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Chapter 537: The Sword Emperor’s Brief Appearance

The Sword Emperor’s Brief Appearance

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It was undeniable that the Flame Emperor was powerful – he wasn’t number 4 on the Heaven Rankings for nothing. However, his mental endurance was fairly ordinary. After all, the number of people who dared to curse at him could be counted on 2 hands. Moreover, he had never been mocked so relentlessly and viciously before. As a result, the Flame Emperor, who had rarely been insulted or mocked in his life, was angered to the point of fainting.

When he woke up, there was no one around him. Winter of That Year was long gone, as was everyone else. Only he remained in their original location.

Cang Yan crawled up, and the heaviness in his chest made him feel like coughing up blood. At this moment, his communication device rang and as he answered it. He heard a crying voice, “Lord Flame Emperor… wuu… we were completely annihilated… That Archer… was too strong… He’s an absolute monster… We were all killed… If you’re still there, quickly come back…”

On the other side of the communication device, the leader of the Mages was bawling his eyes out. They were killed too pitifully and shamefully. If their opponent was a monstrous expert like Ling Tian and they were insta-killed, they would at most curse at him for a few minutes. However, that Archer… he toyed with them to death. It was simply too despicable, too disgusting, too humiliating, too ruthless… He never wanted to see that Archer ever again in his life.

100 high-levelled Mages… had all been killed?!

Cang Yan’s face darkened, and the hand that gripped the communication device went white.

After their second profession upgrade, Archers could become Marksmen or Hunters. Marksmen had powerful arrow attacks and movement abilities, and had the longest range. However, they lacked in melee fighting and fighting against crowds. Hunters’ damage from their Bows and arrows was inferior to Marksmen, but could they summon a pet falcon to support them, and attack. Their main abilities came in setting up powerful traps. Once activated, they could affect large groups of enemies, which was why they were effective against crowds.

And yet a Marksman, who lacked crowd-fighting abilities, had completely annihilated a team of 100 Mages!

Cang Yan was flabbergasted and felt the air within his lungs become cold.

Who was this terrifying Marksman that Cang Yan was completely powerless against, and had destroyed 100 players singlehandedly?! Why didn’t he know about such a powerful Archer? He didn’t even know his name!

Did he have to return in shame again? Cang Yan was reluctant to do so. He looked up, and saw that in the distance, there was a decently-sized town. An idea sprang to his mind as he quickly walked over. Before, the Archer had blocked his way, yelling that this was his territory… In that case, that town was probably one of his bases! After reaching it, he could find out which guild the Archer belonged to.

Not too long later, Cang Yan came to the boundary of the town. The town was very similar to the countless other towns scattered across the Forgotten Continent. If he passed through the town, he would immediately be able to see the new city under construction. As such, to Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice, they simply couldn’t allow anyone to pass through the town.

Cang Yan didn’t know about any of this. He simply wanted to know whether that terrifying Archer had any comrades, and which guild he belonged to. He couldn’t help admitting that he was no match for the Archer, but there was no faction that the Yan Huang Alliance couldn’t destroy!

However, when he was less than 10 meters away from the entrance to the town, a grey shadow appeared before him.

The grey shadow was simply too fast and was not visible to the naked eye. The instant Cang Yan saw that shadow, a cold aura arose less than 2 body spaces away from his throat.

Cang Yan stumbled back in shock and teleported 5 meters back. He thought the crisis was averted when his body suddenly erupted in a cold sweat. Just as he tried to see who was attacking him, he noticed that the cold aura was still right in front of him…



The cold light pierced through Cang Yan’s throat, and just like that, he was insta-killed. The teleportation that could normally save him had only served to delay his death by a few split seconds.

Although it was an ambush, Cang Yan was still a natural esper and his mind was far superior to those of normal human’s, as were his senses. There were incredibly few people who could get close to him without him noticing, and even less people who could do so and insta-kill him.

“Sword… Emperor…”

Cang Yan stared at the grey shadow in front of him as he hoarsely spat out the 2 words, then fell heavily backward onto the ground.

The silver sword, which had flown out, drew a beautiful arc and flew back toward the person in grey, returning to its sheath. The person in grey turned and silently left without leaving any trace of having been there.

Elsewhere, Winter of That Year had taken less than half an hour to kill all the Yan Huang Alliance’s Mages, and had the time of his life. After the final ‘toy’ fell, he joyfully picked up the items they had dropped. As the most elite Mages of the Yan Huang Alliance, their equipment was all quite good, so the things they dropped were quite valuable. Winter of That Year happily picked up everything, even the potions, and cleaned up the entire area. Finally, he picked up a LV50 Silver grade Earring, which made him delirious with joy. Although the stats weren’t quite useful to his profession, it was still a pair of Silver grade Earrings!

