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Chapter 548: Snow Moon Loulan

Snow Moon Loulan

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“Thank you, big brother,” Yun Meng Xin said, feeling touched. She knew that Yun Feng would help her, and she knew how much pressure this would bring on him, as well as the consequences.

Yun Feng waved his hand, “I’m your big bro; there’s no need to thank me. Meng Xin, give me some teleport scrolls to the Azure Forest Village, then return to the new city. Although the Disillusion Alliance isn’t very big, I’m certain that I’ll be able to assemble everyone within 3 hours, then rush over. Although Long Tian Yun telling so many people about the new city will destroy all hope for the new city’s survival, he will have to pay a price to be able to be the one to obtain the City Creation Token at the end.

“As such, he has to make sufficient preparations, and most likely will not make a move by today. If the Yan Huang Alliance does not make a move, neither will the other guilds because the one who attacks first will become cannon fodder. During this period of time, it’s likely for Ling Tian to return, and we can also search for other aid… aid… That’s right! Xiao Qiu Feng can help us!”

The Battle Alliance was one of China’s 10 biggest guilds, and it was larger than even the Disillusion Alliance, and Snow Moon Loulan added together. Although it was a subsidiary guild of the Yan Huang Alliance, this was only in name, and they only possessed a relationship on the surface. In reality, the Battle Alliance was completely independent, and Xiao Qiu Feng would not allow his Battle Alliance to become a true subsidiary. If the Battle Alliance was willing to stand on the side of the new city, they would be a great help.

After sending off Yun Meng Xin, Yun Feng gave the order for the entire alliance to assemble within 2 hours, then hurriedly went to the Battle Alliance. He had been close friends with Xiao Qiu Feng since they were young, and Yun Meng Xin was close with his little sister, Xiao Qi. The new city also contained some of Xiao Qi’s hopes, so it wasn’t impossible for Xiao Qiu Feng to help protect the new city.

After entering the Battle Alliance without any issues, Yun Feng quickly reached Xiao Qiu Feng. Before he could speak, Xiao Qiu Feng coldly spoke, “If you’ve come to ask me to help protect the new city, then don’t waste your words.”

This one sentence forced back all of the words that Yun Feng had wanted to say. He paused in shock for a moment before replying, “You already know that the new city is related to my little sister?”

“Oh? Your little sister? It wasn’t Ling Tian?” Xiao Qiu Feng sounded quite surprised, but he calmly continued, “It’s said that the city is nearly completed, and taking into account its scale, it would have been in the works for at least 3-4 months. Only Ling Tian would be able to obtain a City Creation Token so early on. So Ling Tian gave the City Creation Token to your little sister.”

“That’s right!” Yun Feng gritted his teeth, “You should know that my little sister has essentially no defenses. For the new city to be exposed, she has no way to defend against such a large-scale attack! Even if my Disillusion Alliance goes, they’ll be almost useless. What’s even worse is that Ling Tian is missing, and we can’t contact him. Xiao Qiu Feng, you must help me with this!”

“Tell me this first, if my Battle Alliance goes, what are the odds of successfully protecting the new city?”

“…” Yun Feng moved his lips as his face became red, unable to say anything. The answer was quite obvious, as well as quite cruel… Unless some miracle happened, even if there were 10 Battle Alliances, they still would not be able to save the new city. Moreover, even if a miracle happened, it wouldn’t be the Battle Alliance that would create it.

“And tell me, if my Battle Alliance goes, what are the consequences that we’ll have to bear?” Xiao Qiu Feng continued.

Yun Feng’s throat went dry, unable to reply.

Xiao Qiu Feng continued to speak calmly, “Countless factions want to obtain the City Creation Token. Anyone who has even a bit of confidence in obtaining the City Creation Token will be attacking. Even if there are not thousands of factions, there’ll still be a few hundred... one hundred, at the very least. Anyone who dares to go will have a formidable force. Moreover, with the Yan Huang Alliance attacking with their full force, I don’t think there’s any faction in the world who could defend against them.

“If my Battle Alliance goes, the only result will be my people being completely annihilated. Protecting the new city is simply a joke. At most, we’ll buy a bit more time, but we’ll also receive retaliation from the Yan Huang Alliance after and will be mocked and suppressed by the other guilds for a long time. Yun Feng, why would I sacrifice my guild for a new city that has nothing to do with me, and bear those consequences?”

“I understand all of that.” Yun Feng’s voice sounded quite helpless. Xiao Qiu Feng’s words had clearly shown his position, but Yun Feng felt reluctant to give up. Xiao Qiu Feng was the only support he could find. If even Xiao Qiu Feng refused, then any other reinforcements would simply be wishful thinking, “However, the new city doesn’t just belong to my little sister, but also Ling Tian, and the entire Heart’s Dream, which includes your little sister, Qi Qi!”

