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Chapter 549: Pure White Maiden

Pure White Maiden

Translator: Mr Voltaire

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Time passed minute by minute, second by second, gradually approaching midnight. In front of them, everything was silent.

Every 10 minutes, Yun Feng would ask the scouts to give reports as to whether the large guilds had made any moves. The Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan’s players continued to stand guard, and not a single person left. Their expressions were surprisingly similar; they were all incredibly calm, without any trace of fear or panic. This was not because they were all incredibly mentally stable but because all of them knew the consequences of defending this place. Just a Yan Huang Alliance was enough to decimate them completely, and there were other factions as well. Since the outcome had already been decided, what was there to be afraid of or nervous about?

Players rarely appeared at the Azure Forest Village, but countless players arrived there today. After seeing each other, none of them spoke, and all headed towards the same place. The Item Shop. The Item Shop usually had quite poor business, but the threshold was almost destroyed by players continuously stepping on it. They only bought one thing, which was the Azure Forest Village’s teleport scrolls, which they bought in the thousands and ten thousand. In a single day, over 10 million teleport scrolls were bought, making the proprietress of the Item Shop delirious with joy.

As the clock struck midnight, the old day ended and a new day began. The people defending in front of the new city tensed, looking into the distance silently: Yun Meng Xin, Mu Bing Yao, Winter of That Year, Hundred Miles of Ice, Li Xiao Xue and Yun Feng. The 6 of them, 2 of whom were not battle professions, as well as 230,000 players from the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan were the entirety of the defensive force for the new city.

Within their hearts, they all waited for their only hope… Ling Tian.

Tian Tian stayed by Ling Chen’s side the entire time, and Chao Ying and Chao Xing continuously checked up on whether Ling Chen had returned from the virtual world. Every now and then Li Xiao Xue would ask about Ling Chen’s condition, but every time the answer would be the same… That Ling Chen still had not come out from within the game. Just like that, their hope began to die, bit by bit.

Yun Feng’s communication device suddenly started to ring, as did Li Xiao Xue’s. As they simultaneously answered, they revealed the same expression.

“They’ve finally come!” Yun Feng closed his communication device forcefully as he spoke in a low voice. His eyes became cold and alert as he yelled out, “Disillusion Alliance, heed my orders! Everyone advance by 300 steps, then assemble into battle formation within 3 minutes! Our Disillusion Alliance has been developing in a low-profile manner, and this is our first large-scale battle. Perhaps the battle will be incredibly fierce, and most of you will die. However, though we may be defeated, though we may be killed, we will never flee! Understood?”

“Yes, sir!!”

The sound of more than 100,000 people shouting together was quite deafening, and the entire Disillusion Alliance marched forwards, causing the ground to shake. When they stopped, they formed a perfect wing-like formation, protecting the new city and the Snow Moon Loulan’s players behind them. Their task was to protect the new city as much as possible, but protecting women was something that was in every man’s nature. As men, how could they allow women to encounter harm, though it was just a virtual game?

All of their expressions revealed that they had completely accepted death as an inevitable outcome and that the new city behind them was doomed to destruction. They all knew that their task today was to use their lives for a desperate final struggle.

Nearly everyone within China’s player base of around 1 billion knew where the new city was. Countless discussions were happening, and countless players were coming to watch the fun. And yet, there was only 230,000 standing guard. At this moment, it seemed like a tragedy to them. However, what they didn’t know was that them defending the Ling Tian City was something that would bring them glory, something that they would boast of for the rest of their lives.

“Big brother, how many people have the Yan Huang Alliance sent?” Yun Meng Xin calmly asked. It was definitely the Yan Huang Alliance who had acted first. If the Yan Huang Alliance didn’t make a move, the other guilds wouldn’t do anything either.

“Around… 2 million players,” Li Xiao Xue replied.

“W-What?! 2 million players?” Yun Meng Xin did not react, but Yun Feng’s face fell as he yelled out. He had estimated that at most, the Yan Huang Alliance would send 1 million players. After all, 1 million players were already more than enough to completely destroy the new city. As such, he was completely shocked that Long Tian Yun would send out 2 million players. This number caused Yun Feng’s vision to darken, taking away almost all hope.

In the distance, the dust flew into the air as dark masses of dots suddenly started to approach from the distance, coming closer and closer. All of the defenders acted in unison, equipping their weapons almost simultaneously.

