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Chapter 543: Massacre!


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The timeline Yun Meng Xin estimated was quite close to what Li Xiao Xue was also thinking. After hanging up, she thought for half a minute before picking up her phone and calling Chao Ying and Chao Xi. She informed them of the situation and told them to tell Ling Tian immediately. She was certain that no matter what he was doing, he would immediately hurry back.

The new city didn’t just belong to Yun Meng Xin and Ling Chen. Li Xiao Xue had also bet quite a lot on this new city. As such, especially when the new city was about to be completed she didn’t want it all to go to waste, especially if the other side was the Yan Huang Alliance, who could cover the sky with one hand!

“Snow Moon Loulan needs to move out before planned,” Li Xiao Xue muttered to herself, then sighed, “It’s just that secretly developing has limited its scale. We’ll be like grasshoppers trying to stop a car. Ling Tian, we’ll need you to show the might you displayed back in the East Ocean Continent. You were able to destroy the top 3 guilds in the East Ocean Continents… I don’t see why you can’t stop a single Yan Huang Alliance.”

Speaking to there, Li Xiao Xue thought of the 2 times she had met with Ling Chen, and how they had communicated deeply on a physical and psychological level. She started to laugh lightly, and her anxiety slowly disappeared.

After hanging up the call with Li Xiao Xue, the intruders were only a few hundred meters away from Yun Meng Xin. Most Hunters were able to use high-level detection abilities at this range to discover who the new city belonged to. Yun Meng Xin calmly stood there, waiting for them to come closer. In actuality, she had long since made preparations for this day. From recruiting the Fairy Clan and the Dwarf Clan, to the entire construction of the new city, everything had gone far too smoothly. As such, it wasn’t strange that during the most important time, some problems would arise.

Yun Meng Xin’s gaze flitted around continuously. However, she didn’t see Long Tian Yun among the players who were coming closer and closer. Instead, the players who drew near all emanated bloodlust. It was as if they were spending all of their efforts in the running, and didn’t plan to go back alive.

Yun Meng Xin felt incredibly surprised, but the Yan Huang Alliance’s player’s hearts were all rapidly thumping. They had already confirmed that the city ahead of them belonged to a player and were all completely shocked. None of them could believe this. To be able to construct something of such a scale, even if it went on day and night, would take at least 3 or 4 months. How was it possible that 3 or 4 months ago, someone had killed an incredibly high-grade Boss and obtained the City Creation Token?

Moreover, from what they saw, this was achievable only with great power and wealth. To achieve such a feat, it was definitely one of China’s 10 biggest guilds. During the construction of a city, there were usually countless troops stationed there to defend the city. As such, a few hundred players rushing towards the city would be akin to suicide. However, by the time they had nearly reached the entrance of the city, they could only see a goddess-like woman standing there. As for the troops that they expected, there was no trace.

“Young master! We’ve confirmed that this place belongs to a player! This means that a faction has obtained the City Creation Token and is building a city here! This is something confirmed by all of the Hunters and is definitely correct. Also… this city is incredibly large and spans nearly 2000 square kilometers. If this city is completed, it will be the biggest city ever constructed in the virtual world! It’ll be larger than the largest city our Yan Huang Alliance has constructed, by more than 6 or 7 times! For something of this scale, the creator of this city must have poured in an astronomical amount of money for this land, labor, and resources. It’s impossible to imagine who could have such a fortune!"

“What’s even more incomprehensible is that this city has remained a secret for so long. In the few months, it would have taken to reach this point, they would have required more than 100,000 high-level builders. Even if they hired all of them, it’s impossible for them to do it so quietly! Before today, no one has detected anything!"

“If the creation of this city was made known to the public… it would send the entire world into a frenzy!”

“We’re already less than 300 meters from the boundary of this city, but we haven’t seen any troops stationed to defend it yet. However, there seems to be a woman standing there.”

One of the leaders reported to Long Tian Yun in an extremely shocked and excited voice. After continuing on forward, they still didn’t see anyone, nor did anyone come out to stop them. The Yan Huang Alliance’s players, who had been charging forward, gradually slowed down and gathered together as they looked at the solitary person, Yun Meng Xin.

“This is my territory. Please leave immediately.”

The few hundred-people faced off against a single woman who wore a white veil. She didn’t give off any pressure at all. However, before they could say anything, a cool voice sounded out.

If they were facing a beauty, with so many men present, they would have revealed mocking and lewd smiles. However, facing Yun Meng Xin, not a single one of them could smile. Instead, they tried to look away; the woman in front of them had her face covered, and calmly stood there. However, she gave off an incredibly noble and regal aura. Although she was standing right in front of them, she emitted an aura as if she was standing on clouds, while they were buried in mud. They felt completely inferior and as if they could not think any impure thoughts towards her.

