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Chapter 544: Decimation


Translator: Mr Voltaire

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The name "Sword Emperor" was a synonym for "legend" within the Yan Huang Alliance. These Yan Huang Alliance members never thought that they would one day face the Sword Emperor, as they had neither the guts nor the qualifications.

The Sword Emperor charged into the group of Yan Huang Alliance players, her sword as cold as steel and her heart as hard as iron. Wherever she traveled, an icy light would flash, and despite the battle being 1 against 100, her frigid bloodlust caused those around her to tremble.

In the distance, Yun Meng Xin watched in shock. She was not unfamiliar with the Sword Emperor, and when the Sword Emperor had appeared, Yun Meng Xin’s mind froze. She couldn’t understand why the Sword Emperor, who had once been part of the Yan Huang Alliance, would appear here or why the Sword Emperor would help her!

Yun Meng Xin was sure that she had never interacted with the Sword Emperor before; they had never even spoken. However, she thought to what Li Xiao Xue had told her in the past... that when Ling Tian charged into the Long family’s residence by himself, Feng Xie Yu had saved him, then cut off ties with the Long family and Xuanyuan family. No one knew why she did this.

Could it be… that the Sword Emperor… was doing this for Ling Tian?

Could this Sword Emperor, who had supposedly cut off her emotions, have some sort of special relationship with Ling Tian?

Because players all started at the same point, even players on the Heaven Rankings were not too much stronger than other players during the early stages. Against normal players, 1 on 1, they would definitely win. Against 10 players, they might barely be able to win. They only became truly powerful after they completed their second profession upgrade, which was when it became possible for them to fight up to even 100 players alone. For the Sword Emperor, facing even 1,000 enemies was not impossible! From the very beginning, the Sword Emperor’s name had hung at the top of the Player Level Rankings and was the first person in China to complete their second profession upgrade. Back then, when she had fought with Ling Tian, she was already extremely powerful... and now, she was hundreds of times more powerful!

To these players, fighting against the Sword Emperor was simply a nightmare!

The sword shot forward like a silver bolt of lightning. Wherever it passed, even the air, light, and space were affected, as if they were being devoured by the sword. Under the might of this sword, even the Shield Bearers (who had high HP and high Defense) were insta-killed.

The leader of these people knew how terrifying the Sword Emperor was, but never expected that the Sword Emperor could decimate hundreds of people in just a few seconds. The Sword Emperor was still quite far away from him, and yet the cold aura emanating from her caused his heart and body to violently tremble. The Sword Emperor’s name weighed down on his heart like a heavy mountain. Although his side had hundreds of people, he felt as if they could not retaliate at all. He shook as he took 2 steps back and hoarsely yelled, “Retreat! Quickly retreat!”

An order like this sounded simply angelic to the Yan Huang Alliance’s players, who had fallen into complete fear and chaos. Not a single person hesitated as they turned and ran as fast as they could.

Chi… Chi… Chi… Chi…

The sounds of bodies being penetrated continuously sounded out as another 7 people were pierced through their chests. The pierced players stopped in their tracks, looking at their chests in disbelief, then fell to the ground. The sword flew in a beautiful and exaggerated arc, then instantly returned back to the Sword Emperor’s hand. The Sword Emperor turned into a gray blur and began to give chase. Seeing that the Sword Emperor didn’t stop after they started running away, and instead started chasing after them, the Yan Huang Alliance’s player’s faces fell, as they gritted their teeth and ran as quickly as possible.

However, how could their speed compare to the Sword Emperor’s? Whenever the sword slashed out, the Sword Emperor seemed like a silent deathgod. As the icy light flashed out, droves of players were executed without the ability to retaliate at all. The Sword Emperor flipped her palm, causing the sword to fly out again, stabbing through another 6 or 7 players…

Chi… Chi…

The sound of bodies being pierced continuously rang out. No matter how fast the Shadowless and Slayers ran, they simply couldn’t outrun the Sword Emperor’s sword, which was like a comet, and were all mercilessly slaughtered. They were all elites within the Yan Huang Alliance, but in front of the Sword Emperor, they were like ants. Under the Sword Emperor’s sword, all that was left for them was death, and could not even think about retaliating.

When Long Tian Yun arrived, he immediately saw the Sword Emperor’s massacre. The 700 or so players had been whittled down to less than 200 players, and the survivors were all desperately escaping, as they screamed in fear.

Sword Manipulation! Seeing the sword flying through the air, killing droves of players... Although Long Tian Yun had heard about this from Cang Yan, he still felt incomparably shocked. Not only was the sword incredibly fast, it was incredibly powerful and precise. The furthest it traveled from the Sword Emperor was more than 30 meters away. This sort of Sword Manipulation was not something someone could achieve upon barely mastering it! She was already incredibly proficient!

When she had betrayed them, she didn’t have this ability; at least, she had never revealed it before. And now, she was wielding it at such a frightening level! Even a genius who was difficult to find in a thousand years couldn't do such a thing!

Behind Long Tian Yun, Winter of That Year, who had somewhat recovered, hurried over. Seeing this scene, his jaw dropped and his eyes bulged.

Holy crap! From this person’s attire, isn’t this the Sword Emperor who the boss mentioned quite a few times? Is that person this powerful? They’re cutting through hundreds of people like they’re cutting through cabbage! With this sort of power, even if the boss used his special power, he might not be able to win.

Wait, is this person also a 'Man-Made God'? How could a normal human possess such a terrifying ability?!

