerous day… what should I do…”


After returning to the game world, there was no longer any lightning in the sky or on the ground. Within his field of vision, there was no one else around.

The chaos in the White Tiger City should have calmed down by now. Ling Chen wanted to enter the White Tiger City to have a look, but after thinking about it, he gave up on that idea. Although the White Tiger had told the White Tiger City’s Mayor about what had happened, telling him that Ling Chen didn’t bear any responsibility in killing the White Tiger, it was still the White Tiger City’s guardian beast. It was something that the people worshipped, and if the citizens found out that he had killed the White Tiger, even with the White Tiger’s explanations, they would still view him as an enemy.

After looking through his bag, Ling Chen found that he only had 2 Spatial Orbs left. After all, he had spent most of them climbing the Godchild Peak. Luckily, he still had a Spatial Stone from his adventures in the East Ocean Continent, which he could give to the Dwarves to make many more Spatial Orbs.

“After leaving for so long, I should go and have a look.” Ling Chen muttered as he looked towards the east. Li Xiao Xue had told him that the new city was nearly complete, and it would be the first and only player’s city in the China Region. It was the city of hope he had given to Meng Xin and Heart’s Dream.

Now that most players had reached LV50, it was the game’s second profession upgrade period. After their second profession upgrade, players became much more powerful, and the Fairy Forest would no longer be a place that ordinary players couldn’t enter. This meant that the chances of the new city being discovered increased every day. Although there was still a week until it was completed, these 7 days would be filled with danger.

After so long, he wondered how Qi Qi and Meng Xin were doing…

Thinking to there, and remembering that he had no way to find the next Orb, his desire to go and have a look became stronger. He picked up a Spatial Orb, but after thinking, he decided not to go to the new city, but elsewhere.

A white light flashed and Ling Chen appeared within a bleak and white world. Qi Yue cried out before sealing herself off- this was the summit of the Godchild Peak. With the Aquarius Orb, Ling Chen didn’t fear the cold, but Qi Yue couldn’t endure it for very long. As such, she sealed off all of her consciousness within the Lunar Scourge.

Because not a long time had passed, the fissure in the ice was still there. After walking along the fissure, Ling Chen quickly found the place where he had fallen down, and he sank down into the ice as he quickly moved through it. When he found the ‘entrance’ with the strange barrier, he moved over to it, and jump down, falling on the cold, hard ground.

Ling Chen looked up. In front of him was the mysterious door hidden at the summit of the Godchild Peak.