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Chapter 532: A Dangerous Intruder

A Dangerous Intruder

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

The summit of the Godchild Peak, an incredibly harsh and bleak environment. What sort of heaven-shaking secret could be behind this mysterious door?

Could it be something left behind by a True God from the ancient era?

Standing in front of the mysterious door, Ling Chen took out the Celestial Slayer, Heaven Slayer and God Slayer Insignias. The silver, light gold and gold insignias shone with a greater light when they were held together. After confirming where the 3 holes were, Ling Chen went and placed the Celestial Slayer Insignia in the first hole, then the Heaven Slayer Insignia in the second hole, then finally the God Slayer Insignia in the final hole.


The instant all 3 Insignias were placed in their respective holes, they began to shine with a brilliant light, causing Ling Chen to squeeze his eyes shut. When he opened his eyes, he found that this dark, underground region was now filled with a white, pristine light. The mysterious door was also covered with a white light, but it didn’t seem like it was going to open.

“The 3 Insignias were probably this door’s keys. However, after putting them in their places, why isn’t the door opening… Do I need to push it open myself?

As Ling Chen talked to himself, he stretched out his hand onto the door. As his fingertips touched the light on the door, something flashed in front of Ling Chen’s eyes as a circle of light began to spin on the centre of the door. After a brief moment, the circle of light disappeared, leaving behind a black mark of a waning moon.

Above, the 3 Insignias continued to shine with a bright light, and the mysterious door was still covered with a white light. And yet, this black mark didn’t seem to be affected by the brilliant white light at all, and still looked incredibly dark. It was as if the light did not dare to approach the mark, for fear that it would be devoured by the darkness.

Looking at the dark mark on the mysterious door, Ling Chen’s eyebrows jumped… because this dark mark and the Lunar Scourge’s shape… were exactly the same!!

Was it a coincidence?

If it wasn’t a coincidence, could it be that this door’s secret was related to the Lunar Scourge?

Ling Chen was quite shocked. After thinking for a while, he stretched out his right hand and touched the Lunar Scourge to the dark mark. As the Lunar Scourge touched the mark, the mark reacted as if it was an awakened beast, and spread at an astonishing rate. Soon, the entire door became jet black, and devoured all of the light. In front of Ling Chen was a wall of darkness.

At the same time, a powerful suction force came from in front of him, pulling his body forwards… into the space behind the mysterious door… ………………………………………………………………………

North of the Fairy Forest.

The black-clothed Hundred Miles of Ice stood straight as a pen on the grass. If it wasn’t for his clothes rippling in the wind, he would have seemed like a sculpture as his sharp eyes gazed in front of him.

He had maintained this pose for a long time.

Finally, a white light flashed in front of him as a white-clothed man appeared.

“Yohohoho!” As soon as Winter of That Year appeared, he started to yell out, “This elder here has finished his second profession upgrade! Even though the upgrade quest was a bit ridiculous, with this elder acting, it was but a simple matter.”

He opened up his stats page as he delightedly showed his stats, which had greatly increased, to Hundred Miles of Ice, “Look, look, look, look! How is it? Reckon I can insta-kill you?”

Hundred Miles of Ice blandly looked at his stats page, then looked away.

Winter of That Year grinned, then put his stats page away as he went over, “How are things? Did anyone approach here ever since I left?”

“None,” Hundred Miles of Ice coldly replied.

“That’s good. I was afraid that without the handsome me, you wouldn’t be able to deal with the intruders. After the second profession upgrade, players have become much stronger.” Winter of That Year sat down next to Hundred Miles of Ice and waved his hand, “Alright, it’s your turn to do your profession upgrade. Don’t you worry about me- even if an army of thousands or tens of thousands people come, I’ll still shoot all of them in to hornet’s nests.”

Hundred Miles of Ice lowered his crossed arms and silently departed.

Winter of That Year, who was familiar with Hundred Miles of Ice, was used to him not saying any greetings or farewells. He turned around and looked towards the new city. They had watched as it had been built from the basic scaffolds to the current near-finished state. He and Hundred Miles of Ice had watched almost the entire process, and they could be said to be one of the witnesses of the new city. They had remained here the entire time, and now, their ‘mission’ was about to be completed. Both of their hearts had been greatly changed over this period of time.