Hearing Yun Meng Xin speak, all of the Yan Huang Alliance’s players looked at each other. The leader immediately came out and looked away as he asked, “Is this your territory? Are you the owner of this city?”

“You can put it that way,” Yun Meng Xin’s tone remained cool and collected. She was sure that Long Tian Yun would be here soon, “Don’t you think that it’s rude of you to intrude into my territory without seeking permission?”

“Your territory?” the leader smirked as he chuckled, “Beauty, you should prepare yourself. Perhaps before this place was yours... however, within at most 3 days, it will belong to us!”

This sentence revealed just how domineering and ambitious the Yan Huang Alliance was. As the largest guild in the world, the Yan Huang Alliance was an unstoppable force. Even as a low-ranking leader, his self-confidence was immeasurable. He was completely certain that now that this city had been found by their Yan Huang Alliance, even if it was completed, the Yan Huang Alliance would still destroy it and take the City Creation Token! Ever since the Yan Huang Alliance had become a major power, the power to create cities had always been in their hands. Mystic Moon wouldn’t be an exception to this!

After speaking, the leader half-raised his head and took a step forward. However, at that moment a cold wind suddenly blew past, causing him to involuntarily tremble, and his foot paused in mid-air. About 5 steps away, a gray shadow appeared.

The gray shadow appeared far too quickly, and no one in the Yan Huang Alliance saw when it had appeared. They only saw a blur, after which the gray shadow appeared. The person was dressed extremely strangely—nothing was exposed under the gray cloak, and even the hand holding the sword was wrapped with a gray cloth. The gray shadow stood there unmoving, looking like a statue. However, an incredible pressure emanated out from this person, making it seem as if even the air stopped flowing.

“Sword… Sword Emperor!”

The leader spoke in a shocked and trembling voice, and when he called out this name, the other Yan Huang Alliance players also realized who this gray-clothed person was. Their faces fell as their hearts almost stopped.

They definitely wouldn’t misrecognize this person! This was the Yan Huang Alliance’s incredibly famous Sword Emperor! A legend among players! The Sword Emperor’s position within the Yan Huang Alliance was lower to only Long Tian Yun. The Sword Emperor was an existence no one dared to offend, no one could defeat, and no one could get close to. Simply looking at the Sword Emperor made these people feel as if a wave of coldness had passed through their bodies. Anyone could dress up like this, but no one could give off the Sword Emperor’s aura.

Everyone in the entire Yan Huang Alliance knew that the Sword Emperor had turned traitor and left the Yan Huang Alliance. Seeing the Sword Emperor suddenly appear, the deep fear and respect they felt caused all of the players to retreat a few steps. The sword in the Sword Emperor’s hand would have looked ordinary and unappealing in a normal player’s hand... But in the Sword Emperor’s hand, the light it gave off caused them to tremble in fear, and some of them didn’t even dare to look at it.

“L-Lord Sword Emperor,” The leader called out with trembling lips.

The Sword Emperor finally responded… by lifting the sword and pointing it towards his face.

The leader subconsciously took a step backward, and his face became incredibly pale. This was the first time in his life he had been pointed at with a sword by the Sword Emperor. Although the sword was evidently 5 steps away, he could feel it pressed against his heart. He did his best to calm himself down as he spoke with great difficulty, “Lord Sword Emperor… are… are you going to stop us?”


Just as he spoke, the sword in the Sword Emperor’s hand disappeared, while an icy light reflected in his eyes.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi…

The Sword Emperor did not move, but the sword seemed to have a life of its, as it flew out from the Sword Emperor’s hand. It sped through the air like a comet, and in an instant, it had passed through more than 10 players.

Even after they all fell and died, not a person cried out. They were completely unprepared and didn’t even know how they had died. In fact, some hadn’t even yet realized that they were dead.


The sword suddenly flipped in the air and flew back towards the Sword Emperor. By the time it returned to her hand, another 10 or so players had been pierced… No matter if they were Archers, Swordsmen, Shield Bearers, or Mages, they were all insta-killed!

In just an instant, around 30 players from the Yan Huang Alliance had died. Only then did they realize what was happening. They all cried out in shock and fear, causing the scene to become chaotic. The Sword Emperor, and the sword, charged into their ranks. Wherever the gray shadow traveled, there would be 10 or so beautiful arcs of light. Wherever the light traveled, at least 1 player fell…