After collecting all his spoils of war and looking at the empty scene in front of him, Winter of That Year felt something wasn’t right. He seemed to be missing something. After a few moments, he whacked his head as he jumped out, “Goddammit! I forgot about that low IQ Flame Wizard! Fuuuuuudge!!!”

Winter of That Year instantly ran back towards their original location. However, once he arrived, he couldn’t find Cang Yan. A sense of great worry erupted like a flame within him as he hurried towards the town. He desperately prayed that the guy hadn’t passed through the town.

However, even after reaching the town and passing through it, he didn’t see Cang Yan. Winter of That Year hurriedly called Yun Meng Xin, “Big sister goddess! Did anyone go over to the new city?”


“No? Whew…” Winter of That Year instantly felt incredibly relieved, as if a massive stone had been taken off his heart. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead as he said, “That’s good, that’s good.”

“What happened?” Yun Meng Xin asked worriedly.

“Err… nothing much. Quite a few people came over just now, and were all killed by me. I was worried that some people snuck past and wanted to confirm that everything was fine.”

“…Thank you for your hard work,” although she felt quite suspicious, she did not ask more. She was completely grateful towards Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice. Without them, the new city would have been exposed long ago.

When she had first met Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice, in order to protect the secret of the new city, she had used her most powerful weapon: her beauty. Winter of That Year was mesmerised to the point that he couldn’t speak properly, and not only did he promise that he wouldn’t leak this information, but he even offered to help protect it. Back then she had simply smiled, believing that he said this recklessly and would give up after a few days.

However, unexpectedly, Winter of That Year had remained until now, and Hundred Miles of Ice had stayed with him. During this time, their strength completely shocked her.

Although they were only 2 people, they were like a solid fort. Over the past few months, no one was able to get past them. The “Emotionless Swordsman” Hundred Miles of Ice was once ranked 6th on the Heaven Rankings and was a lone wolf who didn’t join any guilds. However, Winter of That Year was someone who she had never heard of before. Yun Meng Xin had been quite surprised… With Winter of That Year’s frightening power, it wouldn’t be strange for him to appear on the Heaven Rankings, and yet, his name was so unfamiliar. Afterward, she realised that Mystic Moon was actually the first virtual game he had played. Yun Meng Xin was certain that if the Heaven Rankings were updated, Winter of That Year would definitely take one of the spots.

Yun Meng Xin was incredibly surprised and moved that 2 experts who were capable of being on the Heaven Rankings would protect the new city until today, despite being complete strangers before.


“What did you say? Feng Xie Yu?” hearing Cang Yan’s words, Long Tian Yun deeply frowned.

“That’s right! She’s the Sword Emperor, while I’m the Flame Emperor. How could I be mistaken?” Cang Yan said with a dark expression. Being killed twice in one day was a massive blow and humiliation to Cang Yan. He accepted being insta-killed by the Sword Emperor; although they were both ‘Emperors’, he understood how powerful the Sword Emperor was, and how easy it was for her to kill him. However, he simply couldn’t understand why she had killed him!

“Were there any conflicts between you and Feng Xie Yu?” Long Tian Yun suddenly asked.

Cang Yan thought for a moment before shaking his head, “To be frank, I was quite afraid of her. As such, I rarely took the initiative to talk to her, much less offend her.”

Long Tian Yun coldly laughed, “Feng Xie Yu has been missing for quite a long time. Both the Long family and Xuanyuan family have continuously searched for her in the real world and virtual world, but we haven’t found anything. This time, she revealed herself and killed you immediately. She has been consciously avoiding detection, so why would she kill you despite having no enmity with you, and reveal herself in the process?”

Cang Yan also felt incredibly confused.

“You’re not the first person to be killed at that place,” Long Tian Yun said in a low voice, “1 month ago, the Black White Double Demons were also there. However, apart from the Archer, there was another person. In the end, the Black White Double Demons were beaten pitifully, and they could only run.”

The Black White Double Demons were a famous duo who were both on the Earth Rankings!

“Half a year ago our number 1 Assassin, Lightning Snake, also went there, but was stopped by those 2 people. He wasn’t able to escape, and died there. He immediately returned to challenge them again, but died even more pitifully, and didn’t dare to go again.”

Long Tian Yun narrowed his eyes, “I never thought that even you would die there. Now, have you understood something?”

Cang Yan stared at him blankly.

“Even by conservative estimates, they’ve been there for at least a month. 2 super experts like them should be exploring everywhere… Why would they stay at a place that was so remote, where so few players go? And why would they not allow anyone to pass through? Moreover, it seems like they don’t even leave there at all. What’s more, Feng Xie Yu, who has been missing for a long time, exposed herself to kill you… There’s only one possible explanation…”

“They’re protecting something near that town! Within that town, or behind that town, is a gigantic secret that they can’t allow anyone to find out about!”