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Chapter 535: A Dark World

A Dark World

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Fire espers naturally had a fiery temperament, as well as an explosive personality. Cang Yan was also cruel and arrogant, as well. Adding on his strength and position within the Yan Huang Alliance, no one dared to offend him. This was because Cang Yan became angry extremely easily, and the wrath of his fury was something that could not be looked down upon.

Winter of That Year’s words caused the people with Cang Yan to feel incredibly anxious. They had never seen anyone who dared to talk to the Flame Emperor like that. When the Flame Emperor became enraged, not only did he vent out his anger in the virtual world, but often tracked down the person in the real world to make them disappear forever.

To them, this person standing in front of them was as good as dead.

As Cang Yan roared out, the 5 people at the front teleported forwards and equipped their Staffs, shooting various spells towards Winter of That Year. Cang Yan was the leader of the Yan Huang Alliance’s Mage Alliance and had brought 100 Wizards, who had all completed their second profession upgrade. To them, 5 Wizards was definitely enough… No, it was already overkill.

The instant they teleported, Winter of That Year’s eyes focused, and by the time they cast their spells he had somehow shifted back by 3 body spaces. It was as if he had been dragged backwards by something.

The 5 Wizards’ first round of attacks all missed, and Winter of That Year took out the weapon that Cang Yan had looked down on before. He gazed at Cang Yan, whose face was turning purple from anger, as he said in a serious manner, “Tell me, just how low is your IQ?!”

Cang Yan almost coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The 5 Wizards closed in on Winter of That Year, and shifted to positions where they could surround him and attack him at an effective distance. Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, and Earth attacks started to blast towards Winter of That Year. Winter of That Year stopped retreating, and instead moved around within a confined area. He jumped, sidestepped, and leaned back; continuously dodging the 5 Wizards’ attacks without a single one of them hitting him.

Winter of That Year didn’t attack as he continued to stare at Cang Yan, crying out as if he was painfully talking to his own son.

“How low is your IQ?”

“Tell me! How low is your IQ?”

“Eh? Just how low is your IQ?”

He had just finished humiliating this guy, and yet Cang Yan immediately ran back. Winter of That Year was sure there must be something wrong with his brain.

“Arghhhhh!!!” Cang Yan was so furious that he felt as if all of his veins and arteries were going to explode. He stepped forward and raised his hands, as a gigantic flame started to burn around his body… Evidently he was casting the strongest spell available to Flame Wizards right after their second profession upgrade, ‘Devouring Firestorm'. Once cast, the 20 meters in front of him would become a sea of flames, dealing incredible damage.

“Go die! Die!!”

The flames of fury within Cang Yan made him feel like exploding, and he wished he could completely annihilate Winter of That Year with this ‘Devouring Firestorm' so that not even his bones would be left.

The instant that the flames started burning, Winter of That Year, who hadn’t attacked this whole time, raised his hands so fast that they were just a blur. In the next instant, an incomprehensibly fast, icy light shot out.

Cang Yan, who was channelling the spell, had long been prepared for this. He instantly teleported to his right… the instant he teleported, he saw Winter of That Year’s arrow streak past where he had been, as he coldly laughed. This time, that arrow definitely wouldn’t hit him. Because of that, his ‘Devouring Firestorm' would be able to burn Winter of That Year to crisp!


The sound of the air being torn rang out as Cang Yan, who had teleported 5 meters away, suddenly stopped in his tracks as a gigantic impact slammed into his forehead.


The arrow hit Cang Yan right in the middle of his forehead without fault, causing him to fall to the ground. The ‘Devouring Firestorm', which had finished channelling and was about to be fired, was cancelled. Cang Yan’s eyes widened as he sat on the ground with a terrifying thought surfacing in his mind…

His arrows… can turn…

“How low is your IQ?!” Winter of That Year said seriously to Cang Yan, who had fallen to the ground.

“How low is your IQ?!”

“Tell me, just how low is your IQ?!”

“How low is your IQ??”

This was the first time Cang Yan believed that it was possible to be angered to death. By now, Cang Yan’s eyes were purple, and his face was incredibly dark, as his entire body trembled. He could even feel the blood rising to his throat, which he forced back down. The memories of being knocked down more than 10 times took away his courage to stand back up. He pointed at Winter of That Year, who was still being attacked by the 5 Wizards as he shrieked, “Are you all dead? Hurry up and kill him!!!!!!!!!”

“Ai,” Winter of That Year sighed and shook his head, “Just tell me how low your IQ is?!”

Cang Yan’s vision darkened as he fell to the ground… He had been angered to the point of unconsciousness.