The escaping Yan Huang Alliance players saw Long Tian Yun and felt as if they had found a sliver of hope. They all rushed towards him because in this world, Long Tian Yun was the only person who could command the Sword Emperor! Although the Sword Emperor had betrayed the Yan Huang Alliance, Long Tian Yun was still the Sword Emperor’s superior in the past. Surely the Sword Emperor wouldn’t dare to do anything to him.

“Young master, the Sword Emperor… the Sword Emperor’s attacking us!”

The leader rushed over to Long Tian Yun as he spoke breathlessly. More and more people ran over to Long Tian Yun in fright. Only then were they able to calm down a bit. Since Long Tian Yun had arrived, tens of players had been killed. Long Tian Yun frowned as he looked at the Sword Emperor, who was rapidly approaching. When she was 10 steps away, he took a step forward and said with a serious expression, “Stop right there!”

Just as he spoke, Long Tian Yun’s pupils contracted; an icy glint shot closer and closer towards him…




Not only did the Sword Emperor disobey his command, but she even attacked him unhesitatingly!

A look of deep disbelief appeared on Long Tian Yun’s face, and his eyes stared wide open, as he silently fell backward. The instant he fell, he also saw Yun Meng Xin.

“Y-Young master!!”

The Yan Huang Alliance’s players were all dumbfounded. They never thought that the Sword Emperor would attack Long Tian Yun, and she didn’t even hesitate at all. The Sword Emperor didn’t even give Long Tian Yun another glance as if he was just a minor character. She didn’t stop as she spun, sending her sword flying towards the Yan Huang Alliance players who were still gaping in shock.

Less than a minute later, the Sword Emperor finally stopped. There was not a single person around her still standing; all that remained were disappearing corpses.

The sword flew back into the Sword Emperor’s grasp. After turning her wrist, it disappeared, leaving behind only a single person wrapped in gray clothing. Yun Meng Xin had walked over during all of this and stood behind the Sword Emperor. Facing the Sword Emperor, who had once been number 1 on the Heaven Rankings and was a legend among Chinese players, and had just decimated hundreds of players, Yun Meng Xin was able to remain extremely calm. She cautiously said in a soft voice, “Big brother Sword Emperor, although I don’t know why you helped, thank you.”

The Sword Emperor didn’t reply and didn’t even turn around to look at her, instead silently walking forward. After taking 3 steps, a shriek tore through the air and flew towards the Sword Emperor.


The ear-splitting sound of metal hitting metal sounded out as the arrow that was about to hit the Sword Emperor spun away from her. The Sword Emperor still didn’t turn around, but 30 meters away, Winter of That Year’s expression became serious as his face paled. The sword hovered right in front of his forehead, only a pinky finger’s distance away from hitting him.

“B-B-B-B-B-Big brother! D-Don’t overreact, this little brother was… was just too in awe of what you did, and wanted to have a small spar against you…” as he spoke, cold sweat poured down his body, and he froze. After witnessing the Sword Emperor’s power, he was itching to test out that strength. Rather, he decided to play with fire and shot out a ‘Crippling Feather Arrow’.

The arrows he shot out were not to be taken lightly. The Flame Emperor couldn’t even retaliate against such arrows. Just as the arrow was about to hit the Sword Emperor, he suddenly lost the connection that his mental energy had formed with the arrow… because that arrow had been sent flying by an incredibly strong power. Before he could react, the sword suddenly shot towards his head, and even he, who had far stronger mental energy than normal humans, couldn’t react in time.

He had taken quite a great fright, and if his mind wasn’t so strong, he would have fallen to the ground in fear.

Winter of That Year was completely certain that if the Sword Emperor hadn’t stopped the sword right there, he would have a massive hole in his head.


The sword flew back to the Sword Emperor, who still did not turn around, and silently left. The speed at which the Sword Emperor walked didn’t seem very fast, but in just a few moments, she was already quite far away. Very soon, she had completely disappeared.


Winter of That Year fell to the ground, his heart rapidly thumping. He was not a coward and was someone who knew that he would die in a year, so there was nothing to be afraid of. However, for that sword to suddenly shoot right in front of his forehead without him being able to react… that was simply too terrifying. It had caused him to sweat many years’ worth of a cold sweat. After putting away his Bow, he muttered to himself, “I thought that a special ability obtained at the cost of one’s lifespan would make one a god. Who would have thought there would be such a monster! Controlling a sword from a distance, and at such a speed that even I couldn’t react in time! Even the boss would find it difficult to block my arrows… Did this guy eat a legendary Great Asura Golden Pellet?”

“Winter, are you alright?” Yun Meng Xin walked over, with an anxious expression. The Sword Emperor’s appearance had resulted in the deaths of the Yan Huang Alliance’s players, but would also cause Long Tian Yun to become furious, and for his next move to become even more savage. Although she trusted Ling Chen, she couldn’t help but worry even more about the new city.

“It’s him!” Winter of That Year finally stood up and spoke as he looked towards the direction the Sword Emperor had walked.

“Hmm?” Yun Meng Xin was a bit confused.

A month ago, I felt someone observing us. Although I felt it quite a few times, I always passed it off as me overthinking. I was overconfident and thought that no one could evade my senses… However, it seems that I was being too arrogant. This person deserves the title of ‘Emperor’, and is much more terrifying than the rumors make them out to be,” Winter of That Year said sincerely. This was the first time he had earnestly praised someone before in recent years, “However, luckily, he’s not an enemy. Otherwise, I definitely would have been insta-killed by him just now. Err, big sister goddess, I remember that the Sword Emperor should be part of the Yan Huang Alliance. Why would he suddenly help us? Plus, he’s been here for at least a month and is evidently helping to protect the new city.”