“Big brother, Xiao Xue, I’ll leave this to you.” Yun Meng Xin took 2 steps back and calmly smiled.


A dark world:

To stay in such a dark and silent place without anyone else around for such a long time felt like torture. If Ling Chen’s mind wasn’t so strong, he might have gone crazy already.

Ling Chen lost track of how long he had been there, and he had continuously been dragged by the Lunar Scourge during that time, step by step as if he was looking for the boundary of this dark world.


Ling Chen’s eyes found a spot of light.

The bit of light was very faint and would have been undetectable to a normal human’s eyes. After being in the darkness for so long, despite this light being so weak, it seemed incredibly bright in Ling Chen’s eyes. That bit of light looked like a heavenly light to Ling Chen, causing his mind to become alert again as his heart rapidly thumped.

Light!! It’s light!!!

Ling Chen screamed inwardly, and his heavy footsteps became many times faster as he rushed towards the tiny bit of light. The place that the Lunar Scourge was dragging him to just so happened to be towards that light.

As he quickly traveled towards it, the light became clearer and clearer, brighter and brighter. This caused Ling Chen to become delirious with joy… This meant that he wasn’t just imagining things.

Only someone who had spent so much time in darkness and isolation would understand how much joy that tiny bit of light could bring.

As he came closer and closer to the light, he found that it was an orb of light, which had a hint of blue in it. It wasn’t the blueness of the sky, nor was it the blueness of the ocean, but a mystical, dream-like, light blue. The orb of light became larger and larger, and after half an hour, Ling Chen finally stood in front of this orb of blue light, looking at a strange scene.

It was a light blue colored crystal ball and was about 1 meter in diameter. This was what was giving off the dream-like blue light. It was the only source of light in this dark world, and because of the boundless darkness which devoured the light, the light seemed extremely faint.

There seemed to be a light blue mist swirling around within the crystal ball, making it difficult to see what was inside the crystal ball. Around the crystal ball, there were blue motes of light slowly floating around, which looked like fireflies. Some floated in front of Ling Chen, and he tried to grab them. When his fingers came into contact with them, they popped like bubbles and dissipated.

The attractive force pulling the Lunar Scourge disappeared. Evidently, the Lunar Scourge was leading him here.

Where… was this place?

“Qi Yue, can you hear me?”


There was still no response. During this entire trip, even if he hadn’t called her 100 times, it would have been at least 80 times. However, she had not replied this entire time, as if she had completely fallen asleep.

There was nowhere else to go and nothing else around, so Ling Chen could only walk towards this crystal ball.

Standing in front of the crystal ball, countless motes of light sensed a disturbance and hurriedly cleared away. Ling Chen tried to see what was inside the crystal ball, but could only see that same mist. After hesitating for a moment, Ling Chen stretched out his hand and pressed it against the crystal ball.

In that instant, the Lunar Scourge shot out a piercing silver light, which quickly covered the crystal ball and combined with its light blue light. The mist within the crystal ball started to spin rapidly, and at the same time, a wild attractive force dragged Ling Chen forwards before he could react. His 1.8-meter tall body somehow suddenly vanished within the crystal ball that was about 1 meter in diameter.

“Ahh… what happened?”

The world in front of him had completely changed. When Ling Chen came back to his senses, he found that fog surrounded him. It was a completely different world.

He remembered that he had been dragged towards the crystal ball, and had ended up here.

Could this be the world within the crystal ball?

However, the crystal ball was so small - how could this space be so large? Could it be some sort of special magic or illusion?

After looking around in surprise, Ling Chen found that apart from the blue mist, there was nothing else. He prepared to walk forward when his entire body suddenly trembled, his foot pausing in midair. His eyes widened as he dumbly stared in front of him.

This world was completely different to the dark world outside. It was filled with a dream-like, misty blue light. Above, it was pure white, as it was below... as if he was walking on pure, white clouds. In front of Ling Chen, there was a person peacefully lying on the ground.

It was… a small girl.

From her body, she looked around 8 or 9 years old, and she lay curled up like a little kitten. She wore a thin, white dress, and her head was covered by her snow-white hair. Her skin was also completely white, but it was not a sickly white; it looked impossibly pure and flawless, to the point that people wouldn’t dare to touch her. Her eyes were closed, her eyelashes quivered, and beneath them was her intricately shaped nose…

This girl’s entire body was pure white and looked completely flawless. She was too white and almost melded into this white world, making it difficult for him to see her and causing him to almost step on her.