Back then, Winter of That Year had rashly promised to protect the new city when he saw Yun Meng Xin’s beauty. However, watching the new city grow bit by bit every day, and staunchly defending it, they gradually felt that protecting this city was their responsibility.

This was because they weren’t just protecting the first player city in Mystic Moon, but a miracle! “The creation of this new city will definitely shock the world. I can’t wait for that day.” Winter of That Year sighed as he gazed of into the distance, “Boss and I actually stood guard here for so long… then again, it’s an incredible thing. These last few days will be the most important days. We definitely can’t let anyone get through, otherwise it’ll all be for nothing.”

After talking to himself, Winter of That Year put his hands behind his head as he lazily lay on the grass. He closed his eyes, but his sensitive hearing scouted out any sounds around the area.

Although they had stood guard here for a long time, the high-levelled monster territories nearby meant that they did not lose out on training. Now, both Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice had reached LV50. Because at least one of them had to stand guard, they had to take turns in doing their second profession upgrade. Just then, Winter of That Year had upgraded his profession from Archer to Marksman. After he returned, it was Hundred Miles of Ice’s turn.

Based on how long it had taken him, if everything went smoothly, Hundred Miles of Ice’s second profession upgrade would take around 4 to 6 hours. If it didn’t go well… for example, if his quest was even more ridiculous than Winter of That Year’s, it could take even longer.

After Winter of That Year rested for 10 minutes, his ears twitched and his eyes opened. He unhurriedly stood up as he grumbled, “Time for work again. Hmm, it’s only 1 person…”

In the distance, a person without a mount walked over. Indeed, it was just him alone. During this period of time, most of the people who had come here were by themselves. Some were in group of 2 or 3, and there was only a single party with more than 3 people. After all, in order to reach here, they needed to pass through the territory of LV70 to LV80 monsters. In the face of the harsh penalties for dying, most people didn’t dare to take this risk.

Those with the confidence and ability to come here were very few in number, and only experts among experts could do such a thing. With how vast the Forgotten Continent was, it was incredibly rare for anyone to come here. As such, Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice rarely saw anyone, and they usually came in few numbers. With their strength and ambushes, they were able to take care of these people easily.

Against a single person, they faced no pressure at all. You dare to come? We’ll kill you! Again? We’ll kill you again! You dare to come after dropping 2 levels? We’ll kill you! No one would dare to come back after dropping 3 levels.

During this period of time, the two of them had dealt with around 20 waves of players, and had defeated all of them. In other words, they had saved the new city from danger 20 or so times. Once the new city was exposed, disaster would befall it.

“Oi!! This is my road and these are all my trees. If you want to get past, go screw yourself! Not a chance!”

Winter of That Year jumped out from behind a rock and stood with his legs spread apart and his hands on his waist as he heroically blocked this intruder. The ‘intruder’ was wearing a crimson magic robe covered with flame inscriptions. He held a red Magic Short Staff, and even his cloak had fiery patterns on it. He stopped walking and looked up, his eyes giving off an incredibly sinister, cold light, revealing his arrogance, “A player? You want to stop me?”

“That’s right, I’m a player! And that’s right, I’m blocking you. See the village behind me? The boss and I got here first, so it’s our territory now. As such, before the boss and I leave, no one’s allowed to come in. Mm, I’ll give you 2 choices: turn around and leave, or the handsome me will send you off. I promise that I’ll send you far, far away, but I won’t be gentle. Lil bro, which option would you like to pick?”

Despite acting like this, Winter of That Year definitely wasn’t an idiot. Instead, his mind and senses were far better than a normal person’s. He could clearly see the savage gaze in this person’s eyes, so he didn’t show him any courtesy.

“Hahaha…” The intruder started to laugh. It was an incredibly cold and mocking laugh, and he looked at Winter of That Year as if he was an idiot who had made an incredibly funny joke, “What if I don’t choose any of those 2 options?”

Winter of That Year crossed his arms as he wildly laughed, “There’s no one who hasn’t chosen one of those 2 options. Looks like you’ve chosen the second option. Aiyaya, the handsome me has always been kind and compassionate, gentle and virtuous, Amitabh, and I dislike fighting the most. However, since you don’t want to leave, the handsome me will have to send you off.”