The other Wizards, who were staring dumbfounded, felt as if they had been woken up from a dream. At the same time, they realised just how terrifying this Archer wearing trash equipment was. Instantly, they stopped caring about the shame of bullying this Archer with superior numbers, and all charged towards him.

The might of 100 Wizards who had completed their second profession upgrade gave Winter of That Year a big fright. Without even thinking about it, he started running. What a joke! Dealing with 5 or 6 was like playing around, but dealing with so many at once… that was playing with his life!

Winter of That Year wasn’t so stupid as to run in the direction of the new city. Instead, he ran towards the west with a crowd of Wizards chasing behind him.

After their second profession upgrade, Archers unlocked ‘Gale Steps', which greatly increased their movement abilities. Mages had average Movement Speed, but had the ability to teleport, which was boosted after their second profession upgrade. As such, after their second profession upgrades, Mages and Archers’ movement abilities were about the same. In this kind of situation, equipment was key.

Winter of That Year had a set of Copper equipment. If it was in the early stages of the game, Copper equipment was considered quite good. However, at this stage of the game, Copper grade equipment was already mid to low quality. On the other hand, the 100 Wizards that Cang Yan brought with him were all experts from the Yan Huang Alliance, and all had excellent equipment. Most of them had full sets of Silver grade equipment, and some even had Gold grade equipment.

Winter of That Year completely lost out in terms of equipment. However, this wasn’t his fault... after all, he had stood guard here for a long time, and there were only normal monsters to farm. It was incredibly difficult to find LV50 Silver grade equipment here. As for even higher grades, he didn’t even need to consider those.

Winter of That Year’s equipment caused the Wizards to all sneer at him. However, seeing his Movement Speed, they were completely dumbfounded.

He was faster than a rabbit!!

Not only were they unable to catch up, in less than 20 seconds he had increased the gap between them by more than 20 meters. Moreover, this distance was continuously increasing. What’s more, he occasionally glanced behind him, looking as if he wasn’t giving it his all.

What was going on? Even if he was a Marksman who had completed his second profession upgrade, he shouldn’t be able to run so quickly! Could it be that he had some sort of superb equipment or Crystal that greatly increased his Movement Speed?

After increasing the distance between them, Winter of That Year grinned evilly. He lifted his rattan wood Bow as he suddenly turned around while continuing to run, and 6 arrows flew out.

The Archer’s second profession upgrade skill, ‘Machine Gun Arrows', could shoot 9 arrows at most. Winter of That Year’s ‘Machine Gun Arrows' was currently only LV3, which allowed him to shoot out 6 arrows. ‘Machine Gun Arrows' was most effective against crowds, and most Archers used it to cover a large area. Controlling all 6 arrows was almost impossible.

However, this evidently didn’t apply to Winter of That Year.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

6 collision sounds rang out as all 6 arrows found their targets, hitting them in the middle of their foreheads. The 6 Wizards who were hit all fell to the ground.

This scene caused all of the other Wizards to stare, completely flabbergasted, with their mouths wide open. The shock on their faces was as if they had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

Winter of That Year didn’t stop, and in the next instant, he shot out an ‘Exploding Arrow', which covered 3 of the Mages in its blast range and killed them simultaneously. These Wizards had far less HP than Cang Yan, and after being hit with a Critical Hit by the ‘Exploding Arrow', their HP bars were immediately cleared out.

Archers had a far longer range than Mages, and Winter of That Year maintained a distance where he could attack them, but they could not attack him. After attacking twice, the Mages had caught up with him to the point that they could finally begin to retaliate. Seeing this, Winter of That Year didn’t waste any time and started concentrating on running again, pulling away from them.


A Dark World:

Everything was dark and there was no light, or sound, or anything else.

Ling Chen stood completely shocked within the dark world. No matter if it was in front, behind, above, or below… it was completely dark. Ling Chen stretched out his hands, but found that he could not see them. He closed his eyes and reopened them, but found that the situation was still the same.

Where… was this? “……” “……”

What sort of place was this?

After the Lunar Scourge had touched that mysterious door, he had been pulled in by a mysterious suction force.

This seemed to be the world behind the mysterious door.

However, there was no door behind him.

“Qi Yue, do you know where we are?” Ling Chen asked.


“Qi Yue?”


There was no reply. Qi Yue seemed to think that they were still at the extremely cold summit of the Godchild Peak, and was still sealed away.

“Xiao Hui, come out,” Ling Chen had no ability to find his way around in this sort of completely dark environment. Perhaps Xiao Hui could scout out a path.

However, there was no reply.

“Xiao Hui?”

“Leng’Er… Snow Cherry…”

There was still no reply from any of them.

Ling Chen remained silent.

He felt that he had been sent to a dark world, which was completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Apart from him and the darkness, there was nothing else.