Xiao Qiu Feng: “……”

“Heart’s Dream was destroyed by the Yan Huang Alliance. After Ling Tian left, the girls also went their ways, so that they could become stronger and create a stronger Heart’s Dream. This new city can be said to be the new Heart’s Dream! Xiao Qiu Feng, after your little sister returns, do you want her to see more hopelessness and destruction? As a man, there are things that you should do and things that you shouldn’t do- for my little sister; I would rather act recklessly and disregard the consequences! Moreover, without trying, how do you know what will happen? Perhaps the time that your Battle Alliance buys will be enough for Ling Tian to get back!”

Xiao Qiu Feng deeply breathed in, and tilted his head up as he coldly replied, “Yun Feng, after knowing me for so many years, do you not know what sort of person I am? After I make a decision, I don’t go back on it.”

“Sorry for taking up your time.” Yun Feng didn’t waste any words as he turned and heavily walked away.

Yun Feng’s words sounded so heavy that Xiao Qiu Feng’s heart trembled. He walked forwards and raised his hand in the air, but then let it fall powerlessly as he watched Yun Feng walk further and further away.

Yun Feng, please don’t blame me… At least you have a little sister who can make you act recklessly so as to disregard any consequences. However, Qi Qi has reached the point that doctors said would be the end of her life and still hasn’t come out from within the game. I’m unable to eat or sleep properly, and I’m afraid that she’ll pass away before she comes out of the game. I desperately want her to come back and for the “miracle” that she told me was about to happen to occur finally…

I don’t have any strength or mind to worry about anything else.

“All Hall Masters, heed my orders! Assemble all of your players as soon as possible, and wait for further orders!”

After giving this order, Xiao Qiu Feng left the game. Recently, he had spent most of his time outside of the game. Xiao Qi still hadn’t returned from the game, and her time was nearly up. He had not been able to feel at peace for a while.


North of the new city, a gigantic, 5-meter-tall, 1-meter-thick wall of vines was rapidly growing, and it extended as far as the eye could see.

Not only did the wall of vines block the front of the new city, but it also blocked in front of the Fairies and Dwarves. 3 people stood in front of the wall of vines: Yun Meng Xin, Winter of That Year, and Hundred Miles of Ice.

At this moment, a snow-white shadow quickly approached from the distance and reached them in an instant. Seeing her name, Winter of That Year yelled out, “Mu Bing Yao… Wah! Are you the Frozen Hearted Man-Eater on the Heaven Rankings?”

“Big sister Bing Yao, you’re here,” Yun Meng Xin walked over. She hadn’t seen Mu Bing Yao in a while, and seeing her now, she felt much more reassured.

However, Mu Bing Yao arriving didn’t mean that the entire Dark Night had come. They were all deathgods of the Dark Night and were Reapers who only obeyed Ling Chen’s orders. They didn’t fight in such open battles, being unsuited for large scale battles. Moreover, without Ling Chen’s orders, they wouldn’t expose themselves.

After Mu Bing Yao arrived, a large crowd appeared behind her. The Snow Moon Loulan, with Li Xiao Xue personally leading them, had arrived even faster than Li Xiao Xue had said.

“92,730 people in total, all female. I never thought that I would have to bring them out so early,” Li Xiao Xue said as she casually waved her hand and the players behind her fell in ranks. The age of the Snow Moon Loulan’s players covered a great range. The youngest was around 13 or 14, and the oldest was around 40 or 50. The Snow Moon Loulan was publicly acknowledged to be the largest female guild in the world.

At their peak, they had more than 500,000 players. However, in the Mystic Moon world, Li Xiao Xue had changed her focus from fighting to expanding financially. As such, the Snow Moon Loulan seemed to fall into stasis; they began developing secretly, and their scale was much smaller than in the past. The current Snow Moon Loulan contained the cream of the crop, and none of them were new.

A guild of 90,000 players was by no means small, but in front of the Yan Huang Alliance, as well as all of the other factions, they seemed incredibly small and weak.

Although they were all female players, they were all extraordinarily disciplined. After arriving, not a single one of them spoke, and they all had serious and determined looks on their faces. After standing in their ranks, they gave off a faint sense of bloodlust. Their equipment was all excellent and could make anyone drool. With the Li family’s vast finances, how could the Snow Moon Loulan’s players not possess the best equipment?

Winter of That Year looked around with wide eyes. 2 eyes were not enough with which for him to look at all of these beauties.

It was the first time in his life that he had seen so many women!

Winter of That Year’s respect for Li Xiao Xue skyrocketed to new levels; this little beauty was simply too amazing. She had built such a large guild, comprised entirely of women, and brought them all here. This was definitely the eighth wonder of the world!

2 hours later, another large wave of people arrived. This time, it was Yun Feng’s Disillusion Alliance, who numbered 138,000 players.

In total, there were 230,000 people.

This was all of the defensive power they had.

Although more than 200,000 people had arrived, it was incredibly quiet. The storm had not yet arrived, but the dark, foreboding clouds that hung in everyone’s hearts gave off a suffocating feeling.